EP 844 Fair and Balanced- Australian Wine Tasting

After Gary’s recent trip to Australia, he wants to break the stereotype that all Aussie wines are fruit bombs. He tries 3 wines from classic Australian producers.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2000 Mount Mary TrioletSouth Australia White Meritage
2006 Shaw And Smith ShirazAustralian Shiraz/Syrah
2004 Giaconda Shiraz Warner Vineyard VictoriaAustralian Shiraz/Syrah

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘There’s a hint of burnt vomit on the nose’ and ‘can you imagine if I was a master of wine, I’d be the biggest douche bag ever’

Good, funny, informative episode

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  • DAveAll

    another good possibility, Daria. thanks for reading my post either way.

  • Just Jack

    I think perhaps Elizabeth “Little Bear” Vaynerchuk might wish to accompany GV on that particular sojourn.

  • zrm

    QOD: the bastardization of your palate by the oak monster and butter bandit

  • johnboston

    qotd – she's got the velvet going on, but you want a little sting from her whip as well ;]

  • Thomas_DK

    det kan være den skal prøves også. har kun prøvet juveniles og woodcutters shiraz.
    Nugan laver meget ligegyldigt men deres estate McLaren Vale er et super glas til en hund.
    har du smagt torbrecks andre vine, eller evt andre du kan anbefale?

  • Allan

    Jeg har smagt samtlige Torbreck vine, pånær Les Amis. Næste skridt for dig kunne evt. være at prøve The Steading, ren rhone blanding. ca. 280,- ved hjhansen. Evt. The Struie som er ren Shiraz, men så er du over 300,- Begge vine er toppen af poppen. Runrig er for dyr, efter min mening, og skal have mindst 10 – 15 år på langs. Factor & Descendant er vist nok på bud i øjeblikket til ca 600,-

    Shaw & Smith M3 Chardonnay koster omkring 200,-

    Vi tales ved

  • FtD

    QOTD….. what's missing? maybe a sprinkle of chicken shit….. maybe it's got made in australia label instead of france which got your brain confused

  • Thomas_DK

    de er på min liste over flasker der skal prøves. Shaw & Smith shiraz kommer først hjem igen den første, måtte starte med at “nøjes” med charden, glæder mig til at smage den.
    vi snakkes

  • PurpleGrillz

    The whisper thing was nice and creepy! great show, looking forward to trying the shaw and smith. Did you try The Steading at Terroir GV? I notice its in the shop now after your episode there. Went awesome with the sage and lamb merguez there.

    You didn't go 95 because of the length.

  • mattrogers

    Yes, burnt vomit. Hmm. Why not: ” a burnt rope dipped in butyric acid” as my HS chemistry teacher might have uttered.
    QOTD: Easy. You got bushwacked by the disjointed contrast of bombastic nose to vegetal palate. It was missing Congruence.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd: Are all these flavors in harmony with each other? Not is it balanced, but are they in harmony?

  • jayhitek

    QOTD: Blame the White Man Gary! The white man is holding you back!

  • jenna35

    qotd:jet lag!

    Great energy, Gary!

  • Piss nut? I am using that one for sure.
    Question For Gary (QFG) – If I visit Australia (and I realllly want to), what is something to do, or somewhere to go, that is a MUST??

  • Pat__B

    Don't be upset that you didn't get to go surfing. It's not the wines fault.

  • BigTR

    GV, I'm not sure you accomplished your mission of convincing the old world lovers like me to give the Aussies another try. $28 is reasonable for a well made wine but not everyday. I am looking forward to the sea of under $15 petit chateau from vint 2009 Bordeaux like the ones I enjoyed so much from '05. Does that kind of PQR exist is in Aussie or American Wine for that matter? I think you're just still kinda Jazzed from a great trip down under. Cheers, Mate.

  • binarycache

    QOTD – It's missing the Oak and Butter that you soo now love?

  • FtD

    so wide quesiton….. ayres rock, great barrier reef (when they finish cleaning up oil spill), great ocean road, harbour bridge climb……

  • Great show Gary! You've got Mount Mary listed as South Australiain the “Wines tasted in this episode:” section. Should be Victoria / Yarra Valley.

    Good idea to bring the Aussie Rules football in as well. Did you notice that Aussies spend most of the game kicking the ball with their feet unlike American football which is more like handball. And the Aussies don't seem to need all the protective gear either. Are American football players soft?

