EP 898 Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Adeline Rem from chocbite.com to explore some interesting chocolate and wine pairings, including a sparkling wine, a Brunello, and a red dessert wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2002 Gloria Ferrer Royal CuveeDomestic Brut Vintage
2004 La Gerla Brunello Di MontalcinoBrunello di Montalcino

Vinedo De Los Vientos Alcyone TannatUruguay Dessert Wine

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Why is the quality on this one video so terrible?

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  • Really? Can these comments have an ability to be downgraded?

  • Anonymous

    Bubbly and white chocolate! I have tried a lotta things but not that. Will do. I live in Austin, do y’all have an old-fashioned store front around? Or do you have a deal with any of the wine bars? That would be a perfect marketing ploy for you. And I could do a wine and chocolate tasting while out and about.

  • Anonymous

    A dead fried cricket? That’s it? Live shrimps? That’s it? I used to have a friend like GV, you could get him to try anything. “Hey GV, I bet you’re too chicken to eat that!” “Oh yeah, watch me I’ll eat a dozen…” Great show, choc, cheese, and wine; and really enjoying the pleasures with company, are easily affordable luxury for almost everyone. Cancel your $200/month cable and enjoy food and wine with your friends!

  • Anonymous

    great combo, chocbite and wine. i’ll be ordering from chocbite tomorrow and will report back. nice show, keep up the good work.

  • We just sell online at the moment, any ideas????

  • Anonymous

    See the menu at this place, was there a few weeks ago.

    You could develop choc flights with wine bars and restaurants, you supply chocolate, make sales and put your name on menu for marketing. They sell chocolate and wine and make me happy.

    Of course I will order some so I can do this at home, just seemed silly to order it by mail when I live in Austin. But an actual storefront maybe not a good business proposition for you. Unless you get specs or twin liquors to blow up their godiva displays and sell yours.

    I used to do this stuff with cigars a long time ago far far away.

  • Anonymous

    Now you take me to lunch at a wine bar. Bring chocolate.

  • He did say sheeps eye, cows tongue and balls too!

  • Was the trout’s eye fishy?

  • Anonymous
  • AndyMac

    Liked the show but disappointed you didn’t try the Quady Winery desert wines elysium (black muscat) or my personal favourite essencia (orange muscat)…….the wine accentuates the cocoa of the chocolate which in turn intensifies the orange and apricot flavours of the essencia…..total taste sensory overload….unforgettable

  • Wow, those sound FABULOUS!!! Thank! I am off to buy some!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a dark chocolate addict – gradually gone up in cocoa percentage and now milk chocolate is just too sweet.. and I never liked white chocolate. I still think Michel Cluizel makes the best chocolate in the world.

    Salt and chocolate goes well.. as does pretty much anything and salt. Salted caramel ice-cream from Berthillion in Paris is where I first realised how good salt and sweet could be.

  • I also never liked white chocolate, until, this white chocolate! It is a smooth, creamy chocolate, much like vanilla ice cream, not the grainy over sweet of others. That salted caramel ice cream sounds GREAT!

  • Hey Gary and Adeline

    I really enjoyed the show. I was thinking ‘oh know, not other guest trying to sell something’, but Adeline was open, honest and I gained a lot from the show. There was lots of good discussion. Gary’s comments were spot on and I agree about the call regading chocolate and cheese (and would add meat too) as being things that it is better to eat less of a high quaility rather than more of poor quaility – this sounds like how Adeline began in the first place; just one square of good chocolate, rather than a whole bar of bad stuff.

    Also heads up to Gary for the sly dig at Southern Comfort (a definite contender for the hotely contested prize of America’s worst export).

    QOTD: Chicken sashimi would probably have to be the weridest – it was kind of buttery and pretty tasty though.


  • QOTD: The craziest thing i’ve ever eaten happened this April, I had Seal Tartar. I think they’re still serving it at the restaurant down the street from my place. It is exactly how I thought it would taste … fishy and oily, it was served with berries, and a squid ink tuile. It was absolutely delicious. I would eat it again and no I am not a monster. I don’t kill puppies (or if kittens are your thing, kittens) and I do have a soul. I am a gastronaut and I have my own goal of try anything thats served to me.

