EP 844 Fair and Balanced- Australian Wine Tasting

After Gary’s recent trip to Australia, he wants to break the stereotype that all Aussie wines are fruit bombs. He tries 3 wines from classic Australian producers.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2000 Mount Mary TrioletSouth Australia White Meritage
2006 Shaw And Smith ShirazAustralian Shiraz/Syrah
2004 Giaconda Shiraz Warner Vineyard VictoriaAustralian Shiraz/Syrah

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘There’s a hint of burnt vomit on the nose’ and ‘can you imagine if I was a master of wine, I’d be the biggest douche bag ever’

Good, funny, informative episode

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  • WineWoman

    I think the wine was so complex, so many different components that went in all directions (equally balanced) and nothing overly dominated. I would like it, to keep picking out differentflavors and nuances would be fun, but just to enjoy drinking it–the Drink Factor. The complexity, silky-smoothness, etc. helped determine the 79 dollar price-point–definitely worth it for some.
    I always bought the Shaw and Smith Sav Blanc–definitely will have to try the Shiraz.

  • Karl

    Maybe you are moving away from the veggie? Buttery Chards more appealing, you've just come back from aussie where presumably there was a preponderance of fruit – even if some of them were slightly more restrained.

    Great show – maybe another Aussie show in the 15-25 price range?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s rediculous. Exchange rate?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the baby swiss with trail baloney that rocks the hizzy.

  • Anonymous

    I think he means to have a live comment like he used to…..way back when.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Murso!

  • theDude

    I have officially dubbed GV as “Gary the Gray” aka “GtG” in honor of the ugly gray shirt he has decided to permanently wear on the show! I hope he’s not washing it either but unfortunately we don’t have smell-ivision to tell for sure.

    Maybe that burnt vomit comment was actually the stench from GV’s (I mean “GtG”) stanky shirt. Ha!!!

  • Cool_Dave

    Gary V. !!!!!
    Great to have you back buddy. Loved the show. Awesome wines. Been gone awhile now I'm back.
    QOTD- Dunno man. Buttery Chard' then holding back on the freaked out veggy wine. Your pallet may be broken. Or at least in need of repair. ; )

  • Chris P

    Wow…I was very disappointed in the Shaw & Smith 2006 Shiraz especially after the incrediable 2007 Chardonnay (one of my all time favorite chardonnays). I thought the shiraz was “flat” almost nothing to it…nice up front but found it lacking in mid palate and finish. This is a rare time I disagree w/ Gary which scares me maybe I need to try this again although we had 2 bottles in Dec 09.

  • Anonymous

    excellent Dude! What did you mean come over for a caucasion?

  • Hello Gary, enjoyed the show as a fan of new world. Good to see you reviewing Aussie wine. But what you need to do is come with me to The fairest Cape in S. Africa, so you can experience the fabulous Cab Shiraz and Pinotage Chenin blanc. When my boy when? 🙂

  • theDude

    Its better known as a White Russion…..on my days off from the vino…..the
    Kahlua and Vodka are flowing!!!! (and sometimes the days all flow together

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    “When my boy when?”…….. Can I come tooooooo ????!!!!!??? :o)

  • Just Jack

    Oh man GV is back and showing some old school form. The “burnt vomit” debuts in the top ten for all future highlight reels. I love how “we don't condone smoking for kids”, but drinking tequila shots until they hurl is fine ;-).

    On top of all the fun and wacky energy that has been a little hit and miss lately, the wines came through. I love watching G's face when he tastes a flavor that he hasn't experienced before.

    Good on ya G and keep up the good work. With the recession on and all I find that I use your advice more and more to help insure that I get maximum QPR for my wine budget.

  • DanLacher

    QOTD: always let your true score out, I think by now we can trust that you will not let personal play influence your score of a wine. So what's up w/ the palette? I go with a few of the folks that mentioned expectations, sometimes we go into a wine expecting huge numbers and then just have to back off a bit based on what we are finding.

  • ChrisV

    Try the 2007, it's extremely good. If you don't like that either, then it's safe to say you just don't like the style.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    “We're goin' Brown Bag, Baby, Brown Bag………” OH BOY, OOOOOOH BOOOOOY,

  • Love the Brown Bag! But you've said that before and didn't follow through. Looking forward to it.

    Good to see some more “classic” wines out of Oz. I think it's the same as with Spain, the importers have been much more focused on the fruit bombs for the American palate. But I think (hope) this will change soon.

  • CharlieTN

    Hooray for brown bags! Can't wait!

    QOTD: I think it's kinda like when a band comes along that has all the right elements, even sounds like some of your favorite bands, but they're missing that last oomph that would make you really love them. Like they've got the technical chops and the songwriting and even the soul, but it just doesn't sound quite genuine or earnest enough. That's like the Raconteurs for me, and like this wine for you.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Yo Carlos, You're absolutely RIGHT !!!!! G makes us promises, than doesn't
    come thru……. Yo G, Ya need to go into Politics !! :o)

  • castello


  • davidemillombard

    QOTD: Whats messing you up is you subconsciously know that S. Holmes has the potential to create problems and you don't want to question it, but you are : )

    But you can have him! I hope he works out well for you guys. Our ball club made a good move with that one.

  • Allan

    “If it's her you want
    I don't care about that
    You can have my girl
    But don't touch my hat….”

  • theDude

    Allan…..you the man!!! (you and Lyle of course)!

  • Allan

    Shut the f*** up donny! Got cha!! ; )

    Lyle is on top form at the moment!

  • theDude

    Donny is the Walrus…………may he rest in peace!!!! 🙂 Anyone else ready
    for a Caucasion…..come on over!

