EP 826 Who Called The Cops? – Epsiode #826

Gary sits down with a long time Vayniac, Chris the Cop, who has a big passion for wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Kerpen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese* Artist LabelMosel Riesling
2007 Esporao Reserva RedAlentejo

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘If you’re a bandwagon fan that’s the worst of all – makes me want to vomit all over myself’

This show was a bit slow to warm up, but came on strong in the second half when the sports chat came to the fore. Good stuff

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  • Chris The Cop

    jtuck- the two button thing is where you fail…everyone knows it has to be 3 to 4 buttons….hahahahaha just kidding….

  • LMNOPinot

    QOTD: Up here in Canada during the early 90's, the Police seemed to enjoy grabing my nut-sac. I can't believe that was 17-18 years ago. I'm 31 now so if you do the math I was a bit young for anyone to be grabing my balls.
    Gary, Chris, good job.

  • SeanieD

    Good show Chris “THE COP”. Looks like you finally got your large Noggin in front of a camera and didnt disappoint. Hammed it up as expected.

  • A_S

    Great guest Gary!
    QOTD: Never had a bad experience with the cops.
    I've had a lot of good ones, but nothing special that I remember.

  • jsums

    Nice show, fellas. CtC is one smart dude. BTW, Gary, I've now tried both the Local #1 and Local #2 beers from Brooklyn. Superb stuff! Thanks so much for introducing me to those two beauties. They're now going to be part of the core rotation in my little wine collection. Great for a change of pace. I've got to make a little jump down to Brooklyn from Astoria on a weekend when the weather gets warmer. I don't get to Brooklyn enough anyway. QOTD – Nothing really interesting. Pulled over a couple times. Never had a ticket. Never been arrested. Generally had very positive experiences with the PoPo.

  • teckdeck2008

    Great show Chris. I am a big fan of the rieslings too so i feel ya there.
    Qotd: Well, one time for a friends bachelor party we went to a restaurant, drank and ate a lot, and then went to go see the movie 'the hangover' lol. (its even more cliched lol) well, my best friend was bombed by the time we rolled into the movie theater so i left him in the car to cool off. And when i came back from the movie, i walked outside to see that the hazard light were flashing and i was like wtf. apparently what happened is my friend had accidently kicked on the hazard lights, and a cop stopped by to see what was going on. they tried to call me but i had put my phone on silent in the movie, so they tried to call my parents too. 🙁 my friend got a pi and i had to go pick him up the next morning and had to miss the paintball game. anyways, we're trying to sort this out and then another one of my friends walks over to see if everything is all right, and after a 5 minute conversation he says 'we went to see 'the hangover'…it looks like he's re-enacting the movie.' After I just drove him home, made him promise to clean the throw up from the outside of the car, and talked to my parents about the situation. and my parents proceeded to lecture me on how it was irresponsible to leave a drunk in a car in a parking lot of a movie and that i should have just driven him home. no relief on the fact that it wasn't me, no is he all right, they went straight to chewing me out. anyways, thats my crazy cop story.

  • smokenmirrors

    You guys saved me 16 bucks! Had the 06 Esporao and would have definitely gone for the o7 Thanks for the 411.

    QOTD: Classic Police experience, I was with my brother and two friends, one a Captain in the NJ State Police the other a Major. We are down in Philadelphia for a U2 concert. we are tailgating in the parking lot consuming more than a few beers, when I see this dude walking unsteady towards us, holding a joint in his hand. This guy then proceeds to ask us if we have a light………. I quickly search around and give this guy a lighter. The dude fires it up, then notices my friend the Major (a big Irish Cop in a NJ State Police windbreaker) and quickly thanks us and runs off. The Captain was laughing with beer running out of his nose but the Major was apoplectic. I then turn to the Major and tell him that the biggest crime commited here was that the guy didnt offer us any. True story!

