EP 869 Laid Back Friday with a Friend and a 1991 Port

Gary Vaynerchuk chills this Friday before the long weekend with good friend of the show, Colin Devroe, who works at Viddler. They share a glass of Port and talk about the history of WLTV.

Wines tasted in this episode:

1991 Dow’s PortVintage Port

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luca bercelli


Pretty average episode apart from a great quote of the day; ‘Mott is a huge pot smoker!’

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  • Anonymous

    @cellarrat5: I, for one, appreciate you verbosity! Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Why thank you sir. I will do my best to keep it up!

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yo Ray, they're about ready ta wheel me into da room next ta Ya………..

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Book a room for me too, one week without WLTV!!! Is GV on vacation???
    He shoulda left Mott and the cam with Sasha!!

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Mott you are the best!! GV shoulda left the cam with Sasha for this week!!!
    Best wishes from your Brazilian Fan.

  • joshuastreeter

    QOTD: Syrah
    Side QOTD: y'all are great as a team. It's like asking Fonzi or Richie Cunningham. You need both in a symbioticly beautiful team.

    You guys both ROCK!

  • Randall

    Buh-rown Fuh-reakin' Bags!!!! Bring… Them… On…

  • JayZee13

    Thanks, Mott-ster. You deserve time off, too. Hope you had a good one.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    I agree !! Mott, Sasha, KMurph & Ian could do a little stand-in action……..

  • larbear

    I accidently selected the option to receive ALL comments, which has been fun, but I'm ready for a new episode. Or as Wayno would say Eh-peeeeeeeee, sooooooooo-dddduhhh. I'm probably the first to say – Am I the LAST one?

  • I would also ponder how important Peter was in bringing Jesus and his teaching, i.e. Christianity to the masses. If it weren't for him traveling the world preaching the principles and works of Jesus, humankind may have never heard of him. Just a thought.

  • Just Jack

    Now the crazy thing is that the question doesn't end there. Oh no, for one has to ponder whether Peter would have had anywhere near the impact he did had not Nero separated him from his northernmost extremity. It just goes on and on. It is like a yin yang thing. The created takes just as much, if not more meaning from it's destroyer than from its creation. The miracle of birth can have no relevance without placing it within the context of the horror of death. The question has great applicability to current events but, even with GV gone, I have enough respect not to jump over that fence.

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • waynooo daaa wino

    ;O) ;O) :O)

  • Randall

    pinotage = WWAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY underrated!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Randall

    For real, Gary… a week of unannounced absence = BROWN BAGZZZ!!!!!!

  • mattgmann

    k gar, hope you've had a nice week off. Hopefully we're back up and running Monday 🙂

    Some nice wines have been consumed this weekend. A paso robles effort called optimus 2004 was flat awesome. Syrah, cab, petit verdot blend. Local wine shop picked it up cheap and had it for $20.

    Also tried a kermit lynch imported chinon that was very good. I can't remember the details, but seems you can't go wrong with his imports.

    Brown bags monday? I hope so. I also have a good wine story to share when I have more time.

    See ya'll monday.

  • Randall

    Good angle, Just Jack… but Pilate was just a governator (AHHHNULD…) of a minor provence in the Roman empire. If it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else. On the other hand, if JC was who he said he was…
    Anyway, in answer to Dominus’ QOTD, in purely contemporary terms, I would have to say:
    For good-Albert Einstein/Abraham Lincoln
    For bad-Adolf Hitler/Sigmund Freud

  • Randall

    I thought he was hung upside down…

  • Don Simpson

    Is Gary ok?

  • Don Simpson

    Thanks Mott! I was starting to worry, glad to hear all is well.

  • zanne_70

    QOTD: Too hard to pick just one! Dry sherry, any madeira, champagne… Could keep going but all these are bottles I'd like to have in my stock as occasional wines (maybe a little more than just occasional for the champagne!)

  • Can we have some brown bags next week?

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    It's great to have company here in ICU. ; )

  • late_start

    Can we have a show next week??

  • Just Jack

    Crap Randall, You’re too sharp for me. You are of course correct. I always get how Peter and Paul died mixed up (Although that song about the magic dragon they did with Mary was tight!). I do have an excuse though because I have already established in the comments from a previous episode that it would be expected for me to exhibit transient memory loss 😉

    p.s. At least I had Nero right.

  • Just Jack

    The battle could be joined for days on that point. I think most folks would agree with you but it seems to me for the magic of martyrdom to have worked , he needed Rome to have blood on its hands. Remember the Messiah prophecy at the time was interpreted by most Jews to refer to a worldly king that would lead the fight and finally free them from the yoke of Rome. If it isn’t the Roman governor the blame would have been laid squarely at the feet of the Pharisees and the story would not have had currency outside of the Jewish world.

    Interesting choice with Freud there Randall. I don’t know if he tops my list but I can see the argument. You’re not a Scientologist though are you? I mean no problem if you are and of course it’s none of my business. I only inquire because they seem to have a pretty big axe to grind with him.

  • mxcnmrcnzrr

    G.V. I gotta be str8 with you brother I have a man crush going on here. If I wasn't a flaming hertosexual and very happily married… 🙂 Anywho, what kind of cigars do you like? I'm going to guess you like Arturo Fuentes, Padrons, Cubans and other higher end sticks. Am I right? Does what you smoke depend on what you are drinking, when you are smoking and or eating or do you always go to the same type of smoke no matter what? You like maduros, naturals, big fat behemoths or little coronas. This enquiring mind wants to know. My wife and I love you I think maybe she has a little crush on you also. You da man brother! Keep it up. You bring to joy to lots of us out here. THANX x 1,000

  • thnx bro!

