EP 877 Jets Uncorked Tasting

Yes, this is for real! Gary Vaynerchuk travels to the new stadium to taste the new Jets Uncorked wine with the winemaker (and Napa legend), Marco DiGiulio.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Jets Uncorked

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luca bercelli


line of the day -‘I’m going to score the wine 5-7 points higher because I bleed green’

As a die-hard Jets fan this episode is obviously tremendous.

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  • TheGreatWazu

    This guy is very savvy. I like the fact that he uses more vinyards to better craft what he wants to accomplish. I also like Gary's honesty in being up front with not being able to score the wine in an unbiased way. Oak is a flavor you need to taste in a good red wine…to make it taste like it wasn't mass produced. but not a lot upfront or in the finish either. I'd like to taste wines that go from one casket for x amount of time and then into another casket for the remainder like they do with really good Scotch like The Balvieni Doublewood. Food for thought. Go Giants! Way to go Mott!

  • Voomrpat56rhees1

    Question 1. Coming to Napa next week– Looking forward to some great juice.
    2. I like subtle oak. I think a little adds a lot to a wine, but too much kills the fruit. I had my big oak days and understand the allure, but now I realize it overruns all of the wonderful subtle flavors that make a great wine just that– Great

  • QOTD – I don't think I like wine that's over-oaked. Then again, can it be UNDER-oaked?

  • Thursday

    …why is it a such a bad thing to accurately label wines? Accuracy is often something that pushes me towards a particular bottle of wine, when I see that it contains 3% petit verdot or 5% cab. franc. Would it be so much more difficult to market “Cab. Sauv.” if the truth were on the label? Is it believed that consumers are so close minded to the point of not being able to appreciate reality? I think that is starting to change.

    QOTD: I generally find that I don't appreciate most unoaked red wines. However, I can't stand overdone oak. Sometimes I find wines that are screaming oak, but the fruit and terroir stand their ground, and I'm fine with that. But, I often find that “oak monster” is bed buddies with “fakey-fake”… which I can stomach even less.

  • Thursday

    PS QOTD: sometimes I think heavy oak in wine can be compared to sugar and milk in your coffee.

  • Pat__B

    QOTD: Keep it low for food-friendlies. High amounts of oak seem to make wine less adaptable to variation with different dishes. That said, if it's been a long day, sometimes chewing on a piece of wood can be relaxing….

  • ND

    QOTD: Preferred “Oakiness”: Semi-dry German whites (no oak!) by themselves in summer, Burgundy whites (some oak) with dinner. For reds, oak should generally be a secondary component in my view.

    Once again this week, great episode!

  • pi

    let the man talk man just ask the question wait and ask another. your just shooting questions and i want to hear him answer them! ALL OF THEM! slow down

  • kasperhip

    Nice show. Howcome the full screen button doesn't work on new shows?

  • alexlinsley

    QOTD: Oak to me is another component to be balanced in the wine. If it works well with the flavours, tannins, alcohol etc etc then awesome. It doesn't have to be “high” or “low” all the time – don't kill off wine diversity, it's just too damn good.
    White Burgundy is a great example of this – the relatively big oak gives it amazing character and mouthfeel BUT I'm always disappointed if it doesn't complement the other characteristics of the wine and play a part in a wider flavour profile that has other aspects.
    Flipside is that a lightly oaked VdP from France can be screwed up with just a tiny amount of oak that jars with what's going on – as discussed in the show – some oak is more equal than others.

  • alexlinsley

    Don't know if you can get your hands on it in the US, but seriously recommend the Equipos Navasos sherry bottlings if that's your thing. (Numbers 8 & 16 are awesome Mazanilla and killer value)

  • Anonymous

    I have to keep replying to myself, this seems oddly self serving. I am sure I will be around when you stop by, 80% of the time its just me here anyway! Most of the stuff we do is small production, hope the others are as big of a hit as the Barbera was for you.

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Wow Gary, you guys have an awesome stadium! Congratulations NYJETS!!

    Very nice show, Mott is gonna be pissed cause you zoomed on him again!
    You are phenomenal Mott!! The VaynerNation wants more appearances on the show.

    Nice label on the Jets wine.

    QOTD: Oak should be only a light touch at the end, never the main event?

    World Cup News: Brazil 3 x 1 Ivory Coast (Those guys are kinda violent! Some nasty plays! Where was the referee looking!)