  • teckdeck2008

    Wow, thats crazy dude. One time I got mugged when I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grabbed my camera and just took off running. Luckily he only made it half a city block before he got winded, and he literally stopped, handed me the camera, and ran off. Thank god for my 1 hr cardio workouts lol.

  • Cubbs

    Gary , I was never a big fan of your guest shows, too much time taken away from your great analysis of wines. However this a good one beacuse I can relate to this guy, not only for his passion of wine and seems to have been on a global tasting journey which i have , but i appreciated him being honest an upfront saying that he does not have a good nose for wine , alot of times you and other people pick ou these exotic aromas , and I can't , I often wonder how much i would enjoy the total expereince if my nose was better,
    I have never had a bad expereince witha cop , but my neighbor is a state trooper, when he moved on the block he drank Coor's light, 10 years later under my guidance he is is now consider to be , in his circles ( his family , his squad ) “the wine guy” I take pesonal; pride in always sharing my finest wines with him to help him qua;ify every year to the “the wineguy”

    Chris here is a story you an your buddies I am sure have expereinced. about every3 weeks my wife and I go to the troopers house . He throws on some venison chops on the grill.
    I bring over 4 or 5 bottles. He doesn not talk much about his job , and I don't ask , But as othe 3 rd bottle is opened , he tells me THE funniest stories about his expereince on the road, and how his last shift went

    Two more bottles . and I am asking him to drive me home, and I only live across the street.
    Nothing like sharing wine with your buddiies . Thanks for not spitting on the show

  • Chillean Pinot Noir evenin' at my casa…. 2003 Cono Sur “20 barrels” Pinot Noir, and it's a definite winner bottle…. One of the best new world pinots i've had, in a very long time.
    Gorgeous strawberry fruit, cherry definitely, also a bit of smoke (tobacco?) i think… A hair oaky, but i can handle it. Nice things goin' on in my mouth. Delicious. 90p maybe a +.


    jensbrink, time to come out of Lurkerland !

    The Vaynernation welcomes you……

  • Vineares

    Great great great great episode here guys. Well done.

    QOTD : I've never had the “pleasure” of actually dealing with the police.

  • Vineares

    I actually dislike when people from the wine industry come on. They often try to push their own agenda on the show and it all feels fake and annoying.

  • ian42

    QOTD: I'm a young guy in college and my friends and I throw a Christmas party every year. This year, I rented out an old bar and threw a party for about 150 of my closest friends. We catered the food ourselves and had Cava with St. Germain as the drink of the night. There were roses for all of the girls and best dressed prizes too. Well, we were going until about 5 in the morning and the cops came because, for some reason, a girl couldn't find her house due to of all the booze in her system. I think the cops really wanted to scare me because my mom is a local defense attorney so they gave me a whole bunch of charges. Luckily they were all dropped, but I think the cops had fun seeing me sweat.

  • It get's better…. this pinot rocks! This bottle actually holds up amazingly well, considering it's a 2003,,,, so it has a bit of age. Love when a wine gets better for each sip..! It get one p. more for holding up..

    Kudos Chile!

    “May you never lay you head down, without a hand to hold
    May you never make you bed out in the cold…”

    Hopefully things will get better in Chile, Haiti, the world…

  • rizzline

    Guest appearances remind me of psychic reading. They wait for Gary to make a judgment and then agree with him. I think Chris the Cop did a good job of making his own opinions, but the 2 guys last month who picked the scores just repeated Gary?s stuff.
    I hated all the people in the 90?s who were on the 49ers band wagon. We finally have something to cheer about in New Orleans. Go Saints! Sorry Gary, but at least we took out the Colts for you.

  • I remember Gary saying something like German Riesling being drier than the new world Riesling. Is it just that Germans *prefer* dry Riesling?, because I usually don't see anything/much labelled 'trocken'. Speaking of which, I need to locate myself some Alsacian
    Riesling sec.

    QOTD: My uncle is a cop and one of the most kind and generous people I have ever known. I will never say anything bad about cops, and I laugh when I see somebody pulled over on the road.

