EP 816 2009 Torrontes Taste Off

Gary tastes 3 new arrivals from Argentina of Torrontes, a cool grape that makes interesting white wines from south of the Equator.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Urban TorrontesArgentine Torrontes
2009 La Yunta Torrontes Stelvin ClosureArgentine Torrontes
2009 Crios De Susana Balbo TorrontesArgentine Torrontes

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘literally you are about to laugh your ass off’, ‘Mott, I’m hoping you can come through for the Vaynernation …for once in your life’ and ‘I can see a lot of people screwing by the pool…err with screwtops by the pool’

GV back in the groove

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  • Anonymous

    I completely agree! The winery I work for is putting out a dry Barbera rose. Been barrel tasting it for about 4 months now and its is refreshing and delicious. I don’t think most whites in general, if properly made, get the credit they deserve.

  • Watch out fellow Vayniacs…. Stephen Fabarez is back.

    Not long ago i told Gary to put up a “Not Like” button, what do you think about that?

    Smithers….. Release the hounds!

  • bfr1028

    Im still here …Got lazy and didnt watch till today. You know its funny you keep refering to me as DJ keith because it is the least often job that i do… Most people call me Keith the computer guy. Im probably better know for the O scale track and switches i make at job 2 than for djing, but thats ok dj keith works too.

  • StevenL

    Never had good luck with Torrontes, but Screwin' by the Pool- its a Classic.
    Justin Verlander #35 Detroit Tigers – best pitcher in Baseball.

  • StevenL

    Grant's Dad ?

  • musicalthunder

    Hello, new poster.

    Having relationships with Argentina, I am not surprised the La Yunta was appreciated (at least for Gary). Historically speaking, Famatina Valley (La Rioja Province), has been held in high esteem in producing high quality torrontes. The same goes with Cafayate (in Salta Province). If anyone can find it, try the Colome Torrontes. It is sourced from insanely high altitude vineyards, I've actually heard the highest on Earth but can't vouch completely for that. It was sensational. Aromatic but not overpowering, and it incredible with salmon and garlic.

    Interestingly Mendoza, while it's by far the wine center of Argentina and THE known wine region fo Argentina internationally, ironically was never known as torrontes territory. As torrontes gains international profile, plantings by the big wineries in Mendoza proper are following suit, but many think the future of this varietal is in La Rioja, Catamarca, and Salta provinces where this grape seems to like it best.

    Thanks Gary V. for the Torrontes shout-out. Maybe in the future we can have a first-time Borarda tasting! I've been trying to push this varietal as the next ''argentina'' entry level, casual goes with pizza-hut wine! (now that to me, malbec is now more of a serious wine than just a really cheap price pointwise, ''solid'' drink…). I think Bonarda should be up and rising, one is seeing more of it in the US. Cheers.

  • BFR1028

    I think it should be MOTT 🙂

  • BFR1028

    How about we all send in our pictures and you put them on the back wall of the studio as backdrop for your show. It would show that the “Nation is Behind you”!

    QOTD: Makes me think of how old im starting to get ……


  • SS_Chris

    yes…correct Steven….Calvin was a solid RB for the Cowboys in the 70's and is Grants Dad.

  • SS_Chris

    is that Grant Verlanders dad? 🙂

  • slimdogny

    Have had some value torrontes after a tasting at WL with Dennis a while back. The wines were overshadowed by your parting words. Those were some great words for your parents. Mine too will hit the 35year mark soon, have 2 grandchildren, 1 one the way. So QOTD: 35 is now new again and will make me think of my family which is amazing and beautiful and frustratingly amazing all in one. Much love!

  • Dr John


    what's with the involuting hand symbol on the Crios
    label? just curious. I am a Hand Surgeon

    Dr John

  • Great Ep Gary, love torrentes but don't get much chance to taste much over here in Eire.
    QOTD – Th number 35 dosn't mean much to me to be honest, even now I'm racking my brains, nope can't come up with a smart answer.

    Drinking an 04 Barbaresco at the moment, big up the Nebbiolo!!!

  • cabguy

    First time poster here…

    Gary, you called out the lurkers, so here I am to break the ice.

    #35 reminds me of Jerald Sowell, the former Jet (who wore 33 for New York). Little known fact, Sowell was actually drafted by Green Bay in the 7th round of the 1997 draft. He was assigned #35 before being swiped off our Practice Squad by your beloved Jets. I've always been slightly bitter about the situation, as he proved to be a good player.

    There it is, my thoughts of 35 and first post.

  • Anonymous

    I’m back after a couple days camping at the beach. I was hoping for 2 eps when I got back but Cindy musta taken it’s toll on G.

  • I knew he was a packer 😉

  • Tnx Mdsmitty!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand the Laphroaig! Way too peaty/ashtray or something for me. May have to try it again but the burnt tire stuff is not up my alley.

  • Anonymous

    Is Pisco like grappa?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to try some Pisco.

  • How about Jim breuer doing a joe pesci, that would be hilarious.

  • SourGrapesFC

    I'm voting him off the island.

  • One of my all time favorite JETS.

  • SEFB

    35 reminds me of becoming a single parent.

  • zrm

    Torrontes bringing the value thunder! So excited. Once the ice melts tomorrow or on Thursday I am going out to find some to bring to a party on friday. Glad your grooving on the comment section I love it!

