EP 863 Tasting C.G. Di Arie Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk interviews Chaim Gur-Arieh, the creator of Cap’t Crunch Cereal, to taste through his wines from C.G. Di Arie Winery.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 C. G. Arie Sauvignon Blanc Shenandoah Valley
2006 C. G. Arie Zinfandel Shenandoah Valley
2007 C. G. Arie Petite Sirah

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luca bercelli


Great show. It’s good to see a winemaker so obviously delighted to receive praise from Gary. He looked so proud

Tags: Petite Sirah, red, review, sauvignon blanc, Video, wine, wines, zinfandel

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  • Hats off to the Cap'n.

    Qotd: I experiment. Look for good value, mid-range wine from a region i.e. Chenin blanc from Loire. Also dig through Bin ends – wines that are discounted – I've found good deals for unusual varietals there.

    Generally – I read reviews before I shop. So, while I recognize brand names on the shelf, they don't necessarily draw me in, unless it's a wine I'd read about.

  • Wow, will definitely add Di Arie to my next foothills wine trip!

    QOTD: This is constantly evolving for me. Thanks to Gary I have definitely been trying all kinds of varietals from all over. When I am looking at a wine I haven't tried ratings are a factor though I am select in which ratings I pay attention to but this is mostly a convenience for shortening a list. Recommendations from friends, Gary, or my local wine shop are worth even more.

  • Just Jack

    I'm with you Allen on wine number two. I haven't heard about the theory that the oak nose selectively intensifies vs other aromas after a lengthy breathing. It makes sense to me though. Every Volatile compound will cook off at different rates so if the oak profile is more persistent it would become more overwhelming. Gary didn't really validate that though. I got the sense that he was accepting the point as a way to gracefully get out of a bit of a conversational corner he was in with the over oak point. Many of you have orders of magnitude more nerd knowledge than I have so if anyone has a thought I would love to hear it.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    meeeeeeeee toooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waynooo daaa wino

    We WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS daaa SASH-Meister !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waynooo daaa wino

    I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS SOME SEBEKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  • Thx Davey

  • lau1

    EPIC episode! Cool guest, very cool guest actually and lots of thunder energy.

    QOTD: Very experimental, almost never buy the same wine twice and try to find as many different varietals as possible.

  • winorob

    Great guest>>I too love cereal with wine, and the cap'n holds a special place in my heart. QOTD: I experiment quite a bit with both regions and varietals, but also do some buying based on research, recommendations (especially from Gary V.), and past experiences.

  • From a Marketing point of view, I would suggest to this cool guest to go to the internet to search for + 30 who were born with Cpt. Crunch Cereal .. and tell his fantastic story. Those who enjoyed HIS cereal …probably.. if they liked, and its commercial success has proven that some people like it… will pay attention..at the minimum would be curious to buy and taste his wine.. that is a starting point.

    Does it say it in the back label? Would you say it? If you are able to make this supertasty cereal, probably your wine is tasty as well.

    Good luck!

  • maya

    QOTD: I like to try new wines, not necessarily from 'classic' places. I am however, a bit slower on new varietes. I tend to stick to Pinot Gris, Sauv, Pinot Noir, Syrah and the odd Gewurz on a hot day. Must admit I've never tried neither Zin nor Petite Sirah and as after many episodes I'm itching to get a bottle. After Uni I'll spend my money on this instead of lentils and rice.
    Thanks for another good show, and let us know how the Rosé was!!! (Wish you taped it…)

  • Allan

    What was it with that wine no. 2? ?

    That was a bit too ackward!!!

  • SMJ

    To Chaim – to answer your QOTD. I buy on experimentation and recommendation. Gary has intro'd innumerable wines to the Vaynac nation, so I search out a few from WineLibrary here and there. When I do get a chance to sample, I usually buy. Mostly to preserve that memory of how good it was when I first got ahold of a glass. (Unfortunately, our state has so few good places to taste and will not allow out-of-state purchases.) It was a treasure to listen to your wine story. I agree w/ SCO007, don't do Malbec. Try a Viognier? Maybe Alberino? Develop those Rhone-style Reds!
    To Gary – W-O-W! a Red Letter Thunder DAY! This tops your Guest list.

  • SMJ

    Love that SEBEKA comment. I used to sell cases of Bella Sera to the white collar/navy sport coats/yacht people. You could always see them coming in the front door, making a bee line to the stack. It was all I could do to just smile and scan the bar code.

  • Alexandre-CF

    hey gary, nice show. you really should do one episode about roses.

    QOTD: I´m really building my palete so i buy really on experimentation and it´s really funny.

    cheers from brazil

  • johndefi

    Great guest and show. Never heard of these before, but will definitely try.

    QOTD: 10% brand I've had and know I like, 20% targeted based on recommendation, 40% grape (including experimenting, usually via recommendation), 30% price.

