EP 884 Interesting 90 Point Reds Under $20

Gary Vaynerchuk picks out 2 esoteric reds to try, a Freisa and a Cotes du Roussillon, that received good press.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Cascina Gilli Freisa D’astiFreisa d’Asti
2007 Nidoleres La RaphaelleRoussillon

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘It’s like smelling Batman…dark’

Great show, absolute classic. Mott back to his psychophantic best – after saying he smells a heavy dose of barnyard GV says it’s not there, try it again. Mott caves in – ‘it’s disappeared’

Great to see GV so pumped for a show, His enthusiasm is contagious. Capped all by the hilarious ‘hair on chest’ moment at 4.20

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  • NO
    QOTD; My grandpa John and pool buddies.

  • mattgmann


  • Loved the show. Can't wait to try the Nidoleres.

    QOTD: My good friends father Jack – he tells great stories!

  • corkscrew

    Have not had these wines. QOTD-nope http://www.winelx.com

  • Ben K.

    Great episode. Love the old world attitude. QOTD: One of my colleagues. I work at a University. Guy is a historian and shows up in a bow tie everyday.

    @garyvee The Tour de France is starting. Special show?

  • dsallen

    Never had Freisa… but, I can swing that if I can find it!

    QOTD: My girlfriend's mother has an old running friend named Isabella from Pisa who we got to meet on our trip last year. She gets to eat REAL Italian food every day!

  • Abiluy

    warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lurker coming out!!!!!!!!!!
    hey gv great show. got me very excited. went back to my notes just to be sure and gladly my memory didn't disapoint me. have had a langhe freisa at 2008 in a visit to cavallotto winery in piedmont (they make amazing barolo's). liked it back then.
    anyway been watching the show for the last 3 years all the way from tel aviv/israel.
    love your work
    i've learned a lot thank's to you.

  • teckdeck2008

    Wow I'm dying to try those two wines. I think this might be my excuse to start buying a wine or two from ya'll every month now.
    Qotd1: I've never had Freisa D'Asti but it sounds great
    Qotd2: I would have to say my Aunt Marrieta and Uncle Chuck combined. The uncle died 10 years ago, but the aunt is still around. But they were one of those types of couples that had to the loud, talkative, opinionated type man with the quiet, strong and motivated woman. Its the type of couple where if the guy wants to smoke a cigar the woman would never so no, but its because she's strong enough to know that she can pick her battles and gets what she wants when its important. If that makes sense.

  • Benjaminprice3

    This really is my favorite kind of show. Introducing me to a new varietal, and good value as well! I love feeling like my wine knowledge expanded today…Thanks GV

    QOTD: In college, I had an economics professor for six or seven classes who was from Croatia, and was a high ranking government official in the former Yugoslavia. At 60+ years old, with his thick accent and a wry grin, he always started every class with the same offer: at any point in the semester we could challenge him to a game of chess. If you won he would give you an A, if you lost he would fail you. In four years I never heard of anyone accepting his challenge, and at the end of every semester he would announce he was still undefeated against America.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Hmm. I wonder what cologne batman wears.

    SQOTD: No

    QOTD: A software QA that I used to work with. To sum him up, he loves old Mel Brooks movies and is not pc what so ever.

  • marianne

    Hassan the man behind the bar at a microbrewery in Marina, california…he's muslim and doesn't drink but knows the beer he pours and his bar invites the “older” community around him to come and enjoy.

  • Jacqueline51

    Bon Guorno Gary,
    Jacq. here from T.O. So, actually yes I have had a Freisa D'Asti many years ago but unfortunately I can't seem to haul the name out of the vault that is my memory bank at the moment. Mmmmmm………it's not coming to me yet.

    Lovin' the Roussillon too. How about the Madiran area as well. If you are looking for a deep dark heavy wine with age ability. We're talkin' tannins!!

    Perhaps Mott was getting a bit of brett on nose (in a good way).

    Gary, Gary, Gary, you are so delightful, funny, articulate, quick. I loved the muscle reference. Look at the triceps on you! Hey and I like your Austin Power impersonation with the hairy chest moment!! Brilliant!!

    Thanks for being you!!

    QOTD: I'm thinking and thinking but afraid I've got to get corny. Yep, being an immigrant to Canada….(did I tell you I'm scottish)…..so yes being an immigrant my parents taught me the value of hard work, perseverance, discipline and above all to treat people as you would want to be treated. And always give more than is expected of you. I think today that is considered old world……I'm afraid to say……..


  • David M Roberts

    Holy Freisa D'asti, Batman!! (ROFL! I'd like to know when you were sniffing the Dark Knight… did he take offense?)

    In any case, yes, this is why WLTV is so darned cool: to be introduced to new and exciting wines, all the while enjoying some equally unique similes and metaphors.

    QOTD: Years ago we visited an old friend in Des Plaines, IL who was near 70 at the time and who arrived in this country in his 20s from Italy. He was a barber who had a nice little home with a perfectly maintained back patio and garden. There we sat, in his patio, and he fed us his own dry, hard salami that he made in his home, along with his very own Zinfindel that he fermented in some stainless steel tanks in his basement. Both were amazing to taste. Now THAT is old school – hospitality as well as culinary ability and appreciation.

