EP 898 Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Adeline Rem from chocbite.com to explore some interesting chocolate and wine pairings, including a sparkling wine, a Brunello, and a red dessert wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2002 Gloria Ferrer Royal CuveeDomestic Brut Vintage
2004 La Gerla Brunello Di MontalcinoBrunello di Montalcino

Vinedo De Los Vientos Alcyone TannatUruguay Dessert Wine

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Why is the quality on this one video so terrible?

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  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting what Gary said about the relative prices of certain luxuries, but here’s where I disagree with him; he’s describing beer, not wine. I actually heard Sam Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head (great guy, great beer) making the same point about beer as compared to wine, and I think his argument was stronger. To buy truly “world class” wine, you’re looking at certainly $30+ dollars for a 750 mL bottle, and that’s on the low end. But you can go out and grab a four-pack or a six-pack of the best beer in the world for ten, twelve, *maybe* fifteen dollars.

  • Charlie

    Here’s some math:

    It says on Chocbite website that you can have up to 5 toppings per bar. So for one bar with 5 toppings and one type of chocolate, you could have 90*89*88*87*86, but you could also have 4 toppings so add 90*89*88*87 and so on for 3, 2, 1 and 0. Then you can do that with 4 different types of chocolate, so multiply all the combos by 4.

    The final result is 21,343,798,804 different combinations.

  • Erika Lyremark

    I agree. Adeline Rem best guest so far! And her ChocBite is delicious! I’m ordering ten bars this week for gifts.

  • Lurker Berserker

    I like that idea a lot. Not to be too selfish but it would be ideal if I could make it out there for the party myself. Your chocolates looked very interesting on the show – kudos to you for stiking out and making the kind of product that you want to buy for yourself. I’ll plan to give some a try in the near future. I’m glad that WLTV gave you an opportunity to expose your product to the VaynerNation! Cheers!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic! Can’t say anything more.
    QOTD: My first thought would be squid tentacle. But now I think about it the one and only Big Mac I’ve ever had is pretty high up in that list too because those things are just so outlandish and unnatural.

  • Great show! I love getting a chance to learn new things. Maybe make a purchase and try to replace my ANDROID with that IPHONE. 😉

    QOTD: Something uncertain in Eastern Europe. That’s the scariest, when you don’t know what your eating.

  • Excellent show. I totally am showing Chocbite to my wife, who will likely love it.

    Side QOTD: My veins were filled with Snapple Kiwi Strawberry during most of high school, and I haven’t touched the stuff since.

    QOTD: Hmmm…I had some pretty interesting stuff at El Bulli during my honeymoon (razor clams etc.), but nothing as adventurous as insects.

  • Genius, thank you Charlie! Are you a banker 😉

  • Anonymous

    My favorite episode! I absolutely LOVE and devour chocolate like it’s nobody’s business (something like the cookie monster). I couldn’t help but nod in fervid agreement when you guys were talking about chocolate and wine after a nice meal. *sigh*

    QOTD: I remember going to this safari-type buffet in South Africa, and on top of insects, they also served reptiles, like crocodiles, snakes or lizards to name a few. They also had safari animals like lion, hyena, elephant and rhino meat! (It’s probably illegal now…?) I was only brave enough to eat the water buffalo meat…

  • Randall


  • Anonymous

    Interesting episode. I actually have never had sparkling wine and chocolate so that is something I will have to try. There is no food I haven’t tried though getting some things past my nose is difficult.

  • I have had sweet sparkling (like Prosecco or Asti) which is excellent!

  • You are too much, Adeline! Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with rib eye steak instead.
    I wish you much success with Chocbite!

  • Wine Library TV Viewers!

    Enter to win an Apple iPad!

    Yes, yes…I know what you’re thinking. “She said she was giving away an iPhone on the show!” I did say that. I screwed up. Hey, nobody’s perfect, right? Anyway, if you want to win an iPad (YES I have one and YES it’s awesome), go to http://www.CHOCbite.com

  • One more complication. If you have two toppings there is an option to double up on the qty of each topping – so that adds even more combinations…

  • Austin loves you too Gary! Thanks so much for including Austinite, Adeline Rem and her delicious CHOCBite Chocolate on your show! I’m not normally a fan of dessert wines, but I may have to try that Chocolate one.. The Brunello sounds like a must have!

  • Alexandre-CF

    Brazil 😛
    no chocolate and no i-pad for me?!?! 🙁

    great website by the way.

  • Kim, I bought a bottle from Wine Library and it is in my home (where there is also loads of CHOCbite), so, when are you coming over darling?

  • Thank you Vayner Nation, Hazelnuts are now online (raw and also salted)!

  • Wow… caraway seeds on a chocolate bar? This merits further investigation.

    As long as I’m here, I might as well answer the QOTD (even though I’ve already put myself through the grueling questionnaire for the chocBite contest). Most outrageous thing I’ve ever eaten would have to be the grilled tonsils (lamb, I think) that they had at an Arab restaurant in Yafo. That’s probably pretty low on the totem pole as far as “outrageousness” goes, but it’s one of the few non-household food items I can remember having.

    Great show!

  • Travis, are you going to crunch the numbers on this?