    You guys do relize that this is GIANTS Stadium, right?

  • Cardiff_Kie

    Over/Under on you getting a cameo on HBO's Hard Knocks?

    QOTD: Tell the consumer more – origin, cooper and months aged on back label or at least the “winemaker” specifics online. Seguin Moore is my favorite toaster

  • glad to see that Marco is so down to earth…stop and smell the damn roses!
    so GV…you had nothing to do with this project, aside from your awesome power over the wine world in general?

    I like the distinction between herbaceous, herbal, and floral in the reds…can actually be distinguished when the oak is under control.
    QOTD: oak is supporting cast…

  • JayZee13

    Well, I thought that was going to be obnoxious, but the show was actually pretty interesting. Marco came across as a genuine kind of guy and the wine nerd information was actually interesting. Of course, there is now freaking way I would ever buy NY JETS WINE. Ugh! 😉

    QOTD: I like some oak in my reds especially, although I am generally against oak in white, especially Chardonnay. Oak should never dominate the fruit. I hate “buttery” Chardonnays and I really don't want my Shiraz or Cab to taste like blackberries and cream. A little vanilla taste goes a long way. If someone has extremely extracted fruit AND adds an over-treatment of oak, they ruin the wine for me. It is fake.

  • Comments are getting tougher and tougher to post… Not sure what the deal is.

    Anyway, good show. Fun guest.

    QOTD: It's a condiment. Use it like an adult, not like a 5 year old uses ketchup.

  • njc2o

    we gettin an episode today? saw GV sent out a free shipping video

  • Is it because the Jets (as an overall corporate culture) love wine (Cab)? Or, was it purely a business decision ($28 over projected $50). Could they have just produced a house blend of Brandy?

  • This is positively awesome. I love your passion, both for football and wine!

    Be sure to save some to celebrate the Super Bowl championship!

  • PurpleGrillz

    I would like to see how other woods taste. Paduk smells amazing when it is cut. Hickory? Mesquite? Redwood? I think it is worth experimenting. What I don't like is old oak with bret, that is nasty.

    Overall I like some toasty oak.

  • Illegal_Formation

    Loved the conversation about barrels and coopers. Good guest and interesting stuff.

    Marco's comment about how some wines take oak well, and Gary's usual cosmetics comment, made me think about that Robert Palmer, Addicted to Love, video: Those girls could wear it, but other girls would look trashy with all that make-up.

    QOTD: Despite thinking of myself as an independent-minded guy, I will admit that G.V. has influenced my opinion on oak. These days, I prefer wines with no noticeable oak, because I usually find that it carries with it a chemical-y nose.

  • Illegal_Formation

    Does anyone out there know if Marco makes any value wines? Under $20, or better yet $15?

  • Hey Gary

    I really enjoyed this show – a good example of a guest who is bringing some thunder to the table (unlike some of the people on the Sopranos show). Marco certainly seems like an hoenst and down to earth bloke who wants to do the thing.

    A Jets wine – you must be a really happy camper.

    QOTD: like everything in wine it's about balance. Oak certainly has thigns to add, but it has to be done properly and with elegance.

    Mott I love your work wearing that Giants t-shirt


  • Valentin

    great guest gary! QOD: Never overbearing. I like it as in the elegant Bordaux wines.

  • Dawn9850

    QOTD: I don't want the oak to be predominate in the wine. It's all about balance!

  • adam_riley

    QOTD: Elegant like the last few people who posted. I don't want the oak to be overbearing and I like French oak MUCH better than American.

  • Carl

    Carl – Gary – wow wearing a linebacker's jersey. Shouldn't you be in a kickers jersey?

  • pawncop

    This was a good episode. For no other reason than to see you really express your credibility. I have always trusted your analysis, and will continue to do so.

    QOTD – I am not a huge fan of oaked wines. My palate runs to the more acidtic versions, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Muscadet from the Loire Valley, Albarino, Vino Verde.

    I think a very slight touch of oak in the bolder, tannic wines may be worthwhile but must be done very carefully in order to preserve the essence of the grape.

