EP 846 Brown Bag Challenge – Pinot Noir

Gary continues on this brown bag blind tasting week with 2 Pinot Noirs.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Domaine Parent Bourgogne RougeBourgogne Rouge
2006 Andre Neveu Sancerre Rouge Le Grand FricambaultSancerre Rouge

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  • gfish

    I bet that $20 Burgundy is better then a lot of $40+ California Pinots and some Oregon pinots.

    QOTD – This weekend, spring cleaning, downloading apps to my new iPhone and a good wine (maybe a sparkler?). I am looking forward to the 2008 Oregon pinots and 2008 white bugundies & chablis so maybe something to whet my whistle …

  • lawschooldrunk

    Heck yeah!

  • WesMcAllister

    Ok hold on a sec. Do they still make Tahiti Treat? Like the red colored pop?

  • cool episode, very tricky
    QOTD: this weekend is study time. do some final exams, watch some hockey. maybe go skateboarding or biking

  • KVM1985


    QOTD: Work work work. I am not complaining because having a job is wonderful.

  • I loved the descriptions you gave for the Sancerre….I can't stop laughing. You are the MAN G.

  • Pat__B

    QOTD: Do some volunteering then go beer exploring with friends.

  • Bredsun

    QOTD: work on my senior project and RAGE!!!

    I'm not a huge pinot fan in general…so meh

    Love the Johnny Cash reference shirt…classic

  • mattgmann

    85 point wines don't scare me away if I like the flavor profile on paper. I will certainly buy a wine because others scored it high, but if the value is right, and it's from a producer/importer/region I respect, a low score won't necessarily scare me away. Like if RP gives a tempranillo a 93 I know I'll probably give it an 88-89. But on the opposite end, if he gives a CDR an 83, and it costs $7, it might be and 88-89 in my mouth. Ratings are a nice guide, but there's nothing wrong with liking what you like. There's a good reason there are so many different wines.

  • Good show as always Gary!!!!!!!
    QOTD: Playing in the 250K Guaranteed No Limit Hold'em Event at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. I plan on winning it!!!!!!

  • mattgmann

    more like braunschweiger in my estimation

  • Anonymous

    It actually not bad, when you compare it to Coors Light, which had been my favorite (I know, Just as bad). Fact it, I’m a wine drinker – not a beer drinker. But I love a cold one, that doesn’t put on a lot of calories, after a workout.

  • Not really a huge fan of Pinot Noir, but I am starting to get a lot of New Zealand pinots, and I am starting to like them… I am just not into them as many people seem to be (probably because of sideways…)

    QOTD… I think Ill blend some wine…

  • jsums

    At least they weren't expensive as all get out. I've had some $50-$60 red Burgundy that has seriously sucked. I'm liking a lot of the NZ PN plays right now… QOTD – Hitting I Trulli for some killier Italian dinner on Friday and then generally just chillin on Saturday and catching more of The Pacific and Treme on Sunday night. You seen those shows, GV? Both really good.

  • jsums

    Get out to the North Fork while on LI for some wine tasting action in between work if you can. A lot of the producers out there are really starting to come into their own right now. I highly recommend Shinn, Bedell, Pellegrini, Lieb, and Lenz. Oh, and the North Fork Table costs a pretty penny, but it's one of the best restaurants I've EVER enjoyed. Have fun!

  • it's up there. definitely great!

  • BigTR

    As this latest wine Fad plays itself out there will no doubt be a backlash over the sea of over priced poorly made Black Pine cone wine worldwide. It may be only a matter of time til a line form a pop culture movie might be “I'll go in but there better not be any F*#$@&g Pinot!”

  • Victor

    my “weekend” starts when I get off work Monday @ 0630 and will be a nap and supper
    at family/friends Tues & Wed nights. What should we cook up? Any suggestions?

  • Oakmon’s BF

    I didn?t care for it. This guy, who has a full time job, steals money from his elderly mother for his vacation. What?s up with that? The only part I liked was when Lowell (character name from Wings) drove the car into a tree to explain his injuries.

  • John Hanna

    Getting ready to plant some grape vines this weekend

  • do you have a crystal ball . i love the sugary mix hi-c and ive been drinking it . love your new shirt in this episode…. the description and adjectives were bloody cool. thanks for everything ……… this weekend im going to ?????????????? what should i do??? watch kojak reruns and try to heal….drink some wine maybe????? love lucy

  • Anonymous

    It’s currently made by Dr. Pepper/7-UP & is widely available in the Columbus, OH market, although according to trusted Wikipedia it’s becoming more difficult to find in many areas.

