EP 846 Brown Bag Challenge – Pinot Noir

Gary continues on this brown bag blind tasting week with 2 Pinot Noirs.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Domaine Parent Bourgogne RougeBourgogne Rouge
2006 Andre Neveu Sancerre Rouge Le Grand FricambaultSancerre Rouge

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  • cliffordjames

    You are in SUCH a weird mood today Gary! Great show though, as usual. Love the sheep-butt aroma myself! Good call on those 2 wines. QOTD: Gardening and drinking, in any order I see fit.

  • Allan

    Say it with me…..

    Brown bags on the couch!

    Brown bags on the couch!!

    Brown bags on the couch!!!

  • Carmenere, Cab Sauvignon, and malbec.. about 480 lbs in total…I just double checked the order becasue Christian M. had asked the same….oh and a 6 gal pail of Sauvignon Blanc!

  • Just Jack

    Or Durian fruit.

  • Sustainable_Vine

    QOTD – Doing Wine Tours in the Sta. Rita Hills…

  • cellarrat5

    I don't know if I could contain myself… nahhhh its not, nay, it CANT happen… or can it!??????

  • cellarrat5

    Like your name. Sustainability is the future, or at least it should be.

  • cellarrat5

    Welcome to the weird wacky world of WLTV. You, with a little bit of us, we are changing the comment world; wether Gary likes it, or not.

  • was not aware that sancerre made pinot… interesting.

    QOTD: Going to lounge home drink my wine from the monthly wine club. might throw in some rock climbing since it'll be raining

  • Kathy Hughes

    Daughter-in-law and son coming to Naples for the weekend…dinner at Capital Grille with bubbly….looking very forward. Happy Weekend ALL, Naples Kathy aka CHampagne Lady

  • jimchem

    QOTD: We are having an Australian Cab tasting for 60 or our closest friends.

  • marygriffith

    lol! a little horse manure and sweat! I am not a huge fan of pinot wine but was currous about your evaluation about the wines so i tried that bottle. you are the man!

  • Brown bags on the couch!!!

  • castello

    Playing tennis, buying a newer RV and drinking some godamn wine!

  • rambler289

    Going home to visit the fam and for a few birthdays, hopefully good weather in Seattle

  • davidbehm

    Weekend Plans – Karate class.
    Some blogging – http://www.blog.davidbehm.com
    Maybe work on some new t-shirt designs,
    …..but the big plan is to organize the basement and garage!
    It's a big task, but it's time to start some of that ole spring cleaning!
    Have a good weekend Gary!

  • Allan

    Sippin' some '05 Pommard, listening to Sinatra's “Only The Lonely” album. Magic!

  • rieslingrich

    Going to San Diego for my brother in laws 60th B-Day
    Gift will be 2005 Clos Apalta, spectators wine of the year!
    Also of coarse starting with a German Riesling!!!

  • mattgmann

    I still have no weekend wine plans. I'm supposed to attend a cookout tomorrow evening, so I'll probably pick up a cheap toscano for me, and a muscato for the chick's house we're going to. She only likes “sweet wine”, and normally has a few jugs of Ohio Catawba muscat paint thinner sitting out for public consumption.

  • mattgmann

    Also just realized that it's youth turkey season this weekend in Ohio. Going to have to dig out some orange caps. The area where I was planning to look for some shrooms is on state property, and though miles from the closest access, I'd rather not surprise an 11 year old kid with a shotgun.

  • Just Jack


  • Michael C in MKE

    QOTD: Gallery Night. Going to be making some art in front of a crowd.

  • mattgmann


  • Just Jack

    Oh man you are one lucky bastard to live in Morel country. I am originally from the upper peninsula of MI and had no idea how lucky I was to be able to eat grocery sacks full of them when I was a kid. I saw them in Von's out here in Vegas last season. They were “only” $80/pound and they were in terrible shape. I only bought a quarter pound. As far as I am concerned Morels may be simply the greatest thing G*d has done for mankind…ever. (next to that creation thing and inventing sex – so I correct myself. Morels are the third greatest thing he has ever done.)

  • ron westlund

    come on Gary – ๐Ÿ™‚ a fairly lame show overall. i guess the earthiness and “truckdriver armpit” “sheepbutt” descriptors were worthy of my time today. but seriously, why not pick french pinot from more obvious regions. I have never purchased and pinot from sancere. pinot at that price point is tricky. but thanks~~ time for gamay….come on Gary…a great chilled summer wine with lightly grilled food. be well. ron

  • NIB

    Wow that was a double strike out, and I had such high expectations when I heard sheeps butt. By the way how do you know what sheeps butt smells like……wait don't answer that lol.

    QOTD:Hummm probably do some studying, throw down on some BBQ ribs, and pop a bottle of 2003 Chryseia.

  • mattgmann

    IMO they are the best shroom on the planet. I didn't hunt for them last year, but ended up with a fair amount found while trout fishing. They dry wonderfully as well. You can find them here in markets for about $40/lb. Most of the local restaurants snatch them up though, so you have to be there when they open if you really want them.

    Aside from morels, I find tons of wild chanterelles. They're quite common and it seems that nobody picks them.

