EP 849 Cult Vines Wine Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Mike Cochran, the owner of Cult Vines, to taste his wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Cult Vines Roussanne
2007 Cult Vines Cabernet Sauvignon

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luca bercelli


Gary did a very good job being nice to this guest when all he really wanted to do was pan the wines and the price points. The extra minute tagged on to the end of the episode where GV tells us what he really thinks is a bit sneaky but great nevertheless. I clicked on the link to the twitter page and the last posting was 20th Feb 2011. Go figure

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  • I'm absolutely 100% agree that every guest (except for your Dad) must bring a gift for us, and may be throw in the question of the day to win it, if is a wine maker and you score the wine above 90 he can give away a bottle 🙂

  • WOAH!!!!! Just watched the post-game after reading some of the comments and realized there was more to the show!!! Yes, yes, yes. I absolutely love the idea of a post-game! My previous comment of not loving the show is completely changed up after viewing the last 30 seconds!!!

  • GFish

    GV – Like the show and the comments at the end but I can understand how a guest might feel upset by it (fakey fake, say it to my face, etc.). You are walking a tight line between 'calling it as you see it' vs. trying to be professional and even nice but have the courage of your convictions.

    QOTD 1 – I think it is a mistake to require guests provide specials. Some guests are good just at being themselves, not as salesmen. Keep it real and let them be themselves. Also, it can be seen as proof of you not being fair/balanced/objective and having a (not so) hidden agenda. In addition I think you'll take heat in the industry.

    QOTD 2 – I'd try it if offered but I don't feel the need to pony up my own legal tender.

    PS – Peace and Jets!

  • mattgmann

    Ha! someone finally recognized the avatar.

  • This was really interesting. It's good to know that I can start my own label someday if I feel inspired to do so 😉

    As to the QOTD – I'd say it would be a great thing to 'suggest' to folks who come on, but I think it is a bad move to 'require' it. I think we're all giddy about getting great deals, but something doesn't feel right about requiring it. Cheers

  • divyamistry

    You little me me.. and done! Haah.. love it!

    QOTD1: Don't require the guests for any specials. There have been so many fun people on the show who didn't share anything but joy and some knowledge. I'm game for that! Now of course, if they want to do some deals, by all means let them do that. You have created such a good platform, might as well let others benefit from it. Like I learned as a kid, why make gajillion dollars if you aren't going to share 🙂

    QOTD: How much wine do I want? Not much. Just enough to feed my family, friends, and myself for as long as I want, and as much as I want 😉

  • Just Jack

    Check out my avatar on myspace:


    we should get GV to have the boys on the show. Anybody who can teach Corey and Trevor how to tell the petrol grades apart would have no problem with a double blind tasting:

    “What, are you stupid? You f****n' taste it. Unleaded tastes a little tangy. Supreme is kinda sour, and diesel tastes pretty good”

  • binarycache

    QOTD 1 – I love free stuff as much as anyone. I got a poster and will purchase some of their wine in the future because they were cool enough to send me a poster. I think to require as a pre-requisite to be on your show seems a little tacky. I would rather believe that the guest would offer a gift because they are thoughtful not required or forced to do so.

  • Just Jack

    Six million, four hundred and sixty three thousand, nine hundred and twelve thumbs up for the post game show!!! I think it is the best innovation you have had on the show in a long long time.

    One thumb up and one thumb down for the guest. Up because he seems like a nice guy, down because he doesn't “get it” when it comes to the show at all. He is simply a pitchman. I think that Crushpad is right up there with the WonderBra as one of the greatest ideas ever. I just don't think that this guy's model is exactly what Michael Brill had in mind.

  • domdevito


  • Anonymous

    That might be one of the conditions for a state to be called ‘socialist’, but it couldn’t possibly stand alone. I definately don’t want to have a politictal debate either, and I sincerely appreciate that you are trying to be respectful to views different from your own. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I suppose I am simply fed up with the use of this term in american politics in general, hence the reaction. Have a nice weekend.