  • chukheadted

    side question: No : ( –thank you for expanding our palates!!

    mott is a genius!!

    qotd: ???gary???

  • qotd: Said by our first and sadly (for us) retired child care giver: “My mother always said that if you don't do the dishes you won't get asked back.” Bless her soul and how nice it was to come home from the gig with the baby in bed and the dishes done!

    A great wltv show. I have gv to blame for dropping more $ on old world wines than I wanted. I say thanks for that. Time to track down some Nidoleres Roussillon.

  • Vas

    Just had the 06 Vajra Freisa Kye yesterday!

  • ChrisR

    Awesome show, you're right, this is quintessential WLTV, this is the reason I started watching 600 episodes ago! Love the old world, love the 2 for 2, I will be looking for these wines for sure.

    QOTD: Lots of young Russians in my dept. who are really old world (old country).

  • JiminAtlanta

    I have not had either wine or any freisa. I guess I should. My old world friends (who live in Europe) are not very old world and are more Amercian in their thoughts and living. A neighbor friend of mine who is in her early 40's acts like she is in her 80's. She says she wishes she had lived in the 50's and 60's instead of now. She thinks poop and puke are very bad words and dreams of the good old days. I enjoy living today in the good current days.

  • Lucyfuer

    ive been to france and we drove thru we drank alot of beer in germany and wine beer and chocolate in swiss oh fondue but in paris we fought and mt st micheal was beautiful but my swiss lover turned out to be a creap and so paris turned out to be not the city of love indeed the highlight was jim morrisons wethered site stone. oh an notradame rhine river .yea peeing in a hole in the w/c ws a first for me hahah. well old world franceilia butler a professor of childrens literature that i cared for . she enjoyed her pampering but boiler makers were big during depression and prohibition haha so many elderly peeps are uses to their upbringing cultural economical geological infuluences like i love kirsh now making fondue so much i truly enjoyed becks beer in germany and the hash tobacco blends of swiss peeps watches cucuclocks toblerone materhorn luzurn i went to the top of the jungfrau and freaked in a glacier tunnel now i know i have claustraphobia but we still drank our vodka or casaha tequila made from sugar cane . so i know so many old school peeps and they werent picky one thing i did not enjoy about these regions no ice why no ice? in europe???no effin ice. im in the alps no ice. hahaha well i didint really answer your question but old people are consistant usually in their routine drinks included. my grandfather drank dewars my grandmother vo and beer see dads dad drank vodka and beer czechlslvakia blood dads mom church no drinking/

  • Lucyfuer

    i like personally seasonal drinking my pallette changes like the seasons .so for me good vodka is fine all seasons wine in the winter i enjoy a bishops wine a port and burg blend with cloves cinnonmen sticks oranges apples simmered over a cook stove all day served warm. then spring may wine light fruity florals summer im a sparkling kinda of wine gal and autum give me the deep reds i like a liitle wood no and again oak that is . so i think im going for a pink sparkling crisp fruity pallete this week. bloom flowers and exotic fruit but i love pressuto peppers too. so .parings . rock on mr. flintstone.are you barny or fred?

  • jsums

    THUNDER!!!!! No, never had a Freisa, and I've had tons of off-the-wall stuff. Have to find one now… QOTD – The stock dude in charge of the French section in my awesome LWS. He knows the wines better than the buyer for the store…and I've seen him PHYSICALLY THROW a dude out the door that was trying to steal a bottle. Awesome.

  • kevinkossowan

    No. Never heard of Freisa. You must be indeed rocking your face off, as that's two shows in a row where you got me on varietal or region I had little-to-no experience with. Unprecedented.

    Most old school, sorry to disappoint, is my grandfather. Nobody else I know would drink ethanol and fruit juice shit-mix while eating moose nose. He's french.

  • amsgpwarrior

    Don't think I'll be gettin the Freisa. Just have so much wine ageing I dont think i have any more room nor patience for more. Loving the Cotes du Roussillon. Big fan of Southern French wines and this looks like a star.


  • amsgpwarrior

    QOTD: My dad. Straight up beer, tequila, and whiskey drinker. Grew up on a farm and has stayed true to his upbringing. No change in this man. Redneck to the core!!! Love the man.

  • plcb

    sideQOTD: no

    QOTD: Before you said Patsy's, I was thinking of some of the Ital-Americans I know in the Phila area. They are USA through and through yet the South Philly in them doesn't go away and reminds me of “old world” style.

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  • Thanks Gary

    That is one kick arse show. This show is Wine Library TV as it should be – excellent stuff.

    QOTD: Not family – John Armstrong; big beard, grumpy, traditional, handy, rugged but the gentle giant.


  • Armin

    One of the best shows. The reason to watch wine library.

    Q1–never heard of the wine before, let alone drink it. Of course there is no grape “fre-SEE-a”. It is pronounced “FRAY-sa”.

