EP 933 US vs Austalian Syrah Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk finishes the week of US versus the world blind tastings with two Syrahs, one from California and a Shiraz from Australia.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Arnot Roberts SyrahNapa Syrah/Shiraz
2007 Marquis Philips #9 ShirazMcLaren Vale Syrah/ Shiraz

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘If we wore the same make up like Kiss, me and Mott would look the same.’

Just because the wines suck doesn’t mean the episode does. I enjoyed it.

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  • NY Pete

    shill … 😛

  • NY Pete

    go giants … 😛

  • Palexxxx

    I’ll be watching the motorbike action in the MotoGP being held at Phillip Island, Australia this weekend. I should really go there but it’s too cold so I’ll watch it on TV instead.
    And I’ll be washing it down with one of my best rums. I think either the “Appleton Estate” or “Inner Circle”. Ah harrrr me maties.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww yeah!!!! TGiF!!! Gonna watch my Chicago Bears go 5-1….toss some assorted meats on the grill and find a nice…mmm…Rioja to wash it all down. Happy weekend to all the Vayniaks and the lurkers too.

  • Anonymous

    Not a big fan of either Syrah or Shiraz. Just can’t get behind them. Without even tasting them, I would score them an 80-. Enjoyed the effort though Gary. You definately know your countries.

    QOTD: Going out with family to a concert and dinner and will definately have a Pinot or Cab. Will be watching the Blackhawks and Bears this weekend also with a bottle of 2006 Domaine Chandon Carneros Pinot Noir

  • WineWild

    Coming to NYC for the weekend and looking forward to some fancy new flavors in cocktails. Sad I don’t have time to visit the Library while I’m out there – still something I need to do!

  • I liked this episode despite the lack of awesomeness from the wines… you have reaffirmed your knowledge-through-palate. This show would only half as fun if you were couched as someone who ‘thought’ he knew wine. You know your $#*t!

    Good luck to the Jets!

    QOTD: I am going to a bday party tonight, sure to have some stellar liquid. Nothing particular.

    And since the NHL is upon us: LET’S GO DUCKS! Big win against the Thrashers to continue the momentum.

  • NY Pete

    damn Barry, you almost were the first on line … 🙂

  • Hey

    A pretty poor wine choice if you ask me. I know Gary’s palare, you know Gary’s palate – why then chose Marquis Philips Shiraz; a wine that is at the extreme end of the style that he dislikes? I know nothing about the US wine, but feel Australia has been a little ‘ripped-off’; there is so much good, cool cliamte Aussie Shiraz; why then chose the extreme of the style that Gary does not like?

    QOTD: Going sailing all weekend so rum and coke out of a big teapot!


  • ben from boston

    excellent episode really, despite the poor wine showing. crisp, clean, well rounded, with a nice sour finish.

    pats prediction: 27-24

    qotd – beer weekend, big sam adams sponsored housewarming saturday, then football on sunday. maybe some cognac tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Yuk!!!!! I don’t like those and I didn’t even taste them….LOL

    QOTD: I’m doing a Peter Michaels Chard tonight and a Vayniac Cab tomorrow since I now have many more bottles here at the shore…. THANKS HOMEY!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    AWE!!!!!! How do you do it…???? HOW!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    BAR CRAWL!!!

  • LurkerKing

    Fruit Bombs really grind my gears. & I hate too much makeup!

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: Skipping alcohol this evening–have to pick-up some friends at the airport on a late flight. Drinking some Fever Tree Tonic Water minus the Vodka. Will be tuning in to the Yankee games and Sunday Giants. Saw the Chateau Le Gay on Cindy which reminded me I might still have a bottle of the ’95 or ’96. If not, definitely a French Red–trying to drink up the older vintages.

  • GermanChemist

    Hi Gary,

    I like it when you score them low and feel bad about it… But you need to call it what it is.

    QOTD: Right now I´m in California and have some Chardonnay inspired by my post yesterday. I just do not like it! It´s 20 USD for half a bottle and 92 RP but to me it´s not better that an entry level australian chard. It´s my last day here and back in Europe I´ll go to the cellar and open a nice 2000 Nicollas Feuillatte Champagne.