  • Wilsonsilva10

    incredible show………………. definitely a great great experience to have chese to start chocolate to finish, my favorite contents, have to try that chocbite, congratulation to adeline you where great sweetheart on your analyses, as you know brunello is probably one of chris michel’s main sales, as a part of that i know that wine very good , great choice. i’m definitely thinking on visit the place and bring some of that wines back home, tk you for given us to know some pleasures in life…………. both of you where great! congrats once again.

  • Paul Haarman

    By far, the best show yet! And the chocolate (I’ve tried it) is out of this world!!!!!!! You need to have her back … Adeline’s reaction to the Sparkling wine was PRICELESS .. specially after having tried it AFTER eating the chocolate. Now that’s entertainment! P. 😉

  • Anonymous

    In most of the Cantonese/Chinese restaurants you will find them. In the Cantonese place, they put these eggs in congee. The egg looks scary, the egg white area is transparent black like Jello and the yolk is a greenish black/gray. It is an acquired taste. It smells like dirt and lime and old egg but not rotten. The egg can be chicken, duck, or goose. It is covered with a coating of lime, ashes, and salt and then buried for about 100 days. During this time, the lime “petrifies” the egg.

  • Anonymous

    I was working for my brother-in-law Ronnie, and we both loved Taco Bell food(of course now I cook my own food, very strict, healthy food and all that kind of thing…..).

    Every lunch we went to Taco Bell, then, if the job went into overtime, we ate there for dinner.

    It just happened, and we laughed about it every time!

    Thank you for getting back to me. Best wishes, and I know that with your personality and product, you’ll succeed!

  • Jonathan_Alfaro

    QOTD: On a trip to Kazakhstan in 1992, I ate the heart of a lamb over lasagna-type noodles followed by fermented camel’s milk for dessert.

    GV: I also drank Kvas almost every day I was in Kazakhstan (6 weeks). You should carry some in the store, especially with your Russian heritage!!!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT guest!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Monkfish liver. I had this at a sushi restaurant, and it really wan’t that odd… in fact, it was pretty delicious. Cheers.

  • Not at all, everyone’s palate is different, and you do as you like, but I my opinion is that pure chocolate is enough if one want to taste Chocolate with our without beverage. Chocolate with other ingredients on is not just chocolate as wine with added coffee is not just wine.
    Then I’m stating that white chocolate is not chocolate in my book, since it contains no cacao substances
    Just as products with more than 5% other fats then cacao butter aren’t allowed to be called chocolate, it’s like a wine appellation rule, f.i Hermitage, can only be Syrah, Marsanne and Rousanne.
    The mere facts that darker chocolate is better for your health than white and milk chocolates are to be found in every study of nutrients and fats and the fact that it is easier to taste chocolate and wine if you first let the chocolate become a liquid in your mouth and then take a sip of wine to see if they match, that’s knowledge everyone in the chocolate business should know. It makes tasting more fun and easier.

    Chew and swallow don’t get you flavours, let it melt and savour does. Just like Gary is pushing the sniffy sniff hard, I’ll push the melt and savour. If you think that is pretentious, well,
    I’m sorry again for sounding like e snob, that’s the way I see it.

  • Cybercellar

    Chocolate and wine mmmm
    Back home in South Africa, Lourensford estate does great chocolate and wine pairings especially with their Lourensford Honey Liqueur, a must try.
    Thanks for the great show 🙂


  • Anonymous

    What a great guest!!!!! Good looking, clever talking, very nice interaction, ….. so natural.
    I loved this episode.

  • Stefano

    Great show and I think I am now inspired for my next get-together. A chocolate and wine tasting party! As for your guest, she was quite charming, witty, and … hubba hubba! Do you think I could get her to come to my party?

  • Ye ask and ye shall receive, I will come bearing chocolates!!! Adeline

  • Thanks!

  • HONEY Liquer, yum, really????

  • Thanks!!! Have you entered the competition for the Ipad on the site?

  • Thanks Wilson, yes, I drink Brunello all over the country (as you know)!

  • Thanks Paul for being a loyal CHOCbite customer!

  • Sam is wise. The big bottle of beer I brought to the show (White Birch Indomitus) was around $25-$29 and that is top shelf.

  • The photos are pouring in from the Vayner Nation for the iPad contest on http://www.chocbite.com and WOW you guys are a handsome bunch!!!


  • That is GREAT! Did you enter the competition yet to win the iPad??? Go to http://www.CHOCbite.com

  • Wine Library TV Viewers!

    Enter to win an Apple iPad!

    Yes, yes…I know what you’re thinking. “She said she was giving away an iPhone on the show!” I did say that. I screwed up. Hey, nobody’s perfect, right? Anyway, if you want to win an iPad (YES I have one and YES it’s awesome), go to http://www.CHOCbite.com

  • You haven’t entered to win the iPad yet?

  • Rachael

    Great show and I love the chocolate, everyone needs to buy some!!!!

  • Vonwise

    Awesome show…Hey Gary I think you are down to three guests left for the year. You didn’t go wrong with this one! She was sweet 😉 and the English accent will make a man melt faster than her chocolate! As for coming to parties…Adeline, you have an open invitation!!

  • Vonwise

    Sorry…QOTD: A warm venison heart eaten directly out of an 8 point buck I killed on the first day of deer season.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    TOP 200 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  • Thank you so much!!! This Vayner Nation Family is really AMAZING!! I love you guys. Did you sign up for the iPad contest yet????

  • I can’t wait! Wine, chocolate and parties are my thing!


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