  • That's a myth.

    Alsace, that sounds good. Make it some Zind-H or how about some Hugel? Trimbach?

  • Jeroen

    I think that he, following the show since 2006, deserve's to be on the show! It's all about people!

  • What's a myth? The existence or preference of dry Riesling in Germany? I also have little wine experience, but I was going to go with Trimbach because of the awesome yellow label.

  • The existence. I dunno what the germans like. Just don't mention the war ; ) LOL.

    Trimbach is awesome, when you get the high-end wines like Cuvée Frédéric Émile & Clos St-Hune. That's bone dry riesling at it's best. They also produce a whoopin' Gewurztraminer, with the prestigious title: Cuvée des Seigneurs de Ribeaupierre. Not to be missed. I'm not so sure about the entry level stuff though. But it will with out a shadow of a doubt be good overall quality across the line.

  • bcwineguy1

    Hi Gary; Love The Show, Tryed 2006 Esporao Reserva (Loved it) But in B.C. Canada about $35.00 . QOTD (Bad); Camping with buddies at 16. Went to phone a Booth & Found a Wallet With 10s of Thousands of dollars . Looked & Found His Drivers Licence & Looked up His Number & Talked to His Mother & Found that it Was Her sons Whole Salary for A Summers Work Tree Planting. Told her We had it & Where we Were & We Would keep care of it. Went back to The Campground. Later a RCMP Car pulled up & Watched us. So after a While Went over & Asked & We got asked to Give him the wallet & How Much Money we Stole. after Been Grill for a While. He Put up His Window & Drove away. We Never heard another thing.Best My Wife Lost he wallet in a store & The police brought it back to Our house

  • LOL!!! You are absolutely right…I am sure he noticed that both wife and Mother-in-Law were angry with me and thought the same as you.

    Thanks for the interaction…Be well!

  • CAChristie

    Gary, I know you probably won't get to read this let alone reply, but it's worth a try. I just wanted to thank you, and let me explain why:
    I am a college student studying Viticulture and Enology at a University extremely highly respected for its' VEN program, but here's the rub – like many college students, I'm not of legal drinking age. As I'm sure everyone can see, this creates a teensy problem. This is why your show is so hugely important to me; it really starts to fill in some of the holes in my education. Ultimately, it lessens the suckiness level of not being allowed to experience my own field of study. So, seriously. Thank you.

    And QOTD:
    (best) In high school, I was one week away from passing the one year mark since getting my license, but until the one year passed, I couldn't drive past 11 pm and I couldn't drive other people under 25. It was the night of my school's big rivalry football game, which ended at about 10:45. My best friend called her parents to pick her up after the game, but they had thought that her ride was covered, so they'd had a few drinks. None of our other friends had their licenses, so I told her I'd drive her home and just be really careful not to get pulled over. Turns out, she wasn't as directions savvy as she claimed, so we ended up lost. I was just about to pull over and call my parents for directions when those telltale blue and red lights started flickering behind me. I pulled over and hoped it wasn't me he was after, but sure enough, he pulled up behind me. He came up to the car and it turns out that this night of all nights was when one of my headlights decided to go out. He asked where we were coming from, and when we said a high school football game, I'm sure he believed us (due to the face paint and the fact that we were decked out in everything blue and white that we owned). I told him that I was just giving her a ride home but we were lost, and we had not been drinking. He asked for my license and registration, and when he went back at his car, all I could say to my friend was, “I'm so getting a ticket…I'm so getting a ticket.” When he came back, he asked where exactly we were trying to get to, gave me directions, and told us to get home safely. No ticket for any of the provisional license laws I was breaking – not even a fix-it ticket, AND he patiently gave me directions. Coolest cop ever.
    (worst) I'd had my license for well over a year at this point and was driving, coincidentally, the same friend to volunteer with me helping set up a teen benefit dance. I was taking a different route than I was used to, and when I saw a surprising speed limit sign saying '25' ahead, I said to her, “crap, I'm speeding”, and stepped on the brakes (It was a very wide, non-residential road…I still don't understand why it was 25 to this day). I was just over a block away from arriving at this point, but as soon as I passed the sign a motorcycle cop proceeded to pull me over and give me a speeding ticket for 12 over. He must have clocked me the instant before I started slowing down, but it turned out that sign was the second one on that road, so that didn't matter. I actually drove through that area twice after he left before I could find the grungy first sign in the middle of a turn after a strange freeway entrance/two-way road intersection. I was petrified, but my parents went from extremely pissed to mildly annoyed when they realized that they had always thought that road was a 35, and I got this ticket on the 28th of the month. I was speeding, yes, but the cop was definitely using the speed trap to fill his ticket quota. In fact, when I got to traffic court (with my mom…always a fun experience), the first thing the judge said was, “another speeding ticket in Cotati…not surprising”, while signing in frustration at them. All I had was to pay 85 bucks to do a program, write a letter, and then the case was dismissed. It still sucked though to know that since I'd been a perfect driver, I probably would have just gotten a warning if he wasn't on a mission to write tickets.

