EP 933 US vs Austalian Syrah Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk finishes the week of US versus the world blind tastings with two Syrahs, one from California and a Shiraz from Australia.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Arnot Roberts SyrahNapa Syrah/Shiraz
2007 Marquis Philips #9 ShirazMcLaren Vale Syrah/ Shiraz

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘If we wore the same make up like Kiss, me and Mott would look the same.’

Just because the wines suck doesn’t mean the episode does. I enjoyed it.

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  • GV respect your honesty!

  • Gary, to be honest, I don’t see any benefit by comparing two “blah” wines head to head. Show us some “new” stuff. We all know that you don’t like overthetop Oz wine. You told us you drank fab ones from Oz while you were down under… Where are these wines? Thats what I / we are interested in!!!

  • Mmdynamite




  • DaveAll

    Anything but Shiraz! – ABS!
    good show.

  • No need for an apology…two blah wines can’t bring the thunder. I shy away from Australian shiraz and I would NEVER pay $30 for one. Especially when you can get a great wine from Italy in that price range. Hope ur Jets go for it!

    QOTD: Drinking a Chilean Carmenere to celebrate the miners getting above ground! Cheers!

  • Allan

    Poppin’ some CdP 2007 tonight………

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Watching the SF Giants/Philly game Saturday and finishing up the Amavi Cab opened last night.

  • Slushpuppy

    Drinking a WI beer, and pulling for the ‘Bucks’. Shame on you! At least you are drinking PBR, the best WI beer! Just jo.
    Smell it first.TR

  • Slushpuppy

    I agree………get a life!
    Smell it first.TR

  • Just Jack

    3 for 3. I notice you didn’t bet the farm on this one. That’s OK though, discretion being the better part of valor and all that.

    QOTD: I see my dad one weekend every two years. This is the weekend! Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Bourbon for him and The Balvenie Double Cask for me during the day. From the afternoon on, it’s as many bottles of juice as I can find an excuse to open.

  • Smahlatz

    McClaren Vale? What do you expect? Go for cooler climate Aus – Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills etc etc
    Tonight I am drinking ’93 Clos L’eglise. Less than stellar vintae in Bordeaux, but this shows you can get good wines from ‘bad’ vintages. This is still fresh as a daisy – lovely balanced, classic and mature for about the same price as your two wines tonight.

  • 30 bones wine and none is good on G’s palate? Well luckily everyone have a different one.
    QOTD:Oldest stepson comes home with girlfriend. Plan dinner and wine. Serving Chapoutier Monier de la Sizeranne 1999 and Jaboulet La Chapelle 1999. Just to se if there is a difference is syrah wines from the same neighbourhood, same year.

  • what brand… I’, staying of those this year, just buying everything I can afford

  • 3% is standard in Denmark πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous


    Loved the ownage and blatant call it like you see it mentality on this varietal. Syrah really needs to revitalize its name because it is NOT a mover & shaker on the scene right now.

    QOTD: Alcohol plans have already been put into action, enjoyed several John Daly’s last night and heading to do some wine tasting this afternoon.

    I am forseeing an LT to Santonio Holmes HB pass in big D this weekend. PEACE

  • For what it’s worth, just glancing at Allan’s avatar would suggest that he’s most likely to be dealing with the standards of Ireland, though this is mere conjecture.

    Anders, does that mean that one can’t get 2% milk in Denmark at all? That would be troubling… Then again, it could simply be a defensive tactic instituted by Denmark to keep Starbucks (which uses 2% as its default) out of its territory.

    And aren’t you Swedish? What’s Denmark got to do with this?!?!?!


  • Mjs8143

    Great job this week. This weekend I’m drinking some of my favorite whiskey, Templeton Rye.

  • Anonymous

    Great show Gary, and drinking Louis Jadot, Beaune Theurons 1999 while watching it.
    Im never gonna be a big fan of Shiraz, but interesting to watch anyway..

  • Anonymous

    This weekend I am drinking Xinomavro from Boutari!

