EP 863 Tasting C.G. Di Arie Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk interviews Chaim Gur-Arieh, the creator of Cap’t Crunch Cereal, to taste through his wines from C.G. Di Arie Winery.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 C. G. Arie Sauvignon Blanc Shenandoah Valley
2006 C. G. Arie Zinfandel Shenandoah Valley
2007 C. G. Arie Petite Sirah

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luca bercelli


Great show. It’s good to see a winemaker so obviously delighted to receive praise from Gary. He looked so proud

Tags: Petite Sirah, red, review, sauvignon blanc, Video, wine, wines, zinfandel

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  • cadams82

    QOTD: I used to buy randomly on bottle label and producers I've had before. Now I do a little more research on cellar tracker and other sites before purchasing. I will buy anything in the $15 and under category but 20+ I do a little homework.

  • winesaurusrex

    Great show. Not surprising a flavor expert would make great wine.

  • Hal

    Hey winesaurus rex. Another Eldorado County Winery that makes some nice wines has a very good lower end cuvee “Vinosaurus Rex Red”. Good price point and decent everyday wine @$99 per case.

    We go to most CG D'Arie events and are always delighted by the wonderful wines and hospitality of Chaim and Elisheva… and their great staff.

    You might like it !

  • I actually posted a couple weeks ago that the Capn crunch creator was making some good wines, and would make a great show. Wonder if I had anything to do with this show happening? regardless, great show!

  • jeffbrzozowski

    Dead on. We tasted Jeff's wines last year and joined the club on the spot. And we're picky. I too was thrilled seeing C.G. on WLTV, shocked even. The good news is we get to enjoy R wines even if others do not, and with such a diverse offering of varietals at decent prices, it's a dream come true.

  • Randall

    cr5, I think the product is heated and mashed and then glumped together and then ground through a machine like a sausage maker and dropped into the hot oil. I'm pretty sure that's what he said during the Fresh Air (or 'Insight' on Cap Radio) interview. That was his 'genius breakthrough' invention. He also said that he was not a big fan of CC.
    It also appears that you might have just enough down time between working on developing that grape varietal that racks itself to share with me whatever wine or port that I arrive there with one day soon.

  • Great Article I own a small wine shop and I have been thinking about doing a survey and you have helped me make up my mind. Keep up the good work.

  • Corkshack

    Hey Jeff,

    Glad to hear from someone else that's a die hard Runquist fan! This last wine club shipment that was just released is phenomenal. The Amador Barbera is top-notch. I didn't think it would be possible for Jeff to make a barbera better than his last one (the '08 with grapes from Dick Cooper) but I think its his best barbera yet! What are the odds of GaryVee tasting one of his wines? Maybe it's better that he doesn't because Mott will link it up and Runquist will become TOO popular! :))

  • What an awesome show!!!

    Thanks for continuing to score great guests.

  • winestein99

    i smiled this entire show. great guest. im gonna jump into the QOTD. ive found that over the past few years my palate has gone from cali to france. not into the juice as much. always willing to go out of the box though…and my box is pretty big as it is. for value, i usually look to spain for red, white, and bubbles. found some great stuff from rhone too. i guess for the most part when im looking for something im more than likley going to like i go old world. if im looking to branch out a little i go new.
    again..great guest!

  • Ronald

    Great show, QOTD I try different grape varieties from different countries and continents. Except North America because it is hard to find in the Netherlands. I do not look at one, I try as much as possible.

  • teckdeck2008

    He was really cool. I liked how he liked making wines out of pure enjoyment more than money and enjoyment on the side. So many people come on the show that enjoy it, but for them its still a business. You don't get that from him at all, it seems more like a fun retirement trip lol.
    Qotd: I tend to go by varietal and region a lot, but if I see something really interesting that I haven't tried before I will try it. But I definitely don't go by producer, because I feel like I don't drink enough wine to where I can safely say that one producer is way better than any other out there. Either that or the producer I like a lot is expensive and I can't afford it a lot of the time anyways.

  • Go Jets!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Awesome. One would have to have known, that eventually GV would have the dude who made Cap'n Crunch as a guest. It is so cool that he not only makes wine, but is a great guy. You guys had an amazing rapport.

    I actually just learned yesterday that grape vines will shut down at around 95°.

    QOTD: I am very random. I usually will look for a brand that I haven't had and doesn't have too outlandish of a label or package. I normally go for varieties that I haven't seen before and I don't seek out a specific variety from a specific region. Looking though at the peeps around me who only drink wine occasionally, they normally will go with varieties that they feel comfortable with and the flashier labels seem to get them more.

  • Tholmz

    WLTV is on fire lately. Great guests Gary. QOTD: I am expanding my tastes and exploring a lot more the more I learn. So now I look for new varietals and new regions. I went to Napa a few weeks ago and mostly hit small wineries that I can't see/touch here in Chicago. But this is a change for me from having been pretty brand focused for the past 5 years, before I began to really try to educate myself.

