EP 826 Who Called The Cops? – Epsiode #826

Gary sits down with a long time Vayniac, Chris the Cop, who has a big passion for wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Kerpen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese* Artist LabelMosel Riesling
2007 Esporao Reserva RedAlentejo

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘If you’re a bandwagon fan that’s the worst of all – makes me want to vomit all over myself’

This show was a bit slow to warm up, but came on strong in the second half when the sports chat came to the fore. Good stuff

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  • christhecop

    Sour….I dig your sour grapes….thaks for the shout out!!!!!!

  • christhecop

    Thanks Mike!!!!!

  • christhecop

    thanks Vine!!!! Your either a great civilian or good at what you do……

  • QOTD: Best experience with the police: When I had an officer in our town speak to one of my sons when he got into a spot of mild trouble. The guy was awesome, and became a hero in both my eyes, and my sons eyes.

    Btw, do you think that the red wine in this episode would of fared better with 2 hours of decanting?

  • At first I thought you were describing the ending to “Easy Rider” lol

  • Daria Kushmelyn

    Do Canadian police count?

    Best experience: When there is a tragedy you’re going through, the police officers I’ve dealt with have been the kindest, most sensitive, touching individuals I’ve encountered. You’d think you’d get that from priests or doctors, but those have often been a disappointment. The young officers, so not even very experienced yet, have been great and are the ones I’d want to “hold my hand” in those situations.

    Worst experience: Why do cops pick on kids? I may be naive when it comes to my 19 year old son, I realize this, but they seem to single them out unfairly; teens are harassed, and treated with no respect or benefit of the doubt. Funny incident – my son and his friend were out with a Ukrainian visitor relative of the friend, and they stopped at a strip mall to buy pop. The friend and visitor went to buy the pop and Andy (my son) stayed in the car. Some cops drove up and gave him what seems to be the usual hard time. Finally they left and the two pop buyers reappeared. When Andy told them what happened (which they saw out the window of the store they were in), the Ukrainian guy said, “Why didn’t you give them some money? That’s all they wanted.” Hahahaha.

    Daria K of Toronto

  • YoungDave

    QOTD: GREAT question!! Best: I once pulled over when completely exhausted (in a location where parking on the side of the road was NOT legal) and fell asleep in the car with the engine still running. I woke up to the local police questioning me, but they let me go without consequence!!

  • SS_Chris

    Great job Chris the Cop!!!!!

    What college did you go to and when did you graduate? I played too, but Division III although played on a team that was undefeated (Reg Season) and went to the national semi-finals (lost in the last minute…ugghh…..still hurts) 🙂

  • FriscoGrapes

    Great job Chris. We should rename this episode to the “Man Show” and it should be placed on the favorite episode list. LOL! Oh, and Eli is very overrated. I can't believe he squeaked that pass out against the much better Pats team. Unbelievable. LOL! Sorry Mott.

    QOTD: They have all been so memorable, how can I pick one.

  • JiminAtlanta

    Very good show. Chris seems like a good guy. And he likes riesling. Maybe this will help reisling sales. QOTD – I have had very few interactions with the cops (I think that is a good thing), but one of my neighbors is a cop and a good guy. So my interactions with him are the best. No worst interactions so far.

  • christhecop

    Hudson Vally CC for 2 years then Univ. of Bufflao, finished up in 1990….did i really type 1990…wow. Where did you play? Nothing is worse then that last second loss especially in the playoffs and if you were supposed to win. Great job on the spread sheets.

  • christhecop

    We just needed girls jumping on trampolines!!!!!!!!

  • SS_Chris

    at St. Lawrence Univ, but older than you… graduated in '84……we actually played Buffalo back then either once or twice (calld Buff State back then)….it was your program moved up to Div I. We went to the Semi's my junior year and lost Augustana…… they went on to lose to Georgia Southern in the finals (Georgia Southern moved up to I-AA the next year and did very well) and then Augustana went on to win, I think, four Div III titles in a row. Coming back into senior year, we had 18 starters returning and were ranked #1 in the Sports Illustrated College Football Preview issue. Although, we lost some important cogs and ended up 6-3 my senior year and didn't make the playoffs….specifically, we lost the QB who was the player of the year in the East . My head coach left after my senior year and went to Villanova to re-start that program….Andy Tally…who's been there ever since and just won the I-AA Championship this year. And my QB that I mentioned earlier (I was a receiver) is the Asst. Head Coach there. He was actually the best man at my wedding. You know how it is…the football ties are pretty tight.

