EP 815 Beer Tasting at Brooklyn Brewery with Garrett Oliver

Gary travels to Brooklyn to visit with brewmaster Garrett Oliver, to taste some interesting beers. Gary and Garrett discuss the beer and wine industry and Garrett’s new book, The Brewmaster’s Table.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Brooklyn Brewery Local 1
Brooklyn Brewery Local 2
Brooklyn Brewery Black Ops

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luca bercelli


I started out thinking the guest wasn’t too great but he won me over in the end and it turned out to be a fascinating and entertaining episode.

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  • SourGrapesFC

    have you had any of the Dog Fish Head/ Sierra Nevada collaborations?

  • sargieaz

    Love you guys, I think the Brett beers are a good foray…in balance it's great.

  • cellarrat5

    Thank you! Guiness is decent, but compaired to a lot of the double chocolate stouts, porters and others out there it is coffee flavored water. And it tastes so much better over seas, Scotland or thier neighbors.

  • ddellinger

    Great show, not a beer fan, but would like to try a few from Brooklyn.

  • Tyler Glaze

    QOTD: Brooklyn Brewery, please bring your beer to California! Preferably to the Central Coast area. I would love to taste your beers. Especially the Black Ops.

  • DFbwp

    You guys totally geeked it up this time. The geek intensity was huge. Great show.

    QOTD: Big League Chew Beer. I'm sure you can make it work.

  • I've been watching for 3 years now and this is ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES EVER!
    QOTD: Bring Brooklyn to California, and not just the French Laundry, elitest much?
    QOTD II: Coming from the wine biz bret is never a good thing, however, in beer it could be fantastic! Thanks Garrett for all of your knowledge. My family and I are going to Alba/Piedmonte in a month and will look for the brew there. I have to go from Healdsburg to Italy to find a brooklyn beer? BRING IT HERE!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Too bad this wasn't out a couple of weeks ago. I see your beer can be found in Chicago. Bring it to MN 🙂

    QOTD: How about a beer that tastes like a wine. A Nero d'Avola or maybe after a wine whose grape was bred by your own Cornell University – Corot Noir.

  • slimdogny

    This was a monster episode. I should make my way across the L train and hit them up again. Last time I was there, they had a Smoked Weisbock, which is something I have NEVER experienced anywhere else. Garrett and his team are fantastic brewers and great people.

    Also, Garrett's philosophy on brewing is super. What a great episode.

  • slimdogny

    Totally geeked up, like 2 little kids, but with some monster knowledge.

  • slimdogny

    There is something to be said for not having a super huge distribution. Not in an arrogant way though.

  • slimdogny

    Where is the LOVE button?!?!

  • Beeper

    Garrett is hilarious and obviously knows his stuff. More of these please.

    QOTD: Start shipping out west…

  • Pat__B

    Boy…do I love beer. This episode was mouth watering.

  • Ozzy

    QOTD- I am a huge beer fan and I would like The Brooklyn Brewery to bring there beer to MN we would love to have it here. Another great show Gary you should add a couple more beer shows they are fun.

  • angelatcarlson

    Yeah, the best place to get Guinness is out of the tap at the brewery.
    It's been over 25 years and I still remember the yumminess.
    The bottles without the “device” in them are extremely disappointing.
    Give me a local Stout/Dark/Porter/Amber beer anytime.
    Triple Rock in Berkeley's “Tree Frog” was quite good when I stopped by a few weeks ago.
    Would love to try Brooklyn Brewery when they become widely available in CA.

  • Chris

    Long time lurker, had to jump in. GREAT episode. I truly believe American beers have emerged as the most innovative and highest quality in the world, thanks to people like Mr. Oliver. If anyone is down south check out Sweetwater, Terrapin, and Good People Brewing Co. They are all doing great things to push craft beer forward.
    QOTD: I would like to see more peppers used in beer. Rogue does a nice one, but a bit too heavy on the spice.

  • JayZee13

    Way cool show – Garrett is one of the BEST guests ever! Classic. And I usually dis you on the non-wine episodes, but this one was terrific.

    QOTD: I've never had a Brooklyn Brewery beer so I cannot tell you what to make. However, I do enjoy good craft beers with great taste. My wife loves stouts and porters especially and I think she would love your Black Ops beer. As far as Bret goes, I have only experienced that in wine and it is okay in small doses but you can have too much pretty quickly in wine. I have no clue what that would be like in beer.

  • Katie Marquez

    Oh. My. God. I MUST find that Manhattan beer somewhere. That sounded so amazing, I don't think I can continue working. Wow. Wow. I have no words. Wow. … Wow.

  • collinhusbands

    I have been a fan of Brooklyn for a very long time, but for the most part the IPA, Lager, Ale and Pils. The stuff everyone can get their hands on. As a Tennessee resident I may have to wait quite a while for “Locals” and allocated brews. What I have had access to for many years is Rogue and their seemingly endless lines of exotic flavors. One in particular that stood out was their “Smoke Beer”. In a world of beers (and wines) that have very similar flavor profiles, that one stood out. I love Brooklyn and would love to try their effort at “Smoke” Ale.

