EP 837 Blind Tasting of Syrah

Gary continues on this blind tasting theme and tries out a Syrah.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Wind Gap Griffin’s Lair SyrahSonoma Syrah/Shiraz

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘you,me brown paper bags, we are changing the wine world’

Mott pulled the power cable out of the camera just before the end…classic

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  • MadisonWIneGuy

    Like the blinds, but love the head to head blinds. As for an episode length? I seem to prefer 12 or 13 minutes, no less than 9 & no more than 20. Must be a very fun living.

  • CharlieTN

    These are good episodes but I really like the multiple blind tastings better. Blind=hooray. Only one wine=not so much. I like a variable episode length, but 12-20 minutes is usually a good range. I do like the occasional under-10min. episode.

  • QOTD #1 – Love the brown bag/blind tasting. Entertaining, and no chance at a subliminal scoring change based on what you have seen from previous critics

    QOTD #2 – Totally depends on show format. The single wine brown bag shows like this one would be good at 6-8 min. Numerous wines 8-10 min. If you have a guest and the interaction is just flowing, or it is at a special event, I will watch a 25+ min episode, but otherwise all other shows I prefer under 15.


  • D_Rod

    QOTD1 : Not bad.

    QOTD2: 15 mins, an average of 3-5 mins per wine, something like this. This ep was right in the wheelhouse.

  • Drew

    Hilarious ending.

    QOTD: Definitely blind tasting more regularly. Get kmurph to throw a few curve-balls in, try to trump you. 😉

    QOTD 2: This format is great with 5 mins per wine. BUT… totally enjoy the guest episodes as well with 20-30 depending on the interest-level and knowledge of the guest (eg. the Brooklyn Brewery / Garrett Oliver was one of the most interesting ever so 40 minutes was a perfect exception)!

  • Skippy6052

    Like the blind episodes! Prefer 5-10 min episodes. As always though appreciate the passion and knowledge you spread to the wine world.

  • Dean

    I like the 5 minute, 1 wine show. Get it on, make your point.

  • JayZee13

    Okay, I LOVED the ending!!!! I laughed for a couple of minutes on that one. Anyway, sounds like a really good Syrah from Cali.

    QOTD: I like this format, but I think one wine could involve a little more description after the unveiling. Perhaps KMurph could print out the winery's notes on the wine to read afterwards or something like that.

    QOTD2: I think I like the 12 minute shows the best. That way when I fall behind in my viewing as I inevitably do these days, I can catch up quickly and still get good content.

  • Tom

    QOTD1 – I do prefer the brown paper bag shows, but wouldn't want that format for 100% (maybe half).

    QOTD2 – I like the 10-15 minute episodes.

  • corkscrew

    Love Syrah and Petite Sirah, QOTD-one bottle is kinda dumb..15-20 minutes. http://www.winelx.com

  • lgindoff

    I like the format, a quick in-out and it works better for me as a podcast on my iPhone.

  • Roger

    I like the one bottle blind taste format as a break. I wouldn't want it for a steady diet.

    15 minutes is a good length, but I think the length should match your content. Five minutes for a one-wine blind test. FIne. 50 minutes with Heidi Barret. Fine, but could you make it an hour? Or two?

  • Don Simpson

    Gary — you deserve a vacation!!! Good job buddy, hope you and the fam had a bombastic time 🙂

  • kevinkossowan

    I love the short format. Optimal length for me personally is about 6-10 minutes.

  • jtuck

    i like it all. some of my favorite episodes have been two parters while others have been in the five minute range. fortunately, i have a flexible sched and thus the great opportunity to enjoy whatever you throw out!

  • You didn't mention Pax Mahle's name in association with Wind Gap? I have a case of these but haven't popped one yet – next winter I think. So thx for the TN man. Enjoy vacation!

    QotD: doing a one-bottle brown bag show is the ideal time to geek it up hard IMO

    QofD2: I like the varied length and content. Keeping it fresh is keeping it real.

  • I like this short and sweet type show! As far as time, I think if you have like 4 shorts of 10-12 minutes each week and one long one 20-30 that would be great. Every once in a while jump in with a real long one, like the one with Heidi Barrett or Joel Gott and his team.

    Keep up the great work and hope you and Lizzie had a great vacation!

  • QOTD 1: you're a straight up guy with wines, even if the wine family is there with you, I don't think that blind vs not blind makes a difference for someone with you

    QOTD 2: I like variety, for shows with just you 12-15mins with guests I love hearing about them or the knowledge that they bring to what you're tasting shows with guests should never be short and can never be too long

  • QOTD : I like the tightness but they are a hair too short. Maybe go into a little more detail about the wine.
    SQOTD : 13-15 minutes

  • QOTD – Gary my man, the format of the show should be whatever works for you that day. Do it your way, just like you do the filming, tasting, rating, etc. If you give me a 45 min episode, I'll find a way to watch it. You give me a 3 min episode, and I'll watch it 15 times!

  • 750ml

    ?OTD – Great show format; esp on Mon/Tues when I seem to be a bit busier. 12 – 15 is the best time length for 3 wine tasters. Sasha or special guest shows can go up to 20.

    I must admit when I see some schmuck guest and it says 27 min it is a Pazzzz…

  • Mike in C-town

    I'm liking these shorties, especially during the workweek.

    Post the long ones for nerding it up, guests, etc. for the weekend. Do the under 12 minute shows during the week.

  • richardvinifera

    QOTD: Perfect length… when you've got guests I like the natural long nature of them, but it's good to have some tight shows but not too tight, we want some banter!

  • jayhitek

    QOTD1: Love the small tight shows
    QOTD2: 8 minutes max.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd's: def like the blind shows. Don't have a length I prefer, the length should be dictated by what's happening in the episode.

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  • Anonymous

    Well if you like Pax wines you will like Wind Gap since it’s made by the same guy. Have a bunch of Pax in cellar, have not tried Wind Gap yet… http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘you,me brown paper bags, we are changing the wine world’

    Mott pulled the power cable out of the camera just before the end…classic


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