  • Fatherthechair

    You often apologize when the wine doesn’t do it for you…no need! The Syrah grape to me is like a big strong, confident young son…how you raise that kid (let him go wild, build up a huge ego, be loud and obnoxious, drive a fast car etc.) or educate him and teach him self discipline and you can end up with a wine like the Villard Brocarde Cote Rotie you tasted in episode 925. Nothing planned yet. Putting a house on the market Tuesday and working like a donkey all weekend on getting it ready, and for some reason beer seems to go with that.

  • RobinC

    QOTD: Friday, had Mondavi 2000 cabernet -well past its prime if it ever had one. Saturday, went to a Cline wine tasting- nothing special. Went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday, I had a glass of Penfolds Thomas Hyland Shiraz – it was a little too sweet, but I thought it was the best bet of the reds. Had it with prime rib – it was fine.

    Disqus seems to be under control again.

  • Gkl

    No one really cares what anyone else is drinking this weekend. Homemade IPA w/burgers.

  • Shame about the wines, but I find that the Syrah is quite hit and miss. When it hits (and often is allowed to age a little more) it can hit BIG. Loved a 10 year old Langmeil Freedom a few weeks ago, always enjoy some Pennys Hill Shirazs (Mr Riggs stuff). Also went and did a bottling (with my own label for my 30th) at Langmeil Winery (Barossa) and that is presenting quite well now.

    QOTD – On planes the whole weekend (London – Adelaide) so drinking whatever is on the planes. Likely to be a Pinot Grigio which I have been getting into lately.

  • Hey Nico, Good call.

    As an Aussie who lives 15 minutes away from McLaren Vale and 80 minutes from the Barossa I have been bitterly disappointed at what wine I see from my region while overseas. I don’t blame people for thinking Australian wine is dead if all they get is the export stuff. Much of which is selling in bulk and using large labels to do it. I am glad GV is out there being honest and slamming bad wines.

    I second the call to hear what are the hidden gems to be on the lookout for. We all know there are bad, over-oaked (grrr), fake, stupidly huge Shirazs but there are also so amazing ones. Give us the lead on the good ones please Gary πŸ™‚

  • I have been enjoying the Shigleback recently too. Nice choice πŸ™‚ I missed the Alta Maria Pinot episode so will check it out because it should be a good price as a local.

  • Hehe. well Sweden and Denmark are linked in the dairy produce section. Arla owns 70% of all facilities in Denmark and Sweden.
    And Yes Allan seems more destined to enjoy other beverages then milk πŸ™‚ For keeping Starbucks away I’d say that that is impossible, but there are sure other chains of coffee and milk driven pasttime in Scandinavia. Myself not being a coffe or milk drinker haven’t taken that much note of the changing world. Cheers πŸ˜€

  • kuruneko

    This weekend we had a NΓΈgne ΓΈ-tasting. http://www.nogne-o.com/

  • QoTD: Working on a bottle of 2007 Bogle Phantom. I very interesting blend of Petite Sirah, Old Vine Zin, and mouvedre.

  • Anonymous


    qotd: I havent been drinking anything lately…planning a list tho, for when I do!! LOL
    Great show….Ive had that Arnot R. Syrah..and I didnt like it…in fact, I think I spilled some of it down the drain! LOL

    Love u Gary

  • bobbytiger

    My plans, are to start drinking heavily after work on Saturday, (partly because I work 6 days a week), and not stop until I pass out sometime Sunday afternoon in front of the TV watching some unimportant football game.

  • Allan

    When will Sasha The Great be on the show again? πŸ˜›

  • Allan

    Just some unknown producer (dirt cheap), just to see how good the vintage really was. The good producers make good wine even in the lesser years, so i thought it could be fun to try something i hadn’t heard of before… and finding out it wasn’t that spectacular.

    Decent, nontheless. Good year for CdP and the Rhone in general. Cheers!

  • Allan

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. πŸ™‚

  • Allan

    How were they? Anxious to hear about it…! The Chapelle has had it’s heyday, right? Chapoutier is great, love the man..! Not sure what wine of his your tasting? Don’t know it personally. Tell me……

  • Cellarrat5

    Too bad these two wines did not live up to what Australia and California Syrah/Shiraz CAN be despite all the OZ CA bashing that occurs on this show. Did not seem like K-murph or whoever chose the wines this week threw you many slurve balls. That being said, still loved the shows this week for the most part. Saying over the top extracted Shiraz is like Port gives a bad name to good port, I would be interested to see what you thought of ours. E-mail me if your interested, I’ll send you a bottle.