  • MattE

    QOTD: I appreciate the occasional free give away, but I don't think that it should be a prerequisite for guests to come on the the show. I love the content and the honesty that you bring and I don't want it turned into a circus barker…

    Guest QOTD: peaked my interest in crushpad, maybe I'll be making 50 cases…

  • TA

    Being an Oak fan it is good to hear you also have the Delicious factor from one who is not an oak fan. Look forward to more info and learning about both Gary's book and Mikes Cab

  • seb10

    Hi !

    To be honest,leave the offers and winemakers who come to promote. Not interested. Let them come to Cinderella. I love the fact you have created a marketing tool that consists of no obvious marketing. Let's taste wines in you freezone
    Love Seb

  • Jeff_RockyRiver

    QTD (from Gary): I would NOT make gifts or promo's a prerequisite for coming on the show. It's fine if some places happen to bring something, but by no means would I make it a requirement. I hope you don't go that route, it's too much of a turnoff for me.

    QTD #2 (from guest): How much of your wine do I want? None. Zip. Nada. Sorry to be so terse and forthright. However, I'm getting slammed with emails for unique offers of all sorts – from free shipping, to dramatically discounted wines of tried and true producers and then this no-name comes forth setting these rediculous prices. Maybe 8 years ago, buddy. However, not nowadays. At least he was honest when he discussed his distribution channels and lack of anything concrete that he has witnessed. That market ($100+ wines) is a very dry, dry market. What's left is probably sticking to the tried and true famous names. Here's hoping he comes down to reality or else he will be drinking it all up himself.

    Finally, I very much enjoyed your final minute segment where you discuss your thoughts. That's great and very good for the viewer.

  • Eddie Brown

    You are turning into a used car sales Man…Enough stroking of the wine makers who milk Us with lame juice for a sale. Say what You meant loud and clear,…The wine is grossly over $$$ and tastes like an oak log. Done. Save some cash and buy a jug of Yellowtail.

  • YoungDave

    QOTD 1.) I like the idea of the guests bringing some kind of promotional offer, as I think both Vayniacs and the guests could benefit without compromising the integrity of the platform of the Thunder Show. However, I don't think that it should be a mandatory requirement for all guests- just to keep that sense of freedom for them and for the show.

    QOTD 2.) Hmmm. Not sure how to answer this. The wines are over-priced, which goes against the fundamental values in my wine exploration quest, so I guess my answer is none for me, thank you- especially as these oakier, more extracted, softer acid New World wines aren't quite my style lately. Cheers.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Good guest. I like the format of not reviewing the wines in front of them. You have to dance around their feelings too much when doing so.

    QOTD1: I think it would be a good option to let the guests know that they can do that, no matter if their trade is in wine or not. I do not believe that it should be mandatory though.

    QOTD2: Doesn't fit my budget.

  • eastcoastchris

    this guy is a brand owner, not a wine maker. I wonder how much it cost per bottle for him to make those 100 cases. Those prices are pretentious, and in this market just plain rediculous.

  • eastcoastchris

    rough calculations for 100 cases of high end red…
    4 Premium new French barrels: $1500 each….$6K total
    seriously good fruit: $7-8K/ton… a ton yielding enough to fill 2 barrels, i.e. $15K for fruit
    $21,000 / 1200 bottles = $17.50/bottle
    I'm sure the glass and the barrel room at Crushpad wasn't anywhere near the extortion that his markup is. What is he paying for that mediocre label, $20 a piece??!!
    what a profiteer… complete joke

  • lordsauvignon

    Love the new format for rating guests products. Gives a sense of honesty to it, even though we all know you tell it like it is, this way there won't be any question. Good move.
    The guest did seem a little preachy. Nice guy, but was promoting to much to really get into and enjoy the show. He seemed to still be “on the job” instead of just relaxing and kicking back some wine with Gary. I did like the angle of questioning you had, that at least gave some insight into how hard it can be with all the regulations out there.

