EP 816 2009 Torrontes Taste Off

Gary tastes 3 new arrivals from Argentina of Torrontes, a cool grape that makes interesting white wines from south of the Equator.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Urban TorrontesArgentine Torrontes
2009 La Yunta Torrontes Stelvin ClosureArgentine Torrontes
2009 Crios De Susana Balbo TorrontesArgentine Torrontes

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘literally you are about to laugh your ass off’, ‘Mott, I’m hoping you can come through for the Vaynernation …for once in your life’ and ‘I can see a lot of people screwing by the pool…err with screwtops by the pool’

GV back in the groove

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  • That's sad man…. sad.. ; )

    I'm behind you on the behind-you thing.

  • “What's the use of gettin' sober, when you're gonna get drunk again?” – Louis Jordan

  • “I'm stuck in “folsson” prison, and time keeps draggin' on….” J. Cash

    Cool, bro. Ohhh, don't know what wine would fit your palette… you'll have to find that one out yourself……… Great QPR (Value) can be found for sure in Portugal, a country that makes seriously great wines. But hey, just go for it man… you will not like all the things you taste anyhow. you, lurker, you.
    Well i'm from denmark myself, so we're not that far apart.

    And like the mantra goes: “Try new things”.

  • Well, not exactly…it is certainly a grape derived spirit, but the process is different. With grappa, they distill the pomace (grape skins, and remnant liquid) left after the pressing of the wine…my biz partner in Burgundy says that they have mobile distilling units that move from site to site, doing this. With Pisco, they actually crush the grapes, ferement them to completion, and then distill the resulting “wine”. The distillate is then aged in barrels ( maybe some new oak, neutral wine barrels, old brandy barrels for varying lengths of time ) having been diluted to achieve the desired % alcohol, and each producer tends to add their own little twist of a hint of desert herbs and flowers.

    It’s not for everybody on its own, but the Pisco Sour is generally appreciated. My favorite bargain pisco is from a small producer (subsidiary of Pisco Capel) called “Los Artesanos Del Cochiguaz” which is way up in the Andean foothills of the IX Region, high up in the Elqui Valley. Awesome place it is…
    Cheers, and good luck in getting your lips on some.


  • Andres Rosberg

    For the records, Colomé’s highest vineyard is at 3,000 meters (almost 10,000 feet) above sea level…

    Look foward to the Bonarda tasting!

  • Andres Rosberg

    Críos means offspring, the hands symbolize Susana Balbo and her children…

  • oldcaddie

    The only one of the three that I have not tries was the winner. I am going to need to go find it.

  • oldcaddie

    Being a huge Reggie fan your post made me remember the great player he was both in college and for the Celtics. Good call on the number question!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Dalwginnie is right up my alley.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be looking. TX!

  • BFR1028

    Has anyone found a way to stay logged in on Disqus?? Its a pain in the ass to have to log back in after changing pages????

    Keith “The Computer Guy”

  • Weather is 2 feet of snow an below thew freezing point since 17th of december. Win the lottery, Yes, 3 bones last saturday, missed the pot of 25 million 🙁
    Mama Vaynerchuck on WLTV!!! Let’s start a petition!

  • Nope.

    It really is a pain in the you know what… Gary Link That Up!!!

  • Big Shout-out to all the hardcore Vayniacs & Lurkers for making this comment section Rock 'n' Roll!

  • SourGrapesFC


  • darren28

    Great show G.V. However it is another show that frustrates me, because alot of these wines are so hard to come buy in Australia. The wine industry here is trying to brainwash me on fruit bombs and oak monsters I'm sure. Hard to develop your palate when you are given very few O.S options.

    Q.O.T.D. 35 makes me think how quickly the next two yearsd will fly by.

  • folsson

    yea i guess i just have to go for it l0l. thanks for the input man, i will have to try that. I am just going to jump in i guess.

    thanks again

  • You're welcome. You can always ask me… ; )

  • maxinvegas

    You aren't the only one. Many of us in the States have a hard time acquiring wines tasted here.

  • maxinvegas

    Jumping in blind is a good way, try different things and styles from all over a great thing is try Riesling from the following areas and styles: Germany sweet and trocken (dry), Austria- all-trocken, Alsace- all dry, Washington State- dry, sweet, off-dry, Australia- off dry. Take it from there.

  • matt_wrench

    Congrats to your parents on 35 years! Despite being so young, I'm hoping to find someone to get to a 1st anniversary with soon. Loved the shout out to your future ancestors.

    QOTD: Almost over the hill.

