EP 818 2008 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Tasting with Some Cheese

Gary chooses 3 different Sauvignon Blancs that interested him and gets some cool cheese to pair with the wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Coopers Creek Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
2008 Mount Nelson Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
2008 Lobster Point Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Cheese mentioned in todays episode.

If you’d like additional help with the above item or would just like to know a little bit more, please email Justin Novello ( jnovello@gourmetlibrary.com ).

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luca bercelli


Sauvignon Blanc is the only wine varietal that I’m bored with so I couldn’t get too pumped about this episode (even though Joe Namath makes an appearance)

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  • SourGrapesFC

    Manchego is freaking amazing. It's worth the splurge to get the older (6-9 month aged) over the three month stuff.

  • Great show as always.

    QOTD: Well, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but I've never had wine with cheese before. I know this is an understanding community, so please don't hate too much. =)

  • Gary U Rock!

    Cheese – Epoisses! This stuff has a really nasty pungent smell like a woman's feet after she comes home from work and takes off her shoes and stockings and ask for a foot rub… Yea, I like that!

    Wine – White Burgundy baby!

  • ewb

    QOTD: Velveeta with Chateau-Latour. Yummy.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  • p_edwards

    Itching for some blind tastings…bag em up GV

    QOTD – Love me some Roaring 40's and Port.

  • charlzee

    QOTD: Epoisses and Sancerre

    1) We want a Mott Cam
    2) Free shipping does not those of us that come into the store, previously you said you would do something, I'm still waiting??

  • jayhitek

    I love cheese and wine. but for actual pairing it's probably been some random get together that has me caught off guard. And of course I can never remember the names.

    Good show as always GV.

  • Domdomi

    my best wine and cheese association: St nectaire and Château des tours 2005 côtes du rhône.
    amazing time.

  • VinoDePinot

    Same wine…different cheese. I am lovin' the morning melted Baby Gouda on good bread and high minerality and high acidity Riesling

  • Le_M

    I'll go with Reblechon from Haut-Savoie in the French Alps and Alsacian Gewürttraminer.

  • Red Hawk ROCKS

  • morf

    Great show Gary – love the short ones! Also really glad that you are tasting some lower priced wines – the price points had been creeping up… Thanks for the free shipping code on Gourmet Library – just went over there and placed my first order!

  • thursday

    the Buche is one of the best value cheeses I've ever had…
    if you like sharp, if you like goat… get it

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Morbier and Merlot, just like the alliteration.

  • fanbrew


    This was hands down the best show you have done is weeks. I loved when you said at least this wine had a mid palate and gave the other a dirty look like you were insulting it. Just cracked me up. Simple, clean, and fun show. Thanks


  • Kittysafe

    Hey Gary, QOTD: On GL, grab yourself the Five Mile Smoked Cheddar and Cashel Blue, with a bag of the Lazzaroni Classic Bruschette, and if you can here's what you do:

    Put a little light homemade crab dip on the bruschette, and just glue a piece of the cheddar and blue to it with the crab dip so it stays on, and instant bliss, absolutely heaven.

    Drink it down with a south african chenin blanc like the one I found on Wine Library… delicious for days.

    Links for you:

    Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc 2008 – http://winelibrary.com/reviewwine.asp?item=43405
    Five Mile Smoked Cheddar – http://gourmetlibrary.com/products/44505-Five-M
    Cashel Blue – http://gourmetlibrary.com/products/5355-Cashel-
    Lazzaroni Classic Bruschette – http://gourmetlibrary.com/products/27987-Lazzar

  • Yo, G! Time to PUMP UP that couch so we can Rock 'n' Roll!!!

  • Nice show…crisp and energetic just like a sauvignon blanc.
    Thanks for the shipping code…I may have to go for the duck prosciutto!

    My current favorite cheese is the “La Luna” from Blue Ledge Farm in Salisbury, VT
    …I'll drink anything with it.

  • Thnx Adam 🙂

  • fanbrew

    Your Welcome.

  • fanbrew


    I totally agree about the price points. It was getting tough to watch the $30+ bottles and know that I wasn't going to be able to taste them. I can scoop up any of the ones in todays episode and enjoy them.


  • I agree

  • Phil G

    A few things:

    Keep Broadway Joe away from the Wine Library, or he might want to kiss Gary.

    Figures a Jersey Boy knows the smell of burning tires.

    QOTD – no specific favorite pairing, but I do love cheese!

  • Who's that riding, John The Revelator, who's that riding, John The Revelator, who's that riding, John The Revelator, wrote the book of the seventh seal……..

    Sittin' here massively enjoying a 2003 Cotes du Roussillon Villages from Domaine Calvet-Thunevin called “Les Dentelles”. A BOMB!, so beware all you Vayniacs, Not cheap by any stretch of imagination…. Don't know the US price, sorry. But it's amazing 95 p. Thank you lord!

