EP 898 Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Adeline Rem from chocbite.com to explore some interesting chocolate and wine pairings, including a sparkling wine, a Brunello, and a red dessert wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2002 Gloria Ferrer Royal CuveeDomestic Brut Vintage
2004 La Gerla Brunello Di MontalcinoBrunello di Montalcino

Vinedo De Los Vientos Alcyone TannatUruguay Dessert Wine

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Why is the quality on this one video so terrible?

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  • Coeurdelion

    You were excellent in all respects, Gary kudos to yuo for bring Adeline on!

  • so proud of you Adeline great show

  • Most exotic thing I have eaten is an Equidorian delicacy called Cuy (or in plane English, Guinea Pig) The chef who prepared it rubbed it in spices and slow roasted it for 3+ hours. It was fantastic (once you got over the visual of how it is served.)

  • Anonymous

    A very good episode. A very good guest. Austin is a wonderful city and I miss my travels down that way.

    QOTD – I guess it would be a hamster salad sandwich that was part of a 10th grade science project.

  • Come visit me in Austin!!!!

  • Thanks love!!!

  • Phil G

    Ok, only 2 more guests for the whole year…

    Liked the guest, though – interesting show.

    QOTD – not that adventurous, no weird animals, insects, or body parts for me, thank you.

  • Adeline you are hot and your chocolate is hotter. I’m going to order ten bars! You definitely know wine and chocolate. Do you have any chocolate bars with lemon zest? I think that would be good. Yep organic lemon zest with chunks of organic granny smith dried apple with white chocolate. The weirdest thing I ever ate was school lunch in the 3rd grade.

  • Chad C

    Whoa dude, I just looked at your site at chocbite.com. Crazy. There are so many toppings! Can you recommend a combo for a sweet guy from the Midwest? I’ve never seen this show before but after seeing Gary spit into a Jet’s football helmet I think I might be a wine guy after all.

  • Mark Levine

    The chocolate is amazing!!!! So, is the creator.

  • Erika E

    Hmm I’ve never tried Brunello. You make it sound so tasty. Adeline and Gary you two should do a reality show! Does dog biscuits or cat food count as weird food?

  • I’ve tried the Chocbite chocolate bars and they’re awesome! I can’t wait till Christmas! Cranberry and peppermint bars for all!!

  • Will work on adding those two toppings next week!

  • Mutual Admiration! Thanks for watching, now isn’t this better than fiction 😉

  • Loved the show. Love wine. Love Chocolate. Love Adeline. Man Crush on Gary Vee

    I am full of love.

    I look forward to some wine and chocolate soon.

  • Anonymous

    An enjoyable show with an enjoyable guest! Thanks Adeline and Gary!
    QOTD: Outrageous is relative, I guess, but the only thing I can come up with is Civet cat coffee.

  • Yes! We could be like the Kardashians! The Vaynerems! My Brother from another Mother? LOL. He makes wine fun doesn’t he?

  • Thanks!

  • Adeline!! You exude passion and love for chocolate! You are a natural on TV! What a great episode! Entertaining and educational! Thanks Gary for having one of the most talented women on your show! The chocolates are absolutely delicious…my favorite is milk chocolate with wasabi nuts! You have to try them so go to her website at http://www.chocbite.com! Glad you are home and I can’t wait to see you soon!

  • Anonymous

    Deer heart is yummy! Brought a sandwich of sliced heart in my brown paper lunch bag to school- probably junior high- I didn’t see anything unusual in it, but I pretty well did in all my friends…. 🙂

  • Colleen Cole

    Wine and Chocolate – is there any better combination? Loved the show.

  • Sheridan

    Adeline –
    I love your chocbites! What and incredible show with wine and chocolate! What a passion and love for chocolate! You are a movie star! I certainly enjoyed the episode! Entertaining and educational! Thanks Gary for having one a foodie on your show! The chocolates are absolutely delicious…my favorite is milk chocolate with nuts! You have to try them so go to her website at http://www.chocbite.com!

  • Anonymous

    really good show great interaction

    use to hate zucchini / squash / eggplant, now I really like Japanese Eggplant [Purple ones], Summer Squashes, baby zucc

    qotd: I drank green pepper Juice, which was gross hah

  • j carey

    Adeline’s father is very wealthy? I never would have guessed, as owning a chocolate company is the conceit of a spoiled person who has never had to work a day in their life. what a sense of entitlement.

  • hollisd

    great show gary.
    living in taiwan at the moment one can eat almost anything. i’ve had snake and it’s bile and blood and naughty bits. the blood was mixed with honey, it was actually quite delicious, like fruit punch. but i’m with gary, i’ll eat anything. oh, live octopus in korea. chew it fast so it doesn’t stick to your tongue or, god forbid, your uvula and choke you! haha, good times. probably the most outrageous goes to bourdain or zimmerman, or the people the get it from. 😛

  • j carey

    Actually it’s not fine that we are over abundant, because there is not any more abundnce in the world, Gary your daugheter is not going to live on a liveable planet because of your live and let live attitude vis a vis large cars, ect

  • jared goodwin

    fruity pebbles and cheese cake… can’t eat it anymore

    Also, strangely, I used to HATE red wine vinegar and steak. Now, I can’t get enough of them.

