EP 813 The Other 46: PA Wine Tasting with Penns Woods Winery

Gary sits down and tastes 3 Pennsylvanian wines with Jason Malumed from Penns Woods Winery. They talk about the “Other 46” and the future of PA wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Penns Woods Chadonnay Reserve
2005 Penns Woods Melot Reserve
2005 Penns Woods Ameritage Reserve

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘The Vanilla Villain might have to make an appearance’

Didn’t think I was going to like this guest but he turned out knowledgeable and passionate…and did a good job trying to market obviously overpriced wines

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  • johnfarrin


    Are you just trying to start some s__t? 🙂 I can't believe that this is your actual experience. I have a COMPLETELY opposite experience. My experience is that 90% of wines NEED aeration to achieve their potential.

  • FingerLakesRVResort

    How 'bout a flip-cam epp?

  • allanj

    Definitely depends on what kind of wine it is….. I don't decant much, but know enough to know what wine might need decanting….. + the fact that 80% of all wine produced today is ready to drink when bottled. And probably don't get better because of decanting….?

    Cool Dave isn't trying to start anything… he's just had a couple of bad exp. that's all

  • wyotim

    I find that wines farmed sustainably or wine made with organically grown grapes will age perfectly. Certified organic wines (no added sulfites) are what I avoid like the plague. As for fair trade in the wine world I feel that if you stick with smaller wineries (most of what GV shows falls into this category) You will find that these exceed any fair trade guidelines.


  • kungfu_sage

    hmm interesting, the wine I had was no added sulfites, but actually had “no detectable sulfites” at all. I also noticed the cork was covered in crystals which I thought wasn't all that common on just a 5 year old wine.

  • Okay, I was just shocked. I saw another Jason doing Gary…mean he was doing coffee like Gary does wine…but he had Gary's mannerisms and the structure of the show was the same!…I mean Gary was Jason or Jason was Gary…freaking out! He does Coffee Cup News (.org) but it's episode 100-some-odd, not 800+.

    What just happened here? I guess it's a form of flattery. Happened to pick up #112, which is current till Monday.

  • johnfarrin

    I just guess we'll have to agree to disagree. The fact that today's wine is made to be drunk upon bottling has very little to do with the fact that it still need air to be it's best in my opinion and experience. I've been studying and drinking semi-serious wine for thirty + years and the process of sipping a wine when it's first been opened and then tasting every 30 minutes for 3-4 hrs has almost always shown that patience is rewarded.

  • allanj

    Ok, that's cool enough. Semi-serious?

    What's the best wine you've ever had….. ? You are allowed to mention more than one, or two… Just askin'

  • Rich Carlson

    it's creepy. he also has his own personal website with rants (aka Gary V)

  • bfr1028

    Help Please!!!!!!!!

    Guess a snow day for WLTV…. Ok i asked this before but i havent go a really good answer yet… for the 4th day in a row i have gotten a headache from red wines 15 minutes after 3/4 of a glass!!!! This is getting really frustrating and the damn things last 3 hours or so. Their On the right temple and behind the right eye.

    Whats going on here… they were different types and prices…. If this doesnt stop ill have to give up reds all together.. and i love the reds!!! I need a solution people!!!!! Help Help Please!! 🙁


  • Interesting show, seems like Penns Woods has the same problem as most of the best quality VA and MD wineries being that the quality can be high 90 points and above, but the value doesn't really compare with the other regions for the qpr. Best of luck to Jason and Company.

    QOTD: The snow fall in the DC metro this year, most ever. Possibly more or close to more than even from my hometown in the mountains has ever gotten. Totally shocked.

  • johnfarrin

    Semi-serious to me are the mid nineties wines that you can find with a bit of research in the $15-40.00 price range. I occasionally pay up to $235.00 (3 – 2005 Angelus) but not very often. Last year I drank the only first growth I've ever had, a 1982 Mouton Rothschild. I have it's 1986 cousin in my cellarand may have it in 17 years for my 80th birthday.

    Other great wines that I have had are:
    1970 Charles Krug Vintage Selection St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon (last bottle in 1985 that had to be tasted to be believed)
    1985 Lynch Bages (Biggest regret was the 1989 Lynch Bages that I had last year that was flawed)
    1989 Pine Ridge Knollside Cuvee Chardonnay
    Thanks to GV:
    2000 Andrea Oberto Barolo
    2004 Le Galantin Bandol
    2003 St Jean du Barroux (2004 is close behind)
    2006 Black Kite Kites Rest Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

    I'm hoping that the 2003 Pealo Bea Sagrantino and my 2007 & 2008 Kosta Browne Pinots will make the list when they're ready to drink.