    My newest discovery you might not believe though. Last year I was helping a lady till up a garden on her property. The back end terminated into a great big old hickory tree. I reached down to pick up a stone, but it wasn't a stone. Truffles. I shit you not. I've been trying to research and find if there are indigenous truffles here, and have found a few scattered reports, but the proof is in the pudding. I ended up unearthing about a dozen of them, most larger than a golf ball. I was skeptical at first. I took them home and cleaned them off and dug the truffle shaver (that had never been used) from the box of useless kitchen utensils. They were the real deal. They were a little different than the black truffles I'm used to. More of a mocha color, but the flavor was rich and intense. I ended up keeping a few, gifting a few, and selling a few. I offered them back to the lady, but she didn't know what they were or what to do with them. So I've offered to help her with her garden this year. Hopefully at the end of the year I might find a few more.

  • RaffiAA

    QOTD: Looks like one of those free weekend for me where I'll most likely tap into some of the wines I've been saving…I recently acquired a Beckmen, Sauvignon Blanc 1998….sounds crazy, and it's from one of their early experiments before they focused on rhone style varietals/blends. They don't even grow this grape anymore, but I'm looking forward to try an aged sav blanc…it sounds like it will be bad, like old lobster and lawn mower cuttings with a hint of oxidized lemons! Gary have you tried a vintage sav blanc, and from California since we're at it?

  • Just Jack

    Wow – Ohio truffles. What a huge discovery that would be if it turned out there were lots of them. As a MI Wolverine alumni, I am supposed to say I wouldn't eat them on a bet because they came out of OH soil. But I love truffles even more than I hate OH State so bring em on. I think I would be checking out any area that is remotely similar to that lady's garden. You know how it is finding Morels, it can take forever to find the first one but once you have they start showing up everywhere. Maybe there is a stand of hickory just behind her lot or something that is loaded with them. You need to get yourself a pig.

  • QOTD: Not a thing. Oh wait, Chefs Collaborative meeting in Providence on Sunday.

  • Paul

    On aime bien les bourgognes mais les bordeaux 2009 . . . il faut les gouter . . .

  • Allan

    Oui Oui! La vie en rose!!!????? ; )


  • Allan

    “Hey, drink up you happy people….”

  • Bummer wines… have K-Murph throw in some Sta. Rita Hills PN next time… THAT will be a GREAT show…

    QOTD: Doing my G&G Wine Club Saturday… can't WAIT!!

  • DaveAll

    I too have wondered for all the episodes – what he does with the opened wine bottles? Guess that is why his dad does rare visits, just too busy finishing the opened bottles. hahahaha.

  • DominicSIcotte

    Paul tu as absolument raison!!! ร‡a regarde trรจs bien!!

  • pawncop

    Good episode, still enjoy this concept. Glad to see you on target.

    QOTD – Have Friday off, will take the wife out for an evening of fun, then back to the grind on Saturday and Sunday.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd : working

  • LOVE The Barry Horowitz

    RE: QOTD… Negotiating on a new house. Just gave them our final offer so we'll see if it's a good Champagne drinking weekend or not so good and wine drinking weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Ive been away and you didnt even notice!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    QOTD: Im starting a ZUMBA class! I cant wait!! So very excited!! And checking out a new Wine Bar with some new friends…to try new wines… Its a weekend of firsts!

    Hope all is well with you, Lizzie & precious Misha!

  • Randall

    I wish I could find Founders here in Sactown, but alas…
    And yes, it’s expensive, but a really good bottle of world class beer is $15 to $30 dollars as compared to $50 and up for good wines (I am admittedly a Pinot fan and have been for many years). So please don’t fall into the marketing blitz that is PBR these days. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yeah, good to hear from another knowledgable fan of BALANCED hoppy beers. Hoppy beers may not be my favorite (That would be Belgians of all stripes) but being the beer/wine slut that I am, I do loves me some WC Barleywines and IPAs!!
    Searching for Founders… wait for it…


    OK..you DID notice! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I <3 Gary

  • DAveAll

    OK, I'm never first – but I have a life. snicker. chuckle. haha.

    So….? Gary, what was in the glass you had to dump out at first and then lick the edge? Doing the hard stuff prior to the show? hahaha.

    Good good show.
    Qotd: tending 5000 vines, and bottling 200 gallons of finished wine. That takes up my whole weekend. phew.

  • Richie


  • CtWalt

    Stuck working all weekend ๐Ÿ™

  • JiminAtlanta

    I think many if not most pinots from France are just OK for the price. The good ones are much too expensive for me. I had a nice dinner last night to celebrate a friend's birthday. We had a good Zin from Napa (her favorite wine varietal). Otherwise it should be a pretty quiet weekend watching Gary V.

  • Phil G

    Visiting girlfriend, get some stuff done, rainy and grey out.

  • Don Simpson

    Never had a Sancerre Pinor Noir, looks like I'll stick to their Sauv Blanc!

    QOTD: My cousin was visiting from Boston so we threw some steaks on the grill, drank a Savennieres and Vacqueras, and hit up the bars. Hadn't played pool in a couple years and had a strong to quite strong showing.

    LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!

  • redrider21

    Plans are to watch some playoff basketball and sadly finish off a less than thrilling Chinon I opened last night. But I do love some CHINON! Just not this poor effort that came highly recommended. ๐Ÿ™


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