EP 857 New York Pinot Noir Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes an interesting Pinot Noir from the Niagra Escarpment of New York State.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Freedom Run Estate Pinot Noir

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Greg Zyn

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the pinot noir wine tasting as I had other commitments that weekend. However, I would really like the chance to drink these pinot noir wines: https://zyn.ca/collections/pinot-noir

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  • Michael Clark

    LOVE dill pickles. good job mott. QOTD Ghost Pines 2007 Chardonnay with a green veggie tray. 25% Sonoma County 35% Napa County 40% Monterey County

  • Agnieszka Wasik

    A looong time lurker finally commenting. I would have to say definitely a Silvaner from Franconia. That's it.
    BTW, great last guest, really enjoyed myself watching the show.

  • www [dot] sadtrombone [dot] com

  • Anonymous

    Yup, thats my lot in life. Stuck making wine while all the other kids go play in the big city. It has been a while since I have been to NY, too bad I dont have the cheddar or the time to make it out.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion shrooms are somewhere in between a veggie and a protein. They often taste like veggies in a salad lightly dressed or raw, but sauté them with a little butter, truffle infused olive oil or soy sauce and poof! They gain a meat like flavor and sometimes even texture. They call them magic mushroom for a reason; sorry, apparently still stuck in freshman year of college.

  • Anonymous

    WWwaaa waaaa wuaaaa wuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  • Anonymous

    TheDude doesn’t abide by veggies hu? I know what you mean, I love em’ but they are not meat.

  • Have you ever considered doing an Alaska vs. Hawaii. You could do the mountain competition. Denali vs. Volcano. WineLibraryTV, ?Fire and Ice Show.?

    QOTD: If I were to eat just veggies like a salad or some kind of sauté?, I have two new favorites. Charlie Smith?s Kung Fu Girl and 90 + Cellars Sauvignon Blanc.

    Again, great show.

  • WTG Mott for bringing some nosing thunder! Nice, tight ep…1 wine, 1 guy, 1 big-ass glass. Never tried a Niagara-area Pinot. Interesting.

    QOTD: I am going to echo some of the other Vayniacs out there. Cooked vs. uncooked. GruV/Riesling/Gewurz plays are great, though I crave something heavier if I am marinating veggies or adding stronger, robust flavors.

  • There is no one in the world who wishes more that wines from the Niagara/Erie Basin were great. It would make my life and business as a negociant so much easier if it were so. But the fact many are very porr and even with the goods ones there is no value in them (QPR). The green that Gary was tasting in the wine technically is the terroir. The climate is rarely warm enough to fully ripen the red grapes to the levels of California, Oregon or even Burgundy. When I visit the wineries, I feel obliged to buy a bottle and later…when I drink it…I think – what the heck was I thinking?

    QOTD. Sorry, I pair wine with the protein or main dish. Though I like vegatables, they are never the focus of the meal.

  • amsgpwarrior

    QOTD: Mushrooms=Pinot Noir.
    Asparagus=Dry Riesling/Gruner/Sancerre.
    Salads=Gewurtz/Riesling/Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio.
    Grilled Veggies=Rose.
    Collards/Kale/Swiss Chard= Vinho Verde/Soave

  • romtina

    QOTD: Hm, nothing that hasn't been said yet, I guess… Sauvignon Blanc, Torrontes, Gruner Veltliner… or Silvaner, if I can find it somewhere! BTW, mushrooms are fungi, not vegetables…

  • scottEJ

    Thanks, G.

    QOTD: Cab Franc. Rose from Provence. Sancerre. Most any white from Italy.

  • QOTD: a good one for me seeing as my entire family eats vegetarian, yet digs on wine.

    i have found that the idea of animal based protein being important for certain wines kinda silly, though i get it. i know that skirt steak or grilled chicken goes great with a rhone wine, but it also goes great with sauteed tempeh all wrapped up with chard, carrots, and broccoli rabe.

    obviously salads and whites work, we know this.

    brothy greens soups and pretty much any Italian white or red is killer.

    agree with the sentiments above that cooked veg tends to like bigger wines versus the lighter effects of fresh veg.

    give me a good mushroom plate and any old world wine and heaven is only a few ladder rungs away.

  • SourGrapesFC

    or “Denali vs Kilauea.” (If we're using the name from Alaska's First People we might as well do the same for Hawaii.)

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Phredd3

    Let me just point out the obvious: Mott is the master of all he surveys.

  • SourGrapesFC

    Good point. So many Italian and Provencal dishes showcase vegetables front and center that vegetable-wine pairings should be a no-brainer. I guarantee that practically no one was eating a meat-dominated diet for most of the hundreds (if not thousands) of years that wine and wine culture was developing in the great European wine-producing regions (though some of them were probably eating a lot of fish).

  • SourGrapesFC

    I’ve got to quibble. I LOVE meat (I’m a native Texan after all), but meat doesn’t have anything on fruits and vegetables for variety of tastes and textures. Plus, the vegetable world gives us wine, beer, coffee, tea, whiskey and damn near everything else worth drinking; stack that up against milk, and its really no contest.