    QOTD: Drank a late harvest, a botrytis wine and Renwoods vintage reserve port on friday. Saturday got a Pinot with the lamb I had, Sunday is all about Giants Phillies game two!!!! I’ll bring out some Blanch De Brussels and maybe some scotch πŸ˜‰

    QOTD: drank

  • Actually took a break from wine for a few days to drown my sorrows with vodka and whiskey in the second most overrated team in the nation, my alma mater, South Carolina (1st, Ohio State: Suck it Buckeyes!), so it was Vodka Tonic, but a nice discovery in Crown Royal Cask No 16. Not that expensive and really relaxing taste!

  • Allan

    “You wheel, you steal, you feel, you kneel down….”

  • Anonymous

    Eehh… Carlsberg and Newcastle Brown Ale on Friday (out watching my brother’s band play a rock concert, so a glass of vino would have been a little out of place…”time and place” as you always say Gary!)

    Saturday was a good, not too expensive Gigondas 2006 from Pierre Amadieu. Fantastisk nose with pepper for days (my wife actually said it hurt her nostrils smelling it!). Still holding up today Sunday, but it’s lost the edge…

    Hope the Jets are doing fine. My team’s really up shit creek now without a paddle. Why is it that sports can affect one’s life and happiness so much? It’s just a game for God sake!!!

  • Allan

    What WILL U2 do?

  • Allan

    Very cool, thnx man! πŸ˜›

  • ben from boston

    make that 23-20, got the margin right at least. watch out Gary, danny woodhead and deion branch are comin for you. The Pats got their mojo back.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Popped a 2001 Lascombes on Saturday, which I had been very much excited about, only to find that it was cooked/oxidized. A crying shame, really.

  • Winedwarf

    Completely agree on the Australian wine. It’s rubbish and one gets the feeling it is made for Parker and the like. Those Marquis Philips wines have always chased scores. I think it is a stretch to refer to it as “Syrah” because that would elude (in my opinion) to a more medium bodied wine. Yep – I’m an Aussie and I really think that Australian winemakers are moving away from this style. Maybe not in McLaren Vale or ther Barossa but try some of the cooler areas – Dalwhinnie is incredible stuff.

  • Pirata Cofresi

    Brother which Vayniacs? Since GARY has not come through for us, where can I find some help? I’ll be in Tuscany on Thursday of THIS week, and I need help, I want to email them myself as a last resort, because I know they’re probably very busy with the end of the harvest. We NEED SUPER GARY V!!! Anyways…let meknow in which forum I can find help, please!



  • RonDarling

    Had the 2008 Sean Minor 4 Bear Pinot on Friday which I got from WL. Loved it for the price. Drank Molson Candian at the Devils/Bruins game last night.

  • Pirata Cofresi

    Funny!, The field judge’s name is Gary Cavaletto!!! Congrats my brother!!

    Hey on a serious note…Stop playing G!!! Hook me up bro, I will be fying out on Wednesday to Tuscany, you have to work your magic and hook me up at Fontodi and Felsina for Thursday and Friday of this week. Do somtheing for this desperate Vayniak!!

    I don’t want to keep bothering you about it but, like we say in Puerto rico…”El que no llora, no mama”! Which translates to something like…”He who doesn’t cry, does not suck from the tit”!!

    You know!

    Ciao il mio amico! Buona sera e grazie!

  • Pirata Cofresi

    Upss!…Flying not fying! It must be the 2 bottles of Cava I just drank with the wife!

  • Mark Greenaway

    As an Australian who never drinks the big Barossa / MV Shiraz – much like most Californian Shiraz’s – too ripe, too extractive, too alcoholic, no varietal characteristics – especially after a year or 2 in the bottle
    I just don’t get it – give me the cool climate Australian Shiraz’s from – Canberra, Hilltops, Gundegai, Central Victoria, Great Southern
    Infinitely better wines – real shiraz


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