    QOTD1: No, don't force promos on the show. I love getting cool stuff at discounted prices/free just like the next guy, but then you will be limiting the show and prevent some great and passionate people from getting on because you want them to discount stuff for us, it just seems like it would be a drag down. An idea to play around with yes, but to put in place, would do more harm then good.

    QOTD2: I want enough wine for myself and my family to be comfortable.

  • DrewM

    Love how Mike took his passion and made it real. Got the white on the GV wine club last year and really liked it.

    QOTD: If someone wants to toss out a promo code during the show, great…but don't make it a requirement.

  • Dcrem1

    The passion to do your own wine, I would love to have the seeds to jump from corporate America to the love of wine.
    Thanks you Gary for the gift of your love of the senses.

  • jsums

    Keep on keeping it real, GV. That's why we watch. Good show. Nice guy. But your honesty is the reason this show is a huge success. QOTD – Don't force promos. Slippery slope and all… QOTD2 – I'd buy a really good Rousanne/Marsanne for $30-$35 tops…IF it was REALLY good. I wouldn't shell out $30 for an OakMonstered Cab. Maybe $10-$20 at the most. I'm with you, GV. If the fruit is all smudged and smothered in oak, I'd just as soon take a bite out of a charred tree.

  • jjadamsfb

    QOTD Yes I think anyone willing to get free promotion, should give up a small promotion
    QOTD I am not ballin like that so 0, though the Roussanne does sound like a wine I would want to try

    Gary love the format, we can decode you, but getting the raw unfiltered opinion is always welcome and doing it after allows you to temper the enthusiasm of the guest.

  • jcrazy

    First qotd: terrible idea. Like “making love with a porcupine” bad idea.
    Second qotd: I want a lot.

  • drwino

    good guest, though he seemed maybe a little pressed to move the wine. hope that works out for him.

    QOTD 1: i don't think you are forcing them to give up anything by offering a promotion. It sems like it is more of a service you want to provide your viewers. They run promotions all the time. Also, they don't have to run the promotion for three months. A week, or even a couple of days may give them sales they would have never had without the promotion. Although they might lose out in the short term, if they are a quality wine, that one promotion may get them a multi-vintage consumer.

    QOTD 2: a lot.

  • chukheadted

    Absolutely not. Jancis Robinson–what is she going to offer? I'd die to see Parker on here–what would he offer? Christian Moieux–he does not need to offer anything.

    Requiring offers by guests is ridiculous! and P.S. I always would like to see scores–even with guests on the show–it is important for the guests and for us. Thank you.

  • I have had both of these wines more than once. My favorite is the Cab but both are excellent. Hat's off to the founder, Mike Cochran for following his passion. I'm a big fan of Cult Vine Wines!

  • Simon Robidas

    Don't make it a rule where guests need to bring offers!!!

    A free agent zone is best!

  • yankee22

    QOTD1: No, please. I don't want WLTV to be a sales/promo playground. Let it be, pure and simple.

    QOTD2: None. Seems like nice guy, but paying that much for a guy's hobby seems out of control. He's made a brand more than a wine. Wine to me is about farming not about paying $10,000 for a fieldtrip.

  • graiceo

    Mike is great and his wine is even better!!!

  • If you can buy To Kalon fruit for $7-8K/ton, please sign me up! PLEASE! Or better yet, point me to that $17 bottle of Paul Hobbs To Kalon cab, or any To Kalon Cabernet for that matter!.. Profiteer! LOL You need to stop eastcoastingit Chris and get out to the west coast! As for being sure about Crushpad, your comments also do not reflect how they do business, so I can assure you that you are wrong, dead wrong on all fronts. Personally, I wish I could make a $17 bottle of wine and make a penny or two, but it is not doable when making small lots from custom crush facilities, especially when buying from California's best vineyards. With that said, I think Franzia and YellowTail have what you're looking for, since they do make millions of barrels per year and through economies of scale, can offer you the swill you've obviously enjoy to drink. Cheers!