  • waynooo

    YEEEEAAAAH, A Roses Show would be GOOOOOOOOOOOOD !!!!!!!!!

  • meh.

    QOTD: Most often from producers I know or have been reccommended to. That said I will try anything and if I am impressed then I usually buy.

  • Cool_Dave

    Awesome show!!
    QOTD – I buy what I have not had yet. Either a new producer of a familiar varietal or a varietal I have not tried before. I also buy anything I have at a tasting that I really like.
    Looking forward to trying your wines Chaim!!

  • MBrod

    Cap'n Crunch developer FTW!

  • rasjahsun

    i really enjoyed this guest and show.
    learned some things, which is ALWAYS good!!
    thanks ~

  • waynooo

    Yo Chaim, Lookin' forward to tryin' Your Vinos !!!!!!!

    qotd: I gots me FAVORITE Producers & Variatals, but I also look forward to trying
    Stuff (Producers & Variatals) that I never had before……. Always look forward
    to findin' me Next Favorite Vino !!!!!

  • Randall

    And me, as well…

  • waynooo


  • Randall

    Ffrr-Ffrr-Ffrresh / Ffrr-Ffrr-Ffrresh Air!! (fill in your own scratching here)

  • Randall

    Right on!! I know you work at a winery, but I don’y know which one…
    (Lodi, hm? What is… “He works with Zinfandel”, Alex?) 😉

  • CG – your story, career, and apparently your wine add to your tremendous character. Also, great interviewing, GV. I'm going to agree with some of the other Vayniacs. I wouldn't jump on the Malbec bandwagon; go with a different varietal, a la the already-planted Primitivo.

    QOTD: I have a couple go-to wines depending on old vs. new world, which I often mix with 6 or more experiments, usually based on either region or varietal. I have been buying more Rhone lately, though I will try wine from pretty much anywhere. Never had anything from Shenandoah Valley. Yours will likely be my first.

  • erikwait

    QOTD: As a California wine country travelor, I buy most of my wines directly from the winery! I've been to around 30 wineries in the Amador, El Dorado, Sierra Foothills area but have not yet been to C.G. Di Arie Winery. So…. I will make a point to come on up from the S.F. Bay Area and do some tasting!

  • Bill

    Great show, great guest.

  • GICarl

    I would buy all of Chaim's wines. Gary, this sounded a bit like a show when you have you Dad on. Still I dispute your bottle opening times. With only the ullage level aerating, it's not enough. You should pour off a glass and then let it breath. Great show

  • Anonymous

    You guessed it, two Zins (65 y.o. vines and 109 y.o. vines). We also have a Verdelho, Barbera, Barbera Rose, Tempranillo, Touriga and Syrah. We also make 4 styles of port with all Portuguese Varietals (Tinta Cao, Souzao, Bastardo, Tinta Roriz, Touriga National and Touriga Franchesca) A blend of these are in our two Rubys, we also have a Tawny and White Port; For a grand total of twelve distinct table wines/ports.

  • Randall

    Wha?!?! Ok, ok… What Winery?!? I’m SOO there at your tasting room!! (TEMP.!! BARBERA!! BASTARDO!! VERDELHO!! PORT!! WHITE PORT!! EVERY OTHER VARIETAL YOU MENTIONED!!) Speaking of white port… have you ever had and if so what do you think about Revolution Winery’s White Port and other Zin, etc based ports? They’re in mid-town Sac and use fruit from the Clarksburg area (and I think also the foothills) and I think they easily outdo the wineries there in the Delta… not that there’s anything wrong w/ them!!

  • divyamistry

    Fun show with such a loving guy!
    QOTD: I don't really look at varietal + origin combination. Being a grad student, price comes first, and then comes flavors I would like to taste. That pretty much narrows down what isle I'll be looking at.

  • David Rumbaugh

    What a great episode! I have been a wine club member of CG Di Arie for 2 years now and must say that the wines are getting better and better each time i try them. Love to see Chaim make it to the “Big Stage” sitting with Gary. Cant wait to talk about it with Chaim at the next open house. Did Elishiva get to make the trip as well? Gary if you did not get to met Chaims wife you missed out! She is a great second half to the team.

  • Pat__B

    Flavor inventor is one of the most interesting job descriptions of all time.

  • DAveAll

    wow. Cereal developer to wine maker, proves anyone can become a wine maker, just need the passion. great guest. I enjoyed the info on his life.
    So I like oak, so would like his Shenandoah Zin! smile.
    I LOVE Petite Sirah and Petite Verdot, mostly the latter.
    QOTD: experimental. totally. in fact, almost never buy the same wine again. too many wines out there to stick with one.

  • infant

    One of my favorite guests ever…utterly charming, completely terrific approach to wine / life. Clear that GV dug it too, even beyond the cereal angle. This is a great, great episode.