  • Chocolate, port, wine and the book, “The Elegant Universe”. Can’t get much more better then that. (Well some might say sex… pahh! Overrated I say!)

  • Ameliaozyck

    Finally a show about chocolate and wine, my two favorite things, my life feels complete!
    Loved the show, Loved your guest, Love Choc bite concept of have it the way you want it, brilliant!

  • Katherine

    The best there is!!!! Can’t get enough of this chocolate!!!

  • Scotts

    mmm, I want some.

  • LA David

    Chocbite. Great concept, and of course with wine, it cannot get any better. It’s also nice to see a hot and sexy entrepreneur marketing her wares. No offense Gary, but you need a sexy side kick to keep me engaged with your program.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    lol. “Don’t throw my Brunello away!”

    I am an Android guy, but I’m not nearly as polarized by it, so I would use an iphone no prob. Is it the same 98% of the viewership who loves Android that thinks you’re a girl?

    Great job Adeline!

    SQOTD: Microwave Kraft Mac n Cheese. I ate it everyday for a long period in college because it was a good price, easy to carry, and easy to prepare. Now the thought of it makes me sick.

    QOTD: I haven’t had any really out there food experiences. I suppose that in context, I am a Minnesotan who regularly eats raw oysters and sashimi, so that is way out there compared to most MN natives that I know.

  • RobinC

    Chocbite sounds like a fabulous concept, but I think I could do it at home.

    When I was little, I used to take Hersey bars to my room and put them on the radiator and when they were melted I’d eat them with a spoon. A peak culinary experience for me.

    In High School I ate bologne sandwiches every day when I came home for lunch for about 2 years. I haven’t had bologne since. When I grew up I ate milk chocolate every day for about 2 years and broke that habit with great difficulty. It’s still a weakness so Valentine’s Day is zero tolerance, and Halloween is only Reese’s peanut butter cups as I don’t like them. I now sometimes buy Lindt dark chocolate – 95% cocoa is my favorite.

    By the way, white chocolate is not chocolate, it’s some other sort of confection. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Tausha

    super cool – 2 of my favorite things…wine and chocolate!

  • Zandra

    I am definitely a wine fan, but shockingly enough I had never really liked chocolate UNTIL I tasted Adeline’s innovative Chocbite concoctions. They were delightful!! Such an amazing combination of flavors. I wanted more,…and more. And now pairing Chocbite with wine, ah sublime. I read one of the other comments and have to say when you have Adeline expertly doing this for you already, WHY, WHY would you want to do it yourself at home?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Gary,but what happens with you around beautiful women. You start blabbering nonsense. You like rosé better compared to red wine. Did I catch that correctly ? You can’t even name 5 rosés that are better than Lafitte,Latour,Brunello etc. You do not like rosés better unless your palet has gone for cucumber water….above let’s say Haut Brion. So I think you were trying to wauw the girl or shock us. You succeeded…. Love Seb

  • I’m a white chocolate fan too!

  • Redcuso

    …….”Lighten’ Up Francis!”

  • Bclintster

    maybe we would get a iphone if verizon had them. at@t sucks

  • Henry A

    gary, another fine show. i tried chocbite and was very happy with their product and service. i’ll be giving out wine and chocbites as present this xmass. i would certainly recomend chocbite to anyone.

  • Gina

    Super show! Informative and fun! Guest is expanding the chocolate world with new adventures for everyones palate! Loved the show!
    Gary… you keep getting better and better… I really enjoy you!
    Thanks so much!
    answer to the question of the day….Most out of the box item I have eaten a trout’s eye.

  • White chocolate is the singular best candy ever, ever. I used to buy 1 lb bars of white chocolate for $5 from Byerlys (a Twin Cities high-end grocery store). It probably wasn’t the best ever, but it was soooo delicious.

    I am so disappointed that there isn’t anything like a 50 cent white chocolate candy bar. White Crunch was good but is gone. Every other ‘white chocolate’ candy seems to use other crap (chocolate, peanut butter, almonds) as a crutch, when it is not at all needed. And I don’t know a single person who would take a mocha over a white mocha.

  • Randall

    Wow, 95%! You must LOVE Cabs, Barolos, etc.

  • RobinC

    You’re right. I don’t get to drink that many Barolos though. I also like Cab-Shiraz’s and Bordeauxs though I don’t get too many of those either.

  • Ethanperry

    I haven’t tried this combination yet but is really looking forward to it.

  • I love you! Who are you??? Contact me at adz@chocbite.com

  • Anonymous

    The most expensive jet? Time to hit “reset” on your perspective button!

  • Shawn

    Great Concept! Cant wait to try it! 🙂

  • It is yummy!


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