EP 933 US vs Austalian Syrah Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk finishes the week of US versus the world blind tastings with two Syrahs, one from California and a Shiraz from Australia.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Arnot Roberts SyrahNapa Syrah/Shiraz
2007 Marquis Philips #9 ShirazMcLaren Vale Syrah/ Shiraz

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘If we wore the same make up like Kiss, me and Mott would look the same.’

Just because the wines suck doesn’t mean the episode does. I enjoyed it.

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  • Anonymous

    In the upper right “WL NETWORK” then go to the WLTV Forums. I believe its lower right when you click on the link. Then there is a list of discussion boards. There is a Wine Travel board, which has a lot of good information and good members. Post your request there. If not, search the history it has great info. Happy Hunting and enjoy your visit.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: Sunday Watch Canucks play [NHL] Have a Bordeaux [Marquax v Napa Cab taste off.

  • Allan


    Did the team win yet again?

  • FtD

    Gary…… pleeeassseeeee stop using this obscure oz brand (Marquis Philips) which no big/small stores carry it except some…. a tiny few specialized SA stores do….. if you looking for McLaren Vale wines, should look for the likes of Chapel Hill, d’Arenberg, Mitolo, Fox Creek, Kay Brothers, Mr. Riggs etc….. as they represent more of that region……

    qotd….. traveled to Melbourne for pigging out sessions…. had the 08 Duval Entity, 09 Clonakilla viognier…… also some Burgundy & Sauternes too….. yum

  • Anonymous

    Not very excited with this episode and wines. It is what it is.

    QOTD. As a food lover Saturday – oct 16th – was a very special day. First day of the game season. I prepared Pheasant two ways. And we drank Chateau Lagrange, Saint Julien 2004 and Chateau Clarke, 2003. As white we had: Champagne Mailly, Riesling Leitz ( which you recommended in a previous episode ) and a Puligny Montrachet by Jean Louis Chavy, 2006.
    I have to say, it was a very nice weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Jets just got by with that win over the Broncos 24-20! OHHHHHH MYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
    I NEED SOME THUNDER! I been waiting all weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Blackhawks Win, the Bears Not So Much! Lose to Seahawks, Bears Bad! I’ll just have to lean on the BLACKHAWKS!

  • Anonymous

    Missed the show on Friday, just caught up on Monday. Sad episode.


    Drank the Westvleteren 12. A beer that is considered to be the best in the world. Pretty exciting.

  • John__J

    The wines may have been lackluster, but it was still fun watching you break them down.

    Qotd: I was working, but I still found time for Bandol

  • Anonymous

    I agree with John__J, ouch with the wines, but a good show nonetheless.


    Went to the Stone Hill winery in Missouri with my parents and some friends. It was alot of fun and we got to try a really interesting late harvest Vignoles. On that note you should show the midwest a little love and do a Missouri show sometime soon!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you rate a Norton and I want to!!!

  • eLron

    Hey G!

  • elron

    Cool, I’m finally able to post again.

  • RyanG

    I enjoyed some Heradurra tequila at a wedding this weekend and was going to watch my Broncos pull of the win at home, but was sadly beaten down again by LT.

    After watching all three USA vs the world wine episodes, I have a question about exchange rates. It would seem appropriate to me that a French wine of similar quality to a US wine would have to have a higher price due to exchange rates and transportation fees. Is that the case with most imported wines?

  • Allan


  • Anonymous

    I shared a bottle of the 2006 Rene Mure Riesling Tradition Alsace. I thought it had a decent nose mostly of honey dew melon and a smidge of smushed bananas and lemon. On the palate, it did exhibit decent minerality and some of that crushed rock essence to which you refer often on the show, along with the honey/melon carried over from the nose. But I felt it went flat, with more of a lemon water taste on the back end.

    Following the bottle, I had a glass of the 2007 Yamhill Valley Estate Pinor Noir – this had a strong attack of BBQ/smokiness on the nose, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It also had a great red fruit nose after the smokiness dissipated – somewhat jammy. I think the smelled the wine for at 15 minutes before evening taking a taste. Tastewise – I cannot say too much because after sharing the bottle, I was getting a too happy for proper analysis. But I did like the red fruit/hint of strawberry-sweet cherry flavor, but not as complex as I would have wanted it to be.

    And super excited about the Texas-Nebraska upset – Go Longhorns!

  • Yeah how many times has this happen to me.

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    Your chances are super good. http://facebook.com/wineflite

  • Anonymous

    Boy the Bears looked pathetic. Hawks looked good though.

    Where in NWI? I am in Valpo.

  • Anonymous

    The Bears are having an offensive line problem and Cutler doesn’t know who he is. Which stems from the OFFENSIVE LINE problem! I’m in Highland.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed & Agreed!

  • Jay Alsman

    I’m new to your world Gary! Just finished the audiobook about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been very inspired, and wanted to say thank you! I was never a big wine guy, but your show in the past two weeks may change that… My first entrance to the wine world was interesting. I finished playing a jazz gig at one of the local “high-end” restaurants on New Years this past year, and the bar manager is a huge wine guy,… he asks if I would like some wine, and I kindly decline instead choosing one of my go to craft brews. He says “hang on, I have something you might like”, and pulls out a bottle of 40 year Taylor Fladgate Port…I take a sip, and I think I had an out of body experience,… it was that good going down… sniffy sniff you ask? of course I didn’t,..I didn’t know what the hell I was doing… but damn that was good… then he tells me what it costs,.. of course 🙁 then goes on to let us try the 20 and 10 yr TF Ports,… good, but no comparison…

    So I’m now hooked on your show,… love your personality and the liveliness you bring to every episode. Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope to shake your hand one day in thanks. This weekend, going back to the brew, and going to crack open a 2010 Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout… Brewed one day a year, I’m lucky that I live 20 miles from the brewer. If you’ve never tried it, it is amazing if you dig stouts. Consistently in the top 5 world beer rankings on ratebeer.com. I have one with your name on it, if you would have any interest in it. Thanks again Gary,…keep crushin’ it!

