EP 913 Celebrating #Cabernet Day

Gary Vaynerchuk participates in #Cabernet Day, where you celebrate the noble grape Cabernet Sauvignon by using social media sites to share your thoughts. Gary tastes 4 California Cabernet Sauvignons at a variety of price points.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Lot 205 Cabernet SauvignonCalifornia Cabernet Sauvignon
2006 Chateau St Jean Sonoma Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Cabernet Sauvignon
2006 Provenance Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2006 Haber Family Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘you may not like tennis, but you have to respect Roger Federer’

Solid episode, but not the most interesting subject

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  • NY Pete

    qotd … 94 Insignia

  • J Crazy

    QOTD: CH. Haut-Brion for all-time and either Turnbull or Newton for right now.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: best recent Cab, was Forgeron Cellars Cabernet ’04, opened it on my birthday. Of all time is a lot harder, probably some of the older vintages of Hedges Red Mountain Reserve, or Betz. Late 80’s, really really delicious, they age beautifully.

  • Anonymous

    I’m taking notes! Awesome that you share your knowledge of some of the greats. I’ve also had great bottles of Provenance and then,,,, wham not so much. Many wines that I’ve really liked have been meh on the second or third try.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for inviting us! I looked through my stash of wines after watching the show and figured I’d better get some real wine for the CAB DAY. We were on our way to the beach and ended up at Clos La Chance in Morgan Hill, Ca. Very nice indeed! To quote my roomate it’s right between sweet and sour,,,,,just right. He didn’t ask what I paid for it as he chugged it down like water. Can you make tommmorrrow Merlowww day?

  • Anonymous

    I liked the Vayniac Cab also. I took my last bottle to a dinner last week and it kind of got lost in the night. 🙁
    Maybe we could go halves on another case?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, $12 will be the Calif. appellation – sourced anywhere and everywhere that it takes to make the production (to the standards, from contracted growers, and purchased fruit). $19 is the Sonoma County fruit, where much of their own estate property, and hence, vineyards that they not only contrrol, but own, and grow the grapes themselves. If you can enjoy yours, you may expect to find greater intensity in the nose, concentration ,etc. of the higher quality controlled grapes. Cheers!

  • Oh my.. those Silver Oaks of the 90s! They do bring back some great memories! Didn’t like cabs until I had Silver Oak in the early 90s.

  • Anonymous

    Was it Catalina? Roughing it on the island?!

  • Anonymous

    You may want to try hitting the herb before answering such a QOTD!

  • Anonymous

    I had one of the Geyser Peak Meritagesess from around 02 that was unforgettable!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t hear you!

  • Anonymous

    Poo? Insert smiley face

  • Anonymous

    the number you called is on commercial break right now. Don’t call back!

  • Audiofan

    Just think how you’ll feel when you realize it won’t hit its real peak until 2014.

  • Can’t wait to try the Chateau St Jean.. Thanks, Gary! You’re always a wealth of information!

    QOTD: No cabs at the moment. Too hot and no a/c. Pinot Noirs and crisp whites rule at the moment.

    QOTD2: The last remarkable cab I had was an 06 Lewis Reserve. Caymus good, too. (and I love Erna Schein cab blends), Paul Hobbs.. Would love to try a Heitz Martha’s Vineyard someday (as others have already mentioned)..seems like they need lots of time before they’re fabulous.

  • Audiofan

    You “Haut-Brion” guys are cheating…it isn’t unusual for it to have less than 50% C.S. (the ’09 is only 40% Cabernet). You fans will be happy to know that you can pick up a case for the paltry sum of $21,000 + change.

  • skhoffma

    Chateau Agassac 2005. It’s a very sexy wine.

  • Anonymous

    It was going to be Septober 27th but we haven’t heard anything for weeks?

  • Anonymous

    I think they took the money from Satui and built an awesome Castle near Calistoga and make even better wines there(imo). I took my alias from them. Castello di Amorosa.

