EP 895 Supermarket Wine Week- Australian Reds Under $10

Gary Vaynerchuk continues his supermarket wine tasting with 3 Aussie reds, including one of the most infamous- Yellow Tail.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Jacobs Creek MerlotAustralian Merlot
Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon Bin 45Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Yellow Tail ShirazAustralian Shiraz/Syrah

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘the difference between a Harvard Gal and a Florida State chick’

Our great leader GV almost seemed a bit bored during this episode, easily distracted and pretty uninterested. In his defence the wines were always going to be poor and he did give them his full attention when tasting. Is he getting bored with producing the shows? …I hope not

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  • AllanJonassen

    Gary scored the Yellow Tail an 85, now that's changing the wine world!

  • QOTD: Fresh *local* (i.e. not Californian or Mexican impostors) strawberries. Fresh cherries a close second.

  • Lucyfuer

    7/30/2010 7:27PM eastern {QOD=my dessert island fruit would be mangos and raw sugarcane} Overall i sense a err from your body language description overall slight stuffi kindof you have something on your plate and its not figs or paypa seems like you accentuated the 777 number a rather famous or infamous read by aleister crowly. you made the florida chick seem sort of hardcore brazen and compared her with a what? what i love about you is your rather down to earth approch to the wines. perhaps im just sensing your evolution in your many pots boiling. I read alot into language body language ennuendos posture dates scores and you are mad about something and it shows from the 80/20 interview with the lovely author oh dear she has a farm and loved your brand because or the content and how you enhance others lives. that show was awe inspiring. now the dig about if you still have a blackberry i phone i sort of take that personally because i myself presently due to my choices and situations havent the money to pay the ferry man. ok but one thing ive learned is with effort an alittle i create and thats hopeful l for i see a opportunity where i would be an asset worth investing the mobile lap and tec tools that would bring not only thunder but a full fledge cyclone. and im reading studing googling interacting watching paying attention trying to remain me. and not some poser. that you could call me later skeletons come flying out of la st louis fla nyc canada ive shown myworst , always with sincerity honesty emonitionality consistancyfor being hormonal . truth i dont have to think did i lie i can answer the same question and the story doesent change gary. i like the truth fairy idea since ive had similar ideas truth or dare. id like to partner up but im wondering if im just to over the top for most pallettes. well im origional passionate loyal to a fault. loving sincere and despite my developing technical skills with the right mentor or liason i could put these ideas i have into my passion and my pockets .rather than give and give and be used taken for no copy right no domain name no money = powerless nonononol dessert fruit =you know who i would like a month on a dessert with him. alone. yea 4/17 our bff. however i highly doubt he would agree so perhaps justin b his attorney me and he can skewere some berries some desssert queen s toyal jelly yea his polar bear ice hearts his love of the rumproast im sure he would serve rumproast over a paper table menu matt with alovely pussifurry willo centerpeice for kato his juxta litle party favor winer omg. man servent intern. the wine would be the most dear to him since rump roast is his first love judith cab and to be eco friendly we woudl use wooden chop sticks tecycled tp and naplins so cleverly shaped as a penguin side dish of grape leaves stuffed with a blend of copper mineral open fire pit rice and okra fried in a virgenoil hint of pansies yea fresh pansies so a symphony of flavors all eco friendly except the last two shalaked near exticntion wooden tables that are obviously like having an ivory temple with a statue of a rock god /gender bender phallic symbol for the main focal point of the established brand of bull . yea i see pink champagne flowing from the ivory illegal statue and its labeld fountain of youths ponce dildoeon drank here……………..ok getme. theres a real gamey and stringy feel to the meat while you chew and chew kato in his cocktail komono flitters about like a actor from the silent film era . can i offer you some of our finest desserts made by the hands of timmy primal killer fetus drummers hands , its only 400 dollars . thats a steal , well maybe later. red dark yet amongst all that wealth an overall err of chince you know tacky well hope you enjoyed the post , making up for lost time i so missed the old days…….love the girl with no donmain name but you know me..sherry lucy gyfooma thedotcomgal. hmmm. love youguys

  • Anonymous

    Found all 3! Good job!
    QotD: one fruit – blueberries. can’t eat enough. raw, cooked. wined, soaked in sherry, sauted in white wine, you name it.
    I like the Bin 45 – nice for the price. I never ever want to try yellow tail, just on principle.

  • RobinC

    Instead of Value Wines, one could say Sommelier’s Affordable Selections or something like that.

    QOTD: blueberries

    I can’t believe that men select dates on the basis of what University they go to.

  • SantaCruzMountainsGirl

    QOTD: durian

  • jtp375

    Mango’s……..hands down!!

  • The ’09 Yellow Tail Shiraz here (BC, Canada) have a screw top. Also CDN$13.99.

    Nice Albert Einstein reference: he was a professor in the dirty Jerz.

  • YNWA

    Strawberries. Watermellon would come 2nd.
    (GV: is there a fridge on the island? Melon has to be chilled…unlike wine off course)

  • Dbenjamin8

    Best fruit is perfectly ripened pineapple.

  • Red Shouldered Hawk

    Wild Vermont blackberries.

  • Liz

    Hate all 3 of these wines, but love that you worked Justin Timberlake into you of the reviews!

  • Anonymous

    YES! Finally an episodes where i have actually had one of the wines
    YellowTail Shiraz…which i sorta enjoy. I’m waiting for my palate to expand lol slowly but surely……

  • Randall

    Deep breath…

  • 750ml

    Wow – I can’t believe you gave in an 85. That is pretty huge. I wonder if you would have done it first if it would have gotten less.

