EP 863 Tasting C.G. Di Arie Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk interviews Chaim Gur-Arieh, the creator of Cap’t Crunch Cereal, to taste through his wines from C.G. Di Arie Winery.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 C. G. Arie Sauvignon Blanc Shenandoah Valley
2006 C. G. Arie Zinfandel Shenandoah Valley
2007 C. G. Arie Petite Sirah

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luca bercelli


Great show. It’s good to see a winemaker so obviously delighted to receive praise from Gary. He looked so proud

Tags: Petite Sirah, red, review, sauvignon blanc, Video, wine, wines, zinfandel

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  • waynooo


  • Randall

    Yes, Robin!! We need to refuel the Batplane!!

  • Randall

    Yes, Robin!! We need to refuel the Batplane!!

  • waynooo


  • waynooo


  • I usually buy wines that are from the regions I've liked previously. I'll sometimes go with 'branding' when company is coming over, but for myself I like to explore the different wineries in certain regions. I'll take random picks of wine on recommendations, and then fan out to nearby wineries if I especially like the recommendation.

  • Benricosan

    This episode totally hits me. I was up to the winery January, love their wine and growing region.

  • Benricosan

    Agreed, some of the Italian reds from amador/el dorado are spectacular. Sadly many are oaked to death. The Rhone whites are killer too. Gold country is a fun place to visit too.

  • TheNose

    Alright, I was a bit worried about listening to a guy who spent most of his life developing artificial flavors. He proved me wrong (which is not that difficult to be honest)

    QOTD: I've developed a buying strategy that is nothing short of genius. It can be described in one word: uneducated, irrational and impulsive.

  • Randall

    Couple of years ago… Cooper Vineyards Barbera!! 😛

  • abilyeu

    Great show! Haven't visited C.G. Di Arie in almost 2 years. Guess I'll have to drive down and try to pick up some of that petite sirah. I bought some of that 2005 Southern Exposure syrah last time I was there and I agree, it was fantastic.

    QOTD: I like to try different things. I get most of my wine from local tasting rooms (El Dorado and Amador Counties), so I get to taste before I buy. When I buy from a store, I try to get a varietal or a region that I haven't had before.

  • mini59

    Great show as always. Nice guy. The wines sound great and the price points are great, too.

    QOTD: I have to say that I look for anything different. My budget is very tight, also. There was a time when I bought wine by the case, but now I would not buy more than two or three bottles of the same thing. Every time I open a bottle I want something different and I don't care where it's from. Yes, I look at regions know for this or that (and I am not that knowledgeable), but I am more interested when I find something weird…like a malbec from Northern California!

  • Randall

    Me too!!

  • omallley

    Loved the show!

    QOTD: excellent question! Many times I like to buy from producers or places that I have not had before – but in these cases it is all about hedging my bets (although I suppose it is like this for all wine buying, even regions that you are familiar with). So – I like to know about the region I am buying from (and the grapes that make up the wine if it is old world), the typical characteristics of the wine, etc. If I am buying from a region that I am familiar with, I will typically also go by producer.

    For example, I have the petit chateauxs that I buy Bordeaux from on a regular basis, I have my favourite regions/producers in the Rhone/Burgundy, etc, but I will seek out obscure/random/geeky wines whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

  • Anonymous

    St. Amant winery is the name of the place I work. Our website is a work in progress, so if you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them. I have not tried Revolution Winery?s white port or zin based port. Most of the Zin/Cab etc. based ports have tried lack sufficient body or structure, and literally cannot be port due to the Law Portugal passed a few years back (a lot like Champagne). We were grandfathered in so we can still call it what it is. As far as I know we are one of the few producers that still do Port with Portuguese Varietals.

  • John__J

    There’s also some German wine out there where the bottle itself is actually shaped like a cat, I’ve seen them in pink and blue. I couldn’t tell you the name of it however, as soon as I saw the bottle it was enough to keep me walking right past it. I’d rather get wine from someone who puts their $ into the wine and not on some marketing ploy.

