EP 810 2000 and 2005 Cahors Tasting

Gary shows some love for the Cahors appellation in France, a region that gave the Malbec grape its start.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Haut Monplaisir Cahors Cuvee PrestigeCahors
2000 Chat Lagrezette Pigeonnier Cahors Cahors

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘we need a Mott cam’

Basically GV could say to Mott – ‘this smells like Bruce Willis’ arse on a Friday’ and Mott would reply – ‘Yeah I get that’. Here it’s ‘sardines’ that GV bowls out there and the Mottster picks it up immediately! Comedy value very high

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  • ben from boston

    great song

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great link!
    I’m not sure my opinion would matter much to EC lawmakers, but I’m sure
    there’s enough of us out there to change things for the good of all.
    How about it y’all?
    Let’s go ahead and change the wine world, because we can!

    What is the initiative process in the targeted states, how can we get
    petitions going and how many signatures do we need to get it on the
    ballot? Is the info on the link?
    (I didn’t get a chance to throughtly investigate all of the areas on
    the link, so please pardon me if I missed something) My vote may not
    count, but I can fire people up and cheer lead from the Left Coast

  • Phil G

    QOTD: Brandi Carlile “Give Up The Ghost” Album, Star Trek TNG on DVD (Season 4), and TONS of srtcles across these internets…

    Love the olds school shows – keep it up!


    Thanks! Sometimes I am in a little awe of myself and the way these ideas just come up 🙂

  • JPB

    Listening — Jamie Cullum – Catching Tales
    Watching — Modern Family ; Househunters International
    Reading — James Patterson – all – 'Pop Goes The Weasel' currently

  • Yes to Mott-cam. Double-yes for calling out the 1980's scratch-and-sniff. I have for years been wanting to develop a scratch-and-sniff sensory evaluation kit for beginning wine-drinkers. Wouldn't that be rad? Wouldn't it be rad, even though I used the word 'rad'?

    Have to ask this question GV, even though I should know the answer but am unsure. How is it that the Chat Lagrezette can be 28 months in new oak (new oak!)….and yet not create the Oak Monster? How is it some producers get it so right, even with monstrous amounts of oak? I have to know!

    qotd: old school B-Boys, TRON (have to pass the classics onto the kids), this week's Economist.

    “Who you calling program, program?”

  • MD20/20

    Listening to: Any Pearl Jam, Best Kissers in the World, Lots of Hair bands (Twisted Sister etc.), Janes Addiction
    Watching: 24, Lost, Chuck, 30 Rock
    Reading: Jim Butcher – all of the Dresden Files

  • Looking forward to catching up on all the shows this week (been a busy week). This was a nice show and I look forward to trying some, as this is one region I have never had wine from.

    QOTD – Fastball, Numb3rs, Outliers –

    on a book note, congrats on still being in the top15, at least in the WSJ

  • JayZee13

    Wow. I am SO happy right now. I bought four bottles of the La Grazette on Cindy. Coolness. Kudos to Brandon and KMurph as well. But that first Cahors looks like a spectacular QPR.

    QOTD: Listening to Cleveland's own Kate Voegele and Linkin Park. Watching “The Blind Side” – good flick. Reading Dan Brown's “The Lost Symbol” – fun read.

  • laposte

    Since November I have been on a Rose Ensemble (St.Paul MN).
    I watch very very little TV BUT this week is the Tournament of Hearts (Canadian Women Curling Championship). Who would miss that?
    Reading a couple things:
    Return of the Prodigal Son, Nouwen
    Where God Was Born, Feiler

  • justinstewartiu

    I was wondering the same thing. @garyvee did you win the crush it bet?

  • kungfu_sage

    lately I've been watching Community on NBC, listening too “the adventures of huckleberry finn” on my ipod, and reading a million sociology books for class.

  • JimboJones86

    Watching: Seinfeld every night at 6:00, my favorite show EVER!
    Listening to: The Grateful Dead of course, who wouldn't listen to them?
    Reading: Mad Ship by Robin Hobbs, incredible book and series

  • jjadamsfb

    QOD: Watching Heroes, NCIS and Three Sheets. Listening to Austrian Death Machine and NPR. Reading Omnivores Dilemma and blogs.

