EP 837 Blind Tasting of Syrah

Gary continues on this blind tasting theme and tries out a Syrah.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Wind Gap Griffin’s Lair SyrahSonoma Syrah/Shiraz

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘you,me brown paper bags, we are changing the wine world’

Mott pulled the power cable out of the camera just before the end…classic

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  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo


  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Thaaaaaat's What I Saaaaaaaay, Crack Out soooooome Vinooooos !!!!!!!!!!

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    You ain't toooo Baaaaaaaaaaad Yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • chukheadted

    QOTD–this show was a little two short. I like 20 mins wltv.

    BEST FORMAT EVER: comparing similar wines BLIND.

  • Like any good program, quality of content should dictate length of time. While I typically enjoy the longer episodes, if you want to keep it tight, that's probably the best call. You know better than anyone else how long the shows should be. Results of your following prove that.

  • mclurker

    Nice but too short. I need at least 10 minutes of Gary to make my day.

  • BuddhaChu

    QOTD#1: As I mentioned the other day, I'd refine the format to include leaving the varietal type off the bag so you have to guess as much as possible about the wine like you did today: price, region, score, etc. You know you like a challenge Gary!

    QOTD#2: I don't mind the quick-hit episodes so 5-7 minutes would be my minimum and I have no max. I guess if you go over 30 minutes, split it into multiple episodes.

    Enjoy the vay-kay-tion!

  • TBA_lover

    ipod lurker weighing in… I don't mind the short episodes, just keep it interesting, no need to drag it on. I usually watch 30-60 mins at time, whether 1 show or 5. I do love the great wine personality interviews, please try for 2/month. Also bringing in “grandpop” on holidays and special milestones is classic! Keep it going Gary!

  • Wineink

    QOTD: 20 mins works for me

  • thunderball

    I like the longer ones personally…maybe 20 mins?

  • Allan

    Or maybe a German S&M show? ; )

    With some leather involved? ; )

    Have a great weekend when you get there!

  • QOTD: I like 20 minutes format.

  • QOTD: Blind tasting eps are my FAVORITE. I'd love to see more of them because it's when wine tasting is at its most honest and true without any preconceived notions and expectations.

    QOTD2: I have a very short attention span, but actually, most of the WLTV eps are the perfect length no matter how long or short they are because they're so fun to watch! The only times it gets a bit lengthy-feeling is when you go for a long time without tasting any wine…unless Sasha's there of course!

  • Have a nice vacation Gary, i check some old episodes and come across one where you thought of doing a train episode, Have it been done? On a plane I'v seen.

  • Krunch

    Glad to see you are taking a break and enjoying some of the fruits of your hard labor, It is well deserved.

    I have to say, I see that you have taped these shows back to back, (Your shirt gives you away). I ask myself, am I getting 100% true value? What I mean is, Your pallet can only taste up to 7 glasses of wine before it is too obliterated to taste correctly. At a wine tasting most people really don't taste much more than “Sweet” or “Bitter” after the 6th or 7th glass (even if they spit). The tongue gets over saturated and the descriptions you are giving start to feel robotic, Like that is the way they are written in WS or another magazine.

    You are on vacation, you feel you will let us down if you don't pre-tape some shows for us. Trust me we can wait for you to come back, our lives don't depend on your show everyday. But we do depend on 100% review.

    Thanks, and You and Lizzy enjoy your time together.

  • Nik_B

    Impressive blind tasting skills – spot on.

    I still prefer longer shows (15-20mins is perfect for me), which have more wines and more info. I think the knowledge aspect of the show is slightly lost when it is one blind wine.

  • ronribbons

    You are a wine Jedi.
    QOTDs: I like blind tastings, but with a couple head to head. 10-15 minutes ideally.

  • Anonymous

    A whole month of bubbly! tastalong fridays! read the comments!

  • Anonymous

    Is that why my butt hurts?

  • lawrenceleichtman

    I like this format and since we are in Napa right now, I think we will try to get in there.

  • ewb

    Gary you are the David Blaine of wine when it comes to the paper bag. No luck involved.
    QOTD#1: Love.
    QOTD#2: 10-17 minutes.

  • Corkshack

    I understand when you do a 3-5 minute mobile episode with your Flip Mino from a hotel room…but when you're in the normal office I think the majority of your fans like 10-20 minutes. A few of my recommendations:

    – Have your pops on more regularly

    – Taste more than one wine per episode…I like it better when you compare one wine to the last.

    – I enjoy when you have guests on the show.

    – I also enjoy when you taste wines that are easily accessible (you should have a few shows that have themes like “4 wines from the liquor store down the street”, or “4 wines from Costco, Trader Joes, Cost Plus”, etc.

  • QOTD1: The format is really cool, if I was trying to get my palate to distinguish terroir blind with a varietal name would be a great way to do it.

    QOTD2: really 10-25 min feels good for me, but I can still find time to watch the epic-sodes

  • Wow … this is a great video! Pretty informative as well! That has really helped me a lot in learning some of this stuff that I wasn't familiar with.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Yo G , Hope You & Liz had a Wonderful Vacation !!!!


    qotd2: 15 ta 20 minutes, Blind Tastings with 5 to 6 Vinos are the BEEEEEST !!!!!!!