  • John Fasciano

    surprised gv, i love both producers and both wines.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Oddly enough I did a little wine tasting today with some friends. Came up with similar results, tried some Grenache and Syrah from Spain and did a Long Island tasting for the first time( a Merlot and a Chardonnay). The Grenache was VERY! disappointing, there was just too much alcohol. Whereas the Syrah was all over the place with flavor. The Long Island wines were different…They weren’t bad but by no stretch were they fantastic. Just different array of flavors in both bottles pretty unexpected.

    You can’t bat 1000 everyday Gary, no worries.

  • birdman

    Gray how do the jets get to 22???????????

  • Anonymous

    The Arnot-Roberts site http://www.arnotroberts.com/press.html clearly shows that they know what’s going on. scores,press, and more indicate their achievement. Small ,and w/ good sources. But… it happens. I’d prob. dig it. At $30 (or more, depending on where one is), I’d want a strong enough performance, in league w/ others at that p.p.
    Marquis Phillips wines were, and are good, and even though, their updated style is less goopy than the M.D. wines, I agree w/ others here, that its still , just not for me, so, I’m w/ you. I’d only had a #9, and S Squared several years ago, and actually preffered the regular ole-lineup.
    QotD -Just opened, for my wine blogging enjoyment, 2005 Catherine & Pierre Breton, Bourgueil, Les Galichets. Hand-picked, unfiltered, from organically grown grapes. 12%abv. http://www.louisdressner.com

  • Anonymous

    2 TD’s = 14
    2 FG’s = 6
    1 Saftey by the Jets stellar def. = 2
    For a grand total of 22 points.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD- Beer and Rutgers football. I have a few bottles of Tres Monts and some bugers.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD-Tres Monts abbey style golden ale, burgers on the grill and Rutgers vs Army kicking off college football at the new Meadowlands.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite grape, Cabernet Franc, from 50 year old vines, on gravelly soil, stainless tank ferm, w/ natural yeast, and 5 months in barrel. Again, Ecocert certified grapes. This is hand -farmed wine that is natural, classy, and filled w/ lovable character. I smell lots of raspberries and blueberries, a touch of cream and cocoa, and the smallest trace of licorice. Acids are high, butthat’s how this retains structure w/out big alc. The site says their various Bourgueils are poued in every hot wine bar in Paris, and that’s more endorsement than is even necessary. I’ll bet the French, the hill over, slug this wine down by the caseful! I would!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I get to work this weekend so there will be know drinking for me but next weekend I will make up for lost time and have a couple bottles.

  • Anonymous

    Trois Monts is biere-de-garde! Love it , and used to rep it. Great w/ just that kind of food, and esp. cheeses, and cold cuts. Refreshing! A sante! & nab a win!

  • Anonymous

    ….and just had a (totally delicious) Saison Dupont, the other eve., after a tasting event…

  • Janssen

    Nice shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Andy, those look like smart wines. Although the Petraio wines were very inexpensive, I was totally behind them, and made sure that my shelf didn’t run out, cause I believed in the dependable quality, for that segment. Almost picked a CDR for now, but…. Bourgueil, Cab Franc.

  • Good show Gary. I’m not a fan of the “fruit bomb” either !
    QOTD: Portugal red from the Dao region. I’ve been enjoying red & whites from Portugal lately.

  • Anonymous

    recent former Clevelander checking in on that. My fb nation is up & ON about Cleveland Beer Week! Enjoy yourself! http://www.clevelandbeerweek.org/About/

  • scottEJ

    Wow…I thought this was a throw-back episode with that awesome shirt. Very pre-100, my Man. Too bad about the wines. Shoulda grabbed a WA state syrah. Although, I have an Aussie going right now that, while not much to brag about, is certainly a nice little wine: Shingleback ’05.

    QOTD: The Aussie, that Alta Maria Pinot you had a couple of weeks back (found it local for a good $), and maybe something Beaujolais. BTW – Beware of those pesky Broncos. Orton can bust out big numbers on occaission. Bears 27, Seahawks 20.

  • Don Simpson

    Gary, tough wines, but you really brought the Thunder this week! I like these episodes.

    QOTD: Just chilling on the couch drinking a 2007 Cotes du Roussillon tonight. Also have a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout sitting in the fridge I might check out. Tomorrow I’m going to the Hot Air Balloon, Wine, and Music Festival at the Historic Long Branch in White Post, VA. If you live in the Washington, DC area its a little over an hour drive. Check it out!

