EP 837 Blind Tasting of Syrah

Gary continues on this blind tasting theme and tries out a Syrah.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Wind Gap Griffin’s Lair SyrahSonoma Syrah/Shiraz

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘you,me brown paper bags, we are changing the wine world’

Mott pulled the power cable out of the camera just before the end…classic

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  • hugh

    i like the quick format. 10 minutes max except for special reasons-announcements, guests.

  • Lvine

    mmmm, love the syrah!

    qotd 1: I like the brown bag format, but prefer if it's done with more than 1 wine.

    qotd 2: between 10 and 20 min is usually what I prefer, but the occasional longer show with guests is great too.


  • missatiejacket

    I like the blind tasting. I'd like to see you do some double blinds.

    About 15 minutes is usually good for me, but I do like the occasional show where you do a larger number of wines (haven't seen that in a while) and the long 2 part shows with guests (in the business, please).

  • jeff

    QOTD 1: The format works but I prefer blind tastings with multiple wines of the same varietal. Of course it might be fun to see you do a show with three wines blind and try to guess the varietals!

    QOTD 2: 10 minutes. If there are guests, then a longer show is called for but I think you should target 10 minutes for most shows.

  • WineTechie

    Need to find this wine. It sounds like it fits my taste.

    qotd 1: I also love the 'brown bag'. I would prefer 2 wines, head-to-head.
    qotd 2: Less than 20 min. per show. My schedule doesn't allow me to be current on the shows and the iPod was filling up!


  • Nice episode
    QOTD 1: Love the blind format. 2 or 3 wines blind would be better especially for comparison's and education's sake. More discussion of the varietal and latest trends with that grape or region would be better.

    QOTD2: 10-15 minutes. 25ish if there's a guest.


  • Our thoughts exactly – well put Cole!

  • Matt Bovetz

    This stood on it's own as a show, it's super rated on AppleTV, if you don't do that 15-20 minutes it simply becomes a video podcast.

  • Oakmon's BF

    The man wants to take his family on vacation. He could have left us nothing. I?m glad instead he made mini-episodes. I have no problem with the one bottle, blind yet varietal known, mini-episodes under these circumstances. The bag minimizes conscious/subconscious bias. It doesn?t need to be a contest between wines. It doesn?t need to be a test of Gary?s ability to guess varietal, region, vintage, or price range. I like variety. Long episodes are good too. Keep mixing it up like you?ve been doing.

  • johnyhamm

    Hey Gary, new watcher of your show. Have to say I've become a fast fan!!

    QOTD1: I think the short format is fine if you're strapped for time, but I think a blind tasting is best with several wines.
    QOTD2: I like the 15 minute/3 wine format. Maybe 25+ minutes if you have a guest.

  • John

    I'd say that 20 minutes is about what I'm looking for. This format certainly isn't bad if you need to make a few quick recordings, though.

  • nitaT

    I like the longer more informative shows with 3 wines but I appreciate the fact that you recorded these shows for us while you were away. Since so many of us are addicted to your show – not sure what would happen if you just didnt have a show for a week.
    I hope you are having wonderful alone time with your wife.

  • hokiewino

    Hey Gary I just feel loved that your taking the time to do any kind of show before you go on vacation with your family. I really like these blind tastings and if you weren't pressed for time 2-3 would be great but I'll take what I can get. I liked the region guess on this one compared to the last one, just to make things more interesting. 15 mins. is the perfect show length in my opinion.

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Hi GV,

    First of all, have a very nice and recharging vacation, you and Lizzie!

    I?ve just came back from my honeymoon, and I?m feeling completely recharged.
    Thanks for the recorded paper bag shows, 1 week is more than deserved for you, but for the Vainernation would be too long to wait.

    QOTD: 20 minutes is a good time for a show. Brown paper bags are always welcome!

    I?m waiting to see you trying some Brazilian Sparkling on the show!

    Best wishes,

    Mauricio Fernandes

  • Now that the weather's warming up and the grill has been fired up, I'm looking forward to some charred meat and syrah action. Lip smacking goodness!

    QOTD: I like the mid-short episodes. Nice curve ball from the 48 minute two parters with guests. My ideal show would be 12 minutes and 18 seconds on the laid back friday couch.

  • Omari Wheat

    I like long shows! I would also like maybe having one wine and really “nearding it up” and getting into the wine (the grapes, the appellation, the methods used to make it blah blah blah).

    Thanks for the show !!!