  • orangebottle

    Gary, you have improved so much on you interview skills. This episode is just flows. You asked the right questions and the timing is great with Chaim. Your personality has a great chemistry with his. You didn?t interrupt him and let him finish what he wants to said. Chaim is really got it together. This is a great show. The guest is relaxed and has so much information to share. It is like old friends sitting and chats. I would love to see more shows like this. Great job.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: experiment for me. love going to big tastings best way to try a lot of different wines

  • JayZee13

    Love that Cap'n Crunch! Haim – what a great guy! This is what I love about WLTV when you have guests. And, IMHO, you are getting better at these episodes all the time. Great conversations.

    QOTD: I buy by brand more and more – but not “big” brands. I am now on about a dozen mailing lists of wineries that I have consistently enjoyed. Almost every one of them I have visited and met the winemaker. I like those human connections. I still buy Bordeaux and Rhone wines from France based on reviews and reputations. But I do love trying new things. I had a Viognier from Washington State a couple of weeks ago that was really, really good and that was rather unexpected.

  • jsums

    I love this dude! He seems like the coolest grandpa ever. It's clear he has a finely tuned palate. I'm going to seek out some of these wines for sure. Excellent guest, excellent show. QOTD – I'm not a brand guy except at the low end. I know, for a $10 merlot, I'm gonna go for the Columbia Crest Grand Estates. They just do it right at that pricepoint. Same with KJ Vintner's Chardonnay. For that style, it's the best value out there. Above the bargain price range, though, I'm very experimental with my purchases. When I buy a mixed case, I usually go with 6 that I've already had and know are enjoyable, 3 that I haven't had yet that have gotten good press, and 3 I know absolutely nothing about. That way I'm able to guarantee I'm getting some good stuff, I can test my “palate compatability” with particular critics, and can explore stuff about which I know nothing at all. It works well.

  • Nik_B

    QOTD – generally I like to experiment quite a lot, especially with single bottles, then often buy in 6s or 12s for wines I know I like.

  • Bill B

    QOTD: I used to be all about QPR. For the last few months I've been working my way through the inventory of a local wine shop that has weekly tastings and specializes in boutique European wines (mostly French) at various price points. It has been a great opportunity to learn about wine from that region.

  • chukheadted


  • laurieinvt

    Glad I'm finally catching up with episodes! What a charming man! Fun discussion of his journey and the wine business- thanks!

  • KB

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to sample through the entire line of C.G. di Arie wines WITH Chaim Gur-Arieh. Such a great guy, making really wonderful and unique wine! I found the Zin to be a little lighter and lower in alcohol than others from the same region, and the Petite Sirah is an amazing value. Fun episode Gary. Thanks!
    QOTD: I search for wine I've never tried before. That is my #1 criteria for personal purchasing.

  • theoc

    O.K. I almost never leave a comment, but I have to say I totally loved this episode..what a sweet and sincere man! His QOTD is a very good one..I think it is very important to experiment with wines. I am still faily new to the “wine world” and I find that sticking to these bulk produced “critter wines” is a mistake. By trying different wines, especially from smaller, newer wineries, you get to “form” your palate and LEARN! I'm a gal from Nova Scotia, a province blessed with many fine wine producers!
    Gary, thanks again for such a great episode and for making wine fun!

  • theoc

    I meant “fairly new”, not faily new….few, this glad on wine must be hitting the spot lol:)

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  • Anonymous

    Being newer to this amazing show I find myself going back through the archives to watch older episodes and was ecstatic to see someone from the Amador region of California on this show. Having recently spent several years near Napa and Sonoma, my friends and I really grew to appreciate and love the Sierra Foothills wine regions of Amador and El Dorado.

    This man really knows how to make his wine. His Sauv Blanc is consistently crazy-good and one of the best in the area. Sadly, I have never enjoyed the tasting room staff. I understand that I am in my mid-twenties but I was always talked down to and/or ignored; however, his wines are worth most the trouble. If you have never been out to that region (or are looking for something different) give Amador or El Dorado wines a try. Most of them are small, personable, and fantastic wineries.

    With only really having 6 years or so of wine tasting under my belt, my request is for GaryV to possibly have some more wines from this area. I know what I like and I would be interested to see how they rate with his palette and extensive knowledge.

  • 4winelovers
  • Anonymous

    Great show! of all your shows with guests I enjoyed this one the most. (even more so than the more recent ones) Will seek out his wines because he seems like a genuine good guy and because you seemed to really enjoy him as well. Other episodes you are a little reticent to judge your guests product. Not so with this guy, two thumbs up.

    QOTD: I am pretty experimental. I find lately that I will seek out the website and see how a producer portrays their wines/winery. I am completely turned of by the big corporate owned shite. Having said this. I am relying on vay-dars ray-dar to bring wines like this into my scope. Thanks.

  • Hypersomnia

    Good episode. Great guest.

  • Anonymous

    Gottta love the guy for inventing Cap’t Crunch…glad he named it that and not his name..never heard of his wines…Good guest… QOTD-try and buy wines that I know or been rated..cuts down on the cooking wine. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    Great show. It’s good to see a winemaker so obviously delighted to receive praise from Gary. He looked so proud


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