  • Gregb

    Big G, enjoyed the show even if you pazzzzed on the vino. Oh, Your Jets will lose on Sunday. Not hating, but short week and the altitude. It doesn’t look good.lol

    QOTD: Really craving a Bloody Mary. Ha, there will be plenty of vino too.

  • Anonymous

    BBQ at my house Sunday while I watch my Cowboys beat up on Brett Favre!!! Saturday, I will be at the Austin Cellar Classic wine event at Max’s Wine Dive in Austin.

  • Chinon Rouge

    I really enjoyed this episode. This is how I’ve felt about Shiraz from America and Australia for some time. Just not diggin’ either. I’ve avoided Shiraz/Syrah for a while, especially Australian, especially Marquis Philips.

    Thanks GV for a good Friday show.

  • Anonymous

    That sucked.(the wine that is)

    qotd; a lot

  • PDXzers

    Two interesting tables I served this week: Michelle Pheiffer and husband David Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Brian Croser from Australia. Not bad for a slow week.

    GV, have you ever tasted any of Croser’s Petaluma or Tapanappa wines? I have not, but he’s been doing it a long time and now he’s growing and bottling Riesling right next to Cristom’s estate in Eola Amity here in OR.

    Just put the boy down and now I’m sippin a Full Sail Pale Ale. Tasty.


  • MTmax

    if you are down on syrah/shiraz perhaps you should try eric solomons spanish import called Sotorrondero…i think its 85 shiraz/15 garnacha, 93 WA and 20ish bones…i had it the other night and liked it (and i typically hate shiraz, if i want syrup ill just buy aunt jemimas)

  • Jasonbcarey

    Don’t give up on CA SyraH Radio Coteau, Peay, Donkey and Goat, Clos Saron .. Wind Gap.. really good.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD- Working 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday.
    I like big syrah/shiraz. :p
    Will open my first Chinon Monday however. Noblaie.

  • Hey! This episode doesn’t have to “sit over the weekend”, as you said.
    You could surprise us with a rare Saturday show.
    QOTD: Watching Michigan-Iowa Sat, then a little baseball and NFL. No big wine plans, but there will be a glass or 3.
    P.S. Bring back the couch

  • Tatem

    we can handle it why lie; fake clothes or fake close…. but still J.E.T.S. jets… jets… jets…

  • FullOnNelson

    Gary (I hope someone reads this at WLTV) I think it is time that you review your videos and pick three wines where you have said “I can find a better wine for $15” and do a head to head show with the lesser priced wines versus their inferior and more expensive counterparts. Do it. I dare you.

    My alcohol plans are a white bourgogne for Friday, and some Alesmith beer for tomorrow night.

  • It’s Friday, so it’s alright…wines can miss, but GV’s palette didn’t. GL to the Jets.

    QOTD: Nothing this evening, but will probably have some wine tomorrow night at my friend’s Welcome Back to NYC fiesta. I may squeeze in a beer before…we’ll see. Definitely wine at my ILs on Sunday for my SIL’s B-Day Make-Up Party. Not sure which varietals. Toss up.

  • Anonymous

    Great show again. You always teach new facts and reenforce those factoids so they stick in our heads. I don’t mind repeat shows about a wine or region, because I probably forgot some of it, and when I hear it again, it helps me to remember.

    QOTD: No special wine to taste this weekend, just standard drinking wine to relax with.

    I’m now a jets fan. It’s fun watching Sanchez fulfill the predictions about his talent.

    It’s kind of easy to drift from your base team over to NY, when your main team is the Browns.


  • It’s OK, Gary, no need to apologize. It is what it is.
    I don’t drink much syrah from Australia or CA.
    QOTD: I’m having the Unti Grenache from last week’s episode of WLTV!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I’ve got half a bottle of wine from the Madiran that I plan on finishing but the big news is that I’ve got a bottle of grower champagne that I’m busting out on Sunday after I run the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Thought I’d treat myself a little bit while I’m sitting in a bathtub full of ice recovering from the day. Can’t wait, it’s going to get me through the run.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares????

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I am running a monthly tasting for a friend on Sunday. This month’s theme (per my suggestion) is Grenache/Garnacha. I have all of his guests bring a wine under $30 (most are under $20) in a brown bag, and we taste each labeled only by a number. Each person picks their top 3, without specific rank, and the wines with the most votes win after unveiling. It’s a great way to taste wines form all over the world both for the wine novices and wine nerds of the tasting group. It’ll be a blast as always!


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