  • ewb

    Keep it up Gary. I want to see 100 point scores out of you Gary if it hits your palate spot on. It's your show.

  • Juan

    QOTD: It´s the Price…

  • QOTD: Price lurking in the back of your head?

  • Mike in C-town

    Agree on the price theory

  • GFish

    Good to see you showcasing Aussie wines that are not bombastic fruit bombs.

    QOTD – Perhaps your palate has shifted a little and that is holding you back. Perhaps there is an element of savoriness that makes your mouth water a little that is missing. Perhaps it doesn't have a Jets logo therefore how can it truely be top notch stuff.


    PS – GO JETS !!!!!

  • chukheadted

    you are holding back because it likes excitement, x-factor. brown bags RULEEE

  • teckdeck2008

    wow i need to try more australian wines.
    qotd: i don't know what it is but i know the feeling. in wine, life, dating…everything really, at some or another something will seem like it should be so right but it doesn't click. it always gets better though 🙂

  • JiminAtlanta

    I understand why you don't want to rate wines too high. I have tried some highly rated wines and thought they were good, but not that much better than other much less expensive wines. Maybe you try enough wines to know the difference, but I have trouble differentiating very good wines from outstanding wines and don't want to pay the price for what I consider to be a small difference in taste.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Just catching up with last week's episodes. I also understand why you didn't go that high on the rating. A 95 is major in the range of greatest wines ever. To get that type of rating you should have few if any reservations about a wine. You did. At the price point, it should totally kill for the rating.

  • redrover87

    Question of the day: its one of those things you can't sense until some-one points it out.
    I would equate it with meeting a beautiful woman liking everything about her you can name, but having something hold you back. Then your friend tells you something small like her fingernails are grubby and beat up and it clicks. Its the same way people spot forgeries, but can't explain how they know. Its the reason you don't wear white socks with a suit, no matter how good everything else looks the tiny detail will hold you back. Good and great are a very fine line. Not every wine can be great. I think you were correct with the 91 points go with you gut; its what we like about you.

  • Hey Gary

    Great show, I'm loving it. AND I'M LOVING SEEING THAT AUSSIES RULES FOOTY!!!!!! Good to see you'er finally stepping away from the Barossa Shiraz – who in Australia drinks Barossa Shiraz these days anyway? Only 90pts for the Shaw and Smith? It's one of my very favourite wines and even in Hong Kong's international market I think it offers a very good quaility to price ratio. Mt Mary = awesome and founded by the original, old school, cool dude. Beechworth where Giaconda is from probably has the highest ratio of top quaility wineries in any wine region in Australia. Good to see you tried to Victoria wines as well – this is the state were the real interest and excitment happens in Australia.

    QOTD: ? Nothing should be? Price?

    Cheers and awesome show


  • JayZee13

    Good to have you back, GV. Nice show. I felt the energy today that was missing in some recent shows so maybe you needed a little break. Anyway, the last two wines intrigued me quite a bit.

    QOTD: Oh, I don't know – maybe you're just being a jerk? 😉

  • Nik_B

    Solid show – I've a big fan of Shaw & Smith.

  • ummright!

    QOTD you have that need for a fruit bomb and that was what you really wanted! Maybe you should taste a Chinon again. You just might hate them now

  • zanne_70

    QOTD: Palette evolution! Happens to us all and you've even been talking about it a lot recently with your increased appreciation of oak-y wines (though not the Monster of course). I have noticed that my own palette goes through different periods – sometimes I'm more in the mood for racy acidity and sometimes more fruit-driven and in your face. Just the way it is…

  • Triz


  • kk

    that'd be 'palate' #pedantry

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  • Anonymous

    Either my palete has changed the last couple yrs or most Ausi Shiraz’s are just way over done, used to enjoy them very much, so was interesting that these were not over the top. http://www.winelx.com

  • So glad Gary talked about wines that aren’t big “fruit bombs.” Coincidentally, I happened to be tasting my way across four wine regions in OZ at about the same time he was there, and tasted lots of fantastic stuff that just doesn’t make it here, particularly cabs from Coonawarra, Panthaway and Margaret River.

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘There’s a hint of burnt vomit on the nose’ and ‘can you imagine if I was a master of wine, I’d be the biggest douche bag ever’

    Good, funny, informative episode


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