    As I recall, Buffalo had some good teams during that time…right?

    You should come on the forum…….. look forward to sharing a glass or 2 sometime.

  • I tend to agree here. When I tune in and see another guest, my first thought is “what product are they pimping”? There seems to be a lot of guests that are only interested in coming on for their 15 minutes of fame. I don’t believe that to be the case with this guest though.

    GV, people get bored quickly. You need to constantly reinvent yourself to keep the people interested in what you have to say or simply stay true to the business of the business and the MO of the show.

  • David

    Chris the Cop: QOTD: I grew up in South Africa in the late 70s and early 80s. You didn't mess with them because there would be a good chance of not surviving the experience. it has clouded my view of cops ever since.

  • RieslingRich

    Pulled over routinely and was given sobriety test, which I passed !!
    But I had been drinking a bit, WHOA
    Thanx for the RIESLING !! From one of the best vineyards in the Mosel.

  • plcb

    QOTD: This goes way back. In 1987 I graduated from college with a job (different than nowadays). I bought a red Toyota Celica. I wouldn't call myself a speedy driver but within a year, I got 3 speeding tickets. As a result, I had to retake my drivers test. I believe it was the red sports car getting me the tickets. Before having the red car, I never got pulled over when zipping along in any of my parents' cars. And again I'm not a speedy driver. My kids make fun of me for not being speedy.

  • jcrazy

    Good show. Nice to show that big burly dudes can nerd it up classically with the wine, too.

    QOTD: Best: …erm… Worst: almost getting tazed for jaywalking. L.A. cops need to relax.

  • entertaining. looking forward to tasteing the two. as always learning alot about wine and how to describe the overall expereince, see ya soon peace.

  • one newengland winter night 3am winding down from band practice im like dude take me home a 8 minute drive. we decide t take volvo instead of the mg. well as we make our way a huge black bull runs into us over our trunk smashing the front end to bits. well cell phones werent invented yet so my friend in a robe freezing and me crying over the hurt animal watching him moan. we finally get to a local farmers house wake him up barrell to our nose country town. well drive back to the scene the cow had mowed over his fencing and they shot him there. i was the only one crying but ended up getting aride home with this cop unbenownst to me who had busted my friend a week earlier . needless to say it was an uncomfortable sit with the cop the crying and the crime.lol so glad we took the uninsured volvo vs. the mg. i wouldent be commenting today.

  • Anonymous

    I mean professionals….

  • jg

    I'm from Toronto and I'm a long time lurker, first time commenter….best guest ever! knew what he was talking about, modest, good sense of humour and trying not to showboat like other guests.

    QOTD: can't say that i've had a 'best' experience with a cop, or a worst for that matter. if i had ever been just 'warned' instead of receiving a ticket, that would have been a best.

  • JasonG

    QOTD Worst : Busted for a “rolling-stop” infraction in yhe Mission Beach area of San Diego by what I swear must have been the oldest cop on that or any other force. Not only gave me a ticket, but demanded I get my driver's license switched from NY to CA even though my (Navy employed) wife was going to be deployed within the month and I might be heading back east. “It's an all-volunteer military,” he snapped as he tossed the ticket through my window.

    QOTD Best : Super-cool cop arrived on a bike one dark Albany, NY summer night after we'd given the police dept. a call about an undesired handgun in our possession, left by a certain brother-in-law who'd managed to bring an only-legally-licensed-in-Washington-state firearm across ten additional states. We weren't about to try using the US Postal Service to mail the gun back to Walla Walla, nor was I about to pop it on eBay or dump it in a creek in the Catskills. The cop showed up and said, deadpan, “I hear you've got my gun.” He continued to joke around even as he discovered the 9mm had a fully loaded clip inside it. He promised us it would find a good home, and thus removed the weapon from the unlikely posession of a librarian (me) and a OBGYN medical student (her). We had a nice glass of wine afterwards.