    Wow, my bad. I didn't mean to write a freakin' essay! I'm just excited to come out of lurkerdom 🙂

  • Englishexlurker

    think that stuff is bad dude? check out the UK. police can pretty much search anyone they want whenever they want.

  • soben

    Related to the Red Sox fans, and rooting for a hated rival at the end of the year. I can vouch that I certainly don't do that.

    I'm a big Red Sox fan, and honestly, as soon as the Sox are out of the playoffs (god forbid that happens) I actually stop watching the sport. If my hated Yankees make it to the World Series, hell, I definitely don't root for them.

    “I root for two teams: The Red Sox and whoever beats the Yankees”

  • soben

    Ok, the edit button isn't working…

    But I also wanted to add that this was a great episode. Very amusing, and I definitely am interested in checking out that first wine, the riesling… Sounds great for my small wine palate that I'm still trying to expand.

  • QOTD: Oh boy, has to be the time in New Orleans I was boxed in by two police cars and spread on the hood of one. Mistaken identity and they were very nice about it afterward, but definitely frightening as all hell.

  • D_Rod

    Good call on the Esporao. I likewise really enjoyed the 06, and I bought the 07 in your hood at 67wines and paid a massive 23 bones for it. If it had been as good as the 06 I'd have said “great”, but at 23 bones it was a bigtime PAZZZ and disappointment. Ah well, can't win them all.

    QOTD: Best experience: when I was around 5 years old and the nice cop put a quarter in the ride outside of the grocery store for me.

    Worst experience: Being held up and patted down because the cops thought I was buying/dealing from/to a guy I met up with near the train station. Close second was getting a RECKLESS DRIVING charge in the Dirty Jerz (a little too fast on the turnpike, unfortunately) was a close second. Though I'll admit that second one was perhaps deserved… even if it was 2 in the AM and the roads were damn clear. After 900 bones later the lawyer got it reduced to a 2-point ticket. Damn.

  • QOTD: Me and 4 friends were driving home from the bar in Austin, TX. One of my friends yells out the window at a biker, “Hey fa**ot.” Of course there's an unmarked police car right next to us. The two cops pull us over and just start yelling at us. “Why didn't yall pull over earlier? You think you guys are funny?” One of the cops asks me who my friend is that yelled at the biker and if he has a college degree? We all start laughing. I was driving so he asks me to step out of the car. He starts yelling at me!!! “Does this badge look fake?” Meanwhile back in the car, the other cop is asking the one girl in the car why she's hanging out with these losers. Then all of a sudden they say, “Get the fuck outta here.” And they bolt down the road. It's a great story to talk about now and we laugh about it.

