EP 880 California Pinot Noir Tasting with a Guest ? Part 2 ? Episode #880

Gary Vaynerchuk concludes the tasting with Michelle Turnbull of David Family Wines and they bring out some limited edition labels!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 David Family Pinot Noir Williams Ranch

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luca bercelli


Slightly better than pt1 but still a little too heavy on the marketing side. GV obviously didn’t rate the last wine but put it nicely by saying that the tannins were blocking the flavour. ie the wine was lacking in flavour!

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  • orangebottle

    Nice, she does look like Dushku. so funny.

  • Mark McNabb

    Whether they like it or not……

  • waynooo daaa wino

    zero, zip, zilch, nada, nyit…… :O)

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Michelle, Can't wait to try your Wines !!!!!!!!

    qotd: WineSellar & Brasserie is a Foodie/Wine-Tasting Hot Spot in San Diego that would
    be a Good Place for Your Wines………

  • FriscoGrapes

    Good show Gary and interesting guest. I am going to try the first one. That sounds like my kind of pinot.

  • Leather label seems a bit much, price point is high, but if the quality is there, then it is worth it.

  • Lady L'egance

    5'10″? lol
    Wish I had some extra cash to bid on those wines.

  • Mmdynamite

    wow! what an impressive woman. she really has it together & i'd love to try those wines in tokyo. the 5 10 comment was superb 🙂


  • waynooo daaa wino

    Right Ooon, Flash !!! Williams Selyem Pinots Goooood !!! Slurrpin’ me 2004’s now & they are tastin’ FIIIIIIIIIINE !!!!!!!

  • John__J

    qotd: Antrim 1844 in MD

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Awesome – thanks for the Becco's recommendation. I had two other people email me about the same place. Curious to go check it out.

    hmmm… Dushku resemblance – wasn't she the one giving bratty cheerleaders a hard time in a 90's teen movie? What's not to like about that?

  • JiminAtlanta

    Sorry about the wrong spelling of your name. That may give it more value. QOTD – There are lots of good restaurants in Atlanta that serve good wine. For the price of the wines it would need to be in higher end restaurants.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Sorry for the confusion: Futures pricing is now available. It started on June 23. http://www.davidfamily.com.

    The 2009 Monterey County is $50 (in a few months it will be $70)
    The 2009 Anderson Valley is $70 (in a few months it will be $90)

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Great! I would love to hear your thoughts after you try it.
    “VaynerNation” code is up and working – (just remember it's case sensitive). You can get the wine for $45 instead of $62 until June 30.

  • Joe L

    She also played the savvy wine bar owner who saved the day for the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay in the movie “Bottle Shock.”

  • plcb

    QOTD: As a Pennsylvanian, I cannot help.

  • ewb

    Great exchange. I am rooting for Michelle & David Family wines.
    QOTD: http://www.theinnaterlowest.com/

  • leapinggnome

    5/10. Perhaps the greatest line in WLTV history. And it speaks volumes that Gary loved it as much as we did.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Speaking of unpopular varietals… what are you drinking these days? What are your thoughts on Grenache?

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Futures? you bet. They're all online http://www.davidfamily.com

    Charming? Clearly you haven't seen me at a shoe sale… 🙂
    Appreciate the comments – thanks guys. ErieWineGuy, I hope you get the chance to try our wines. I'd love to hear your candid thoughts.

  • Phil G

    5-10… um no.

    QOTd – Take Metro North to Pleasantville NY and enjoy the Iron Horse Grill… you are welcome.

  • flavasauce

    Grenache is usually made too big and ripe for me but I enjoy it in Rhone blends. I'm drinking a lot of Cab Franc, mencia, Chenin blanc and VDP Merlot as I tend to get a lot of bang for the buck. i do miss affordable Pinot though and will occasionally splurge. Again wishing you the best of luck, I worked briefly in the wine biz so I know how difficult it can be. Cheers!