  • crazymanandy

    Great show!

    QOTD1: I like this format. I don't always have a lot of time to watch longer episodes, so it's fun to be able to pop in and out for a little GV time and then continue on with whatever I'm doing. Sure I love the longer shows, but this is definitely a great change of pace.

  • M'em

    I love the thorough long episodes 20+ minutes, but having too many consecutively makes it hard for me to keep up in my busy life. I realize it seems silly to not have 30 minutes to spare, but it's easy to miss (I don't even have a television, so no there are no tv series I could skip out on). I don't mean to cheapen the episodes by cutting out the wonderful information you give in longer episodes, but like this blind syrah tasting, you didn't need to dive into it intensely which is nice just to see with a few minutes to spare. 10-15 minutes at most on regular episodes, but continue having the more thorough highly educational episodes that are 20+ minutes every so often (1-2 times a week?)

  • Dawn9850

    QOTD: Love the brown paper bag format!! Always like when you do blind tastings. Fifteen minutes or less is a good length for me. It's easier to keep up-to-date with the episodes!

  • lovanc

    QOTD1: I like the brown paper bag format however double blind or head to head are more interesting from my perspective as I think that we learn more during the process.

    QOTD2: 15-20min with slightly longer if there is a guest

  • BrettFavre

    Fun little episodes… looking forward to my own first vacation without the baby!

  • Allan

    Now will we get somethin' for da weekend? Hopefulllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Have a great weekend waynoooooo! Cheers!!

  • Allan

    The Coooooooolest thing that could possibly happen; Mott does a blind tasting of 2 beers on “The Couch”!

    Who's with me???

  • Mott 😀

  • castello

    With Sasha on the camera talking poitics. It could be the best 2 hour ep ever!

  • PSPatrick

    QOTD: 15 – 25 minutes

  • franktherealtor

    LMAO the end of that just killed me. im still laughing that is to funny Good Job

  • Allan

    That would be cooooollllll! Yes indeeeeedeee! We can only hope…..

    Whatever happens::: have a great weekend castello! : )

  • Allan

    Mott has a posse, and i'm in it!

  • TommyB

    I think 15-30 mins is good for me – especially if you have a guest they should be more 30 mins.
    Blind tastings are great shows – but don't rush them!
    Also wines from specific countries are good shows – keep them up.

  • orangebottle

    Vacation? Nice. You earned it. But I think you may be out of your element. You like work too much.
    QOTD: it can be any length. I think as long as we see that personality of yours in the show (just being you) and good content, And not feel being rush out the door.

  • I prefer most of the shows in the 10 to 15 minute range, enough time to sit, watch, and have a bite, but once your done eating, the shows almost over. The 20 to 30 minute shows can be a nice break as well, especially when there is a guest.

  • Blythesville

    9.32 minutes.

  • erikwait

    QOTD: What is the right time length for the show? The short 5-15 minute shows I like watching during the week when everything is rush, rush, rush and I don't have a lot of free time and the 30+ minutes shows I REALLY enjoy watching on Saturdays as I eat dinner and enjoy a glass of wine. In fact, downloading a 30+ min. podcast show during the week gives me something to look forward to on the weekend. SO, I say DO THEM BOTH and mix it up. You don't drink the same wines all the time, why would you want to do the same format all the time? I especially enjoy the long 2 part episodes with people like Randall Grahm. My suggestion? Try to get a few more big wine stars on the show like Mike Grgich, THAT would be awesome. Keep up the god work!

    Erik Wait
    “Adventures in Wine Tasting”

  • 8-12 minutes for weekday podcasts. The 5 minute blind testing leaves me wanting a bit more– I appreciate your opinion on the wine itself, but I like learning more about the world of wines and I don't think you can fit that in in 5 minutes.

    15-20 minutes for weekend podcasts.

    30 minutes with guests.

  • aarontewalt

    10-15 minutes for normal shows
    20+ for guests

  • ?10-15 minutes for normal shows
    20+ for guests?? by aarontewalt
    What he said.

    If you do a blind tasting it would be awesome if you would guess a bit more.
    New world vs. old world.
    What region, what vintage.
    I know it's tough to do, but would add to the fun factor of the blind tasting show for sure!!

  • Thursday

    blind is what i love

    as long as it takes

  • hollisdevillo

    more than the tastings themselves i love the knowledge and info you give on the wines, producers, owners, and what not. the 3 thieves episode was fantastic with all you insights of whats going on in the wine world, which i think would be a cool addition to have more regularly on the show.
    the blind tastings are fun, but i think more guessing is needed. which you did add in this episode by saying it was maybe from santa barbera. that was good. also year. you say some of these sometimes, forget sometimes others. it's all good.
    but i also think unknown varietal would be fun too.
    fun facts in the quick shows would be good too.

  • SS_Chris

    Personally, I really like these little single blind tastings. It's interesting and educational to hear you think and talk through your analysis…..which I think especially helpful for both novice and medium knowledge wine people like me.

    Hope you and Lizzie had a great week…..I remember well those first “kid free” weekends away…… I remember it being great, but it also being a little alien in that your child (children) were so much a part of our lives that it just felt strange not seeing them.

  • RieslingRich

    THROWDOWN do 2 wines competing, brown bag or not, 10 min and under.


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