EP 810 2000 and 2005 Cahors Tasting

Gary shows some love for the Cahors appellation in France, a region that gave the Malbec grape its start.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Haut Monplaisir Cahors Cuvee PrestigeCahors
2000 Chat Lagrezette Pigeonnier Cahors Cahors

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘we need a Mott cam’

Basically GV could say to Mott – ‘this smells like Bruce Willis’ arse on a Friday’ and Mott would reply – ‘Yeah I get that’. Here it’s ‘sardines’ that GV bowls out there and the Mottster picks it up immediately! Comedy value very high

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  • eli2tyree

    Cause you asked 13 times!
    Listening to: Radiohead ok computer, Wilco – YHFT, Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker, Spooon ga ga ga
    Watching: Criminal Minds, Band of Brothers series (watch every year to remind me to appreciate our freedom and the generation that sacraficed for it) any Rangers game
    Reading – Brandweek, Wine spectator (no time for books)

  • boomy13

    Nice show Gary.

    How about, Reading: The End of Poverty (Jeff Sacks), Watching: WLTV or BBC/CNN, Listening: Old school Van Morrison and Economic and Business Pod-casts.

  • barwarrior

    Listening: KEXP on-line.
    Watching: Lost.
    Reading: The Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink

  • hmmm….i just heard the real french pronunciation of Cahors and it sounds SOOOOOO different!

  • cebe

    Anne-Sophie Mutter- Johannes Brahms – D-major, op.77
    The Psychology of Wine/ Evan and Brian Mitchell
    The Avengers '67 season

  • Ozzy

    Hey Gary great show, I do like that idea of the Mott cam the would be awsome.

    QOTD1. Listening – Motley Crue, Wilco, Kiss, Jimmy Buffet, Elvis, and to many others to keep naming.
    QOTD2. Watching – WLTV, King Of Queens, The Office, How I Meet Your Mother, Man VS Food, Home Improvement, Fox News blah,blah,blah.
    QOTD3. Reading – In the Process of reading 3 books Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye, Deliver Us From Evil by Sean Hannity, And I m reading the classic book Willy Wonka to my daugther.

  • boughtrecords

    Listening to bands that are recording in my studio…
    Watching firefly
    reading velvet elvis, a book of interviews of Bono, Exodus, and The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Origins of Christianity?

    We need a Mott Cam!!!!

  • Trucbinouche

    Hey gary, I know I'm kind a late whith my comment but… here it goes. I love cahors wines, I think they're the best QPR's. By the way, CÔT, that little thing on the O is called

  • markuspeloquin

    I must consider Cahors for my next rare wine purchase (I'm up to three now).
    Listening: Rammstein, the only music I can listen to on loop and never get tired of.
    Watching: Battlestar Galactica with commentary on Bluray.
    Reading: computer science research papers in distributed systems (search “cheating husbands and other stories”). I also just finished 'The call of Cthulhu and other weird stories'.

  • robbeishline

    QOD: Bob Mould (listening), Anthony Bourdain (watching), Dan Brown (reading, o.k. not great literature but it's entertaining when you are lying in bed with a cold)

  • pawncop

    Good episode – love Malbec, but only familiar with the wines from Argentina. Will look for Cahors in the future.

    I listen to smooth jazz mostly although my musical tastes are quite diverse.

    I don't watch much TV or movies

    I read history and non fiction primarily

  • rieslingrich

    Christian music and talk radio L.A.
    Sports, American Idol, and Food & Travel channels
    Non Fiction only, Reagan Diary, etc.

  • mle902

    Listening to The Swell Season, watching Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother, and reading historical fiction from the middle ages (nerd alert).

  • ddellinger

    Reading Wilbur Smith “The Leopard Hunts in Darkness” a great adventure writer
    NCIS, CSI, Gray's, Criminal Minds, Numbers, mentalist, and the Winter Olympics starting tonight.

  • Listening to: Diana Krall and Michael Buble

    Watching: Modern Family…LOVE IT!

    Reading: The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy

  • Reading: Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
    Watching: Catching up with Wine Library TV – I don't have cable.
    Listening to: Owl City and Frank Sinatra

  • Alvin

    Listening to Gigi's “Maintenant”, which is just classic '60s pop, and a solid album all around.

    I've been watching old episodes of The Simpsons online. Everything pre-season 10.

    And in reading, I just finished Haruki Murakami's “Sputnik Sweetheart”.

  • leni

    Listening- Markos Vamvakaris

    Reading- any info/history/travel books about Scotland, I want to visit sometime soon.

    Watching- no cable, so, WLTV and “The Universe” on Hulu.

  • amm3rd

    Reading “When Vulchers Dance” Michael Goodwin. Great book based on wall street. Recommended…AMM

  • richardvinifera

    QOTD: Listening to classic hip hop (De La, Tribe Called Quest) Gentleman (German reggae artist), Yo La Tengo, Jens Lekman, Ben Folds University A Cappella cd is good.
    Reading Larsson Millennium Trilogy.
    Trying to catch up on lots of shows, never miss the Colbert Report!

  • K4C3Y

    BOOKS: just finished “The Magus” by John Fowles (most excellent), “Sirens of Titan” by Kurt Vonnegut next. MUSIC: Sage Francis, mc chris, my sing-a-long playlist (crooners, Motown, older country, classic rock), and a Brit Pop mix for the driving times. TV/MOVIES: Current shows are back episodes of WLTV, since I only discovered it about a month ago, and “Man to Man with Dean Learner” which is a must if you enjoy the Mighty Boosh/Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Last night's movies were 'The Road' (written by the author of 'No Country For Old Men') and a quirky Japanese horror pic called 'Uzumaki'.

  • digdagdug

    Hi Dave,
    Just thought I’d jump in here and mention that…..The Reostatics are Gods!!!
    You just forced this Canadian lurker out of the shadows.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say I have had too many Cahors before.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘we need a Mott cam’

    Basically GV could say to Mott – ‘this smells like Bruce Willis’ arse on a Friday’ and Mott would reply – ‘Yeah I get that’. Here it’s ‘sardines’ that GV bowls out there and the Mottster picks it up immediately! Comedy value very high


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