    In the final analysis I probably get more enjoyment from ferreting out the really good wines that I find for 35 to 50-cents on the dollar (Legitimate wines like the 2006 Havens merlot that was $20.00 that I bought for $6.99, the Alexander Valley Vineyards New Gewurtz that I've bought for as low as $3.99, the 2003 Chasse Spleen that I bought for $12.99, the 1998 Juslyn (grapes from Beckstoffer To Kalon vineyard) for $10.00 ) Those last two could probably go in my favorite wine listing as well.

    I hope that gives you an idea of my semi-serious philosophy. Don't have the pocketbook for steady diet of pricier wines but think I drink some pretty nice wines nonetheless.

  • allanj

    Barefoot, i don't know.

    Has this only occured recently…. or….
    Could it be the alcohol? i think not. but who knows.

    It's sad if you have to give up on the reds…. : (

    Feel like playin' “Hurt” by mr. Presley. Great! 70's performance, you can actually hear the man breakin'. Painful actually.

  • bfr1028

    Just recently but i wasnt drinking to much wine previously.. Im wondering if there is somthing in the reds that builds up in your system.. It cant be the alcohol because its way to quick wine headaches after a couple of hours or more are just plain hangovers. This headache it fast….Real fast!!!

  • allanj

    It's not the drugs ; ) is it?

    Kidding big time !

    I myself, i'm like Keith Richards, nothings going to kill me.. i think….. well death obviously ; (

    Can't really help you sorry. Is there a doctor present?? ?? ??

  • bfr1028

    Gave those drugs up years ago LOL I hope Gary Vee weighs in on this subject…I really want to know what can be done about this!!


  • allanj

    Mr. V is my personal doc. He handles my daily injections of WLTV….. ; )

    It's getting late in denmark (3 in the morning) Off to bed then, see ya. Keep on rockin' man.

  • drydrew

    Try eating something with cinnamon before you drink, and don't drink on an empty stomach.

  • allanj

    Snowbound, let's sleep in today
    Wake me up, when the wolves come out to play…. D. Fagan (Kamakiriad)

  • bfr1028

    What does the cinnamon do??? yes my stomach has been a little on the empty side lately but doesnt that just slow down the alcohol absorbtion when you eat first or does it do somthing else with wine??

  • bfr1028

    Its an antihistamine isnt it ! Thats one thing i havent tried is taking an antihistamine before wine, guess tomorrow will be cinn. time or benadryl time have to give them a whirl… Thanks


  • drydrew

    Alcohol disables your body's ability to healthily regulate its blood sugar levels and my cause a surge in blood sugars. There is some evidence that suggests our blood sugar levels play a role in the causation of headaches and migraines. If you are having issues with blood sugar, it's wisest to stay clear of alcohol. Cinnamon my helps control sudden surges in sugar levels.

  • LongIslandJim

    So GV…. while you're on obscure wine regions, when is LI gonna get some love again? I remember the Long Island Cab Franc episode a while back….really enjoyed it. LI whites are on the rise. Any thoughts?

  • Waits

    Some nice wines there john… Sorry for not responding sooner, had to sleep…

    I am a huge fan of Lynch Bages. Had a 1995 once, loved it to death…

    I think the all-time favourite will have to be Diamond Creek 1995 Volcanic Hill, if you ever get near one don’t go past… I know it costs a ton, but that’s a wine you should try at least once in life. And the ’95 will easily last 30+ years more. Hopefully it won’t be flawed : )

    Great stuff…..

  • wayno da wino

    Yo G, crack-out da Flipcam or somethin'…… Anything……

  • It could be that you are responding some chemical stuff ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_wine_headache)

  • YoungDave

    GOTTA LOVE PA WINES!! I need to explore more of them soooon…

    QOTD: SHOCKED by a Franciacorta that I am buying for the restaurant that is at a RIDICULOUS promotional price of $13.95 per bottle (regular wholesale $20) that is 100% Chardonnay and is incredible. We are talking about Italian-style Champagne that competes with $30 to $50 (wholesale), or $40 to $70+ retail for a fraction of the price. Gotta love the bubbles for the holidays, and Tasca Wine Bar has got the fix on the cheap, by-the-glass this month! Shocking sparkling wine value for the price…

  • Anonymous

    Sleep? Sleep is for amatuers! There are wine deals to find 🙂 Can you say
    O/C boys and girls?