  • johnyhamm

    QOTD: I think the grey shirt that you've been wearing the last like 5 episodes is holding you back. It probably needs a washy wash. 🙂

  • Allan

    Qot moment! What is your favourite piece of classical music???

  • Thomas_DK

    Brownbag – WOHUUU
    Finding my way back to aussiewine in the last month with torbreck ( friutbombs has a time and a place) and nugan, so going to pick up the shaw and smith for the weekend.
    QOTD: perhaps a bit of personality and edge?
    PS, holmes was to cheap, but Steelers can do without the PR-trouble

  • DaveAll

    ha. He’s just sooo busy, when he shops, he buys 10 of these, 10 of those… ya know the type. snicker.

  • Allan

    Tak thomas dk, tjek Shaw & Smith M3 Chardonnay, jeg siger det bare. Jeg elsker den vin!
    Torbreck, kender jeg alt for godt, Dave Powell laver aldrig dårlig vin! Hvad har du smagt???

    Nugan, Hmmmmmmm… de må da lave noget godt??? fortæl mig om det!

  • Thnx So much JJ!

  • DCaragher

    GV – Good to see the Aussie's shining! I do think Aussie wines get a back wrap, as some of them are over the top fruit bomb droppers! I was siked to see the Smith & Shaw wine as I've read a ton about it in Decanter! Good show my man…

    QOTD: Ain't nothing holding you back, but yourself! REAL TALK!

  • Phredd3

    QOTD: GVaDN. <emoticon>

  • Allan

    Thnx V

  • mattgmann

    brevity is over rated, the dude minds

  • Allan

    “Close your eyes
    Have no fear
    The monsters gone
    he's on the run
    And your daddy's here…
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,
    Beautiful boy….”

  • Victor

    14:38 in – is that Al Pacino doing the “jam” voiceover? too funny.
    Gary, Mott and the whole WLTV team, I thank you for your shoutout to my niece Raissa ! Thanks – I miss her and will be seeing her soon and sharing some wine(s).
    What's holding you back? Well considering your success and passion I'd say nothing…
    Try not to over analyze, go with your gut. Maybe a break from the spoiled grape juice to other beverages – beer, root beer, liqueurs… Keep up the effort. Too bad I can't get the Giaconda shiraz up here – I'll have to ask vacationing friends to seek and mule some up here to try.
    thanks again

  • theDude

    theDude abides!!

  • PaulC

    Cos d'Estournel 2009.

    You're going to need a bigger boat.

  • QOTD: you've been questioning the aussies a bit for some time, yet moving towards a fruit bomb palate…you went down under and made a bunch of mea culpas because you saw the light of the southern cross…now you are back shaking off the lag, and from the comfort of your own thunder chair, maybe are falling back into the position that questions the aussies?

  • 1kailuaboy

    Great Question, made me write in. Your palate has changed, or is changing. IMHO, sometime/or with some people change is necessary or just happens even though what they have may be good (look at Tiger Woods).

  • Clacker

    Nice to see some good Aussie wines but baffled that a 10 year old white (Sauv Based!) was selected. That was a cracking wine on release but probably not made to drink after 10 years. Yarra is all about brilliant minerally, textural chardonnay….”Burnt vomit” did make me laugh though. Some of the older Clare or Eden Valley Rieslings might have been better….they'll go on forever. Nice to see some balance shiraz from down under rather than the Parkerized “dry port” crap that has done the rounds for the last few years. Great Ep – well done GV.

  • jsums

    Not so hot on the vomit wine, but interesting picks nonetheless. I do know what you're talking about, though. I had a really cheap '05 Bordeaux that totally had a distinct vomit note coming off of it…the sink had to drink that one. Didn't even want to use that for cooking. QOTD – Sometimes, a wine just doesn't have “it”…that indescribable intangible that makes you go nuts for it. Think about Sanchez. I believe he has “it”, and that's why the Jets made the right move. Or, on the other hand, Ryan Leaf apparently did not have “it”.

  • boomy13

    Piss-nut…? Well thats why we love ya G. Perhaps the wine was missing a delicious factor?

  • DAveAll

    Good show, like to get all nerdy about the smells and tastes.

    QOTD: what's holding you back? You have grown so much – you are afraid you'll mis-step. When you are starting out – there is no problem with mistakes, but now… you have dozens of folks following this blog (snicker) and on the edge of replacing Jay Leno – so you become cautious.
    hey, you're doing great. holding back at times is a sign you are not conceded. much. yet. snicker.

  • Rodolfo Chaves

    Good episode one mor time, showing de true about wine, I like Triolet with escore more big. Grey good sugestion the tasting, talk about Madeira Wines in other show… good look to somebody.

  • dariakushmelyn

    QOTD (like this one, it's … metaphysical): I don't know what's holding you back, Gary. But you know what? You know yourself really well. Eg. that comment about if you were a Master of Wine what a douchebag you'd be. You're so refreshingly candid and comfortable with your own true self. I would venture to guess that what might be holding you back is that X factor, like in love. A girl may have verything you're looking for, all the fine qualities, but you just do not fall in love with her. WHO KNOWS what that necessary spark is? Who cares? It's unbeatable when you find it.

    Daria K of Toronto

  • dariakushmelyn

    No, no, no, Gary is not cautious! He's spontaneity itself. But he does care what the severer critics say to/about him, like there's an underlying insecurity in him. As in Eleanor Roosevelt's comment re: nobody can make you feel bad about yourself without your consent. Completely unnecessary, Gary. Your humility is touching, but completely unnecessary. Anyway, Dave, that's my take on it.



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