  • Steve D

    I like the brown paper bag shows, however I feel it is a bit rushed at times. We all need a vacation from time to time and with your busy schedule you certainly have deserved one with your lovely wife.I like the 12 to 15 minute shows with several wines being showcased. Perhaps one of these days you will do a show on Swiss wines and even the sample the Plant Robert grape…THere are only 2-4 acres being grown in the entire world so it is a rare wine indeed.. Have a great vacation… Cal Seal

  • Cusewino

    QOTDs-I think the ideal show is probably 12 minutes. Nothing wrong with a little hit and run every now and again though. These shows are nice. I like when you can focus on one wine, one varietal.

    Have a great vacay!

  • ProfessorB

    Like the blind tastings. I always prefer multiple wines of the same varietal and a little bit of disucssion about comparison/constrast and which characteristics are typical and atypical of the varietal, old world, new world, etc. The ideal length is probably 10-15 minutes. The one drawback of the blind format is that I really enjoy shows that get in depth about certain areas like St Joseph, St Veran, Alto Adige, etc.

  • davidemillombard

    I work full time from home teaching home based business, so the longer shows are an AWESOME lunch break. Thank you for inquiring about my bias : )

  • jrvol

    Understand the need for vacation but I do not like the short format. Love the blind bottles format but I like it best when you do 3 to 4 bottles in a show. One and done is no good for me.

  • I like this concept, however 2 blinds showdown is my favorite. 15-20 minutes is wonderful. But! If there's a guest, I love the 2 parters.

    Enjoy ur Holidays,

  • christhecop

    I'm digging the short shows, its a good change of pace. I would like to see if KM didnt write the varietal if you could nail it also. 10-15 minutes is a good show, unless you have guests on,,,like Chris The Cop (wink wink) where the bantor/wine talk calls for more time.

  • TimCtheFilmGuy

    15-20 min…25-30 with guest. Like the change up with the short 5-8ers every once in a while and the occasional 45-60 if it's an outstanding guest

  • Love the lightning round 5 minute episiode, but we do miss out on much of the stuff that make the show great- like Thunder Cats refreneces etc. I would say 10 minutes 2 wines is ideal, but to go one step further, what if monday through wednesday you did lighting style, and you reserved thursday/friday for guests and/or a more comprehensive subject. Thats my 2 cents for you Mr V!

    By the way, as soon as you said new world and then said but more earthy I knew it was from Sonoma, of course if was printed right below the video but I did look honest!

  • Allan

    That was a killer show. You brought thunder, i remember. He should have you on again, i really enjoyed that ep.

  • QOTD1:The format is good for me. I think that the non-blind tastings should be done 2 or 3 at a time, except for the rare or exceptional bottles. Blind tastings can be 2-4 especially by region or varietal.

    QOTD2: 10-12 minutes for the non-guest shows. For guests, I would rather have 2 chunks below 20 minutes when possible.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it could at that price point. The last few Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf vintages have been monumental and great wines can be had for a song and dance. Though I don’t doubt that this wine is excellent-Wind Gap is an excellent producer.

  • coeurdelion

    I think a calendar of upcoming guests would be a nice addition

  • LIked the show Gary

    QOTD1: ITs an ok format. I think I would prefer at least two blind though. Just one is ok, but its just over too quick 🙂 How about a a double blind if you are going to do just one. SEe if you can pick out the varietal even.

    QOTD2: It really depends on how many wines you are tasting. If you are tasting 8 wines, then I am perfectly fine with 30+ mins. Just go with the flow of the show Gary. Its part of what makes winlib tv so good!

  • GLrocks

    QOTD#1 brown bag blind is great I like it when there a 3 of the same varietal it is fun to see who comes out ahead BLIND
    QOTD#2: It would be nice to see some sort of schedule (it could be rough) because the anticipation is always wonderful. It would be nice to see artisan winemakers get a voice
    out there as well. We all know that there is a whole lot of very small producers making some outstanding wine that are getting lost in all the discounts and deals going on in the wine industry.
    Have a great vacation !

  • QOTD1: I like the brown paper bags (but they're generally better when you have more then 1 – gives a sense of competition).
    QOTD2: 10-15 mins is my fav. wine library. While I learn a lot on the others, and its great to have variety, I sometimes put off watching episodes cause I know i don't have time, so I end up missing a lot.

  • SamKw

    QOTD1: How about we do a brown paper bag and you know absolutely nothing about the wine?
    QOTD2: You know what they say, variety is the spice of life. Sometimes I enjoy shorter formats, but I also appreciate longer shows with the right guests.