  • JayZee13

    Nice show! Chris the Cop is a cool dude. The wine part of ths show didn't excite me, but for some reason, this show was good – must've been Chris!

    QOTD: I was pulled over for speeding on an Interstate in Ohio and the State Trooper let me off with a warning – I was VERY surprised. He said it was because I had a clean driving record. On the other hand, about 25 years ago, I was traveling through a known “speed trap” on an Ohio highway and I got a ticket for going 57 in a 55 MPH zone. @#$%!

  • scotty b

    Chris…you da man. You gave the cops a good name for sure. Plus, you beat GV to the punch on the wine notes. Nice work!

    QOTD: Best – Riding skateboards at 2am as a 10 y.o. with my buddies to the donut shop. We got picked up by the cops and taken home. It was cool though.

    Worst – Getting a red light camera ticket and fighting it in court. Costa Mesa, CA PD had a 20 year veteran. I think she invented the camera technology. I had no chance.

  • QOTD: Let's go with both Best and Worst. Best is having a dad as a cop. Best recently is having a friend who is a cop ticket people at the church who refuse to quit parking in the fire lane. Go JC!

    Worst: At the time not so fun, but today a great story. I was going to school in Chicago and decided to go for some food. On the way home I got pulled over for illegal lane usage. I didn't even know I had done anything wrong. As the officer and I are talking a freaking wind storm from hell comes along. Street signs are about to be torn from the ground, traffic lights are swaying, it was bad. He takes my license and soon I see him looking around on the ground under his car, in the trunk, etc. He comes back and says….I'm sorry sir but it seems I have lost your license, maybe it blew away in the wind. If you can follow me to the police station we can take care of this. What else is there to do? I start to follow him. Before we get to the station he pulls over in a mall parking lot, gets out and comes back with my license which he had found slammed in the door of his car. At this point, I think he will surely let me off, but actually goes ahead with writing me a ticket. During this time the wind has picked up and he can barely hold down the ticket to write it. He tells me to hold fast to the ticket so it won't blow away and as I do, the wind rips his sunglasses off his face (which now that I think about it, I don't know why he had on since it was night) and he has to run after them across the parking lot. At this point, if it was me, I would have left from the embarrassment, but he went ahead and handed me the ticket, and drove away. My first ticket ever—at least it was eventful!

  • viningsbee

    Great show! Chris was an awesome guest. Get him back on the show!

    Best: A police officer drove me about 100 miles to a friend's house after my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere in Kansas.

    Worst: I was a 19-year old in college in Boulder, CO. My friends and I were walking back to our dorms from a party at about 2am, and we were crossing the parking lot of an apartment complex. Unbeknownst to me, my friends had their pockets full of firecrackers, and they decided to light some right there in the parking lot. When I saw that there were lit fireworks on the ground, I ran… in the opposite direction of my friends. After the firecrackers had gone off, I started to walk back towards the group, embarrassed as I was that they would do something like that. Suddenly, my collar was grabbed from behind, and I was pushed face down into the ground and handcuffed. The cops had heard the firecrackers and were convinced I was the guy who'd lit them. I was made to sit handcuffed on the curb of a street for all of Boulder to see, bloody lip and all. Humiliating. Eventually one friend came back for me and explained that I wasn't the perpetrator. The cops realized their mistake, but never admitted it. I was finally released, but it was a terrible experience.

  • hawkskiz

    Fantastic guest, fantastic show. Have Chris and your dad as monthly guests.
    Discovered WLTV ~6 months ago and have seen about 400 episodes (addicted) and this was a gem. Keep up the good work.

  • Great to see a big burly dude know his vino.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: Best downtown Vancouver after Canada won the Gold over USA in the Olympics here in Vancouver, and no riot and the cops a lot calmer then if Canada lost to USA in the Gold Medal Games, High Fiving Cops oh yeah

  • DCaragher

    GV – Great guest…I dig it!


  • LOL changing the law! Classic! A cop who knows his wine….priceless!

