EP 891 Head to Head Tasting of Growers Champagnes

Gary Vaynerchuk picks 2 under the radar, small production grower’s Champagnes for a side by side tasting.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Moutardier Brut Nature Pure MeunierFrench Brut Nonvintage
Jose Dhondt Blanc De BlancFrench Brut Nonvintage

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I feel like I’m drinking a cloud’

Really enjoyable show – it usually is when GV is drinking bubbles. Definitely makes me want to go out and try some immediately. Love the way he pronounces Pinot Meunier as Pinot Manure!

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  • RichieHell

    QOTD: 1998 Theo Loosen Riesling Brut. I had that about 8 weeks ago. Fantastic stuff.
    QOTD 2: I'll be going to my parents I suppose.

  • YoungDave

    Haven't seen a grower's Champagne episode in a while! Love the stuff…

    QOTD 1: Best ever?? I guess one would be Pierre Morlet, “Grand Réserve,” N.V. Brut.
    QOTD 2: This weekend- in the spirit of this episode, I plan to pop a bottle of 2005 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee (sparkling wine) that retails for ~$40 BUT I scooped up 4 bottles at my local grocery store (that was conveniently remodeling and pushing out old inventory) for just $13.99 each. I have a new house sparkler… until these 4 bottles run out. CHEERS!!

  • Internationalist

    Lanson 1996 Blanc de Blanc, one of the best wines I have ever had. If you can get hold of it, get involved.

  • Depending on what else you put in your risotto, yes.

    I once made a Champagne & mushroom risotto with Blanc de Blancs. Every bit of the liquid used to cook the rice was Champagne! That was super good, but be sure to use the wine at room temperature or the rice seems to have a harder time soaking it up.

  • clarkbar27


    N/V Gosset and Billiot are amazing grower bubz. Argle Extended Tirage 1996 is one of my favorites. We did a tasting and it won over P-J, and Dom P.

    Went out last night to our favorite French restaurant and opened 1967 Chambolle-Musigny by Remoissenet. Everything was so well harmonized and integrated with earth, cherries, menthol, minerality, total home run.

  • ONUMello

    Whatever became of Laid Back Fridays? 🙁
    QOTD1: At the Cinderella wine party last weekend we had some 1992 California bubbly (I forget the producer but it was one of the Champagne houses) that was wonderful!
    QOTD2: Doing: RELAXING after such a busy but amazing weekend in New Jersey last weekend, and a little shopping. Eating: leftovers Drinking: finishing open bottles of Gruet bubbly and a pinot noir

  • Brunellofello

    Wow, great comments today!

  • JiminAtlanta

    I like most sparkling wines from all over the world. I have had some good ones in Anderson Valley (Roedere, Sharfenberger) and some great ones from France. I have been at high end champagne tastings and they were excellent, but normally much too expensive. I was in Reims last year and did tastings at two small champagne houses. I really enjoyed Martel, which was small and had good, reasonably priced champagnes. I opened a 2006 Chablis last night and it was excellent. That is what chardonnay should taste like.

  • mattgmann

    QOTD: '85 Krug. I don't drink a lot of high end sparkling wines. I normally stick with the <$20 bottles. The 85 krug was a bottle a friend pulled out of his cellar a few years back after a OSU won a big basketball game. It was fantastic.

    QOTD: restaurant week in columbus, so tonight eating at Black Creek Bistro. Not sure what I'll be drinking; their wine list isn't terribly expansive and not sure what I'll be eating yet.

  • Kemcclurken

    My fiance and I have Sushi Thursdays and always have an inexpensive bottle of champagne or prosecco to go with it…..brilliant!

  • Kemcclurken

    Heading to Le Chateau in New Salem, New York for a divine French meal. Tomorrow going to Barcelona in Norwalk, CT to celebrate a friends birthday. Tapas and wonderful 1/2 price bottles of wine. Excellent weekend for a couple of foodies 🙂

  • corkscrew

    Just not a bubbies fan… QOTD-nada….pool/steaks/wine/margaritas http://www.winelx.com

  • murso

    Really good ep, Thanks, GV! I LOVE GROWERS.

    Q1 – a toughie, but, maybe Salon 1988. Opened in the cellar @ work, for a very intimate tasting group. That may have been a pinnacle wine, but I may have preffered, even more, the 1989 Pommery Cuvee 'Louise'. Tasted twice. bought a bottle, which I will never forget, I'd shared Dec. 31, 2000/ Jan.1, 2001.

  • What???? Heathen! ;P

    (no salt margaritas?)

  • The squishing with the wet noodle shall commence at once. 🙂

  • Q1 – Haven't had many sparklings but am a fan of Rosa Regale.