  • TylerGlaze

    Since we cant get the Brooklyn Brewery's beers in California, I will suggest some alternatives to those coffee/dark beers until they get here (hopefully soon). Definitely check out Stone Brewery's Imperial Russian Stout and Smoked Porter. If you are feeling especially brazen, as you should when drinking Stone's beers, take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and plop that sucker in your Imperial Russian Stout. Some might see it as blasphemy, but I see it as an incredible after dinner dessert. Check it out!

  • benbron

    Amazing Show! Best guest ever? Garett is so awesome. So glad he's proud to give a nod to Milton Glaser. Loved Brooklyn Brewery before, love even it more now. Definitely wanting to see Garrett Oliver's cooking skills and check out the brewmaster's table.
    QUOTD: Brooklyn Brewery TV – please?
    if not, smoked beers are a bit lacking in brooklyn's lineup.

  • Garrett is f'ing fantastic. I am such a fan of beer and wine that this is just perfect. Love that you had to reign him in. Currently living in Oregon, craft beer is apart of the landscape as much as Pinot Noir, but I do agree that it is under-rated. I can't wait to try this place out on my next trip to NYC. Gotta find it at the Beir Stein.

  • Duncan9idaho

    I love these beers! I live in Colorado and work for a distributor and we have a great wine book as well as the finest beer catalog including Russian River and Ommagang. I would sell my soul to sell these beers in Colorado!
    QOTD-Brett and sours are amazing and I say go to town!!!

  • rjrausch

    I'm behind watching WLTV shows. This was awesome. I left beer in the rear view mirror when I got into wine because it was all watered down and bland. I'm going to have to try to find Brooklyn Brewery in Ohio because this sounds pretty darn good and will get some of my beer drinking friends off my back.

  • bahalana

    Oh dude, are you my long lost twin? Stone's IRS and Smoked Porter are among a few of my all-time favorites (along with Arrogant Bastard of course). Since I live in Texas and make frequent trips to New York, I can personally vouch for everything Brooklyn Brewery makes, especially the Local 1. Whenever you get the chance, you'll love them I'm sure.

  • You guys are brothers from another mother

  • Phil G

    Great episode – I need to get down to check out that brewery!

    QOTD – Keep the Belgian Ale (think trappist) and German Wheat styles flowing… love those!

  • ben from boston

    qotd – how about some throwback beer from olden times, something ancient warriors might have drank on their campaigns across europe and asia a thousand or more years ago.

  • aeggert

    QOTD – It would be pretty cool to see some Lambic styles. I have never tried your beer, but the next time I am in the NY area or somewhere that I notice them on the shelf I will be picking a couple up.

    As a side note, this episode inspired me to get into the home brewing after months of putting it off. So this Saturday I will be off to the local home brew supply store to stock up. Cheers!

  • This was a great episode. I'm always looking for a new beer and next time I'm in Brooklyn I'm going to try and hunt this one down. I need to meet this Brewmaster!

  • vinoreviews

    Love beer and the topic should be featured more often! I am not a fan of Garrett's he comes off as arrogant to me and to my palate his beers are average at best. There are much better micro-brewed beers out there from the Pacific NW, Vermont and Wisconsin if you ask me.

  • zonk

    I have never been to Brooklyn… but now I have to go… for a Friday night, a Saturday, and a Sunday.

    QOTD: How about a beer designed to go with Stinky Cheese.

  • pawncop

    This is one of the best episodes EVER!!! As was noted earlier – you guys are brothers by a different mother.

    It is so enjoyable to have a guest as articulate, knowledgable, and deeply committed as Garrett is. I may even buy his book.

    I will look for your beer here in Texas good sir. Have not known of it but I can assure you it will be on my radar now.

    QOTD – may come back and answer after I have had the opportunity to be more knowledgeable myself.

  • Jason

    Loved this show! I've been way into craft beer for years. I've only recently broadened my horizons and started exploring wine more, and WLTV has been a great source of information on the subject.

    I was pumped to see a beer show on here because so many wine buffs seem to turn their noses up at beer. It was great listening to Garrett speak about his brewery and beer generally, and though I haven't had as high of an opinion of Brooklyn Brewery as other brewers in the past, I'm definitely going to give them another taste based on this ep.

  • winedeac

    Great show…more craft beer shows to keep things interesting!

  • TylerGlaze

    Perhaps were separated at birth; no one can truly know. I should have you FexEx me a Local 1 after your next trip to Brooklyn. I was drooling over the stuff while it was on the show. Any good Texas made beers out there?

  • DCaragher

    GV – Nice to see a beer show thrown into the mix! Especially, Brooklyn Zoo Brew!