  • IB71


    My best experience with Napa Cabernet has to be 2004 Rocca Family, Cabernet Sauvignon (Yountville). Very silky and elegant, yet intense in flavour.

  • Anonymous

    We’ll put your head in a bag or a box!?

  • Eacarrr

    BR Cohn Olive Hill Estate… 100% Cab…. Not the best all time, but delish never the less

  • Eacarrr

    BR Cohn Olive Hill Estate… 100% Cab…. Not the best all time, but delish never the less

  • Anonymous

    Be nice! We don’t hold grudges here……..or do we?

  • Anonymous

    How come I’ve never had a Cameron Hughes wine? 11 BEANS! For some reason I thought they were an overpriced cult something.

  • SniffySmith

    Ever try the BR Cohn Olive Hill Malbec?

  • Anonymous

    Raaaaaffffaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnelllllliiiiii rockszzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was at the open in 02 and I drank all the wine they had 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I though rockpile was in Sonoma

  • Pooh! You mean Pooh, right?

    Timely as it was
    the master himself left right
    yin and yang forlorn

  • Couch renovated yet? Room restored, clutter removed? Lazy enough today? Why have Tamara never been on?

  • waynooo daaa wino

    i aaaaaaaaagreeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

  • Anonymous

    Nice show GV, nice wines.

    I?m continuing the WL SHIPMENTS TO BRAZIL CAMPAIGN!!

    QOTD: Best Cab of all time: a Almaviva from Chile, awesome. Current Cab of choice: Angelica Zapata, from Catena, Argentina.


  • QOTD: Having just made my first Cab Sauv and using a very subtle Cab Sauv clone… nothing like the Haber I would imagine, more complex and with that and where my palate is I would have to say my favourite Cab’s would have to be from Saint-Emilion. I prefer complexity

  • Randall


  • Sorry I missed your Wine&Web show last night on sirius since I was returning from evacuating the OBX and Earl ended up being a wuss! 🙁

    Good, good show. Like you, it has taken alot to get me back since I o’deed on them years ago but will actually try the Chat SJ this weekend or whip out one of the #1 WS Cinqs from my mini-cellar.

    QOTD #1: The Vayniac Cab/2003 Franciscan
    QOTD #2: Take a wild guess: 1988 Dominus (gave me goosebumps when I first tasted it years ago.)


    P.S. Yes, we all need to appreciate the likes of Roger Federer. Amazing

  • Randall

    No… no grudges at all, castello. It’s just that the more I expect to see some posts from the good doctor that are positive and don’t have a dismissive attitude, I start feeling like that woman who’s memory stopped in 1994, so everyday she keeps “hitting her head against the wall”. iow she forgets things that should be obvious. I keep hoping for the best with this guy, but keep “hitting the wall”, so to speak.
    I usually have nothing but love for pretty much everyone, but it IS difficult with negative nellies like him.

  • Randall

    p.s. Gotta love Dr. Frank Burns for the “negative nelly” expression…

  • DCBoudin

    How do different oaks or oaks from different nations impact the wine? French, US, Slovenian? I keep missing you on thursday nights…been in the air both times.

  • We do steal all your supermodels. It’s the least we can do if we sent you down some cases of wine in return. 😉

  • {Oo} that’s almost 3 times more than my car when I bought it. *passes out*

  • Allan

    “When you wish upon a “couch”
    makes no difference who you are……”


  • Um…afraid not.

    Once I get my passport and some coinage in my pocket you better watch out I might take you up on your offer. 😉

  • Yeah, poo. I was really channeling the Bard on that one.

  • 9:30 …not my best use of the english language tho…
    have a great holiday weekend!

  • Elvindeath

    Personally, I think it would be a crime to open one of these Scarecrows until about 2012. It’s definitely drinkable with a good decant, but it’s obviously going to just grow and grow in bottle. My 3 are safely in the cellar for the next few years … I only drink my friends 🙂


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