EP 888 Live Taping at the Wine Library Open House

During the huge Open House on 7/10, Gary Vaynerchuk brought everyone upstairs and taped a live show. He tasted two wines with the Vayniacs: a previous Cinderella Wine and a future one.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Adobe Road Sonoma SyrahCalifornia Syrah/Shiraz

2005 Oberto Barolo Vigneto AlbarellaBarolo

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luca bercelli


lines of the day- ‘so all you jerkoffs from Boston can come down here and try to talk some trash’ and ‘Power and elegance. it’s like a 48lb chick doing Yoga. Then she kicks your ass.’

Great episode. GV really is a natural in front of a live audience

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  • Great show, sorry that I missed it.

    QOTD: Any place that I can get away and share the time with my family. The US Open is coming to mind.

  • Wow, big crowd, very cool. Love Barolo – like 05's a lot!

  • QOTD; To the river with friends.
    Great show, wish I were there.

  • MDSmitty2488

    I wish I could have made it out there, Gary

    QOTD: If I could go anywhere this summer it would be to either Provence, France or one of the Italian islands like Sardegna or Sicily.

  • Allan

    This was a very special episode, THNX sooooo much G & Vayniacs. Very emotional for me.

  • Allan

    NOW! can we please have a Sasha-Show????? 🙂

    Would rock 😉

  • Allan

    Now look i'm 29 and have been interested in wine for some time now, and have tasted a heck of alot of wine……… (much too much, but all the while, developed my own palate) ;^)


    have followed you (G) since December 2009 (watched alot of eps), and i must say i FEEL the incredible journey you've been on, i FEEL the development, i FEEL you maturing, i FEEL the times changing on every level, and can only say……………………………… Thank You soo much…. ! 🙂

    I like the things you stand for! You hold up 100 procent!

  • I'm going to costa rica!

  • Had a great time at @winelibrary and at @rshotel on 7/10. Totally weird seeing it through the lens after living it.

    QOTD: Going to Montreal…TWICE!

  • Stan The Wine Man

    One of these days you are going to have to share with us how big your sales were during the open house. Good, bad, the best? Great marketing and a great way to give your fans a taste of the show! Awesome crowd by the way. Q.O.T.D. I want to go to Ireland with my lovely wife. We are both Irish and I would to love to check the place out.

  • teckdeck2008

    I wish I could have been there. I was working Saturday though, and I do live in TX so that makes it a huge trip. Sometime I'll head up there though and visit.
    Qotd: I could go for a trip to Austin right now actually. Or maybe two weeks before school. That would be tight.

  • NY Pete

    patience … that is all … 🙂

  • Allan

    Tastin' a sample of Graham's Six Grapes Port this evenin'. EXtremely FRuit DRiven wow!” Port is the way to go! 😛

  • Allan


  • WesMcAllister

    QOTD: If I could go anywhere this summer I would go to Argentina and the Mendoza area.

  • Cathye

    QOTD: I would come to New Jersey, of course, and leave our Provincially run liquor laws behind…..

  • orangebottle

    Even with the first wine that didn't hit the mark, I?m so jealous of them.
    great show.

  • admchin

    Wow, I should have went, not very far. I loved the enthusiasm of the group. The second wine sounded tasty.

    QOTD: France for two reasons. One, the wine of course. And two, one of my favorite music artist, Paco de Lucia(if you like flamenco, he is the king), is performing near Paris so i would love to see him

    PS: Yes I'm a lurker so you can add 1 point to your list. Hope everybody had a great time at the store.

  • Danepyon

    Yes I to will have to say Wow!! I wish i could have came to the party ( G ). I lived in Pa, and DE but move to Sac town. I watch your show all the time, and if i could have went somewhere this summer it would have been to this Party. I hope i make the next one till then great work.

  • Don Simpson

    Great finish!!!

    QOTD: Real busy summer with a ton of bachelor parties and weddings… Roatan, Lake Tahoe, Napa & Sonoma, Chicago, Boston, Maine, Miami, Finger Lakes.

  • tibor

    Finally a question of the day this wine novice can answer…
    Iceland – the whole country is one huge hotub!

  • YoungDave

    I wish I could've been there, GV!! Cheers, and we will surely meet again soon…

    QOTD: Lake Winnesquam, NH with my family in the 2nd week of August. I've gone there every Summer since I was in the womb… and this year will be the first exception to the rule. It will be tough, but I'll be there in spirit.