    QOTD-my grandfather was born 1896 in Europe. Came to US in 1921. Retained his accent his entire life. He was a whiskey drinker, though. Wine did not “stimulate” his appetite.

  • Nik_B

    Interesting show – definitely never tried, or even heard of, Freisa.

  • MarcBelgium

    Great show.

    Side QOTD. NO. But I found a store in Italy and ordered some bottles. I'm very curious.

  • ChrisV

    Great show. Wish the wines were available here.

  • Meh show.

    QOTD1: No, but can't remember if I did
    QOTD2: One of my wife's grandfathers was born in Hungary and tells the best stories

  • side QOTD: No.
    QOTD: My friend Dino's father, from Itri, Italy. Mason, makes wine, gardens. Old old world.

  • MxcnMrcnZrr

    Dude!!!!! U, R, D, Bomb!!! “It's like smelling Batman” ?????!!!!!!!! U Rock sir. Nuff said.

  • MxcnMrcnZrr

    Oh, hello QOTD: never heard of it.
    Most old world guy? Has to be Chrisostomos. He was from guess where, yep Greece. Super thick accent. I swear to you I'm not making this up. He was right out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. He was constantly talking about how this word and that word came from the Greek word… I laughed so hard I watched that movie cause I thought of Chris everytime old boy would open his mouth. Super thick accent. Loved the old country. He's gone on to meet his maker now. May he rest in peace. Keep it up Gary. You made me lit tra lee LOL with that Batman comment. Thank you so much for what you do. Peace

  • RobinC

    Fritz, a 91 year old Austrian ex-diplomat who speaks 9 languages and is kind enough to help me with my French. He has a very courtly manner but sort of looks down on women. Very old school.

  • John__J

    Gary, keep the oddball wines coming!
    haven't had a freisa yet

  • Phil G

    Freisa – no
    QOTD – the guy that did some masonry work in our yard a few years back, and built the deck. Thick Italian accent, drove like a 40-year old pickup truck. Just knew how to build things the right way.

  • looper1313

    Great show. Expanding palates for sure!
    side QOTD: No, but I will try.

    QOTD: My best friend's dad… OLD SCHOOL. He rocks the leather sandals.. everywhere. He roasts pigs in his back yard, and if you come over, he will take a knife out of his pocket, and cut you a piece, right off of the pig's cheek, and hand feed it to you. Oh yeah, and he also lives in a prestigious suburb of chicago, yet he bow hunts deer in his backyard. Definitly illegal, definitly old school.

  • QOTD: Freisa — Nope, but would love to try it if I could find it (though not in QC it seems…)

    Most old world… probably my Godfather, classy, reservered, worked at the same place for 30 odd years.

  • Redmeat1969

    You can always tel how much Gary loves the wine by how many times he pounds the Table…

  • DCaragher

    GV – NERD CITY USA! I love it! Great show…every new episode is reminding me more and more of the golden days! Keep it up!

    QOTD: NO

    QOTD: I would say my father and an old restaurant manager of mine. Wisdom, seeker of truth type, but with a hand in the new to keep the ball rolling!


  • alexlinsley

    Great show GV – never tasted Freisa before, but if it's got some of the Barolo blood sitting in it, I'm going to find some.

    QOTD: The oldest school guy I know is a Port Expert (pretty old school in itself) – he knows tons about it, always impeccably dressed, never goes on about “back in the day” cause he's seen it. Total legend. Runs a great tasting too. So old school he's pre-school

  • VonP

    Best show in “years”!!!! I'm def posting on my FB page to get Gary V out there!
    QOTD: Had the Dad (about 80) of the contractor that built my house do alot of hard work too, but was an architect, a sailor and a hunter!
    BTW hate that I am missing the party Saturday

  • INteresting wines there Gary. Whats even better, is I dont have to search them out. I can just click and order!! 🙂 YEAH

    QOTD: Most old world person I know? You would think I would know a few living in rural TN 🙂

  • pawncop

    Still catching up with the episodes.

    You are so right, this is the reason I listen to you, among others. To learn about that I would never gleen from walking through a wine store and feeling overwhelmed. Thank you for you time and information.

  • YoungDave

    I HAVE had a Freisa, but only one: I serve this one at my restaurant, and I LOVE turning people on to this varietal- 2006 G.B Burlotto Langhe Freisa.

    QOTD: A friend and co-actor of mine in a live show that I am currently performing in: a 71-year-old named Bruce who likes his Scotch and kicks it OLD school, except he recently discovered Facebook… WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

  • boydorama

    I've had that particular freisa, through the LCBO up here in the Great White North. Quite loved it.

  • ewb

    Busy week have missed watching. Trying to catch up on the episodes.
    I totally agree Gary quintessential WLTV for sure. I'm on the hunt for the Freisa.
    QOTD: ?
    SQOTD: No

  • Hector Adrian

    Gary V.. I don't really care about wine but I love your stuff 🙂 I had never seen your actual content after reading(listening) to your book and your conferences, but now I can see your content is legit.. you practice what you preach. I admire you sir.

    Smells like batman, LOL!


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