    Don't worry i'm not a religious person……. ? ; )

  • juan guillen

    the code does not work for me.

  • juan guillen

    nevermind sorry im dumb,

  • iurileao

    Cheese and wine are one of my greatest passions. You should do more of these on the show, it's very fun.

    QOTD: Alpine cheese and bordeaux blanc style of wines (oak fermented, that is). Roquefort and sweet rieslings.

  • GLrocks

    QOTD love an aged smoked Gouda with Pinot, or a nice bleu cheese with Cabernet.
    Anyway, to the SB's from New Zealand: I am glad you are willing to let people know
    what you think. Wine Spectator is all over the place and it is sad that so many depend on the ratings . A lot of New Sealand SB's tend to be green and grassy like you mentioned. As well when I saw the color of all 3 wines I knew what most of your adjectives would be. You left a few characteristics that I find in almost all of the SB's ….chaulk, citric (grapefruit, lime ) and green apples. Anyway, nice show again……when are you doing Napa Cabs….it is winter you know !

  • 24/SEVEN

    Gary, Goat and SB is a classic, highly recommended, however, if anybody wants to see why cheese and wine get paired, you must pair cheese with sweet wines – it simply takes the experience to a higher level.

  • Kayla28

    Well I am new to wine and have not tried pairing cheese and wine alot, but I recently had gouda cheese with 2008 innocent bystander pinot noir and love it.

  • adrums

    Had a very young and tannic, but nevertheless loaded with flavor 2007 Anderson's Conn Valley Right Bank with some 12 year old Hook's cheddar from Wis. Paired like a dream!

  • What about Winter Olympic sports Gary? Icehockey, Belarus playing Sweden right now. Any thoughts?

  • PeteCS

    How about any La Rioja Alta wine with top notch Manchego.
    Regards Pete.

  • Mike M

    On a hot summer day i enjoy Honig Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc and a Bucheron with some apple slices.

    I also enjoy Idiazabal and a nice Brunello or Tempranillo

  • the 890 rocks!

  • One man, one couch, Mott on cam & a whole lotta thunder……………………………………….

    ; )

  • Nice subltle comments “i cant read” plug buzz. Lord of the rings filmed in NewZealand. wheres your wrist band gary? im enjoying the pairings . the names of these wines are dull. as dull as their overall pallets. lobster point haha . YOur gormet library .com love cheese love fondue kirsh . switzerland my home of cheese and chocolate how about a fondu episode . love cheese and wine. favorite paring german reizling with fondu and love the swiss knife and time peices. toblerhone regions. so many word plays dig it. gary. mr. masionic hand symbols. haha . ill see you round and round …hobbit/eye of soron/ trilogy love the lord of the rings new zealand the place of filming. great landscapes and beauty . crappy wines . well romania czech belarus were distant cuzins gary. ja lebu tib ja=i love you in russian gary vee. your multi linguistic fan. .peace and love to all vayniacs .

  • QOTD: I have no idea.

  • My wife and I went on a triple cream splurge, and it went fantastic with 2005 chablis. It pretty much would have tasted great with anything, but that pairing still stands out as my all time favorite.

  • mclurker

    QOTD: any off-dry white wine with just about any cheese works well for me. Reds can often conflict with cheese.

  • joelbombardier

    I too am a big fan of the Chablis and the 2005 (and 06's are downright tasty), I also love pairing cheese (triple creme, double creme, salty stiltons, almost anything really) with Gruner Veltliner, especially if they have good acid.

  • That cheese did look fantastic.. Will be picking some up on my next visit to The Gourmet Library..
    QOTD: I chose a cheese available on GL:
    pairing with a white vin jaune from Arbois

  • wayno daaaaa winooooooo

    “You're not gettin' enufffff”…… Boooy, ain't dat daaa truth!!!!!!!! :O)

  • Ozzy

    More cheese and wine pairings please. I love all cheeses. QOTD : Just about any cheese and a white wine works for me.

  • wayno da wino

    qotd: Looooovzzz pretty much aaaaall Cheese, but me favorite is Bel Gioioso Asiago!!!
    That Cheese tastes Goooooood wit aaaaall Vinos!!!!!

  • Pete G

    Love it when you CRUSH the critic's choice.

    QOTD: Goat cheese with a nice white burgundy

  • Love this bodega LAN reserva Rioja (good value) http://tinyurl.com/y99btxq with any aged (12 month) manchego cheese.

  • SourGrapesFC

    A cheese show in Sasha’s cellar!

  • carl

    It is 7 a.m. Carl Time and I am having that combo for breakfast.
    Hey Gary, try adding a few grains of a gourmet salt into the mix. Crush It!!!


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