    QOTD: Have no bad experiences you all are doing your job and thank God you are so we out here don't have to worry as much!!!

  • A dumb Rhein king


    QOTD: Best – The cop who used to have to babysit us kids up at the park when my friends and I were in our teens. Sargent Beardsley. He used to go to the park, hang out, get to know us, and helped keep our noses clean (somewhat). Another best – The Carabinieri in Italy helping us when we were lost. They drove several miles out of their way to get us to where we needed to go. Worst – ?? Yet to come 🙂 I don't think I've ever had a really bad experience.

  • ewb

    I'm back! Great show.
    QOTD: Got pulled over for speading in a small town in Northern NY and the town police officer gets to my window and the zipper on his pants is down!!!!! Dude what were you doing before I drove by!!! Got a ticket.

  • preto

    Dear Gary and dear friends at WLTV,
    my family has been producing Esporão wines since 1985. My opinion and the general opinion in Portugal is that 2007 is probably the best vintage of the decade in most regions. It is definately the case in Alentejo. On the next April winespectator you can read: “Aided by a run of optimal harvest weather, Portuguese vintners turned 2007 into the best performing vintage since the modern era of winemaking began about 10 years ago in this up-and-coming wine nation”.

    The Esporao ´06 and´07 are very diferent wines. 2006 was quite a dificult vintage with record production in Alentejo, extrimely high temperatures and some rain. The´06 wines are very “fruit driven” wines. Gary descrived the Esporão´06 as “strawberry yogurt explotion” and he is quite right (and funny!).
    2007 was classic. Cold and dry winter and a fresh summer, low production but very healthy fruit. The Esporão´07 has great natural acidity (rare for Alentejo) and structure and its style is on the elegant side. Its definately more subtle wine then the´06. It will past the test of time.
    For my style I prefer the 2007. For those who prefered the´06: ´08 style is closer to the´06.
    Thank you all

  • NIce to see a post on here from the winery of that wine from portugal. man you have a big audience Gary!


    Worst would be 5 years ago was it? Night of Eagles/Pats superbowl. Returning to my house with pizza. I was in my trans am, and turned off the highway onto the country road and gunned it. Not out of control or above the speed limit I might add, but did gun it. Well guess who was at the gas station and witnessed this. Yup, state trooper. Now I admit I was in the wrong, but the ticket he gave me of “drag racing” was quite hard to swallow. Believe it or not is worse then a DUI. WTF!! Anyways, had to get a lawyer and had 8 hour defensive driving course. I could understand if I was completely a dumb a** and was actually drag racing on the street. But oh well. Its over now.

    Best experience was about a year ago. I got pulled over ,and I truly wasnt doing anything wrong. So I am thinking, whats up with this, when I role my window down and its my good friend. He never patrolled my area, and had just been assigned my area for the night and happened to see me pass by. Just pulling me over to mess with me.


  • ronthecopsomm

    Hi Chris the Cop,
    Great Job on the show. As a fellow west coast law enforcement officer I think we need to have wine through down. East Coast V.S West Coast.

  • christhecop

    Preto-My friend opened a bottle of the 2007 this past weekend and i have to say it was alittle better than the one we tasted at WL. I do like your wines so keep them coming please!!!!

  • christhecop

    Bring it on Ron!!!!!!!!! We all know that the East Coast brings crazy thunder!!!!!!!!!

  • christhecop

    Lets do it pal! there is a B.State and UB two totally different schools.

  • ronthecopsomm

    Lets do this thing Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! West Coast is in the house!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if Gary would sponsor something like this? As an underpaid civil servant like myself you know every dollar counts. I live right outside Napa Ca so I am a few miles away from the East Coast.

    Stay Safe Brother,

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd best was this past christmas eve when I got pulled over going so far above the speed limit I should have lost my license, and I was given a verbal warning, I couldn't believe it. Don't really have a real bad one that's happened to me personally.

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘If you’re a bandwagon fan that’s the worst of all – makes me want to vomit all over myself’

    This show was a bit slow to warm up, but came on strong in the second half when the sports chat came to the fore. Good stuff


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