    Q2 – Taking a friend out to some clubs for his birthday.

  • Menlofixed

    QOTD: Wish it was this –

    First comment by a long-time lurker, GV has been killing it lately

  • Arien

    Seeing “Inception” !!!

    Currently drinking a $10 bottle of MONTES classic series Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. Nothing to write home about.. So I'm writing you! It's not bad.. I've been buying almost exclusively from Chile in the past year and I realize it's time for a change. Thanks for all the great shows. Hope I can make it for the September party.

  • QOTD: Best? Really can't name one right now. Probably one of those big names.

    QOTD 2: Home all weekend, lots of cooking though. Grilling something (haven't decided yet) out of book I'm reviewing. Will be opening something good (I hope).

  • slave2thevine

    QOTD: for a grower's Champagne it has to be the N.V. Soutiran Champagne Brut Grand Cru Rosé. For vintage…I would have to say the 1990 Louise is right up there…

    QOTD 2: Cleaning and relaxing as much as possible.

    As a side note…GARY. Please please please…remember that when you butcher a word in a foreign tongue you are teaching others to follow suit. The pronunciation from today's 90 point wine would have been (Moon-Yay) not (manure). keep up the great work!

  • teckdeck2008

    I'm with you dude. I enjoy me my bubbly a lot. Especially Italian bubbly.
    Qotd: I'm thinking about getting some vin de pays bordeaux this weekend.

  • guymandude

    Thank you!

    qotd; Cava

  • CentralCoastKyle

    Qotd1: '96 Henriot Les Enchanteurs
    Qotd2: Pulpo Gallego, '06 Vieux Telegraph Blanc, Vinho Verde

  • Kittysafe

    If you're looking for the Jose Dhondt and notice it's not available on WL, you can get it here:

  • Wawolf

    Love that you are doing lots of sparkling wine shows lately.

    QOTD: Going to Chateau Ste Michelle's Vintage Reserve Club concert tonight, so drinking lots of tasty CSM wines. Speaking of which, I still think their domestic sparklers are some of the best you can get under $10.

  • SamKw

    QOTD1: Can't say I've had much experience with sparkling wines at all. I'm definitely looking to expand my horizons in this area.

    QOTD2: My friend is hosting a pasta party this weekend. I'll be contributing some wine from my cellar. Probably a bottle or two of light Italians, like dolcetto.

  • bobbytiger

    As you are speaking, I am drinking a Menage a Trois, Calif. White varietal wine. Roughly thirds of Chard, Moscato, & Chenin Blanc. A very nice overall wine for about $9.00.
    And Gary,
    thanks for the Sparkling feature. I drank Jacque Bonet right out of business in the 70's, and am now looking to do the same for the Cooks Brute. And indeed you are correct,
    sparkling wine should be enjoyed with the majority of all meals. While it pairs well with most foods, (even red meat), it stands, as you know, very well alone.
    My favorite sparkling was a Tattinger several years ago, but I must confess, that it was enjoyed at the Williamsburg Inn (VA), and everything was just perfect. [Will probably never recapture that moment……..damn].

  • adam_riley

    Cool show Gary, I haven't explored sparkling wines that much but this has definitely piqued my interest.

    QOTD: Today I went out for sushi and had sake with it which was quite good, although next time I think I'll have some sparkling wine. My favorite sparkler is Brachetto from Italy not because I love it so much, but girls really really love it.

  • TheSmirkingLurker


    Your recent episodes have been fantastic. I've been learning a lot – again – from the show. Keep it up! And, thanks for being so responsive to your wine-loving base.


  • QOTD;This week-end Dolcetto 'Dylan's Reserve' from Erin Glenn with thresher shark.

  • ChadA

    Another great show Gary! Jose Dhondt is one of my fav, along with Lasalle for NV champagne. I just was wondering how it compares to the culty Jacques Selosse wines?
    Qotd: '89 Egly Ouriet Millesime was the start of my love affair with great grower champagne & holds a special place in my heart. And heading out to eat & then to a winebar cum poolhall later on. Dive bars are going upscale now that Enomatic's are becoming more affordable.

  • QTOD: kayaking down a river, probably drinking beer. But in preparation for my trip, I've opened a bottle of 2003 Château Pesquié Côtes du Ventoux Quintessence.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  • castello

    Thanks, I may be by there next week.

  • GerryV

    Enjoyed the show but can't say I'm a fan of the sparkly stuff.

    QOTD: Working first and then enjoyed a couple glasses of Martin Fierro 2007 Malbec

  • Well at the moment I am drinking the free half bottle of Chilean sauvignon blanc I got at the wine shop today, left over from the tasting.

