EP 857 New York Pinot Noir Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes an interesting Pinot Noir from the Niagra Escarpment of New York State.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Freedom Run Estate Pinot Noir

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Greg Zyn

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the pinot noir wine tasting as I had other commitments that weekend. However, I would really like the chance to drink these pinot noir wines: https://zyn.ca/collections/pinot-noir

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  • redrider21

    QOTD: Loire Cab Franc's with Veggies. So much so, that I think I need to try some other options. I'm sure a Gigondas like Lizzy43 mentioned would be great!

    Came across, and bought, a 2000 Fleury Gigondas today – very excited to try that tomorrow night!

  • MarcBelgium

    Thanks a lot.


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  • MarcBelgium

    Thank you very much.

  • Richie

    Good job Mott! 😉

  • ewb

    Love the length of this episode.
    QOTD: I have no idea. Something I will have to experiment with.

  • QOTD: Riesling

  • DAveAll

    I like that New York has moved from grape juice vines to wine vines in so many areas. Especially like the Niagara grape itself.
    QOTD: Veggie wine? ok, so this came from the pickle smell? ha. Gewurztraminer or Meritage Blanc.

  • murso

    QotD – a rather general question merits a general answer. I love my vegetables. The smelly piss thing w/ asparagus puzzles, and annoys me, but I still eat asparagus, with only a sometimes pass. So I love most white wines w/ vegetables. Chards, S.B., Chenin Blanc, P.G., Albarino, other Spanish /Portuguese varietals and D.O. named wines,(don't forget the fresh Vinho Verde!), Trebbiano/Ugni Blanc, Picpouls, Gros Manseng, etc., ad tedium..,

  • plcb

    QOTD: I guess it would be a light crisp white like Three Stones Sauvignon Blanc or a white Rioja or a Vinho Verde. Or most likely a Samuel Adams Summer beer!!!!! Tis the season.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd: red – cab franc, white – sav blanc, put that together and, well, I don't really think of cab sav w veggies, but whatever.

    You're right Gary, and I have no prob w the guests, but for a guy who said he was gonna ease up on the guests, it almost seems like you're trying to break a record w them this year.

  • zanne_70

    QOTD: Gotta agree with some of these posts about a Loire Cab Franc with cooked veggies at least. For salads, I'd probably go more for a rosé or maybe a slightly chilled Beaujolais cru. For spicier fare, maybe Riesling or bubbles?

  • DCaragher

    GV – Check out Dr. Frank's pinot, but preferably the odd years! Pretty decent stuff! GO MOTT!

    QOTD: I like Sauv Blanc with asparagus and bell peppers!

  • Mike in C-town


    QOTD: I like mine grilled with a Pinot Gris or a ZaZa Rosé (from Campo de Borja).

  • SS_Chris

    Pickles……..all HAIL the MOTTSTER!!!!!!

  • JR

    Gary, I think Mott may be trying to muscle you out… 😉

    QOTD: Dry riesling

  • Randall

    Love a good Vinho Verde!!

  • QOTD: Easy answer. I'm a college student – I don't eat vegetables =)

  • Pickles, good one Mott!!

    QOTD: I rarely have just veggies for dinner, but if having a salad, its gonna be a white, and something interesting. Just something to spice up the meal, since to me veggies are just ok. Probably a riesling, or possibly an attempt for me to find a Rose I like.


  • Nick White


    First time leaving a comment for me here… I just signed up for the video podcast and I saw this episode. I got engaged this past August at Niagara Falls ( canadian side). My fiance and I went wine tasting for the first time up there. We had such a blast and I was hoping you could do a show on some of the Rieslings and/orGewurztraminer from the region. Love the show and the sniffy sniffy!


  • teckdeck2008

    Tough look on missing the call there with the pickles. My best friend once came up with the best saying when I was having a little trouble getting dances from the ladies, and it holds true here as well. 'If you swing enough times you'll eventually hit a homerun.' I think that's the case with Mott. No offense dude, but you aren't going to steal gv's thunder anytime soon.
    Qotd: Ironically I'm going to say either a champagne or chardonnay. Because veggies are so clean, something fruity yet a little goupy or sugary contrasts nicely with the freshness and cleanly-ness of the veggies.

  • teckdeck2008

    you should man, it makes you feel ten times better. i used to be like you and now i need my regular diet of veggies or else i feel like crap in the food processing area.

  • No doubt! My diet is absolutely horrible.

  • joakimhirschberg

    qoth. depends on what kind of vegetables and how they're done and what season of they year and what mood I am in 🙂

  • joshuastreeter

    Glad to see you recycle, Gary!

    I mean, your shirt, from episode #32, in April 2006. http://tv.winelibrary.com/2006/04/12/episode-32

    I swear, ODD coincidence I watched these two episodes back to back and picked up on that. I am not the undercover fashion police, I swear. Serious…I swear, I swear, I swear.

    I swear as much as you, apparently.

  • TheGreatWazu

    Also Known As AKA

  • TheGreatWazu

    Mott's tastebuds are every bit as good as Gary's and everyones taste buds are different. Gets ya thinkin how much Gary's take on a wine might differ from you and me doesn't it? Might be fun to have three people tasting and rating the wines on several episodes. Maybe even the same three for a control experiment…then we could buy the wines and see whom we can liken ourselves to for future tastings.

  • cybertlh

    Qotd – Sauv Blanc, I always figure e acid is sa play…

  • JayZee13

    Interesting little show. I think I may have visited this winery a few years ago when I was visiting family up in the Buffalo area. At least, we visited a winery on the Niagara Escarpment that produced only Pinot Noir and when I tasted it, I said it was very weird, but very well-made. I didn't buy any, but I seriously considered it because it was so different.

    QOTD: Roussanne

  • Love wine and pickles – so what better wine to buy than one that smells like pickles? As president of The Pickle Club, I am looking forward to tasting this wine. : )

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  • Cila Marques

    My favor wine with veg is a grubre

  • Cila Marques

    My favor wine with veg is a grubre

  • Cila Marques

    My favor wine with veg is a grubre

  • Cila Marques

    Vinho Verde is a good one too.

  • Cila Marques

    Vinho Verde is a good one too.

  • Cila Marques

    Vinho Verde is a good one too.

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  • Pinot Noir is my favourite vine. I love it.
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  • Anonymous

    Humm, NY State Pinot…bigggg pazzzzz. QOTD-dont’ think of pairing wine with veggies, they are a side course so….. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘Mott said it and he nailed it’ …(AT LAST)

    short, sharp, shock

  • Arraial Caribe

    Contenido extraordinario, me ayudará mucho, estaba buscando eso. Muchas gracias 🙂


  • Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the pinot noir wine tasting as I had other commitments that weekend. However, I would really like the chance to drink these pinot noir wines: https://zyn.ca/collections/pinot-noir


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