EP 877 Jets Uncorked Tasting

Yes, this is for real! Gary Vaynerchuk travels to the new stadium to taste the new Jets Uncorked wine with the winemaker (and Napa legend), Marco DiGiulio.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Jets Uncorked

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luca bercelli


line of the day -‘I’m going to score the wine 5-7 points higher because I bleed green’

As a die-hard Jets fan this episode is obviously tremendous.

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  • Awesome opportunity for you to check out the new stadium and Jets wine project.
    QOTD: I think oak is like the spices on food. When spiced properly, food is enhanced but if it is too spiced or not enough…the food won't be optimum. Same holds true with oak and wine.

    Really enjoyed this show, hope you can do more tapings throughout all the NFL stadiums. Let me know if you want to make a trip to Ford Field in Detroit, could probably help arrange that.

  • Bruce S.

    Great show, GV (and that's from someone who's not wild about guest shows) ! On the QOTD, I don't have a single preference when it comes to oak. For me the “right” level of oak depends heavily on what food you're having with your wine. I love to grill and I've found a moderately oaked wine pairs up wonderfully with the flavors imparted by grilling or smoking. Same goes for buttery dishes. Lastly, I can't enjoy a wine that is way out of balance, and IMHO you can have too much of anything, i.e. alcohol, oak, fruit, etc. It's about all the kids in the sandbox playing together nicely. Slainte!

  • Allan

    Thnx Yoda 🙂

  • Robert L

    Great Show, the new stadium looks awesome.
    QOTD: Like David Benjamin said I think oak is like the spices on food. When spiced properly, food is enhanced but if it is too spiced or not enough…the food won't be optimum. Same holds true with oak and wine. I agree!
    Gary…ready to cook! http://www.happydiabetic.com

  • Marco might be onto something with the Crocker Vineyard fruit… isn't that the vineyard responsible for Crocker-Starr fruit, both Cab Sauv & Cab Franc?

  • JiminAtlanta

    I am happy that it is almost football season. A wine and football show is pretty darn good. QOTD – I like a balanced wine where the oak does not overwhelm the other tastes in the wine.

  • U rock man 🙂

  • Dont worry boys, its a perfect storm, we will be back doing what we do!

  • Sorry Frisco 🙁

  • LLUErker

    QOTD – I think it really depends on the wine. It's like anything else, you know? It's hard because the aging in oak barrels takes a while, but the concept is the same… if it would make a poorer wine taste better, then you should do it, but if the wine is already robust by itself, it might just mask that flavour. It is like the argument for make up and spices… an uggo would look better with make up, while a natural beauty would look worse. A cheap cut might be better heavily spiced, but you don't want to do too much to a prime cut steak.

  • Allan

    please don't be sorry anymore G.

  • Allan


    You're awesome!

  • Allan

    A wee bit o sherry this evenin'….. Tio Pepe Fino. Nice. I'll give it a 88! Thnx Mott!

  • Randall

    Right on, G!!

  • Bigorangemoq

    I am having serious Football withdrawals!!! September cant get here soon enough…The jets should be tough this year! Im a Bucs fan so i dont have very high expectations for this season. Another amazing show, and the new stadium looks amazing!

  • johnfarrin

    Would you expect less from the 1960 St. Rose Elementary “Man of the Year”?

  • Anonymous

    You have to tell me if it was St. Amant, because I will commit Seppuku right here and now if we over oak our wines. Seriously though, I could give some insight on this issue, chances are I know the people that made it (don’t worry I wont tell nobody, Vayniacs for life!!)

  • L’egance of Looavull

    Agreed, GV is just mixing it up for a change. Do not fret!

  • Allan


    Love is all around.

    Thunder. Awesome. Thnx, man.

  • Allan

    Grenache rocks!

  • Allan

    Yo G, back to basics means just do whatever you want to do…..

    It's been a long time since i've seen just 3 wines, without the bags, and just tasting them, regardless of style or type or what have you….. And just giving your two cents. DO IT!

    *Rheingau Riesling* *Please* !!!



  • zlupko

    gary, episode #660 – gretzky – you are on the right side of the guest. sopranos episodes were great.

  • Lady L'egance

    I agree, I've had a lot of white wines that have been over oaked to where the oak is 80% of the wine's flavor.

  • Jag

    QOTD: Oak: there are surely exceptions but… Whites – don't do it. Reds, if you can taste the oak up front, you went too far. Aging in oak does a lot of good things for big rich reds… but the fruit is still the source of the flavor.

