EP 849 Cult Vines Wine Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Mike Cochran, the owner of Cult Vines, to taste his wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Cult Vines Roussanne
2007 Cult Vines Cabernet Sauvignon

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luca bercelli


Gary did a very good job being nice to this guest when all he really wanted to do was pan the wines and the price points. The extra minute tagged on to the end of the episode where GV tells us what he really thinks is a bit sneaky but great nevertheless. I clicked on the link to the twitter page and the last posting was 20th Feb 2011. Go figure

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  • Nice guy, not an over the top salesman, hey he's got to eat. I would not require the guest to bring a deal with them, let them give it if they want.

    Side note, I think I found your “big ass glass”, was I the only Vayniac that didnt know who made it?

    QOTD: all of it, as long as its free!

  • Anonymous

    What Dirt movie? I can’t find it on my pbs. Would you buy this @30 percent off?

  • cellarrat5

    Succinct and apt as always Murso, especially the comment about meriting final price.

  • cellarrat5

    The winemaker that use to own the winery I work for always said it takes a shitload of good beer to make good wine. And that guy forgot making a mess, but i guess that is implied with the 49% cleaning shit.

  • CharlieTN

    Very interesting show–I was not very familiar with Crushpad (heard of it but didn't know what it was about), so this was informative for me.

    GV, I don't think you should require guests to bring something. A lot of the most interesting guests don't have anything to sell. You could encourage it, but a requirement would be bad bad bad.

    By the way, I love the new “recap” section at the end where you can be honest about your opinions, scores, etc.

  • cellarrat5

    I think the advertisement in the end is a microcosm of the overall point “if you can type, you can make movies!” awesome. They forgot making a mess, cant clean up anything unless you make a mess first! It does take a lot of good beer to make good wine. I have drank more beer in the last 2 years working at a winery than I ever have in my life.

  • There a great way to send the letters via Free the Grapes (http://www.freethegrapes.com). http://www.capwiz.com/freegrapes/issues/alert/?…

    It will automatically send your letter out to the appropriate representatives in your state and washington.

    Sad but being a Massachusetts resident, I had to become very familiar with this web site.

  • i would tend to agree that i am not specifically looking for promo's and deals from the guests. although i did get a three thieves poster, signed and all. i think if you want to offer deals then Cinderella wines is the place that guests should put their promo's.

    QOTD #2 i wont be buying any wine, as the prices points are way out of my league for something that i am not excited about. if i am going to spend 70$ for a bottle it is going to have to come as a large recommendation from either Gary as a screaming good deal, or from a couple of other friends that the 70$ dollars i a spending is worth $150

  • Tim

    Hey Gary, once again awesome episode. I have started to develop a site, you have motivated me to try something original. Anyone who can spare 1 minute to help me figure out if an idea like this will work would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!


  • Phil G

    QOTD1 – sure, I don't mind if guests bring in deals for the vanyiacs… will be better for them too.

    QOTD2 – a lot. send them along…

  • Oakmon's BF

    What are the chances of a WLTV episode on the day of the NFL draft?

  • Cardiff_Kie

    Interesting episode. Best of luck to Mike but this can be a very expensive hobby…

    I completely lost interest when he had no clue who The Durantula is? Cheers to another Oaky expensive Napa Cab

    QOTD: not too hyped on deals/promos

  • Concerning the offer for guests I think you should ask them if they want to do one, but not make it mandatory, so that people know they have that opportunity, and other people know that they can opt out too if they want.

  • bdshupe

    I personally don't think that a good guest should be turned down because they don't have some sort of promotion or deal for the audience.

    I understand what you are doing at the end and I know that drinking their wine alongside them in front of a camera could put you in an awkward situation. However, if there's something that you can't respectfully say to their face, it may not need to be said at all. This may be salvaged if you tell the guests beforehand that you are really going to give your opinion at the end of the video after they are gone though.

  • helenbuehler

    How do you make a small pile of money in the wine biz? Start with a big one 😉 Was pleased when I heard Crushpad was coming to the Silverado Trail- looking forward to visiting soon.

  • payson07

    I would love to try the wines, but a bit high for my wallet. Also I'm not too keen on the high alcohol either. Tried a few wines at a tasting last night and it just smelled a little like burning. Makes you appreciate the balanced/structured ones.

    QOTD: Love the idea of guests coming with offers. A great way to market their products and for the vayniac's to get excited about them. Plus who doesn't love free stuff!

  • DanLacher

    Who 11/18/10? A month after my wife's birthday, are you having her on the show and I don't know about it?

    QOTD: As long as the guest don't get to sell'y.

    Love the post game wrap up.


  • Phredd3

    I get to follow Hellen Buehler? Cool.

    Great show. I agree with bdshupe that you need to tell guests if you are going to do the post-game wrap. If you're up front with that, then the wrap-up is cool. I really like the 2007 Roussane, but the 2008 blend doesn't sound like the same wine at all. $90 for a red is too much for me, code or no code.

    QOTD: Promos are cool, but much cooler when they aren't required.

    @GV: Gotta know about the board, man. It so much looks like a due date for kid #2, which would be way cool. The timing is exactly right for that. You gotta confirm or deny.

  • cellarrat5

    not good.

  • cellarrat5

    Orrrr you could make a decent product, not charge through the roof for a brand or a multi-million dollar tasting room and actually sell your wine on its own merits and one's experience in winemaking. But that?s unfortunately not done that much anymore. But I suppose piles of money do help, just be sure to take a shower after your done rolling in it.

  • helenbuehler

    I was just teasing…

  • Phredd3

    Well, heck, my post was right behind Helen's when I first checked. How'd these other folks get in there? Interlopers.