  • divyamistry

    Fun show as always!
    Listening to: my heart (and also many oldies/classics from India, from 70s.)
    Watching: my mentors (and also occasionally 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother)
    Reading: lots of bioinformatics (and that's pretty much it. Such is life of a phd student, haah!)

  • laura_d

    Listening: Michael Nyman and Sara Bareilles
    Watching: Ghost Adventures
    Reading: Power Electronics
    Drinking: Pircas Negras 2008 Malbec, Famatina Valley Argentina

  • Weston3220

    1.reading. wine stuff of course for school wset, but some ancient religion stuff
    2.watching just finished watching Lost season 5 so…other than that no cable so I watch winelibary tv
    3. listening too, well at work its electronic, house, stuff at home last couple of days been classical, and ambient downtemp stuff

  • d000d

    Great show I've been trying different S. American Malbec's but have yet to get into the Cahors…

    Listening to: Franz Ferdinand, Vivaldi & Jay-Z
    Watching: John Adams HBO Series on Netflix
    Reading: Marvel Comic's version of Stephen King's The Dark Tower

  • StevenJeNova

    I might buy that Chat Lagrezette for 65, but for 150…? Never!
    Listening to: Albrecht Mayer “New Seasons” (Händel for Oboe & Orchestra), & Metal.
    Watching: mostly movies on my big PC screen. I don't own a TV (no need).
    Reading: Massacre at Monts̩gur РA history of the Albigensian Crusade, Zo̩ Oldenbourg (If you like Iron Maiden, and have visited Monts̩gur Рthen you know why I'm reading it).

  • jaredgoodwin

    Good show today

    Listening to: Lady Gaga… I'm sorry. She just can't do anything wrong
    Watching: Parks and Recreation, The Office, HBO Sunday night stuff
    Reading: Superfreakonomics, Six Frigates

  • QOTD:
    Listening to: the new Motion City Soundtrack album, The Freelance Whales, NAOMI
    Watching: Everything Revision 3 & TWIT.tv
    Reading: Proof vol.2, Batman: Widening Gyre, Gonzo, Crush It

  • DaveMarra

    Listening to: Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil & Uncubus
    Reading: Wine Books
    Watching: The Super Bowl

  • tommyb2

    Great question. QOTD: Reading: Kermit Lynch “Adventures on the Wine Route”, amazing book. Watching: saw blue ray version of I am Legend the other day – great film. Listening to: German DJ Tobi Nuemann's amazing Green & Blue and Secret Sundaze mix Cd's.
    That's how I roll!

  • JiminAtlanta

    I am watching sports, history, and business shows and a comedy or two when I can find a good one (I think there is one called modern family that is funny). I read Crush It and gave my signed GV copy to others to read. Also recently read The Ascent of Money (which is now a TV show) and Ken Fisher's The Only 3 Things you Need to know (about the stock market). I am listening to old and new rock music.

  • davebedini

    Reading-All Quiet on the Western Front
    Watching-Burn Notice
    Listening? I'm a musician, I'm listening to songs I have to learn for the band. The music of my youth-the 50s, 60s and 70s.

  • QOTD:
    #0 – Yes to the Mottcam!
    #1 – Michael Gunger Band
    #2 – Parks & Recreation
    #3 – Revelation

