EP 838 Tasting Some Bubbles with Brian Solis

Gary sits down with Brian Solis during South by Southwest in Austin. They taste through 4 different Champagnes to celebrate his newly released book, “Engage”.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Duval Leroy BrutFrench Brut Nonvintage
Alfred Gratien Brut French Brut Nonvintage
Charles Heidsieck Brut ReserveFrench Brut Nonvintage
Philipponnat Royale Reserve BrutFrench Brut Nonvintage

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘At 40 US dollars this is borderline ‘I stole your wallet’

Sound quality was a little off and I wasn’t mad about the guest. He was doing his best to please GV with his comments and that’s not what this whole thing is about. You can’t win them all…

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah! Nerd it up, I want the most ridiculous metaphor/tasting notes you have ever done GV!!

  • Great show. Keep the guests coming! Kickbacks my ass…..

    QOTD: Hefeweizen, of course. ;P

  • Rob B.

    QOTD: Rhone varietals, followed closely by Zin's and Reislings

  • SlowWineLover

    nickcaruth: “small grower” “just 5-6 million bottles?!” Philipponnat and Gratien are both smaller and produce better champagne.

  • Skippy6052

    Show was a little slow for my taste but made it to the QOTD: Grenache right now but really enjoy a good zinfandel as well.

  • Anonymous

    You stole my line…..

  • cellarrat5

    Thank you! I have been trying to explain this to people in our tasting room for a long time, people just think I am trying to sound like an elitist bastard.

  • alexkeywest

    I only made it through 1/2 the show. The guest was unbearable

  • Phil G

    QOTD – too many variables to declare a favorite…

  • slave2thevine

    Show was different…

    QOTD: I'd have to say right now I'll go with German Riesling…

  • corkscrew

    I'll pass on the bubbles. Not of my favorite shows. QOTD- Cab http://www.winelx.com

  • David W

    Gary, I'm really into the italian chardonnays at the moment (and burgandy but that's a constant factor in my life) and I am really enjoying them. Maybe you can do a schow on them!!! Some that I find interesting: 1. Formigar of Cornell, 2. Chardonnay del Veneto reserve of Zenato, 3. Albino Armani chardonnay. I think it would make a great show!
    Kind regards David

  • amsgpwarrior

    SXSW was sooooo awesome!!! It is year in and year out one of the greatest music venues in America. For all of ya'll that don't know about it, check it out, and I will see you there next year. Hey Gary, are you going to make it out for Austin City Limits?

    QOTD: Grenache is my favorite at the moment. Loving the efforts from Spain. Close second is Malbec, because I believe it is a natural with South American Asados and Texas BBQ.

  • New episode coming shortly!

  • Agreed, it was …lol…

  • love the enthusiasm .wish i would have been there. hope all is well . gonna catch up on the wltv episodes ive missed this one was fun. love gyfooma

  • Keep the bubbles coming…. How about a full week?

  • pawncop

    Good episode, good topic, good guest, great crowd, sounded like everyone was having a really good time. Austin is great town.

    QOTD – Favorite huh? So many “favorites” depending on the situation

    Overall – Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

  • Good episode! But Gary get some sleep man! You looked like you were sick or seriously lacking sleep!

  • Nik_B

    The guest tried a bit too hard to be funny, but I thought the show was still ok.

    I had a 1996 Duval Leroy last week at a restaurant – it had developed some rich toffee flavours… excellent stuff. Philipponnat is a brand I've had a lot of – I find it generally pretty good.

    QOTD – if I could only pick one varietal it would be riesling.

  • theDude

    G, I know youre not taking kickbacks, that was just a little dig. U
    must realize however that it “looks” like you're endorsing their book
    or whatever they are trying to sell.

    I just think u should keep it real & say that's what you're doing or
    give a disclaimer (ie “This is my buddy & I'm linking up his book but
    I've never read it” or “I read this book & think it's great! Mott
    let's link it up”)

  • JayZee13

    The show was solid, although the Champagnes were somewhat disappointing this time around.

    QOTD: Favorite varietal? Syrah, especially from the Rhone Valley, especially from Cote Rotie.

  • angelatcarlson

    Cool, a guest and a location all in one episode. Keep 'em comin'!

    QOTD: Riesling in all of its wonderful manifestations

  • whoa…that was so f u n. Nice to see Brian out of context, laughing so silly 🙂 And Gary wearing an angelic crown. Still searching. Amarone.

  • Meh.

    QOTD: Syrah

  • QOTD. Why pick just one??? I could NEVER do that!

  • chukheadted

    impossible question. nice try

  • Jamie F

    Poor Brian Solis!

    I could hear his mind spinning a mile a minute trying to be funny and maybe come out on top of the conversation

    Lovely guy. Maybe he just needs to relax and chill out a little.

    GARY: I saw an advert for sparkling red wine (like, full on red wine, but with bubbles) – could you cover that? kthnx 😀

  • rjrausch

    QOTD: It changes, but for now Riesling.

  • Weird episode. 4 Sparklings is a little more than I get excited about. QOTD – I really like when Gary tries some of the more unknown wine varietals. That said, my favorite lately have been the Malbecs. What a great grape!

  • Hey Guys

    Interesting show. Brian – good work on picking up what was going on with the wines, good work.

    QOTD: – Riesling and Nebbiolo


  • rieslingrich

    RIESLINGS German of coarse

  • Weston3220

    qotd: I like med body wines, Not a heavy pinot, a Med Body Bordeaux, Northern Rhone Syrah [even tho that isn't really medium body]

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Hard to call just one varietal. For example I like chardonnay but in the French style not typical California or New Zealand, Petit syrah, zindafandel, petit verdot. Just got back from a California trip where we hit every sparkling wine purveyor we could find and a few that don't specialize. Best for me, Domaine Carneros, Schramsburg, Frank Family, J, Gloria Ferrer, Mum. Did not like Iron Horse, Domaine Chandon, Roederer, Laetita, Scharfenburger (though their chocolate tasting was great),Piper Sonoma,

  • Mike in C-town

    Good interaction.

    QOTD: Can't narrow it down, too many enjoyable options. Feet to the fire: Grenache, Garnacha while the barolo matures.

  • K4C3Y

    QOTD: Portuguese Quintas! The Dao and Douro reds. Spanish reds (Tempranillos, straight up and blended). For everyday dinner wines, Primitivo has treated me well, and so have Chilean reds (especially Carmenere) and Argentinian Malbecs (drank an 06 Altocedro last night, less than $20 and one of the tastiest bottles I've had in a while). I haven't explored whites too deeply: vinho verde, Albarino blends, Chilean Chards and Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs usually prove drinkable.

  • richardvinifera

    QOTD: white burgs and dry rieslings!

  • jayhitek

    QOTD: Zin.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    This was a really funny episode to watch

    qotd: my current fav is a wine made from savagnin, but I don't think Gary has had one of those on just yet. I don't know how anyone could pick just one. Depending on my mood corvina, petite verdot, Alsatian Pinot Gris, Alsatian riesling, charbono, petite sirah, and many more could end up as my answer.

  • I just realized that I drove you to this episode in my sweet 2010 Corolla S. Writing about the doors that SOCMedia opens and that experience has definitely landed in my top 5. Thanks for the inspiration, GV. Wrote about it on WebsmithBLOG.com

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  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘At 40 US dollars this is borderline ‘I stole your wallet’

    Sound quality was a little off and I wasn’t mad about the guest. He was doing his best to please GV with his comments and that’s not what this whole thing is about. You can’t win them all…


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