  • JayZee13

    Nice show and Mike seems like a great guy. The red wine intrigues me. I have to think about buying some. 30% off? Hmmm.

    QOTD: Well, I certainly like the offers that some of the guests have given us lately. I don't think that it should be a requirement, however.

  • eastcoastchris

    the swill I drink aside, why don't you tell us what To Kalon fruit runs? how much does the service of Crushpad cost? I didn't say that you were making a bottle for $17, you're just good at seeing what you want to see and skewing things your way. Break down the production cost numbers for us. I'm all ears with my chalice full of MD20/20 in hand.

  • How much margin is he making in that $49/$125 if he's giving everybody that watches this his big promotional event 30% off??? I loved how proud he was of all the oak treatment.

    Faky-Fake! 🙁

  • I really like the behind-the-winemaker's-back comment in the end!

  • teckdeck2008

    I loved the post game talk. And as for Mike, he seemed like a good salesman; but not the best winemaker. No offense, you really need both to make a good product. I just wonder if he should have a partner who focuses more on the winemaking/tasting.

    And is it just me, or does two years in french oak seem like a long ass time for any wine? I took wine a tour at messina hoff and they said their cabs are aged 18 months in french oak and that seemed high. I tried to ask how it compares to the business standard but they obviously didn't follow what I was saying…what n00bs lol.

    That and i hated the fact that the tour spokesperson wouldn't give one opinion on the wine. I literally asked 'Why do you think white wine should be chilled?' and all she said was 'its a personal opinion blah blah blah'. The assistant had to step in and still she just said don't over chill the wine and it will be fine. No wine nerd stuff at all. I've gotten spoiled by you. Anyways I digress.

    Qotd1: I really don't think there should have to be promos for a wine guest coming on. That's the main thing I like about the show, it can cover the business but its not the focus.

    Qotd2: A wine for every night would be good, but i would settle for one every week lol. oh and btw, for mike here, i think that big oak style is way over done, even if at times it taste good. I would go a bit easier on the oak treatment but i'm no wine expert. 🙂 do what you want.

  • ewb

    QOTD: Bring on the swagg!!!!!
    Love the P.S.
    Keep up the good work. I think you were being kind to the Roussane. You face never lies.

  • Mike is a really nice guy and extremely engaging on Twitter. Very glad you had him on the show.

  • Sleehrat

    I think you called it on the nose (and the palate) — meh wine at 2006 prices. I think this dude has NO concept of wine reality when it comes to pricing/product. Kinda like my taking my amateur songs and going out a booking a stadium tour.

    How did this guy get on your show, noble mon? How about booking a real winemaker like Reilly from Owen Roe? By the way — when are you getting your OR allocatoin — I just finished my last bottle of '05 Cab Franc.

  • jayhitek

    QOTD: None. Too much money.

  • Weston3220

    Good Show

    qotd1: Only if it applies to Canadians

    qotd2: a case

  • Mike in C-town

    Lively show.
    QOTD1: Love the idea of added benefit, but let the guests step up on their own
    QOTD: too rich for me

  • Cool video–I am making Crushpad wine now as well. I don't care what the market is, I am going to make a ace #1 wine (at least for my palate). BTW 100% French oak can be ok (not too much) if you transfer to neutral barrel at appropriate time–sounds like he went 24 months. American oak can be more agressive. Delicious is a big + for me.

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  • Anonymous

    Good luck selling these wines at these prices……even with the discount… http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    Gary did a very good job being nice to this guest when all he really wanted to do was pan the wines and the price points. The extra minute tagged on to the end of the episode where GV tells us what he really thinks is a bit sneaky but great nevertheless. I clicked on the link to the twitter page and the last posting was 20th Feb 2011. Go figure


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