    QOTD: Garrett, here's the deal, my partners and I have a lifestlye/apparrel company called Mr. Brownstone Industries! We are a PMA (positive mental attitude) group of individuals heavy into the ski/music/craft beer/outdoor/living life awesomely type of vibe and I think we can help each other out. We'd love to help promote Brooklyn Brewery in the New England area, with a focus in NH and VT. We are currently based out of Portmouth, NH. You might actually know some of our friends at Redhook, Smuttynose, and the Portsmouth Brewery! We'd be looking for very little in return, perhaps we could have a Brooklyn even at a local bar in NH and be able to promote ourselves as well. It's a win, win! Think about it…and in the meantime check out our website and follow us on twitter!


    Great show…looks like your squeezing the juice out of life! I look forward to getting my hands on the Black Ops!

  • bahalana

    Well as Garrett said, Texas is a big market for them. I get them here, at the grocery store no less! Haven't tried (or recall seeing) the Local 2 though. As for Texas beers, of course there's St. Arnold, brewed right here in Houston (been there several times). I don't think they have much distribution outside of Texas though, not sure. They do a fantastic stout that you can only usually get at the brewery or at some local pubs, in season. There used to be Cellis in Austin, which is being brewed again I think, but not in Texas. That's about all I can think of… 🙁

  • bahalana

    Well as Garrett said, Texas is a big market for them. I get them here, at the grocery store no less! Haven't tried (or recall seeing) the Local 2 though. As for Texas beers, of course there's St. Arnold, brewed right here in Houston (been there several times). I don't think they have much distribution outside of Texas though, not sure. They do a fantastic stout that you can only usually get at the brewery or at some local pubs, in season. There used to be Cellis in Austin, which is being brewed again I think, but not in Texas. That's about all I can think of… 🙁

  • alleyrat

    the abbey style ales are basically ideal with stinky cheese, chimay ale ann ommegong are the two you should be able to readily locate at a liquor store with a good selection. chimay is imported and ommegong is domestic, california i believe.

  • lcschumer

    Great show! I want to date Garrett. I'm sure my husband won't mind, as long as he gets some Brooklyn Brewery Beer out of it. 😉

  • awesome show guys. One of my faves. Cheers

  • WesScott

    Great show….I really enjoyed it. I've read The Brewmaster's Table and it really opened my eyes to great beer and food. Nice to here the shoutout to Brooklyn BCS. I had a chance to try it several months ago and it was awesome!

    QOTD: Ship to AZ!

  • raddicenoggle

    Gary and Garret,
    Incredible show…not for nothing but you should ship Brooklyn into Montana…I know, I know…cowboys and spurs, right? Wrong, Montana has a great beer culture and we would love to see some new players in our market. Gary, I know that Montana doesn't come up very often in the discussion about great beers or wines (ok, just beers), but I think you would love a tasting of what we have to offer. We have many exceptional breweries and brewmasters who are creating great products.

  • yapdiver

    Best show in a looooooong time. Love the Brooklyn Brewery & visit it often since I am a born & bred NYC boy! Love to get my hands on a Special Op bottle.

    QOTD: Stay away from the sour Lambic style. Won't go over well here in the US. Let Cantillon in Brussels do that stuff. I visit the mecca of beer aks Belgium once a year and tour the breweries. I would like the BB to tackle an abbey dubbel or triple. Dark & rich and full of flavor. I visited Maredsous & Orval so love traditional abbey style beers. How about a Brooklyn version with an Ommegang twist!

  • yapdiver

    Ommegang is brewed upsatate New York in Cooperstown and it was purchased by the Duval brewery. Chimay is from Belgium. You got good taste in beer my friend! 🙂

  • HomeBrewBen

    This show was awesome. I just started to get into WLTV and have been doing the home brewing thing for a couple of years, so this was a great episode to combine my interests and expand my knowledge. Would love it if you could mix in a beer tasting thing once in a while.

    QOTD: I would steer clear of sour, I am just not sure how many of my beer drinking friends (including those who are into belgian styles of beer) would be into it. I almost certainly wouldn't like it though I have really enjoyed everything that I have tried out of your brewery in the past. I love the sound of a couple of the beers you talked about and tasted (the manhattan and black ops both sound great). Has Brooklyn done anything with vanilla flavors in the past? I have been thinking of brewing a vanilla bourbon porter recipe that I found and am looking for things to sample as models.

  • Hey Guys

    I agree with all the comments below. One of the very best WLTV episodes – good banter, lots of quaility discussion and a guest who's into sharing some knowledge, not just promoting themselves.

    QOTD: Garrett; you guys need to be congratulated. A range of Brooklyn beers are avaliable in a couple of pubs here in HK and I love them all. Before trying your stuff I thought all beer from the US was watery rubbish (come on people drink 'light' beer – WTF?), but Brooklan Brewery changed my opinion – keep up the awesome work.


  • Adam J

    Had to comment for the shout out to New Glarus. Have a sixer of Spotted Cow in my fridge right now. One of the many great brewers around Wisconsin.


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