    From all the peeps up in my hizzy…

  • Tisalynn

    Qotd–fave fruit is peach…But the question did bring up flashbacks of Gilligan’s Island. The only thing they ever ate on the deserted island was fruit, so in that case I’d have to opt for another food group.

    My Yellow Tail memory…in the mid nineties, I think, I was not into wine. Had some friends who were, though, and I got curious. Asked for a recommendation, and they were all about Yellow Tail being the “Big Thing”. I went out and bought a Shiraz. For a non-wine drinker, harsh does not even begin to describe it. I spit for totally the wrong reasons. I literally gave up on wine for a long time. So, of course, I haven’t tried a Yellow Tail since. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve even tried Shiraz.

  • Anonymous

    You went to a category of wine here I wouldn’t even think of with wine. While these are readily available they fall in the category of pure crap wines. I’m not sure it was a great idea to slam Florida State women and tar them with these bad wines.

  • Randall

    Whatever. 🙁

  • Randall

    Thunder Saddles, more like it… 🙂

  • Randall

    No offence, Mike, but please name your child “Oy”.
    p.s. What’s wrong w/ starting on YT Shiraz? I’m certain you’re not the only one…
    It’s not like I didn’t drink some Lancers WWAAYYYY back in pre-history…

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Desert island fruit: BORING? yes, but : Apple, SPECIFICALLY Fuji or Pink Lady. Why? well, 1) delicious 2) high fiber 3) filling. BUT if I’m gonna go exotic, I love me some Papaya, Guava, clementine, apricot, blueberry, and

  • Varanids

    QOTD: my darling likes pineapple, I’m going for peaches though!

  • QOTD: I tear nothing up, like tear up some litchis.

  • Anonymous

    Grapes sounded like too obvious of an answer, so I will go with strawberries.

  • esj100

    QOTD: Raspberries are the best!

  • esj100

    Gary, you last tasted the Yellow Tail Shiraz in episode five (2004 vintage)

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Peaches! preferably chilled by my desert island waterfall first…

    Get that Ellis jersey up! Gary what college FB teams do you follow?

  • [yellow tail] lover

    Best fruit in The World is a Chiromoya -Aka The Custard Apple – You must try one of these and if they look too ugly to enjoy the soft middle then try them as a slushie – amazing!!

  • I had YT poured for me (without my knowledge, of course) about 3 years ago, and though I didn’t see what it was, I instantly recognized the sour mess that I had remembered from long before… The problem is twofold – first, it gives people the impression that wine is SUPPOSED to taste bad; and second, as you said, it can turn people off from wine completely. I’m even kind of surprised by Gary’s reaction – could YT have cleaned up its act?

  • Anonymous

    South Carolina peaches, all day long.

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • waynooo daaa wino

    aaaaaaaa whhhoooooooooooooo ???????????????????

  • Jrouss

    QOTD: Colorado Peaches

    Desert Island, I’d go with grapes, can eat them or turn them into Wine 🙂

  • Mdstets

    Mango is the greatest fruit

  • tibor

    had to watch show b4 going out and FINALLY finding some wines available up here – not great but at least not super expensive – still more than 2x what you pay….
    qotd Rambutans.

  • Anonymous

    Just loving these shows. They’re not brilliant wine moments by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s kind of fun seeing how supermarket commodity wine stocks up against “serious” bargain wine like a Borsao red or Jaboulet CdR. QOTD – Blueberries. When I taste honest blueberry notes in a wine, I usually love it.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: dried blueberries count? mmm

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: fermented grapes!

  • Anonymous

    GV – I’ve got to tell you, I’ve temporarily fell out of love with the Aussie grapes!


  • QOTD – All about the PEARS!

  • Anonymous

    Not a big Aussie wine fan. They just don’t tickle my palette.

    QOTD: Blueberries!

  • Lurker Berserker

    Fun show today – and an important one (no joke). Don’t forget, there are still a lot of people out there who are new to wine who need the introductory wines too (some who may have never tried Yellow Tail Shiraz – if you can believe that…). You also probably have a lot of new viewers who don’t know what you’re talking about yet and need the simplicity of these wines to get going down the path. I get your point about the Harvard gal vs. the Florida State chick but here’s how I see it: The Harvard gal is great for some stimulating conversation (when you’re in the mood for that), but I’d probably opt to roll around with the Florida State chick for the remainder of the time.

    QOTD: For me, it doesn’t get any better than pineapple.

  • John__J

    qotd: I could just say one to answer it, but I couldn’t really pick just one.

    I would’ve liked to have seen those 3 brown bagged. Still can’t bring myself to spend a cent on any one of them.

  • I can say I’ve had them all for once. When I was younger and first developing my palette, I didn’t mind the Yellowtail. Now, my scores would probably hover in the same range.

    QOTD: Tough one. I would say honeydew.

  • Anonymous

    Good episode and I continue to enjoy the wines that I actually have access to.

    This summers project was to explore the Shiraz varietal, and I started with the basics and will work my way up, depending on what I have access to.

    QOTD – Peaches, not any ordinary canned peaches, but ones from my great-grandfathers farm, right off the tree. It may just be that memories taste better, but those were out of this world as I recall them.

  • J Crazy

    Peaches all day long. Peach cocktails, milkshakes, cobblers, baths, beds, you name it and a Peach can do it.

  • hollisd

    do we get varieties? maybe apples. if i can have an array of different sorts. otherwise, papaya.

  • Mocha Coffee? Interesting.

    QOTD: I will have to go with watermelon. YUM.

  • Rabakatz

    QOTD: Cherries

  • QOTD: Oranges. Good ones!


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