  • philoxera

    Pennsylvania eh? Sounds great now I wonder if I could get anybody to ship me a few cases eh?

  • boughtrecords

    My wife and I took a trip last summer through several states including PA. We had an awesome day in Nazareth and Saylorsburg. For those of you who don't know the Martin guitar factory is in Nazareth and has a great tour. Which made me appreciate my Martin a lot more! On the way back north we saw Sorrenti vineyard off of the highway and decided to stop in. I was expecting the typical syrup sweet wines that seem to be found in all of the “other 46” places. I was pleasantly surprised that they only had one sweet wine. I have to agree the Merlot was the jewel of their wines. We also got a Chard that was pretty nice. I did feel the $ was kind of high for the quality but it was great to be there and the PA people are SUPER NICE! Check out PA wines and if you get a chance go there. It is such a beautiful part of America! The last thing that truly shocked me was how much life changes when you add the first child to your family!

  • boughtrecords

    Try some organic wines. I'm not trying to pump up organic foods as I think for the most part they are primarily a way to make money but wine seems to be a little different. Wine typically contains sulfites which I know can affect something with blood pressure because people taking certain medications can not have wine unless it is sulfite free. Being that a big part of headaches can be blood pressure related maybe you are having some affect related to the sulfites. Just a guess as I am not a doctor, and I don't even play one on WLTV.

  • Anonymous

    I told the complete truth. It is wierd from my end too since I am
    getting the opposite results from what just about everyone is saying.
    It’s like I went out at night and everyone in town kept saying ” good
    morning ”

    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • Anonymous


    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • Anonymous


    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • Anonymous

    Ok. 18 it is.

    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • Anonymous

    Okay Dave, maybe Thunderbird doesn’t need air 🙂 Best of luck with that

  • Where do you live? Send me an email at jason [at] pennswoodswinery [dot] com and I can help you out maybe.

  • Krunch

    There is “NO SUCH” thing as “Sulfite Free” wine. Sulfite is a natural ingredient found in the ground which is in just about everything you eat. Now the “AMOUNT” of sulfite added in some wines are different. Most US winery's add a high amount of sulfite so that the wine will last, As they do not make wine the traditional method, so Chemical is added to off set the differences.
    Now I have had many encounters with this problem and what I have recommended is that you look at “OLD WORLD” wines, AND this is also important, Look for Low alcohol percent, 13% or lower. These wines have fewer amount of sulfite added and should help with the headaches.

  • John__J

    qotd just how bad wine laws are in some states. & how with all the wine lover's out there, that it still seems like people aren't doing much at all to try and change it

  • DCaragher

    GV – PA should be an interesting area come the next 10 years or so…it sort of reminds me of NY State, where I think the Finger Lakes region is doing a great job with a lot of different varietals and sparkling wine as well. Big ups to Dr. Frank!

    QOTD: I was sort of shocked at how good the movie District 9 was…

  • fanbrew

    I would suggest seeing a doctor. You may be having an allergic reaction and taking medical advice of fans from a wine show seems like a bad idea in general.

  • Great honest review, with a guest!

  • Show coming today FYI

  • good, I'll bust open something and watch, for me it's a Merlot kind of day!

  • Anonymous

    What about Wild Irish Rose! ; )

    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • Anonymous

    Ah……yeah, but give it plenty of time to breathe 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I breathed wine once. MAN that hurt!!!
    ; )

    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • allanj

    Great…! will be looking forward to it… ?*?*?* RIOJA*?*?*?

    ; )

  • allanj

    That was a killer movie! Me like

  • bfr1028

    Thanks Will give it a go…trying a wine now that gave me a headache on monday..its been a half full bottle that was recorked monday night…Its starting to go bad but we will see if there is any difference tonight…..I thought alergic reaction gave you itchies and rashes not a head ace…Ive never had a headache from an alergy atleast..well we shal see what happens and ill report back..Thanks for all the help guys!!!!!!! 🙂


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