  • murso

    That was a great, and exciting ep. I'd known Cahors since the early 90's, when I joined a small Cleveland distributor which focused on Belgian ale, but had a wide, varied book w/ wines, imported goods, waters, and beverages. I only remember that my initial Cahors (I knew then that it was Malbec) had that Independant Vignerons logo on the lead capsule., and they guy that imported tose wines to us always had stuff in his book that I liked and believed in. And then, it wholesaled well under $10, for maybe $12-13 retail. I loved it then – for its thorough dryness, touch of Earth, and tannic presence. I liked the full range of styles, then, and still do, but then, I'd favor rustic country wine of Europe, and describe them as “real, honest wine, which an old man from Portugal or France drinks, daily… with his Sardines, cheese, and crusty bread, which is still, one of my favorite things to have with my wine. Actually, anymore, I can hardly stand the goopified New World style, and some of the stuff they do w/ (red) Zin. Unbalanced, way too much fruit, and flabby. By this point, I kid you not, White Zin would be practically better to have, and easier to drink, as it is made to be pleasant, inconsequential, quaffable. Many people can't even see that, but when I look at a bottle of White Zin -( and my location sells TONS of it, and everything else – they're rich down here, and it's hot…) – I see a nice simple ham sandwich. And a picnic. Doesn't even need to be ham and cheese, or even expensive ham. For a simple pleasure, even ham salad, on decent bread, maybe a potato chip, and some sunshine. That's a simple , honest pleasure, which I try to engage people to know that wine is not necessarilly complex, or obtuse, or expensive…

  • murso

    I just friended the link, so looking forward to your bold style, and news, etc, and I can project you out into my faceworld, which I'd just joined in Nov., as I'd left my home town of 48 years (except for college years, and tons of int'l travel) for warmer climes. I've found myself in much better place in my career, than almost ever before, and up north, things wer downright brutal for a long time now. So happy I finally made my move. The gravy is that I'd joined family down here, and we're more together than in many years, and as you profess, it is awesome, I love them all, andI am fortunate, and happy every day here.
    QotD – listening to WGCU, SW Fl's NPR affiliate.
    watching PBS – Nova, and Frontline. Try to watch John Stewart and Colbert, but career makes me so busy, that a night, or two/week is lucky!
    reading “The Disasterous Presidency of George W. Bush”, all wine, wine, wine, and work materials, and tomorrow, my new iphone instruction book. and the unavoidable facehole, which we fall into at the end of the day, given a moment of quiet.


  • A_S

    Listening to: Springsteen, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Eagles, Beach Boys, etc…
    Watching: WLTV (big surprise), Two and a half men, Lost.
    Reading: I don't read much except when I study.

    And yes!, install the “Mottcam”

  • Wine_PT

    QOTD: Listening to Pearl Jam & Them Crooked Vultures, Watching anything on, Reading MBA school books

  • alaskadevil

    QOTD: Listening to Third Eye Blind, The Killers, Brand New, The Format, and MGMT
    Watching Lost, 24, and other things I can find on Hulu (just found ASU v Nebraska from '96 on Hulu)
    Reading A short Walk in the Hindu Kush Newby

  • Luc

    Listening to Lawrence Block reading “Small Town” about NYC just after 9/11; been watching “Crazy Heart” seeing the performancethat should give Jeff Bridges an Academy Award (FINALLY!) and reading the last Mike Hammer novel completed two years after the Mickey Spillane's death by Max A. Collins (Mike Hammer essentially was the start of “hard-boiled private eyes in fiction)…

  • Luc

    Actually I' listening to Hit Man, not Small Town…got my Blocks mixed up…

  • KVM1985

    Listening: NPR
    Watching: “Planet Earth” series on DVD
    Reading: “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich

  • jcrazy

    Listening to Old School Hip Hop
    Watching Japanese comedy shows.
    Reading 1984.

  • QOTD. Listening. Formula 1 podcasts, opera and some wine podcasts.
    Watching. WLTV, Formula 1 races and Real Madrid soccer games.
    Reading. Eric Asimov’s The Pour Blog, and AS.com for news on sports from Spain.

  • norbrook

    Listening to the Killers,
    reading historical fiction about ancient egypt,
    watching Lost.

  • TimCtheFilmGuy

    Watching a series that I'm mixing that was shot in Kenya
    Listening to LOTS of African music to use as cues in the series
    Reading – Wired magazine

  • QOTD: Listening: tons of different things as usual, Pandora serves me up lately. Last album/disc would be one of the Beatles remasters. Watching: Lost is back for a big finale season! Reading: Serious Pig by John Thorne

  • charlzee


  • oklahomamichael

    Listening to Vampire Weekend “Contra”…Reading(again) “The Picture of Dorian Gray”….Watching LOST final season waiting on some FREAKING answers…nice Oklahoma shout out

  • Listening To: Lots more rock than normal but I want to get back into Infected Mushroom and see what new stuff they've been working on!