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t comented in awhile. I’ve been enjoying the blind eps. I like the hedonistic style more than you do, but agree that it is rarely worth the $30+. I did have Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch this weekend, though. Outstanding New World chardonnay.

  • Meh.

    QOTD: Traveling to the mountains to see my family.

  • Big Chateau Clarke fan. My favorite value Bordeau

  • Allan


  • NY Pete

    J … E … T … S … JETS JETS JETS!
    where’s the thunder?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary, at least the Broncos scored more points than you thought.

    Drank some inexpensive Bordeaux this weekend and some SMITHWICKS! (the H and W are silent)

  • Flogger

    Gary…… pleeeease stop reviewing these Oz fruit bombs they are sooo last decade. They are many McLaren Vale & Barossa producers making more elegant styles.

    Or better still, how about something from Great Southern (WA), Great Western (VIC), Canberra / Hill Tops (NSW)?

  • You know I don’t mind the fruit bomb if it has a mid range, but if it’s lacking that middle flavor profile (like the first wine) then it’s a no choice.

    QOTD: we drank Foster’s and Minerva beers on Friday, then on Saturday we had a bottle of old vines Garnacha from Calatayud, very nice.

  • Anonymous

    I was in Indiana for the weekend and had a decent local red wine from Oliver Winery. I had more beer than wine, mostly from a local brewery. It’s good to try new things once in a while.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Gonna have to answer for this coming weekend – 22nd. I will be in NYC, thinking its gonna be some good wine with dinners out and some liquor into the wee hours. WIsh I could make it to WIne Library.

  • Anonymous

    Bummer of a way to end the week, but the Jets certainly made you happy…

    Go Yanks!

  • victor

    Visited my parents back home in Winnipeg last week. Didn’t drink. Going through weeks backlog of shows. Have NEVER tried a $430 bottle – yet. Keep it Up. Shout out to Lars eh?!
    67 to go!

  • Gavin trott

    Marquis Phillips is NOT, repeat NOT in any way an Australian Shiraz. Yes, grapes grown there, but made expressly for the American market.

    Please, if comparing US and Australian Syrah, choose a good, typical style, not MP!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I was at a family gathering. The beer choices were Samuel Adams Octoberfest and a lighter one, I forget, not Miller Light but something similar. I brought the value wine, a white South African, Nederburg Lyric and a red Hayman & Hill Meritage.

    My palate doesn’t like syrah/shiraz too much either. I like GSM blends, preferably Rhone.

  • Anonymous

    W12 is goooooood stuff!

  • Anonymous

    Not much to say about the show other than – UGH! As for syrah, give me a Rhone wine any day. I’ve also had good syrah from Washington State as well.

    QOTD: Saturday night was beer after bowling and that was Rogue Dead Man’s Ale. On Sunday, we barbecued ribs and I paired that with a 2003 Garretson Reliquary. It was big, bold and juicy – you would have hated it, GV. 😉

  • iaijutsu

    Well said Gavin, he may as well be tasting Yellow Tail… ugh.

    I call it “American wine, made in Australia”.

  • iaijutsu

    Well said Gavin, he may as well be tasting Yellow Tail… ugh.

    I call it “American wine, made in Australia”.

  • iaijutsu

    Well said Gavin, he may as well be tasting Yellow Tail… ugh.

    I call it “American wine, made in Australia”.

  • iaijutsu

    Well said Gavin, he may as well be tasting Yellow Tail… ugh.

    I call it “American wine, made in Australia”.

  • Gavin

    Owned by an American, made for Americans, to be sent to and sold to Americans.

    Only the grapes are from Australia, not the soul/style of the stuff!


  • Anonymous

    GV – Good show…you’re getting risky!

    QOTD: Had a good wine weekend…a rose from Bandol, a NZ Sauv Blanc, some Cook’s sparking wine, a vintage Schramsberg sparkling, and that is about it!

  • I am with you on the current state of CA and AUS Syrah/Shiraz – just not excited…

  • Anonymous

    Still getting caught up. One region from Australia I have really enjoyed is the Langhorn Creek area for Shiraz.

    QOTD – Worked as usual.

  • Scott

    I was listening (at a birthday party) to MY SF Giants wup some post season butt.

    As such I was drinking beer. What wine goes with baseball? A question of the day for later.

    Anyway I was drinking Samuel Adams, the largest US owned brewery. Seems strange but all of the HUGE US breweries are owned by foreign companies. I was surprised but… At least SA makes some very tasty beer.

  • Gary man,

    I totally disagree with you on these wines.

    Way too many “Loire” style wimpy watery wines out there

    that the hipster wine bloggers go Lady Gaga for.

    These Syrahs bring massive intense fruit flavors that

    people enjoy.

    Comes down Palate, Give me hot Rasberry jam in a glass!


    I would rather have a Marquis Phillips fruit bomb than a

    nasty, green, vegetal chinon.

    Ripen the damm grapes before harvest!!!


  • Too bad it ended the series this way,. Oh well.
    QOTD Since I am catching up I dont remember. 🙂 sorry.


  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘If we wore the same make up like Kiss, me and Mott would look the same.’

    Just because the wines suck doesn’t mean the episode does. I enjoyed it.


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