    Meanwhile, I have been working my way through my first bottle of Port: Warre's Otima ten year old tawny. I thought I would hate it because of the alcohol, but I really like it.

  • WesMcAllister

    The best sparkler I ever had was the Fleury NV Champagne.

    QOTD: Well I have to work this weekend so I am not doing to much. Yesterday I found out I got a promotion and well I went with some bubbles to celebrate. I did some Canadian Sumac Ridge Stellar J Brut that was pretty solid. I like the yeasty flavor a bit more then came threw on this wine but it was a solid wine. I actually drank the wine while watching a lightning storm with my favorite girl.

  • WesMcAllister

    Port is probably my favorite style of wine and well thats not fun because it gets pricey. I am glad you are liking your first bottle and good luck trying threw the different styles.

  • Sushi & Champagne is my all-time favorite food & wine pairing!

  • That Henriot was the most amazing Champagne I've ever had too, Kyle!

  • I sent a few attempts the evening of the show but it looks like they did not make it so I'll try again with my iPhone on a tennis court in 100 degree heat.

    Great show, I love the bubbles almost as much as you, probably as much so.

    QOTD #1: I really adore the NV Gosset though nothing really compares to having a nice DP during those special occasions.

    QOTD #2: I grilled a nice red snapper last night with some stuffed zucchini blossoms that everyone seemed to like which was paired with a nice CA Viognier and an Argentinean Torrontes. With our chocolate desserts we had the Alycone from Uruguay.


  • Rimarfish

    You are right about the pronunciation. Please Gary, be careful there…

  • angelatcarslon

    Hurray for bubbles!

    QOTD #1: My husband was given a bottle of Dom Perignon which was super delicious, but for overall enjoyment Heidrun Meadery's Sparkling Starthistle Blossom Mead.

    QOTD #2: Working Alameda Meals on Wheels today at Rock Wall Winery today. Don't know if I'll be able to sneak away and try Blacksmith Cellar's Chenin Blanc, Sunset Cellars's Barbera or Quady's Elysium, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

  • MarcBelgium

    I love bubbles. But I never heard of these two wines.
    I would like to find the Jose Dhondt because you made me very curious.

    QOTD1. Krug vintage and in second place Roederer vintage.
    QOTD2. We celebrated my fathers 80th birthday with a huge bbq and drank some very nice wines: champagne Mailly, Roero Arneis (white from Campania), Winkl (sauvignon from alto adige) and Calisse (100% carignan from Languedoc)

  • MDSmitty2488

    QOTD: The best sparkler I've ever had was a 2000 Dom Perignon that my dad and step-mom broke out from their wedding. This weekend I'm not sure where I'm eating but I've got Pio Cesare Dolcetto d'Alba that I'm going to open at some point. Interested to see how it turns out.

  • Lurker Berserker

    The Jose Dhondt looks very interesting – I haven't seen much 100% Pinot Meunier based sparkling wine on the market. I've had the opportunity to try one once before and it was very appealing (from Long Island, NY no less)(Pindar Cuvee Rare, 2002 vintage, Methode Champenoise). Speaking of Long Island (and to answer part 2 of the QOTD), that is what I was drinking this weekend. I attended a Long Island wine tasting and again, was very pleased with the quality of the wines. QOTD (part 1): The best sparkling wine that I've had to date was one from Champagne – a 2002 vintage Blanc de Blanc (100% Grand Cru) produced by Robert Moncuit – a RM (Recoltant Manipulant) in Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger. I plan to taste the Krug Grande Cuvee and hopefully, any Krug Vintage Champagne – I hope that they will live up to my expectation (although I shouldn't have one in order to avoid disappointment but with their reputation and high praise, its hard not to).

  • Justy10125

    I recently had the opportunity to go have afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai and that was the only place I've ever been where they served champagne with a meal instead of just as a celebratory type of drink. The champagne was Roederer, I think (not sure of the spelling) and it was okay but it went great with the food. It was a different food/wine experience than I was used to with only ever drinking still wines with food, but the combination definitely went well together.

  • AllanJonassen


    Solid showing of the wines. Good show, no excellent show.

    Qotd: The best EVER was a 1990 La Grande Dame. Blown away!! 😉

  • Carlos

    I saw Gary at AU months back.. you guys should check out http://www.onedollarstocks.net enjoy! GO Gary!

  • BradVinNH

    Blecch — working/worked this weekend.

    Best Champagne ever: '82 Salon hands down!!

  • Petro

    This weekend: Pasquero Barbera D'Alba 2006 with crawfish pizza. Watched your barbera episode from 2007, it's the bomb 🙂


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