  • Eacarrr

    QOTD: Would love to tour Spain, France an Italy for wine tastings!! Wish I could afford it!!

  • NataschaSReilly

    GV, I had a great time at the taping and at the BYOB party after.

    And yes, that was me caught on tape asking the QOTD.

    QOTD: Germany to visit family and then over to to some vineyards in Germany and France. Too bad that was the plan before money got in the way… maybe next year.

  • QOTD: Le Tour De France. Followed by tastings in Champagne, Alsace, etc etc.

  • alexlinsley

    Awesome. Sad not to be there, but glad some good Barolo found a place on the show.
    QOTD: Either Burning Man in August, or Burgundy during harvest. Mmmm…

  • Erol Senel

    Was a terrific time and the after-party was a blast as well. The biggest surprise was the shear quality and competitive pricing that Wine Library provided. What a shop! Look forward to making it back down in the Fall sometime.

    Keep up the great work GV!

  • Sam

    I was in an airplane looking down at New York and New Jersey the evening of the 10th on my way back from Maine, feeling very hard done by. That said, my answer to the QOTD is pretty much what I did do; go to Maine with a heap of my own oregon wine, spend the week hiking, sailing, and walking about round the family home. So I wasn't that hard done by.

  • Pretty meh.

    QOTD: I would usually say the south, but with this hot summer, any place with a good AC.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Looked like a Lotta Haaapppyy Vaniak Peeps in daaaaa Hiiiizzzzyyy………..

    qotd: I'm aching ta get up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains & do some Heavy-Duty

  • Fat Rat Race

    i am the only Vaniak from Bali Indonesia 🙂

  • Charlotte_DK

    Went to Bali last year. One of my favorite places in the world 🙂

  • Charlotte_DK

    QOTD: so many places I wanna go: India, China, Tibet, Bali (again), Thailand (again again), but for this summer I just came back from Portugal (did not care for their wines?!), next week its Alsace (riesling here I come), August its Spain (any suggestions on wine from Torrevieja, Alicante would be highly appreciated) and in October its Brazil. What can I say- just love traveling 🙂

  • MarcBelgium

    Nice show.

    QOTD. California, California, California and New York, New York, New York.

  • Scott Anderson

    Napa for harvest.

  • Gregb

    Big G, Nice! I wished I could have been then. Maybe the next one. Great ending.

    QOTD: Anywhere with my family and friends.

  • Outstanding.

    (former Larker)

  • RobinC

    France, where I will be in September.

  • Smahlatz

    QOTD : Peterborough Beer Festival

  • Fat Rat Race

    nice glad u like it, Bali now safe and better than before (cross my fingers) 🙂 but we aren't famous with wine at all.

    which part in Bali did you go to?

  • RDG

    Episode was great but did not care for either wines at all…. Must say the after BYOB Party was a huge disapointment… Room was way too small, no air conditioning in 2010? No one to monitor all the bottles left out for the wolves that would pour a full glass of something when in all fairness, people should be pouring 2 oz pours to taste all the wines there so the majority of the other people can sample the wine before it dissapears in 5 minutes… Also, 90% Reds and 10% Whites in the middle of the Summer? What were people thinking?? Let's hope the next one is far more organized!!

  • Alexandre-CF

    Oh man how i wish i were there…… but i was in Casa blanca valley in chile tasting some wine that was great too.

    98 pts for the people that went there.

    QOTD : wine trip to France

  • Charlotte_DK

    We traveled a bit, so got around, but did not go to Lombok (changed plans to watch golf instead.) Loved Ubud and Babi Guling 🙂

  • Again, I watched the show the evening it came out but late posting a comment due to #$%^ problem with DISQUS on the laptop @ home.

    “At 80 bones it's SUPPOSED to taste good.” — Amen

    QOTD: Venice, hands down


  • ewb

    Love it. Sorry I missed it. Maybe in September.

  • Benfranco

    Great Show wish i could have been there…. qotd France for some wine tasting

  • Anonymous

    That’s the biggie! That’s exciting!

    I was at Sun ‘n’ Fun this year in Florida – “…spring break for pilots”.

  • flavasauce

    QOTD: Exactly where I am right now: Lying in bed in Lima Peru after finishing hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: Spain

  • Cardiff_Kie

    Loved the Chris Rock epithet…

    QOTD: Del Mar Track – Opening Day at the RACES


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