  • ALl week!

  • ALL week !

  • yup

  • Randall

    Wow!! That blindsided me!! No, I’m not a scientologist, though I am rather fond of Chick Corea…

    No, I just think that Fr. was trying to quantify the human spirit with psuedo-scientific methodology and terms. Personally, I don’t think I’ve EVER met ANYONE who wanted to get with his mother! I mean, a gun is just a gun… a warm bed is just a warm bed… a cigar is just a cigar (unless you happen to be a recent ex-pres.)… a taco is just a taco…
    He launched a wave of second guessing one’s own mind and self-doubt through the whole world that still resounds today (along w/ Jung). What profession has the highest suicide rate BY FAR? Doctors?… clergy?… firemen?… military leaders?… others that one might suppose to be at risk because of their constant exposure to bad things? No… it’s shrinks. I don’t have an axe to grind w/ shrinks, just the theories they are following. To use their own term loosely, much of this modern world appears to be much more “neurotic” than in pre- P.A. days.

    p.s. Always awesome to chat w/ you. For someone who “doesn’t have enough personal faith” in his life, you sure are knowledgable about these things!! 😉

  • Randall

    No more “Puff” for me!! 🙂

  • You're saying Yup too easily….get we get free shipping?

  • Just Jack

    Knowledgeable perhaps but as my wife frequently reminds me: “it is one thing to have a brain full of useless stuff, it’s something else entirely to have the common sense to know how to use it”. Do you think she’s trying to tell me something?

  • Just Jack

    “No, I’m not a scientologist, though I am rather fond of Chick Corea” That got me laughing heartily my friend. Everything I know about them comes from either south Park or Anonymous so I probably only have one side of the story. You gotta admit that Tom Cruise is a little bit whacked out though. That guy is a nutter if you ask me (Which nobody did of course but I’ve never let that stop me before).

  • jsums

    Everybody loves the Mottster! How can you not? Good, chill Friday show. Fun time. QOTD – Gotta have a caramel apple butter bomb Cali Chardonnay sitting around for when I get the urge…and a Barossa Shiraz fruit bomb. Not usually my style at all, but sometimes you just get that weird craving…

  • jsums

    Looking forward to it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We miss you, bro!

  • Just Jack

    So on a completely off topic note (that belongs in the Cindy comments but I'm too lazy to make new friends) – Did anybody else happen to pick up the Feline Jourdan Picpoul from Cindy a couple three weeks ago? I just cracked one for the first time and I have to tell you that it is the hardest wine to get my head around I have ever tried. There is this huge flavor wave that comes right at the end of the mid and it is like three times the volume of any of the other flavors in the profile. It only lasts a second and I can't put my finger on what it is, but it is highly pronounced. I go back and forth between thinking it makes the wine interesting and challenging and admitting that it just tastes horrible.

    I am hoping someone is familiar with this varietal (My first time). Perhaps this UFO abduction like flavor (It's that startling) is typical for the varietal. I haven't done any web research yet but I always get better geek info here than anywhere else anyway.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yo Jack, Never had dat Vino, but dat sounds like one Uuunntaaaammmed Puppy……….
    ;O) :O)

  • waynooo daaa wino

    G saaaayzz “YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!” ;o)

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yaaaa Thiiiiink ?????? Da ones i had were pretty DRAAAAAAAABBB…..

  • Randall

    Mmmm… Smoky… Nice fruit, but structured nicely… silky, but kinda big… what was I talking about again? 😉

  • Just Jack

    Quite so. The nose is Welch's white grape juice all the way. A little hint of apple but not real generous on the sniffy sniff. Up front you get a little fruit but nothing to write home about. It completely falls apart on the mid palate. I mean there is nothing there. No fruit, no acid, no tannin structure. Just when you think the mid is heading nowhere fast, this huge wave of a kind of petrol, green vegetal thing just gobsmacks you. I wish I could describe it better but I can't really. The crazy thing is that it goes away as fast as it comes on. the finish is a little flabby with not much there. Not terrible but just so so. The whole wine is consistent except for that single one or two second wave of whatever it is. It definitely expanded my palate (respect and thanks for that GV). That is a good thing. Trying to figure out if I want to have this again is a little tough though. I have 2 more so I am sure I will be dragging them out whenever a true geek comes over. I wish I could do a mass tasting with all the vayniacs right now. It is just so dam weird. I also can't rest until I find another Picpoul to compare it with. If this is the norm it would make Picpoul the easiest wine on the planet to ID double blind. It is that distinctive.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    :O) ;O)

  • Just Jack

    You are so right about ol kermit mattgmann. I had an 06 Domaine Gallety – Cotes du Vivarais of his on Friday night. Got it on Cindy and it was exceptional. He definitely has the golden touch when it comes to finding great wines.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yo Jack, I knooow what Ya mean. Remember buyin' some Robert Parker 93
    95 point Vinos yeeeeaaars ago that i paid MeeegaaaaBucks for and they were
    somma the most RAAANNNNNK Wines i ever drank!!!! Talk about

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Oh Yeeeaaaah, One was a White Hermitage called “Chante Alouetta” or
    sometin' like that & the other was a Domaine Ramonet Primiere Cru White
    Burgundy……… YUUUUUUUUUUK CIIIIIIIIITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randall

    Frere Freakin' Jacque!!!! HI-larious, Waynooo!!


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