  • Michelle Turnbull

    totally agree. Mott – so sorry we missed your autograph. It was a rookie move, and just plain rude of me!

  • Michelle Turnbull

    hmm. Have thought about this a lot. I see there are some people who question whether Gary held back a little to be polite because I was there. So I ask, should we ask Gary to do a re-taste, better yet, a brown bag re-taste with a few other pinots in the same price point?

    I’ll post the question as a new comment too and see what the crowd thinks.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Woo. Even better!

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Awesome. thanks teckdeck 🙂

    Downtown Uncorked in Bryan TX? TX, FL and MI are the next big markets I'd love to expand distribution into. Hoping to be there soon. Will let you know when we make it there!

  • Wine Cutter

    Love a good CA Pinot Noir but, even with the discount, the shipping cost (almost $20/bottle) takes me out of the running.
    QOTD: Blue Ribbon Bakery

  • Wynetime

    Even if she was buying Williams Ranch (Morning Dew Ranch) fruit for $10,0000 a ton, which I know is way to much money, the cost per fruit would be $13.80 a bottle. Add in 50% new french oak at $1000 a barrel and which is 25 cases worth of wood that comes out to $1.67 a bottle for oak. I'm sure her packaging costs; cork, capsule, hand made Spanish leather come out to about $4.00 a bottle. So we are at $19.47 before winemakers salary. Which I can tell you brings the cost no where near $90. So if you fell like paying crazy prices for a new producer with no track record go for otherwise try Woodenhead, Brogan Cellars, or Whitcraft if you would like to taste the venerable Burt Williams fruit for half the cost. And to think I have to justify my consumers my bottle prices at around $30 a bottle.

  • teckdeck2008

    If you want to contact the owners here's the facebook page for their wine bar. http://tinyurl.com/25yrzym

  • Michelle Turnbull

    …Oh I like your approach.
    but the Aussie sarcasm in me is dying to really respond with

    because they're the only costs to take into consideration when making wine and running a business that ultimately gets grape to bottle to your table. 🙂

  • Ne1ca8s

    She was the doughter in 'True Lies' also.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    I feel like I’m in constant search of a great $20 pinot. In fact I did a tasting and posted comments on facebook as I went. The one I ended up liking turned out to be priced incorrectly and was really $40. And for me, when I say ‘great’ I mean, delicate and complex. I want light flavors but I still need it to have structure otherwise the alcohol burn ruins the entire experience. Always happy to hear a $20 reco.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Ah Randall, I lived in SF for 5 years. The fog was killing me! I’m an Aussie gal, how am I supposed to survive the constant chill?! I need sunshine. But I split my time between CA and NY. Agreed, N.Beach in SF has some great restaurants! But does anything beat foccacia from the Ligueria Bakery opposite Mama’s and a bottle of wine on a Sunday afternoon? I think not. David Family is a few places in SF: La Mar, WaterBar, Joe DiMaggio’s, John Walker & Co… any others you like specifically?

  • Michelle Turnbull

    wow. The place you recommend looks amazing. I like their wine list too! thanks so much EWB.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Great. thanks!

  • corkscrew

    Michelle, if you are still checking for suggestions, http://www.darylwinebar.com and http://www.frogandpeach.com, both highly respected restaurants in New Brunswick, NJ (35 minute express train ride from Penn Station), with very good wine lists. Would also be happy to review any samples on my wine site. http://www.winelx.com

  • Alexandre-CF

    what a zinger …LOL, that was really nice.

    95 pts for this great show and 98 + for the lovelly and beautiful Michelle.

    QOTD : if one day this pinots reach Brazil will be the best

  • Alexandre-CF

    what's your point?
    so make wine is that simple? you buy grapes and put all together in a bottle and thats it?
    and what about if it's a new producer with “no track record”? he or she should give the wine for you as a gift?

    and see doesn't have to justify the prices as i'm certain that you don't have either (at least shouldn't have).

    i'm not saying that the wine is cheap, but there is no point in your comment.
    nothing personal, just my opinion.

