EP 859 Tasting with Michael Twelftree of Two Hands Wines – Part 2

Concluding the tasting with Gary Vaynerchuk and Michael Twelftree, the co-owner of Two Hands Wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Two Hands Bella’s Garden Barossa Valley Shiraz
2007 Ares Barossa Valley Shiraz

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luca bercelli


The guest’s wine knowledge is pretty catholic, and he’s a good guy but, as if the first part he’s boring as hell. And what’s with his ‘Vander nation’ quip. It’s Vayner Nation bro

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  • TLT

    GREAT shows again Gary Two Hands make awesome wine drank a bottle of 2006 Bellas garden tonight it was great fruit bomb alch 15.6 could tell on the nose but not on the pallet very impresive definitley recommend !!!!

  • TLT

    Forgot to mention I have been drinking all of the top Australian producers for years now and think Two Hands is right on top beating out a lot of other producers in this category.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    My stock of Australian wines consists of Two Hands and D'Arenberg. I have been turned off by the big overly alcoholic wines from so many of the producers and the low end wines are for the most part crap to me. Can get better buys on inexpensive wines elsewhere. Did have an interesting value priced Zindfandel from Australia called Kangarilla.

  • payson07

    QOTD: More & more wineries have to be willing to share information with their customers. I think it's great that Two Hands is trying to make as much info available as possible and I think it would be great if other Aussie producers started educating their customers as well.

  • plcb

    QOTD: Since I'm fairly edgumacated with wines from around the world, I don't know what I need to know. I may need to know how to convince my customers to expand their palates from the critter wines. They don't need to abandon their favorites, but please try some new ones. Not all Australian wines are critter wines. I like the dry rieslings and the tamer big shiraz's as well as other varietals.

    My store has sold quite a bit of the Ares. I adopted one of the nice wood boxes they arrived in.

  • lintingting

    great guy!

  • stevo

    Michael – you don't have to do anything to reconnect with me. My wife and I have had your 2005 Bella's Garden on our anniversary the last 2 years and absolutely love it. We're down to our last bottle and will have to find some more soon.

  • Nik_B

    Great guy – very interesting two parter.

    QOTD – I'm not American, but I'm yet to try a Two Hands shiraz.. I will keep an eye out for one.

  • giancarlo73

    great show as usual

  • Phil G

    Love this show! I have been a big fan of Two Hands wines for a few years and the things that I loved most was their balance… awesome.

    QOTD – I would ask more Aussie producres to try and go for the balance Michael and GV were talking about the whole show. Balance please! Also, it would be great if some of the better producers, who reach that balance, offer some of their wines at a lower price point ($15-25). Time to push out some of the suger/critter fluff stuff…

  • JiminAtlanta

    That was a very interesting show. What a nice guy. I was happy that he drank and enjoyed his own wine and that he defended it when Gary tried to criticize it. QOTD – I want balanced Australian wine. And good prices, of course. Thanks

  • Mike S

    Two Hands always puts out some good juice. Thanks Twelftree.

  • teckdeck2008

    Great guest. I liked how he truly enjoyed all his wines and was so passionate about the business.
    Qotd: Exactly what you did this episode. Instead of commercializing it make it into a more open and honest wine market. Because I feel like australia is one of the most commercialized regions in some ways.

  • ewb

    Great guest Gary. Lots of insight on Two Hands. I'll keep my eyes peeled to try and find a bottle.

  • jslessner

    I enjoyed this very much! I actually mention the 2005 Lily?s Garden Shiraz from Two Hands in my novel that's coming out next month. So it was nice to hear Michael speak!

  • FtD

    as an Aussie, am having a ball with the choice of local brews & i must say the $25-50 bracket is very hotly contested & very often can catch real gems for smaller producers whose wines aren't as popular but have tremendous qualities to them…. also research the regions before you buy as different regions produce quite specific type/s of wines…. when you starting seeing $70/$100/$150 bottles coming out then you know the QPR will start to go down…. fyi, both two hands & torbreck are about to launch their super premium wines with pricing on grange/hill of grace level…..

    qotd – even though i'm no americans but speak with true aussie spirit…. do it with heart & passion & people will appreciate the efforts…..

  • Weston3220

    qotd: Telling your story, your terrior, yeah its sunny thats a terrior is it not, embrace it like that PNAU song [Aussie Band]!

  • JayZee13

    Michael is a gnarly dude! Loved the show. Very engaging and interesting guest who brought a lot of information to the table in an interesting manner. I've been somewhat anti-Australian wines over the last couple of years because I had become overwhelmed by the fruit bombs. But I've got to try his wines – they sound (by your description) like something I may actually like, at least once in awhile.

    QOTD: That's a really good question. I'm not sure, actually. For me, the fruit bombs got to me after awhile. I still have some in my cellalike the Dead Arm Shiraz that I still do enjoy. However, I have had a large number that are just too much for my palate. Maybe Australia needs a campaigb touting that it indeed makes fruit bombs (much like California in the USA), but that you make very good, very balanced, very approachable wines as well.

    QOTD (GV): I know the question about Australia was to Gary, but I have to put my two cents in. I went to Australia on business in 2000 just after the Olympics and spent some time in Cairns, Sydney and Canberra and had a blast. My wife and I were taken aback at how wonderful everyone we met in Australia was to us. Great hosts! We especially enjoyed Sydney, the Opera House, the gardens, Darling Harbor, and the Bay Bridge (which we climbed – great fun!!). We also toook a one day Hunter Valley wine tour which was very enjoyable as well, although I'd have to agree with Michael on the Semillons which were not very exciting to my palate at the time.

  • jsums

    I already had tremendous respect for Michael as winemaker, and now I like him as a dude. He believes in what he's doing, doesn't bend to fashion, and makes what he thinks is the best expression of the vineyard and fruit. You're so very right, GV: there's a time and a place for all styles and expressions of quality wine. Those who jump on and off bandwagons are just posers. Amen. QOTD – More nerdy/geeky detail on the label (ala Ridge). I think that will help the Millenial generation latch back on to Australian wine since they're generally so exploratory and inquisitive. We are, after all, in the thick of the Information Age.

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  • Anonymous

    man just love this episode, had to watch it again. Bella’s garden took 2nd spot in wine spectator’s top 100…i guess all the hard work has paid off!

  • Anonymous

    Very good guest..Bella’s Garden is always great. QOTD-as long as the alcohol does not over come the fruit then i will continue to drink Ausi wines. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    The guest’s wine knowledge is pretty catholic, and he’s a good guy but, as if the first part he’s boring as hell. And what’s with his ‘Vander nation’ quip. It’s Vayner Nation bro


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