  • Lady L'egance

    A monumental show in WLTV's history! I'm glad that you admitted that you were going to score the wine 100 pts, thanks for being honest GV. 🙂

    QOTD: Oak should be subtle in whites, balanced in reds. The majority of Chardonnay I have had has been severely over oaked, I wish i had better feeling towards this varietal. 🙁

    Does anyone know of any Chardonnays with minimal oak?

  • Great show even though it involved the Jets. Love the celebrity wine guests as opposed to just celebrity guests but that's just how I roll.

    QOTD: Keep the oak in the background! Personally I can barely drink over-oaked wines. I definitely like balance between all components but especially with the oak.

  • Alexandre-CF

    And i don't want white oak juice 😉

  • DAveAll

    honestly – pretty boring episode (except the oak/barrel discussion, wow. that was AMAZingly interesting, I'm sure coopers were cheering). I will hang in there, it happens sometimes. We all have our weaknesses, truly I know. I could tell you enjoyed it, so am happy for you and no complaints from me. Like a softball junkie always turning every discussion into pitches, hits and runs. haha.
    btw, i dislike all sports you watch. just always have. so I am biased against sports shows. sorry.
    QOTD: nice guest. I'm an OAK junkie, bring it on!

  • 🙁

  • ErieWineGuy

    Boy, how much fun was that for you?

    Really great and interesting show as always!

    QOTD: I've always been bothered by the oak in whites, compared to where I first cut my teeth on white wines – Chablis and white Burgundy, but I am tasting more and more examples of how light oaking can add fullness and complexity to whites(but I'm still a die-hard unoaked white wine guy!).

    As far as oaking reds are concerned, I generally do not have many problems here, but now and again you're right – it over powers the fruit. I have to investigate more….

    Anyways, again lots of fun. Thanks Gary!

  • Jrouss

    Looks like you had a pretty good time with this episode.

    QOTD: I like a suttle hint of oak on the finish. I don't like it when the oak is all that I tast which happens with some white.

  • SlowWineLover

    What a great looking stadium and a great venue for WLTV!

    QOTD: I like wine because of it's diversity and the way it can absorb and project a given place into a bottle. For example, a meursault tastes different to a Chassagne Montrachet despit the fact that they're made of the same grape variety and usually undergo the same oak treatment. I feel that over-oaking hides this individuality and sense of place that is so atractive about wine. In effect, over-oaking facilitates the commodification of wine. However, I do agree with a certain level of oaking depending on the grape variety (e.g. I wouldn't oak riesling) and quality of the fruit (e.g I wouldn't new oak young vine fruit because it doesn't have the inherent quality to withstand much oak). As a winemaker, the most important thing should be not follow the market but to follow what the fruit and your palate tells you.

  • Randall

    :l (blank stare of disbelief)
    R U kidding me? Go back and watch prev. eps.
    GV didn’t interrupt hardly AT ALL compared to those shows…
    There’s been MAJOR progress in this area…

  • Randall

    Dude!! It was SO not the St. Amant… Since you posted the list of your varietals I’ve done some “research” on St. Amant. Here’s my take on the Barbera…

    On the nose:
    A little warm/too much alc. (not overbearing, though)
    Nice cherries w/ a small amount of oak
    Some cinnamon, vanilla, and a slight, very clean berry note (in my Barberas I like a wee bit more cinnamon/spiciness)

    On the palate:
    Nice transition from nose to palate
    Slight, but noticable, creaminess (nice)
    Medium body (maybe a hair on the light side, but that’s not a bad thing here)
    Slightly sour cherry/cranberry notes (also nice)
    Kind of an Old World powdery/mineral thing happening
    Decent finish…

    Overall: Two thumbs up!!

    Next up: Tempranillo…

    p.s. I’ll be there to p/u some ports soon. (on a Friday most likely)

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Hey man, you?re steppin? on my turf. I?ve been using this name for 3 years.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    I write all my messages in a word document with spell check, then copy/paste. I think some people would rather keep complaining about Disqus than use their brain.

  • Mott didn't waste time with his thoughts. Well done! The stadium looks amazing. I normally don't hit up the live games, but I may have to, at least once. Marco: had a couple of the Girard's in my time…enjoyed them.

    QOTD: I prefer balance, like many of the Vayniacs out there. Every once in a while I crave the vanilla and other notes, but not usually during the summer.

  • Anonymous

    It seemed like a decent review, glad you enjoyed it! We do our best to let the fruit we get speak for itself. Those grapes were from Tedi Leventini, a third generation farmer from Lodi who’s crop is always consistent. About 900 cases or so produced. About 25% new American 75% old. We keep it in there for about 8-10 months, I think the fruit is forward enough to keep the Oak Monster in check. I racked this twice before filtration and bottling, and the natural acidity gives it a little balance. We also are experimenting with a rose from the same grapes.