  • mikek

    Chris, not many guys have shown as well as you did on the Thunder Show! Great show. Have family and friends on the job, so all my cop stories are good ones. (the shield and the cards don't hurt)! I enjoyed how you rated the wine also, from the heart, straight up, no fluff!

    QOTD: My son's friend (20 yrs old) is driving our Ford Explorer up the Thruway, following us to Vermont. We passed a cop giving a summons to a guy on the shoulder, (flashers on) driving about 50 mph. He starts to walk back to his cruiser, just as my sons friend passes him. He races to his car and chases them, pulls them over, and tells my kids friend, “let's make this easy, you can dump the alcohol and then i'll take you in”!?! I look in my rearview as my wife's cell phone rings, and don't see my kids car! My younger son (14 yrs old) is calling her from the back seat of the Explorer saying the cop wants to know if they have any weapons?! and he thinks this guy is a little stressed, and they might need some help…just then the cop notices, the shiled and the pba cards my son has handed to his friend…and yells at them, “don't you KNOW you can't be in the right lane when I'm writing a ticket”! Of course, none of us knew, (until that moment)! We respect the guys who put it on the line daily, and my kids do too…but that made them more aware of the pressure you guys are under, first hand. Go Yanks…back to back!

  • Englishexlurker

    Here in the UK your friend would have been arrested for shouting homophobic abuse at someone in public.

  • kasperhip

    I feel like there is not enough serious wine knowledge coming our way in terms of what's happening when you have guests on. I totally understand that you're gonna talk football whenever you get the chance, since this is a big passion of yours. I am this way myself when it comes to music; I just want to go on about it forever….

    My point is this: if the amount of topics that you cover is going to continually expand as more and more people elbow their way onto WLTV, you end up being a talk show host and not a wine educator. I have an immense respect for what you do, as soon as it comes to ANYTHING drinkable and eatable, but if I want recommendations for music, I turn someplace else.

    I understand that you just call it the way you see it, and maybe I just miss the good old days when VERY serious wine people were on the show. My question is this:

    Isn't there an entire generation of potential Barrett's, Grahm's, Krug's, Mondavi's, Robinson's and Parker's that you could bring on the show?

    Why have a random guitar-guy on the show when you could use WLTV as a platform for getting the young generation of wine makers to stand up and learn from the past in order to move past it? Maybe I'm bestowing to much respontiability on you, but I just love the when you and the guest gets geeky on wine; this is what inspires me to learn more….

    I feel like there should be show with somebody hugely important in the industry right around the corner, I'm talking the Barrett, Grahm, Robinson-league…..who said Parker???

    When this is said I STILL think you are doing a terrific job, and that WLTV is the place to go for anybody who want's to know about wine, and to be introduced to different wines from all over the world.

    Have an amazing weekend, and thanks for the effort. I hope everybody's well…

  • Michael C in MKE

    Stickin’ it to the thieves. I love it.

  • SourGrapesFC

    Aren’t consumers “actual wine people”? Without people to drink the stuff, it would be a lot of wasted energy over bad grape juice.

  • Michael C in MKE

    This is interesting thread you've started. kasperhip I think you have a valid point. WLTV does stray from time to time. I like hearing industry talk. Though sometimes the guests have no business being on the show, like the college humor guys. Who obviously had no interest in wine and really no interest in learning about wine.

    Then on the other hand I think it's interesting to learn the about the community that is sharing these conversations. The diversity of interests and personalities reflects the taste and ranges of the wine world itself. The guitar guy and the cop are kind of awesome as guests cause they seem very different, but both seem to be into the show, and into wine.

  • SourGrapesFC

    the “Bill” stuff was creepy. I don't know who he was sending messages to, but she should take out a restraining order.

    Chris the Cop was a rock-star guest. My top five list of favorite guests now goes: 1) Sasha, 2) Garret Oliver, 3) Chris the Cop, 4) Joshua Greene, 5) Sasha, again. Chris should come back and bring his buddies from the precinct.