  • teckdeck2008

    He seemed like a cool guy. And the wine actually sounded good although I think Mott may have rated it a bit high based on how you reacted when you tasted it before that. If I had to guess what you were thinking, I would say 88 or 89. But that being said, I remember my early days of wine drinking. It was either a 90 and up pt wine or an 85 and below lol…we've all been there before Mott.
    Qotd: A lot of that I leave up to the winemaker. The only thing I ask is that it doesn't try and hide anything if that makes since. If the winemaker likes a slightly heavier oak flavor to add to the fruit I'll go with it. But its a real turn off if its so heavy that drowns out the nuances of the terrior and other stuff. If that makes since. Its like the difference between good spicy food and bad spicy food. I have no isssue with flavorful spicy food, but I don't like food that has a spicyness that takes away from the flavor.

  • teckdeck2008

    I totally agree with you. My family in general loves grilled and smoked food, and it just takes me back. I love it, and I think thats what flavors in wine can do to a real wine drinker. A lot of my friends don't get that and laugh a little whenever I have a toasty wine and go off on a random family experience, but thats why I love that flavor in wine.

  • teckdeck2008

    Wow, concise but I love how sharp the message is lol. And perfect example too, I think everyone did that with ketchup on some point or another. :p

  • Dbrodette

    I was at a graduation party up in Boston this weekend and the woman that was hosting the party told me about this wine and mentioned that she is a fan or yours. Her brother works for the Jets and she said that the marketing jingle is that this is “a wine that even a Patriots fan can love” or something to that extent.

    Go Pats – It should be a good year with your Jets getting much stronger.

  • teckdeck2008

    Well I don't know about you but I don't listen to wine critics…I listen to my palette. And I'm really not a big fan of extremely oaky chardonnays. Critics should be able to say what they want as long as its not inflammatory or excessively biassed. What I think critics should do is try and educate the public much liked gary v does, rather than give their opinion without saying why or how someone might do something to begin with.

  • Ozzy

    That was a great show. The new stadium is so sweet cannot wait to see them play in it this season. Also love the Mott spot ” Mott you the Man.” Great guest also learned a lot of stuff in this show.
    QOTD: I don't mind a little oak but I don't want the oak monster to come out to play. Keep up the great work GV.

  • John__J

    qotd more subtle, I was never one to really enjoy the taste of drinking a 2 x 4. A little in the background is perfect depending on the wine. Obviously no oak is better for others.

  • Jo

    how great was that!? could you bring any more passion to wine and gary? marco was also great…wishing much success to the jets and jetsuncorked!
    oak… i love the oak factor in a wine and look for wines aged in american oak but dont see that very often…why?

    jo from the wine cruise

  • plcb

    QOTD: I do not like oaked chardonnay. Since many are over-oaked, I'm afraid of chardonnay. I appreciate the use of oak in red wine. Overall quality is key and the use of oak is only one aspect of the final product. Balance and structure and drinkability, etc, are all important.

  • Phil G

    Love it… you are welcome for David Harris, GV – GO BLUE!

    Gary, why do you keep zooming in on Mott's head, it is kind of funny, but he always asks you not to…

    QOTD – balance is key!

  • Adam R

    How many times did you slap that guys thigh??
    MAN CRUSH!!!!

  • DCaragher

    GO PATS!!!

  • Pierre

    Depending on what I eat, I generally prefer subtle than too much but as other said, balance is the key.

    good show!

  • chukheadted

    QOTD: I believe he asked a leading question.

    What would be beneficial to the viewers is if Gary made a list of the top 20 most-over-oaked and widely available wines he has had in the last year. This way, viewers could at least cross reference their opinions against what GV says is over-oaked for his palate.

  • Jetsfans R. Embarassing

    could you touch his leg anymore?

    Jets and wine…ing


    they go together like, lamb and tunafish

  • Weston3220

    qotd: I prefer on the less side, but on in Red Wines I can handle it more then in whites, whites I perfer almost 0 noticable oak

  • Mike in C-town

    Honestly, I probably won't touch this or any other “novelty” wine without some sort of need to “them-it-up” at some gathering.

    QOTD: I don't mind it in reds if it is integrated into the overall style of the wine. A good rioja comes to mind, and thinking about that: it depends on the type of oak being used. American oak character is so different than French oak. Oak treatments seems to have been more overused in whites and I still seek out other whites more than chardonnay because of the boatloads of goopey fermented vanilla toast I drank early on.

  • Pretty cool with the JETS wine. You can open a bottle this year when the JETS play the steelers in the AFC championship game 🙂 Yeah I know, just dreaming.

    QOTD: I am with a lot of other commenters here, and I can handle it ok in some reds, but the white wines with oak are just a turn off to me.


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