  • cellarrat5

    Yeah… I get a little carried away sometimes. I do still stand by my statement, but it was not meant to be directed at you personally. Sorry if it was misconstrued.

  • Mick Nesset

    Definitely should NOT compromise the show by having the winemakers pitch. We're counting on an objective review of the products and letting winemakers offer themselves like this will make you seem like a pimp. Not good Gary.

  • Anonymous


    how did you miss Gary’s MOTT: LINK IT UP! on this one, sometime last year, or thereabout….

  • Liked the post show comment GV…now give me my schwag!

  • Liked the post show comment GV…now give me my schwag!

  • pacw808

    QotD2: I liked hearing about how one can produce a wine, but these are out of my price range.

    QotD1: Definitely do not require promos for guests. It is much cooler if the offer it up on their own.

    Reaction to the end piece: It's okay, but I think it more fun watching both you and the guest squirm a little bit.

    Oh yeah! I want that bag!

  • Anonymous

    Oh… and I can’t really afford to buy wines like this unless and until I’ve tasted it, AND it blows my head off. Something like Delectus, Caldwell, Revana or others in that realm – but they often offer a lesser release in a more agreeable range, like $50-60. Yes several bottles/year, and hold them to age awhile. And lots of Bordeaux. I ‘m looking at alot of wine on a daily basis, and have to resist the wish to spend money every day. I make my decisions based on the best deals, sale prices/close-outs/end of bin lasts, with a weighed bias for wines which I need to affirm their quality/performance in everyday use. Thus, I can pour them for family, or friends, without worrying about saving them. That’s usually less than $25, but I don’t bother buying anything under around $14, (esp. American), or any industrial produced ‘brands’. They’re fine, but I’d known that stuff for far too long, and it just doesn’t bring me thunder like, say, Ordonez, Theise, Kysela, et al. Spent alot of attention on Jeff Davies this past year, and much on my company’s core product portfolio, but they cover a good deal of that in monthy tasting sessions, and public tastings, dmos, etc.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Ahh, I gotcha! Thank you for clearing that up. I was getting antsy…lol.

    The money that they are asking for Bdx Crushpad is insane, but I can’t sort of understand. Wine making is not actually cheap.

  • John B

    I have no problem with post game wrap up. Some guests might not need such a thing, but it's good to have the option. There's no way I could afford the wines in this episode.

  • dcos-and-it-don't-stop

    QOTD: Who doesn't like getting a deal. However, since I live in Boston, MA and we have the most bulls**t laws regarding wine shipments, my opinion is moot.

    However, the idea would work as long as the guest doesn't come on as a pushy infomercial salesman and keeps the laid back, informative shows we expect.

  • jeffg

    QOTD: Never bad to get a deal, but I wouldn't require one to hear from folks. Re pitches? Why have people pretend to be objective when you know they have an agenda. If you are not passionate about your product, you shouldn't be out there. You could be wrong, but you can't expect modesty from a winemaker.

    Great show. Loved the insight into Crushpad.

  • helenbuehler

    🙂 I'm a Buehler. We stand for everything you stated. Just wanted to make sure you weren't insinuating I needed a shower…

  • Paul C

    Gary, the 2009 skirmishing has started – where are you man? where are the barrel samples?, where's the Gary of old?

  • Nice show… yes, he has bad timing (price wise), but if you're a To-Kolon fan, you're gonna buy…

  • JustinM

    Ohh, postgame! Nice addition!

  • mattgmann


  • Matt'sName

    Please don't impose a giveaway condition on your guests. High profile guests who don't need the exposure might find the condition off-putting, and eager up-and-comers won't be able to distinguish themselves from less committed/savvy competitors. Having the guests make voluntary offers tells us something about them as individuals and business persons.

    As for the post-game wine assessment, I think you should give the option to the winemakers. I hope this guy today knew what you were up to, or he may well feel blindsided when he gets home.

  • I didn't love this show. I normally love shows with guests and no disrespect to mike, I love what you are doing, its just I didn't get as much insight into the industry as I normally do on guest shows. For example talk to us about what exactly was up with you not putting To Kalon on the label, did it just come down to money? Us Vayniacs like to know this stuff!

    QOTD 1: I think the promo idea is fun and would be great for me but I don't think it should be required.
    QOTD 2: At that price point I can't buy without tasting first and I absolutely have to go crazy for the wine to buy it!

  • castello

    It took me a couple weeks of asking before I got the answer

  • IMKarenP

    $125 for a no name To Kolon wine?? Get real. Many of the other wines from the vineyard aren't even at that price point.

    QOTD (Gary's): Love the idea, at least for guests that are counting on a WLTV spot to help them market their products.

  • castello

    I'll take a 2 hour show please.

  • laurieinvt

    😀 Same thing we say about the horse business. :/

  • vicbarrera

    Great show Gary it takes some cojones to start in the wine business like he did. Kudos to both of you. See you next week in Oslo.

  • jenna35

    qotd- liked the postgame and it allows you to be both polite and honest….I like the idea of a giveaway as long as it isn't turning into an infomercial on the wine. The merlove guest was a great example of a classy give-away!

  • AlanGH

    You know, I get enough unsolicited ads and promos by mail, email, and fax. I'm pretty sure I don't want any more on my favorite wine site. When your guests have something really interesting to tell, or a wine pedigree that commands respect, by all means have them on. I'm afraid this fellow did not, and the episode just felt like a commercial.

  • tflangan

    You've got class my friend! I was completely turned off to this episode until I viewed your closing comments.

  • Just Jack

    Ditto ditto ditto!

  • Just Jack

    It's Bubbles!!!!


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