    There you go Adeline. Great episode and rock on with the chocolate. You rock!

  • Valentin65

    Oohh Gary I am so envy of you having that gorgeous woman in your show. One can tell from her facial expression that she is really in love with you (or perhaps she is ovulating and not picky in that condition ;))

  • Valentin65

    Hi Gary it is me again. During the show you seem a bit nervous. How come?

  • Valentin65

    She: Let’s have some wine. He (in an attempt to appear distracted or not interested): Yes, absolutely (with subdued voice).

  • Valentin65

    Both of you like salty things… that’s a good start…..hahaha

  • Valentin65

    No there are zillions of combinations….I just figured it out with the help of a glass of good wine…jeez, this show beats everyting!

  • Valentin65

    She: Wow, wow…do smell this? Please, you have to smell it!
    Yes, yes, yes I am already smelling it…..uhhh…ohhhh…..

  • Valentin65

    QOD: Once in a very dark night….it was rainy and stormy….the dogs were howling..I came by at a restaurant called Kentucky Fried Chicken and there I ate chicken.

  • city

    QOTD: I currently live in Korea for a year and teach English so I’ve had some crazy foods. Top of the list is dog meat and chicken anus. Both pretty gross!

  • Favorite, Pairing my reds with dark chocolate. Nice Job Gary!

  • high migh

    Looking for a good red wine, something that isn’t too sweet already. If possible no Sulfites, they give me headaches .

  • Valentin

    Have I mentioned that she has beautiful white tees?

  • Valentin

    To the lecturer: Please replace “tees” below by “teeth”.

  • Anonymous

    good guest (though not wine-related)

    QOTD: cox comb

  • Thanks Alex, it was super fun!

  • Anonymous

    Really nice topic for me.

  • I love chocolate!

  • wow… chocolate and wine? I have never tried that before.

  • Mike in C-town

    Nice show. I like the banyuls you mentioned with chunks of chocolate.

    QOTD: not very out there, but had still twitching sashimi/whole fish at a sushi place in Japan.

  • Anonymous

    I’m planning to make a rich chocolate raspberry mousse for, let’s just say, someone special.

  • Anonymous

    via press release: NEW PAIRING OF ?One Tree Hill? AND ?Hellcats? DELIVERS THE CW?S MOST WATCHED TUESDAY OF THE SEASON Hellcats Scores Show?s Most Watched Episode Since Sept.

  • I believe the Warre’s Otima (not Optima. Quail’s Gate makes a botrytis affected Optima which is not a port style wine) is a tawny port. Lately, I have been pairing tawnies with dried apricots,

  • Anonymous

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe the Warre’s Otima (not Optima. Quail’s Gate makes a botrytis affected Optima which is not a port style wine) is a tawny port.

  • It should be at least a little sweet, or else the sourness of the wine will conflict with the sweetness of the cake, rather than contrast/compliment it. My recommendation would be a full-bodied red like a fortified shiraz … or even a ruby port (though it’s toward the sweeter end).


  • Anonymous

    I’m planning to make a rich chocolate raspberry mousse for, let’s just say, someone special.

  • Anonymous

    I have been searching the internet for a Red Wine Chocolate Cake recipe that my ex-boyfriend’s mom used to make, and I haven’t had any luck finding something that sounds familiar.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is great that you have put this extra motivation to make things work but do it not only for her but for you too. Some of those things may not completely be “you” if you know what I mean. Just be an improved version of yourself because you can only be someone else for so long.
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  • Tina Lin

    I luv this episode! Thank you Gary & Adeline!

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  • joyceevans

    I have been drinking for years, not much but daily. Now I can feel that my family do not tell me on this subjuct but I could understand that they do not like my drinking habbit.
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  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day’ ‘I didn’t eat a tomato for two years’, ‘there is an interesting category of luxuries that are obtainable by the average person’ and ‘Tongue in Russia is like fries in the US’

    Brilliant episode, one of my favourites. The guest really added to the show, and drunk more than any other guest to date, even asking for a top-up at one point! GV had a lot in common with her (but with Mrs Vaynerchuk watching) made a big effort not to get too friendly!

  • Why is the quality on this one video so terrible?


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