  • even worse…he may not even have been given the rank of Post Captain. It may be he has only being called captain because he has charge of the Crunch vessels for this voyage (albeit long), but that if they ever closed down the line, he would revert to Commander and go on half-pay! You bring up a great point, and consumers should take this to the Admiralty at Quaker.

  • As somebody who makes wine at home…I find these interviews invaluable, priceless, and extremely informative. The content is excellent, and the community is worthy of it.

  • Josh

    I seem to like things from Chile but I'm still learning about wines so I'm pretty experimental. I generally either shop by region or ask the store clerk for suggestions on fuity or chocolate flavors.

  • Anton Bauer Rose – Austrian – Zweigelt, Merlot, Syrah ….serious.

  • Corkshack


    PLEASE seek out Jeff Runquist Winery http://www.jeffrunquistwines.com/

    I was shocked to see this show because my favorite wine region is the Shenandoah Valley. The best winery (hands down) from Shenandoah is Runquist. I've said this from day one….and I would send you a bottle or two but I know you can't guarantee any tasting if people send you wine….and I can't afford the risk.

    Jeff makes a barbera that will blow your socks off for around $24! He also is a very approachable guy. I asked him once why he doesn't have any professional ratings on his wines and he said, “To have those guys rate your wine you have to send them a couple cases. If they want to rate my wine, they can go buy it themselves!” That attitude represents Jeff's true pride in his product.

    Corkshack (Chris)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll check it out, thanks

  • Great show.
    QOTD; I am bias in choosing pinot noir, oregon, but it's not a rule I must follow. Love to taste new wines from different regions.

  • Hey Guys

    Great Show, thanks a lot. It sounds like Chaim is doing some great things and producing some pretty bang on wines for the buck.

    QOTD: Great question. I live in Hong Kong. I buy wine to cellar in Australia, stupid import duties mean this is always Australian wine. When buying stuff to cellar I normally go with recognsied brands I trust, I also consider the opinions of wine writers I like and trusted merchants. Price also plays a considerable role. When buying Australian wine I do like to have have certain classics in the cellar – Clare Reisling, Coonawarra Cabernet – but also want to see as deverse a range of regions and styles as possible.
    Buying wines to drink in Hong Kong is a different matter. As I'm only buying single bottles to consume brand plays less of a role. What is more important is trying as many different as possible. An unusal variety from an unusal place is more likely to grab my attention. Again value is important (which is why I basically refuse to buy Bordeaux in Asia).


  • Cheryl S.

    Loved the show!
    QOTD: I'm very experimental with my wine buying – sometimes I just walk up and down the aisles at the wine store and pick things at random.

  • John_Kenneth

    qotd: I'll buy with a few varietals or appellations already in mind when I go into the store. Some varietals will dictate from what area in the world the wine I'm buying will come from. I'm usually looking for things I haven't had before, especially varietals and regions I haven't tried yet, and I'm the same with producers usually too. The instances where I take producer into account the most when buying a wine is by far with Burgundy.

    I'll pretty much always avoid those mass-marketed wines like yellow tail and their ilk like the plague.

    Good episode, I'm another one of those suckers for petite sirah, which was the 1st wine that really got me into wine, and I'm really familiar with C.G. DiArie's petite sirah and zin.

  • unclemeate

    Wonderful Guest …..=….. Wonderful Show

    AotD: My 'go to' is Bordeaux Cab ……. but I will try any wine once, twice if I like it.

  • angelatcarslon

    Definitely a fun show and such a lovely guest.

    QOTD: I don't usually go for particular brands, but sometimes I find a known favorite here or there at the discount stores like the 2007 Nobilo Icon Series Pinot Noir @ $5.99. Yum!

    I'm pretty much geeky & experimental and like to drink wine from out of the way places, especially local specialties and obscure varietals . Auxerroix & Pinot Gris from Michigan, Petite Sirah from the Livermore Valley, Chenin Blanc from South Africa and good Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs from wherever they can be found. Taste is #1 for me, then who makes it & how much does it cost. I'm too thrifty to be brand-driven.