  • Bhubbe01

    What a super personable guest. He would be great to hang out with.

    SB from NZ, Viognier and Chenin and Gamey from France, Pinot from Oregon, Syrah from Paso Robles or Aus, sweet from Germany or Tokaji, etc. Not very experimental, but am better guaranteed not to waste my money.

    I stay away from the trendy and colorful label with mascots and look for all pertinent info up front. I buy midrange for the varietal and take Gary's suggestions whenever I can find them.

  • Alexthebrit

    After a few guests who seemed to be in the wine producing business just for the money and priced their wines stratospherically as it were this was a delightfully refreshing change . Chaim was all about the passion and priced his wines to get them out there. Probably a very sound commercial decision too but he was such a delightful guest and obviously a really good palate. It was his business after all.
    QOTD I tend to buy Bordeaux and Rhone , Barolo and Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand and occasionally from South Africa. I used to be a big white Loire fan but like more fruit than is on offer there usually. I read a lot so if I read a really good review of a wine from someone I respect and its in my price range ,then that would make me step outside my usual profile.
    Wonderful show Gary.

  • NJ Big Chris

    Awesome guest! Great episode. Love the cereal reference. I'm a honey nut cheerios guy myself.

    QOTD: I tend not to buy the same wine twice unless it's really good or I plan on cellaring for at least 5 years or more. I have only been into wine for about two years and I am trying to drink as much different wine as possible. That being said I do tend to buy more of certain varietals or regions more than others depending on what the flavor of the month is. Right now I am into Alsace. But I feel a Pinot Noir craving coming up…..

  • Thank you Gary for having Mr. Gur-Arieh on the show, what a lovely man. He was such a joy to watch, especially when he became amused and started to laugh. 🙂

    I am intrigued by the petite sirah and would like to try it.

    Thank you for another great show Gary and for the education. This is coming from someone who doesn't drink however I am truly inspired by the subtle art of wine which you have showcased in so many ways.

  • jeffbrzozowski

    I've personally met Chaim in his tasting room a few years ago. As genuine as they come. His wines are consistently good. Nice to see Amador County represented on the show as well. Gary, Barbera in this county is a STAR. I'm surprised he didn't bring this one on the show. Superb stuff and at a reasonable price point. Good stuff. One of my favorite episodes.

  • FrankMarshman

    I buy wine by the animal on the label. “CRITTER WINE”. The funnier the animal the quicker we will buy the wine. CRITTER WINE. Oh yea, the wine also rates if it is “Chewy”.

  • QOTD: I buy wine with a lot of different factors. There are some wines that I follow religiously simply because I love the wine. But and it's a big one, I do try to experiment with wines and try new stuff when I experiment I will try it because of recommendations, or it has an interesting look or it's a type of wine or from a region I haven't tried yet. I am however sometimes stingy. If it's a really expensive wine I won't buy a whole bottle till I've tried it somewhere like a tasting room, restaurant etc. I will buy a less expensive bottle out right because if I don't like it I can cook with it and not feel I've spent too much.

  • waynooo

    Bottle aaaaaa Roedereeeer, Fruit oooo' daaaa Viiiiiiine, When Yaaaa gonnaaaa
    leeet me get Soooooooobeeeeeeeeeeer ????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  • Is this guy's name Chaim or Charm because he sure is a charmer 🙂 Awesome show, you're really on a roll!

  • Randall

    First NO avatar for years… now MMMAAAAAAAANNNNYYYYYYYYY??? 🙂

  • waynooo

    Yo Randall, I'm on daaaaa ROOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really enjoyed that episode! What a nice guy.

    QOTD: I usually pick new wines based on a combination of region, varietal, price, and rating if there is one. Once I find a wines I like, I tend to return to them until I'm ready to try something new. I've got about 8 different wines that I regularly rotate while throwing a new one in now and then.

  • jcrazy

    Really enjoyed this show. Dude wasn't gonna let you interrupt, love it. Also love the S.B. comment. I know how hard it is to not speak highly, or even speak lowly, of something when the person who put all their heart and soul into it is right in front of you. Well played.
    Really want to try the other wines.

    Dude, Gary, do some more rose wine shows. I suggest you start with Côtes de Provence Rosé (AOC) – Domaine Pinchinat. It's freakin' awesome and organic to boot. The Marylin Remark Rose is also a mouthful of “holy damn this is good and I'm liiiiit” because the alcohol is something redunkulous like 4000%. I remember and awesome rose with the name of Venus but can't remember the rest of the details. Search it out, young padawan, and you will not be disappointed.

    QOTD: Darts on a dartboard. I try to get a wine I've never had before if it's for any other reason than a gift. If I'm buying for other people I try to get something that I have had, liked and think the receiver will enjoy. Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about a certain varietal, style, region, etc. and go on a binge to satisfy they craving.


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