    QOTD: best experience: drinking with my cousin the cop (off duty, of course). worst experience: I went to visit my folks for Christmas one year, and was with a friend of mine when he was pulled over. The moron with a badge who made the stop looked at my out-of-town license and asked me what I was doing in town… on Christmas Eve. But Amarillo's full of douche-bags, so it probably had more to do with his location than his occupation.

  • SourGrapesFC

    yeah, because no one would be suspicious of someone yelling at cyclists out the window of a moving car just after closing time. totally unreasonable.

  • Phil G

    Like this episode, loved the NY/NJ love that was flowing.

    QOTD – not many memorable Police experinces (probably a good thing), but my neighbor (and good family friend) pulled me over to give me a speeding ticket once. He didn't even look at me until he saw my license and was surprised! We still laugh about it.

    Go Yanks!

  • Great show.

    QOTD: I have a few state troopers in my family so there are too many to choose from.

  • Bill_Murray

    Good guest, good Bird story, good football banter, good show.

  • A second from the VT contingent! Although, I got my broken noses in upstate NY.
    Great showing. Glad you had fun, you deserve it!

  • good dog! Nice Plotty! My business partner has a plott hound Mr. Jesse Max. He’s currently residing in Fontaines, Burgundy. Smelling the terroir.

  • seconded. however, GV can go a step farther and explain the biz a bit more. My guess is that purchases of current Chilean wine stock in the US, will not directly help the folks there, unless it allows retailers to pay for wine they were fronted, and in turn fronted by the distributors, maybe the state, and the importers. GV, help us out with the info.

  • recalcitrant man…I like it. I never got a keg handed back to me though. That’s Magic.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks wine…I didnt know i was that obvious……

  • jacqueline51

    Hey Gary!
    Jacqueline here from T.O. Canada. Very interesting show. Mmmm….funny…why do guys think it's uncool to order sweeter wines. Funny, most people start off drinking the sweeter stuff. That's how I got started. Good ole Blue Nun from Germany, many years ago. If not for Blue Nun I'd still be a dedicated beer drinker, Molson Canadian! Now I'm a sommelier and all because of the sweet stuff Blue Nun. Nope I'm most definitely not ashamed to say it. In fact I'm grateful to the sweet juice.

    Come to T.O. Gary VAY-NER-CHUK and do my show. Or I'll come to you….be a guest…..perhaps a he said, she said……like the movie with ….was it Kevin Bacon? Love that guy too!

    Canadian wine to try…. Southbrook in Niagara….Ann Sperling…..FABULOUS WINEMAKER!!
    Biodynamic. Or Le Clos Jordanne that won the Judgement in Montreal (which was a re-enactment of the Judgement in Paris). Jancis Robinson loves the winemaker there, Thomas Bachelder http://www.leclosjordanne.com. Southbrook is http://www.southbrook.com. Southbrook is also LEED certified.

    So Gary let me take you on a journey through Niagara!! There is lots to discover! I hope you check them both out and let's talk!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR ENERGY AND STYLE!! Keep up the good work my friend!!

  • Nice to be able to see a 'local' show, and someone who knows you from the real world, not just via vaynia. Cheers!
    QOTD: worst: best to not too many details, but often recurring theme is having things taken away by officers when I was young…fireworks, yellow flashing construction lights, kegs, cases of beer by NYS troopers on horseback, contraband at the border. Still…I was always treated fairly.
    QOTD: Just helped a guy who trains aikido with us, achieve his shodan after many years of practice, in between lots of overtime (been on the job in a nearby city for over 15 years), a young family, and a self-built house. He's more into beer and cider though.

  • christhecop

    Thanks Mike for the big props!!!!!!! Yankees baby…even though they will miss J. Damon tremendously!!!!!

  • christhecop

    Thanks Bill, I loved you in caddyshack!!!!!!!

  • christhecop

    what about an invite for Chris The Cop??????


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