  • Alexandre-CF

    This lady rox.
    by the way do you guys ships to Brasil?

  • chukheadted

    “you think you're 5'10″” hahaahaha

  • Michelle Turnbull

    so awesome. Just checked the ebay bids and we're at $510 for the bottles Gary and I sign. I mean really, what price can you put on bad spelling and great wine? All proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. Auction ends July 3.


  • Michelle Turnbull

    Ha – thanks Alexandre 🙂

    We'll ship anywhere UPS or FedEx lets us. I've shipped to all sorts of countries so far, why not Brasil? Do you want me to get a price quote for shipping? Let me know how many bottles and I'll find out their cost. It's probably expensive but good to know just in case…

    If you know any wine distributor companies in Brasil I'd be happy to call them too. Am in talks with some people in Mexico to see if we can start exporting the wine there – we're expanding slowly but surely.

  • DCaragher

    GV – Great show!

    Michelle – From what I can tell, I love what you're doing (the label, the futures, integrity, and passion)! Congrats! And by the way you're beautiful! Keep it up…

  • Randall

    Thanks, Michelle! Ligueria rocks and I appreciate the heads-up on the locales. btw The heat is TOO MUCH here in Sacratomato! 😉

  • Alexandre-CF

    I just saw at the site, i was thinking about 8 bottles but the shipping and the taxes will kill me, but I'll really think about it.

    In fact i know a company that might be interested. Send me an e-mail at faustinoac@gmail.com, i'll talk to the manager than i'll give the contact to you. OK ?

  • Mm223

    GV You need to do a week here in Virginia. The reds are really getting good. The Fun Bunch.

  • Michelle Turnbull

    Here's why I love doing things like meeting with Gary. I get the opportunity to hear what you guys REALLY think and I can do my best to make things better for you. I've been listening/reading your comments and I see that shipping prices are an issue. I don't disagree. I hate shipping costs as much as the next person.

    1) I'm always trying to get better deals. I'm small so it's more of a challenge for David Family than it is for wine.com or Gary's Wine Library to ship at decent rates. Trust me, I hate paying shipping too! But as David Family grows, we can negotiate better deals which I will pass on to you guys immediately. If anyone has a wine shipper they love and recommend, I'm all ears 🙂

    2) How can I start to make it better now? For shipping Wine Futures there is an new option that I want to thank Oscar Nevarez for. He saw the show and emailed me a great and very simple idea. Pick up the wine! I'm going to add this option to the website. If you want to order wine futures and pick up the wine from our facility in Napa, you absolutely can and there is no charge to do this. Yes, you need to get yourselves to Napa but there will be no time limit on when you can pick them up. As soon as they're bottled, I'll let you know and then you can tell me when YOU want to get them. Maybe you live nearby? Maybe you're planning an annual trip to CA wine country? I'll have them ready and waiting for you whenever you want.

    I sincerely hope this helps you all. It's not a perfect system but we're getting better.


  • themosk

    Thx for the shout out Michelle (great name btw, just like my lil' niece, “Michy”). I definitely plan on using your pickup option and visiting your Napa facility.

    It is wonderful people like yourself, who take the time to answer questions and go all out to help out your customers that really make a difference and make us want to support your brand and cause, thx again!

  • Great show!

    I'd like to see your wine at Fenouil restaurant in Portland, OR. I have no affiliation, aside from eating there often and living a block away.

    900 Northwest 11th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97209-3206
    (503) 525-2225

  • ColoradoRick

    Michelle – When I'm in the City (about once a month from Colorado), I usually include Bobby Flay's place “Bar American” in midtown on my itinerary. It's a classy spot with great food and interesting list. I'd love to try a bottle of your wines when I'm there next.

    Gary – Geez, I thought someone was going to have to hose you down. Hope Lizzie doesn't peek at these two episodes. It appeared to be lust at first sight!


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