  • just back online…this looks promising. I owe a significant amount of mouth ceiling scarring to this brilliant man.

  • I grew up on Cap'n Crunch and Del Monte Chocolate Pudding cups, so I can't wait to taste Chaim's wines – which I'll do this weekend at his winery! Great show, Gary! It was particularly interesting to have a guest that also has your gift of resolving aromas and flavors.

  • What a nice guy!

    QOTD. I tend NOT to buy by varietal, but by place. But I'm an old world guy! I do experiment a lot, but have been generally disappointed in the new world approach to wine making and marketing.

  • Randall

    St. Amant it is!! Re: CA ports – I agree on the slightly light body, and I think Rev’s ruby port may be just a hair too sweet, but not off-puttingly so. Love their white one even more! I’ll check out the website tonight. Gotta go do some more judging (beers… many flights of beers…) for the CA State Fair…

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Hi GV, I?m watching the shows with a little delay… The Brest Cancer show was awesome, huge cause, everyone should support and buy the wines! If I could & WL would ship them to Brazil, I would see lots of friends to buy it too. Very emotional old man, you could feel the pain through his eyes, and how he turned and awful tragedy in his own life and instead of going down with it, got the soul to start something to help others?

  • Allan

    Heyyyy G-meister…. how about a show on Box-wines???? ; )

    There has to be some good ones after all…..

    Beat My Box!!

  • castello

    You may be able to get it from the winery Cleavagecreek.org or something like that. I had the secret red over the last 2 days. Very nice.

  • waynooo

    I saw some at daaa 99-Cent Store da other day……. Two Gallons for less
    than a Bone !!!!

  • cellarrat5

    I just had a revelation. He said Cap'n Crunch is made of oats; most commercial products with oats in them are rolled (such as oatmeal) or somehow processed in other forms. If in fact they use whole oats and then coat them in oil and fry them it is possible that the whole oat casing or shell is slightly harder than the interior of the oat and leads to cutting the roof of peoples mouths. This is a far fetched theory and has no scientific evidence to back it up. However, I have eaten a lot of their cereal and upon closer examination of the individual cereals it may hold water (the theory, we already know the cereal holds milk very well). Yes, this is what I think about on my down time at work.

  • waynooo

    See me entry above……

  • Phil G

    Great show, I liked the overall flow of the interview.

    QOTD – More often than not, I buy wine that someone else has recommended. Be that people at my local wine shop, Gary V, or sometimes more mainstream critics. Then I tend to focus on a) trying new things and b) buying wine that will match differnt types of food. White, red, new world, old world, blends, sparkling – anything goes for me.

  • waynooo

    Brown Bags !!! Brown Bags !!! Brown Bags !!! Brown Bags !!! Brown Bags !!!

  • Allan

    Coooooooooooolll! I'm ready when you are….?!!! Let's do it!

  • Allan

    I think this one's for me…… Was it any good???

  • Allan

    Lookin uuuupppp! ; )

  • ROSE! There is so much variety…
    we had a beach party last year with over 30 different bottles of pink…was way fun and a great experience for all.

  • Allan

    Gary please give a shout-out to waynoooo, castello and cellarrat5, these guys rock!

  • waynooo

    I just took a gander at it, think i'll grab it the next time……….

  • waynooo

    I don't know about “rockin'”, but atleast we're fillin' up da Comment Board……

  • Thanks for the show and another great guest…I could swear I heard a radio interview with him a while ago, and will have to see if I can find it. Since he is a mad flavor genius, I have to wonder what strange alchemy goes on in his cellar.
    QOTD: only a few go-to standards in the cellar, purchasing is driven by exploration when it is not already based on a previous tasting ( of which we do as much as possible), or trusted recommendation.

  • Allan

    YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Well that's true, but it matters!

    I'm really pleased about my new avatar, whatya think? ; )


  • waynooo



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