  • slave2thevine

    QOTD: Has to be Riesling…so clean and fresh yet not overpowering.

  • Yes , good point. having a cannellini soup and bread, what do you drink? Well, an italian red. Having a ratatouille, what do you drink, a provence red.. or white.. So basically all wines go with veggies on one way or another 🙂

  • mattgmann

    I can help. My very own girlfriend is a recovering vegetarian, so I know what you're going through. With the help of my 12 step carnivorous program she has gone from eating green to eating mean. Let me know if you'd like a pamphlet and a case of steaks. (;

  • mattgmann

    I'm there with ya man. I'm a buckeye myself and I'd love it if there was some good wine coming out of ohio. Instead, I am inevitably invited to parade around a dozen or so wineries during the summer tasting, for the most part, really bad wine. Every time something acceptable is poured, it turns out to be ridiculously expensive.

  • Rose'

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Yo Mott, Quit stealin' G's Thuuunder !!!

    qotd: I'd probably go wit a Sauvignon Blanc…..

  • lawrenceleichtman

    It is dependent on the veggies. I had a Bonardo with green chile cheese enchiladas last night. I like Torrontes with many green veggies. Mushrooms hold up to almost anything red. Pickle juice and Nutella does not sound like my type of drink.

  • MarcBelgium

    QOTD. It depends what kind of veg. Asparages with Riesling, salads with falanghina, ratatouille with red provence, …….

    I HAVE A QUESTION. at the end of the intro Gary says …… AKA the internet …..
    what doe AKA mean?
    Mott link that up 🙂

  • cellarrat5

    Also Known As

  • cellarrat5

    So fresh and so clean clean!?

    Sorry, coulden't help myself.

  • cellarrat5

    I think that famous line (copywrite NY Pete) under estimates the Mottster.


    There, I think I covered all my bases.

  • Krunch

    QOTD: Gruner Velt. with a Salad out in the back yard, Lots of tomato, cucumber, and peanuts topped with goat cheese.

  • cellarrat5

    Welcome, comment again sometime! Its a lot more fun than it looks?

  • im am a long time meat eater, and second round vegetarian. my youngin has never had meat.

    at this point I will only eat animal meat if I know where it comes from. and to my luck, i just found a sustainable organic farm right down the road with cattle,hog,goat and chicken. and they deliver. so my 100% veggie days could numbered. we will see. 🙂

  • mattgmann


    This isn't a billboard assclown! Pay for advertising like everyone else.

  • QOTD:
    White; Gruuuuveeeeeee!
    Red: Red Loire, Cab Franc does a tremendous job combining with vegetables. Seriously.

  • Allan

    “I got ants in my pants and i need to dance…..”

  • Cardiff_Kie

    QOTD —-> Pinot Gris. Love the crisp minerality but silky weight… goes great with asparagus/broccoli or I'd even rock it with carrots and ranch

  • adrianomarinelli

    QOTD…..Gary, Lisa and I like a good robust Niagara riesling with BBQ'ed veggies. If you have ever had Tawse from the Niagara region it is one of the only wineries we really like alot around here……Adriano

  • Adriano Marinelli

    I agree totally

  • castello

    I wish he would say that once in a while.

  • QoTD: Chenin Blanc and Grenache Rosé. Loire Reds also fit the bill if the vegetables are more robust.

  • QOTD: Sancerre

  • jsums

    QOTD – A funky, bone dry Chenin Blanc or a dry white from Friuli.

  • QOTD – An old world white with a lot of minerality. Really the type of wine that I am just itching to get to as the weather starts to warm up.

  • meh, don't know about pickle in pinot.

    QOTD: I don't usually pair wine and food, just drink and eat what ever I am in the mood for.

  • lizzy43

    Favorite wine with veggies, is a gigondas. :O)

  • Randall

    Awesome lineup, chef josh!! You really know your pairings. Asparagus and artichoke hearts are a little tough for me to match, but sometimes I strike it rich w/Chard or Pinot Gris. I’m also thinking maybe Pinot Noir w/a mild tofu veggie stir fry, and that Cab or big, spicy Zin you’re having w/your steak doesn’t do too bad w/garlic smashed potatoes… Sauvignon Blanc w/light, crispity, crunchy green things…etc…etc… 😛

  • JiminAtlanta

    I like white wine with vegetables. Red wine will do in a pinch.

  • Just Jack

    QOTD: NA

  • Charlotte_DK

    Definitely riesling. But U know it depends on what kind of veggies, but riesling is a very nice all around grape. Can't wait till Summer to go on my wine trip to Alsace.

  • Weird wine for me this time around. I can't imagine actually liking a pickle taste in my Pinot.

    Going Riesling all the way here. Had a Helfrich Riesling from Alsace with Shrimp and Veggies tonight. Very nice together.


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