    Watching: GRamsey is back on and the DVR loves his show where he walks into restaurants and tries to fix them up…

    Reading: My old posts from when I started my blog back in Italy (http://www.PotentialGold.com) The evolution is insane! Thanks for the inspiration, GV!

  • Mike in C-town

    First Cahors for me was the WS #76 Clos La Coutale. Supposedly a “drink now”, first bottle for my palate was pure meh. Will try the second bottle with food.

    listen: Muse and some tracks from the Who's Tommy
    Read: still pushing through The Wine Bible.
    Watch: White Collar, Palladia and movies in my Netflix queue.

    One vote for Mott cam – picture in picture

  • RobinC

    I'm reading Potshot by Robert Parker (not the wine person) – he just died and I'm going into severe withdrawal and mourning so I looked up a book I didn't think I'd read yet.
    Since Conan O'Brien has gone off the air I'm going into another severe withdrawal/mourning state – I still have Charlie Rose and Wine Library. I actually watched Twilight New Moon and am still trying to figure out how a nice girl chooses only monsters (cute monsters but nonetheless monsters) to fall in love with.
    LIstening to Janet Evanovich mystery tapes in my car – . Just listened to Simon Boccanegra (Verdi) but prefer Puccini (La Boheme). Going back to some of Chaka Khan.

    Am feeling sick every time I drink alcohol lately – so every sense I have seems to be disappointing me in some way.

    Cahors sounds so interesting. I'll bet the “h” is not pronounced.

  • jsums

    MOTT CAM! MOTT CAM! MOTT CAM! Seriously, Mott Cam. Mott Cam. QOTD – Listening to: Clinton Curtis music.clintoncurtis.com / Watching: well, was watching a lot of football stuff, now, we'll see / Reading: a backlog of this past year's issues of Scientific American. Mott Cam.

  • Bee_Dub


    All things Josh Homme for some reason: Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, most likely brought on by the release of Them Crooked Vultures a while back.

    Also (and always), Howard Stern on Sirius.

    WATCHING: Charlie Rose, Family Guy (nice dichotomy, eh?), Movies and Wine LibraryTV!! I'm a suck up.

    READING: Malcolm Gladwell books (yeah, I'm late). CSMonitor weekly, Esquire, email and text messages.

  • LizCol

    Hey Gary,

    Right now I'm reading Salman Rushdie's “East, West”, I just finished Andrey Kurkov's “The President's Last Love” and I'm excited to start Jasper Fforde's new novel “Shades of Grey”.
    I'm mostly watching House – the early seasons again. Listening to Emerson Hart, Newton Faulkner and Sister Hazel's “Lift” album.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Listening to Le Hot club while trying to learn how to play gypsy guitar, watching Lost, Reading Daily Kos. Not buying $150 wine even though it sounds great.

  • John__J

    qotd Sonic Youth's newest album “the eternal”, finally got a flatscreen so right now “Planet Earth”, love the classic books way more than contemporary and right now it's “Tropic of Cancer” by Henry Miller

    And yes you guys need to get a Mott cam.

  • Tholland

    Great episodes lately. Love the 2 bottle format (almost as much as the blind format). Have only had 2 Cahors and neither blew me away, but will have to revisit. Love Agentina Malbec.

    QOTD 1: Jurassic 5, Chali 2na, Blink 182, Beatles, and Mike'd Up (he's ready to go, on the FAN, NY sports radio!!!)
    QOTD 2: NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Wonder Pets: got 2 kids- sorry gotta love Ming Ming
    QOTD 3: Not much lately, but want to re-read Lord of the Rings b/c it has been about 5 years. Thinking about getting any recent Chuck Klosterman…


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