    QOD:35? My first thing was I am going to be way to0 old when I turn 35. When you in your early 20's 35 years is a scary thought. Very happy for your parents Gary. Its a great accomplishment


  • zrm

    no way he spits the wine, unless its at the camera or at gary

  • zrm

    I really Liked the Jim Cramer Episode.

  • Hey Gary – get rid of the polystyrene shippers. Why don't you guys use recycled / recyclable cardboard shippers like some of your competitors? 35 is the interstate that takes you to Austin.

  • Beeper

    Pumped to try some Torrontes now…great show, even if you went a little Jim Cramer on La Yunta…

    QOTD: That's easy – taxes!

  • Last summer was deemed the “year of torrontes” for me. I did some due diligence in trying to find something interesting. My journey led me to believe that this is in fact a grape that is under valued and delicious. I personally love seafood with torrontes.

    The Packers scored 35 points in victories in both Superbowl 1 and Superbowl XXXI.

  • Waits

    That’s quite allright. If you want a nice mellow whiskey go for the Dalwhinnie 15 years old. That’s a whiskey everybody will like, veeeerry smooooottthhhhhhhhh… even non-whiskey drinkers, i kid you not.

  • Waits

    Thanks my man, good to “see” you again. Gary might also be celebrating that 35th ani…

  • Waits

    It could also be Mr. Presley??? eh… Thanks for responding man. Whatever happend to Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk?

    Oh, did you see that music video? Too hillarious, if you ask me. Mott rules!!!

    Gary’s lip-syncing was way off ; )

  • Waits

    Agreed, big time!!!!

    I’ve asked Mott about this, and he says, that he doesn’t really think he would have anything to add. ; (

    We have to encourage him, who’s with me???

  • Waits

    That WAS a mad ep.

  • Waits

    Or Frank Caliendo?

    Could be cool, huh?

  • waynooooooooo daaa winoooooo

    Bottle o' Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, Fruit o' daaaa Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, wen Ya gooonna let me get
    Soooooooooooobeeeeeeeeeeer???????? WAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Michael D

    Hey Gary,

    Someone mentioned a wine that smelled like an unsoiled diaper. I think it might be fun to ask: What is the strangest smelling wine you have ever had?

  • joelbombardier

    35: Reminds me or 1953. The year the CIA overthrew Mohammad Mosedeq the president of Iran, and replaced him with a dictatorial monarchy.

    Also, love the Banaylus episode a few days ago, my favorite grenache-based dessert wine is not from Banaylus but from is still French. Its the Chateau Mosse 2004 Grenache. Very delicious!

  • englishexlurker

    “screwing and hanging out by the pool” lol lol lol

    nice gary!

  • Great show as usual, found the flow from diapers to formula to melons quite entertaining.

    35 reminds me of the Interstate on which I rolled my vehicle a while back near the Minnesota border in Iowa. I was unhurt, I remember appreciating that the Raconteurs “Rich Kid Blues” continued to play as I sat upside down strapped in
    “Been having bad times And I've been paying dues Got shoes and money And good friends too…”

    many wonderful and helpful people stopped and braved the crazy traffic in that massive downpour to check if I was OK.

    A toast to those people kind and concerned enough to stop and offer a hand to a fool driving too fast in a heavy rain.

  • Yum, I love me some Torrontés (notice where the accent is Gary — now say, Tore-ron-TES) and definitely want to find the La Yunta. I knew the Urban Uco was going to be a pass — had this at the O. Fournier winery in the Uco Valley of Argentina this fall (it's the winery's cheap export label) and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Despite spending a ton of time in Peru and visiting Chile as well during my S. Am trip, I did not know that Torrontés is the grape used for Pisco, so thanks for that “fun fact!”

    QOTD: 35 reminds me of what will be my next “milestone” birthday, although I still have a few years to go before I hit it…

  • Greg B.

    Big G, I enjoy Torrontes and will continue to try new brands from this very good Varietal.

    QOTD: Neal Anderson #35 from the Chicago Bears. Was a very solid RB.

  • MDSmitty2488

    Tiger's baseball can absolutely not come soon enough. Not happy about some of the off-season transactions however. They'll always be my Tigs though.

  • boughtrecords

    hmm… 35 was the age my wife was when we got married

  • castello

    Thank you! We need to change the wine shipping world, whether they like it or NOT!

  • I love how random this comment seems.

  • folsson

    I caught on to wine library tv around episode 400. Thanks to YouTube i have gone back and seen the others as well. I have been here for a while but only posted one comment before, this might make me a lurker. However i do feel very inexperienced as i am only 19 years old. (dont worry i live in Sweden, drinking age is 18) My palette is not a fan of wine so i am starting out slow, drinking a glass here and there with my parents after dinner. the reason for this post is really just to ask, what is a good, cheaper wine that would be fitting for a 19 year old's palette. I would love any responses. Thank you guys. P.S. Gary your show is fantastic! i love it

  • folsson

    Yea i thought about that too. it was really funny.

  • folsson

    That is a good question. I am not sure about wine but i had a beer once that was supposed to smell like oranges, but when we opened it we had to take it outside and dump it because it really smelled like poop in a bottle. my friend tried it and said it tasted good but i couldnt get passed the smell


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