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Gary explains why there won’t be any new episodes WLTV this week.

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luca bercelli


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  • wawineguy

    Sounds good to me. I know you may not get as complex a wine for $20, but bargin wines that showcase similar style/flavor as the big boys would be a cool theme.

  • Zanne_70

    GV – hope you enjoyed some much-deserved time away and glad to have you back this week. Btw, LOVED the highlight reel!

  • Dougholden

    I don't need a video-a-day. It was like waiting for a package in the mail, then getting it and opening it only to find a card that says, “sorry, but your package will be arriving shortly.” Personally, I'd rather just get it when I get it.

  • Lurker Berserker

    No worries GV… I appreciate the quick video update. You are a professional! Cheers

  • heck out posts about a work/work balance.

  • ikraus

    Such a shame when life gets in the way of wine… you deserve a week off.

  • luca bercelli


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