  • I need to try some Torrontes soon!

    QOTD: My age, for another few days. Getting old.

  • carilius maximus

    Is that a Labrador Brook trout?? Might just be paired perfectly with todays wines!!!

  • JayZee13

    Nice, fresh show, but the wines didn't get me very excited. I've had some Torrontes and they weren't bad wines, but they have all been kind of “meh” to me.

    QOTD: 35? Not a very popular number in sports. I can't think of anything significant. But as wedding anniversaries go, pretty awesome. Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. V!!

  • Scot McLeland

    Ha! Yes that was funny. I love the random “blurts” from Gary!

  • I've just made up my mind….

    I don't like Stephen Fabarez! ; ) LOL

  • wayno daaa wino

    Ya gotta Good Point, there…….. :o)

  • YES! Thanks my good man. Gotta dig those old Louis Jordan sides…

  • castello

    I never have to log in. Not sure why but maybe check your discus settings or something.

  • castello

    I'm not gonna answer the qotd because……

  • Hahaha LOL – I get it…. ; )

  • Beeper

    corporate FIT rate

  • jonask7

    Crios Torrontes – killer wine with Pollo Asada burritos with guacamole and tomatillo salsa –

    QOTD – I was 35 when I first tried Torrontes, now I'm 36.

  • Thank you guys for the replies! Definitely helped! I don’t use gmail, so I think I may just stick to twitter

  • Gary, could that smell that you couldn't put your finger on with the La Yunta be Guava? More specifically guavas squished on the ground? I often get overripe guava aromas with Torrontes and that is a smell that can sometimes come across as a little funky like dirty diaper.

  • ronribbons

    I felt bad for being a lurker so now I'm on. Never had torrontes, but I'll look for the next time at the pool. My parents have their 35th anniversary in a few months, and I'll be 35 7 months after that. That beats your 9 months later.

  • Nicole

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to watching the show, and it's my first time to comment. Loved this episode for it's flair and fun attitude. I have had some VERY nice Torrontes in Argentina, but only OK ones here. Will have to check out the Yunta. I'm headed back to Argentina in April and aim to bring the best of what I find back with me. As for the strangest smell in a wine…..well, I don't know if these rank up there with dirty diaper, but on only one occasion each did I get “tootsie roll” (from a super Tuscan) and “dust” from a sav blanc from Tasmania. Both were drunk in situ I'm happy to say. And, both were hard as hell to pinpoint. But as it always is, once you get it, the tastes were obvious. Thanks for the fab show and all of the fun comments! Cheers, Nicole

  • I'm using twitter and haven't had to log back in for over a week.

  • notTheFalseD

    Great show! It's still strictly red weather for me, but I hope to give this varietal a try once it warms up a bit.

    Congrats to your parents on 35 years! I really appreciate what you said about coming over from the USSR… Our family came to the US in '91, and even though the process was generally easier by that time, the move nonetheless took a degree of courage and sacrifice that I can't fully comprehend.

    QOTD: For me, 35 links up(!) to either the Chopin B-flat minor Sonata or the Brahms-Paganini Variations.

  • boomy13

    QOTD: When I see or hear the number 35 I think… and think, and think… Nothin sorry GV.

    Good show, love the old school appeal. Tried Torrontes a couple of times, but have not had much luck. However, that will not be stopping me from trying it again.

  • Michael D

    On a cruise a few months ago, I went to a wine-tasting and had burgundy [as I recall] that smelled like a horse barn. Not a strong smell of horses, but like the barn had aired out a little, but you could tell their had been horses, and there was a hint of saddle leather too! It was not the best wine ever, but it had the most memorable nose.

  • Michael D

    I don't think I could have tried it either. Can't blame you for taking a pazzz on that beer.

  • I'm definitely on board with the recommending of the “try new things” but along with that try to not instantly judge them. Try to not let your palate decide if you're a fan or not, try to just let the flavors flow and try to pick out and identify the familiar sensations and let them flow and fade away.

  • Anonymous

    Adogg, i mentioned the same thing a few shows ago! a definite checkout…

  • ewb

    QOTD: My age this year! Oh well.

  • Great touching moment at the end! You

    QOTD. We are getting to that age this year, aren't we, Gary??? 😉 1975, baby!

  • cubs2806

    QOTD: I am that age right now, doesn't bother me at all

  • Phil G

    Like the old-school style show. Glad the wines cooperated. Really liked the last 90 seconds of parent appreciation.

    QOTD – 35 doesn't have any particular meaning to me…

  • Ryzner

    QOTD: Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas


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