  • YoungDave

    QOTD: COINCIDENTALLY enough, this Sunday I will be doing a monthly blind tasting at a friend's house, and this month's theme is PINOT NOIR!! This episode couldn't have come at a better time, and maybe I will have to play this at the tasting and possibly recruit some new Vayniacs…

  • wesleymcallister

    QOTD: well this is going to be the most exciting weekend of all time. I plan on studying finance, woot. Then I am going to work on my new company a bit. http://www.calgarywineschool.com Need to redo a few things on the Website and set up a couple other social network platforms.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho

  • yeah, you folks out that way get a lot more heating degree units than we do, and you get a head start on them. We got some rain last night, but it has been dry here too.
    Good luck with the hunt. I found our patch the first year we lived in this place, when I was mowing to clear the donkey’s electric fence, and saw a Morel top come floating out on the stream of mulch…I probably shut the mower down faster than if my leg was in it.

  • joakimhirschberg

    Havin a bbq with friends and try to do some study side by side for my WSET advanced test on monday. Sweden during the spring is absolutely amazing. LOVE IT!

  • Just Jack

    Let see. Your hubby goes fishing on your anniversary and the joint you had gift a certificate for burned down. This is not good luck at all.

    If I were to go fishing on my anniversary I would have been in the restaurant while it was burning – tied to a chair in the basement.

  • nitaT

    Tonight I am going to Thames River Wine and Spirits – I love going to new wine stores and then out to dinner. Tomorrow I am doing a wine tasting at a great wine store in CT.

  • QOTD: Continuing our backbreaking landscaping, oh joy.

    Quality Web Design
    Online Marketing
    Affordable Prices

  • Anonymous

    Nice, glad to hear those are coming in soon. Which varietal are those?

  • Anonymous

    He is Nietzsche incarnated as a Vayniac! Minus the sleeping with his sister part. And hopefully a little more up beat.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone has (except us, thanks a lot GV ;)!!), its juts a matter of time until Merlot makes its out of its market hole.

  • Anonymous

    If there was a dislike button, I would click it.

  • Anonymous

    JUUUUUUUSSSTTTT CHHIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN!! About to poor some vino for a bunch of peeps, big group today (for our modest tasting room)

  • Anonymous

    Not the gigantic prehistoric tusked mammal I take it, enlighten my ignorant brain please!

  • PurpleGrillz

    Hilarious face at 6:50 weekend plans equal meeting with potential solar customers and birthday party for a friend. Probably some chainsaw too.

  • aeggert

    Disappointing on the Pinots? I?m always looking for a new one to try and I guess I?ll wait for the next show to find one.

    QOTD: I am going to an almond themed dinner party at a friend?s house Saturday night. Otherwise my free time is devoted to studying for a professional exam that I have coming up in May. Though, I will probably try to work in some wine drinking there too.

  • Anonymous

    I see one in the 45 bone neighborhood. Is that gonna rock my hizzy??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • K is for Kate

    I am still waiting to find a Pinot that really does it for me, but it sounds like it probably wouldn't be either of those.

    QOTD: This weekend is the Wisconsin Film Festival! My friends and I look forward to it every year and will be watching many movies. Also going to a wine tasting at a local store tonight if my cold is cleared up enough that I can smell.

  • QOTD: Gardening and golf.

  • Anonymous

    What exactly does “beer exploring” mean? Thank you for volunteering!

  • Karl

    Disgruntled Gary. Wedding tomorrow

  • mob515

    Golf, coaching soccer. Looking for a little help, if I want to start dipping into Burgandy, in what appelations (sp?) should I start?

  • Ben

    Gary, did you see your boy yevs vatelot on pardonthatvine? Pretty solid interview. They talk about Balthus.

  • Thursday

    : Typically I am fairly restrained in my expenditure on wine… always focusing on the QPR. However, Sunday will be the antithesis. We have several bottles that we are preemptively striking, for fear of age… then for good measure and the guarantee of enjoyment we are sprinkling in five or six Giuseppe Quintarelli legends! Assuming I bode fairly abstemious, I will post my tasting notes on Cork'd.

  • acassis

    Hi-C was the best! Fruit Punch and Ecto Cooler!

  • nice!

  • Brown bag love. Truck driver armpit…classic. Had some Pinot the other day at a restaurant, and it had that same great color, though it was a little disappointing. Probably also in the 85 point area.

    QOTD: Today, some fellow MBA candidates and I are teaching financial literacy to high school students. Otherwise doing lots of work and school work with a break to go to a Bengali cultural event hosted by some of classmates tomorrow. Likely beer on Saturday, with wine tonight and Sunday.

  • jason carey

    Maybe it would be better to rate wines like this then:
    anything over good is drinkable.
    because like i said if we are going to use the standards most people use the 100 pt system
    and 85 pt wine is considered good.. however you rate it 86 and call it bad.. if its bad, you should rate it lower.. I understand your 88 pt limit and especially with 20 dollar wine, but for everday drinking, most people drink those 85-87 pt wines at good prices


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