  • corkscrew

    JetsTV…..Rutgers-Army game in the new stadium… QOTD-oak is good if controlled. http://www.winelx.com

  • Oakmon's BF

    Well, I?ve got to respond to an oak question. I think I told this many hundreds of episodes ago but Father?s Day is a good time to retell it. My late father introduced me to wine and anytime I have a glass of wine, he is with me in spirit. He?d always pour from a jug of Gallo Hearty Burgundy. It was some kind of cheap jug blend. He once told me they used stainless steel which was something of a new innovation way back then (probably early ?70s). We both assumed, probably correctly, that this was to save money since they could continue to use the stainless forever (?naked? was not yet a wine term, concept, or marketing angle). After college, when I had some spending money for the first time in my life, there was news of California wines winning some sort of contest in France (yes, that contest). I decided I would start to bring some vintage Californians to the table. They went over well with both Dad and Me. I found a distinct taste in many of these that I never found in the Gallo jugs. I liked it and when shopping I tended to favor bottles that had that taste. It wasn?t until years later, after Dad was gone, that I realized it was oak. Today, there are times when I want to taste the oak, and times when I don?t. Due to the fact that it reminds me of Dad, I will always be the Oak Monster?s Best Friend.

  • Pdxpeople

    I like to know there is oak in my wine and not have to wonder. There seems to be a backlash by the critics against it, which then makes the consumers think they need to push for less oak. Chardonnay is a pefect example. Winemakers built these huge California style Chardonnay's and people fell in love with them and it became “the” white wine. Then critics became obessed with the amount of oak in them, people agreed with them, now under pressure winemakers are cutting back. The wines are becoming less interesting and people are moving towards other white varietals that have more inherent flavor. Basically, the critics are killing the Chardonnay wine industry by forcing changes to a product that was very successful and didn't need fixing.

    To the wine critics: if you don't like something about a style of wine, drink something else, don't screw with something others might find appealing to their tastes.

  • Randall

    Great story and Father's Day post.
    p.s. I don't mind looking at the Oak Monster through the bars of the cage he's in… but I don't want to cuddle up w/him…

  • David M Roberts

    Great looking new stadium (it will be a great venue for Green Bay when they show up and “uncork” a little whup-ass of their own… 🙂

    Trash talk aside, Happy Fathers Day from one new dad to another.

  • angelatcarslon

    Nice job Guys!

    QOTD: I enjoy Oak as a more subtle, smoky flavor in red wines. I like my whites crisp, clean and delicious. As long as I can't taste it as a major component, I'm a happy gal.

  • jsums

    Good stuff. Fun show. Can't wait for football season! Though, I'm really enjoying the World Cup action right now. QOTD – It should be a secondary or tertiary component at all times. If it ever dominates a wine's flavor/aroma profile, I view it as a straight up wine fault on par with Brett (which, like oak, in the background can be a very positive component in my opinion). The sensation of drinking nothing but charred wood is very offputting to me. I think certain Scotch whiskys have the same issue…

  • Randall

    🙂 The oak on that Barbera was just about PERFECT! Complimentary and subtle, it increased the flavor profile admirably w/out overwhelming the fruit OR the terroir. It seems to me that it would be very difficult to get it any more spot-on than that…
    Also… LOVE a well made rose sometimes. (like right about now)

    I also love all those other grapes you guys are using, but me and the various friends of mine that are chipping in for me to pick stuff up for them on my run down there only have so much $$ to spend. We’ll make it worth while, though. I’m doing a kind of ‘all-in-one’ thing that day (going to see the brewer at Lodi Brewing, other friends, etc.)
    And if you’re around when I get there, I’ll be bringing some ‘strong golden’ ale from Belgium to taste if you can take a break for a minute…

    p.s. 900 cases? That’s all? My taste buds just retro-actively enjoyed that vino even more… ;}

  • TonyL

    Hey Gary: Love your shows and Hi from Canada. I like it when you get the vanilla flavour from the oak. I am wondering if you can do some rose in your future shows. Summer is great time for them and I think they have been overlooked a little as it is harder to find reviews for them compare to the whites and the reds. I know why that's the case, but I would love to get more info on roses.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    lol. I can't wait to see the edited version.

    QOTD: It really depends on the wine. I really like most whites unoaked. I like it to be a little subtle. More like you wouldn't catch it if you weren't paying attention.

  • Rodolfo Sommelier

    But, congratulation to this epsode did in stadion, I love mixing wine and sports, because I think than similar situation, sports is good live, wine is too, congratulations for your, see your neste episode, thanks.

  • DAveAll

    I still think you are the top wine show in the universe, I was just sharing my likes and dislikes. All my best to you and keep 'em coming!


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