    Have fun with your family, GV. You deserve it! And don't even think about lurking on Cindy while you're there.

  • bobbytiger

    A vacation, to spend time with your family?
    Watsamatta you?
    Having said that, have a great time with them. You (all) deserve it.
    QOTD #1- I'm not about to be choosy, as I will take anything you toss my way.
    I would however, prefer a head-to-head blind, as opposed to a single bottle. 5/6 bottles gets a little much for me.
    #2. I'll take a short one like today, or a longer one up to say, 30 minutes or so. Anything longer, and I tend to get a little antsy. Somewhere in the middle seems right, unless you have a guest that warrants more time.

  • Allan

    And now the weather: Sunny skies allround, happiness hopefully too, Thunder, tonite, maybe?, lizzy don't get your hopes up too high!”!” ; )

  • Suprised you didn't know Pax's new winery.

    QOTD 1: Bag is fine, but I like when there are mutiple bottles done this way.

    QOTD 2: Variety is key, change it up often.

  • jenna35

    qotd: i like a 10-12 minute show!
    hope you had a great trip!

  • QOTD: I like this format as an option. You wouldn't hold my attention if this was all you did.
    QOTDII: I like the 10-14 minute episodes. I always have a 10+ minutes to watch wltv. The 25+ episodes can feel like a chore if I have a busy day. A 10-14 minute episode is also just the right amount of imformation for me to process.

  • winorob

    like the format. Maybe if you could expand to somewhere in the 10 min. range it would be perfect.

  • QOTD1: Best WLTV length for me: 10 minutes or less; 15 is pushing it and if it's over 20 I probably do not watch unless the guest is epic (usually guests are on the long ones).

    LOL great ending…hahahahaha

  • rbuffum

    10-15 minute episodes are a the best. That way i can get a little bit of Gary every day.

    Paper bags are fun, but I like the variety best.

  • NascentWino

    These short blind tasting episodes are fun. It's another option for mixing up show styles, and good for mid-week when I have less time. If there is only one wine, then about 5 minutes is a good length. For other types of shows (3-5 wines), then 15-20 minutes is a good time slot. In general, I would say that 4-5 minutes per wine across all episode types is a good general rule.

    Also, please bring back the head-to-head wine episodes.

  • I don't mind an occasional quick-hitter, but typically 10-12 minute shows are best for me.

    BTW, not a fan of this Disqus service. Total POS. Can't get it stay linked to my Yahoo! login…it actually discourages me from posting comments.

  • Jeff_RockyRiver

    Wind Gap is Pax's new venture, They receive much good press on the wine boards. Good to see you agree.

    QTD #1 – I too prefer multiple bottle tastings, lending competition as opposed to single bottle tastings. I usually get a better reference point with multiple bottle tastings. I also feel single blind (knowing the varietal up front) is fine, although it might be fun and different to see a couple double blind (no knowledge of the varietal nor the wine) tasting episodes.

    QTD#2 – I prefer 20 minute episodes with the 30 minute episodes that include guests or multiple episodes. Short episodes (like today) are certainly fine and understandable when the circumstances permit (taping multiple shows at once, in a hotel room, etc.).

    Overall, any episode is much appreciated by me regardless of time. I appreciate the efforts you (and others) put into the show and getting it placed on the net.

  • Some East Indian food and a bottle of this Syrah would be great!

    QOTD – the ideal length of show would be around 7-9 minutes. After that I start to get a little bored.

    QOTD 2 – I don't mind the quick hits. Perhaps these can be a once a week shows on the Friday Couch.

  • kellytirman

    You are frickin' awesome – totally made my day!

  • element31

    QOTD – I like the brown bags on occasion. The multiple bottle ones are more interesting.

    QOTD 2- 10-15 min are optimal, I don't mind seeing a longer one every so often. But its your show. Keep it up, we love it.


    Yo. Don't sweat it. Take a flippin' break and enjoy the time sans child. It's a must.

    QOTD 1: Prefer multi bag format
    QOTD 2: 15-20 mins is a tighter play. I kinda dread the single session 29ish+ segments and find myself jumping ahead to skip the inevitable chit chat. In the longer episodes there is many times way too much “sniffy-whirl” and not enough “sippy-spit-spiel”.

  • Richie

    I wrote in on the last episode that I liked that blinds. 1 bag is just a little short we need some more content. I believe that some shows with head-to-head blinds would be a great success. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    Now you’re starting to sound like waynoooo daaaa wineooooo!

    It’s all just in fun. But yea, the longer the wine shows the better. Why not?



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