EP 924 Grenache Blind Tasting

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I’m gonna respect its bombasticness’

Great show, all the better for the surprising results

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  • I had a Northern Rhone pairing: The 2001 Cote Rotie by Ben and David Duclaux vs. the only 6 months younger 2002 Laughing Magpie by D’arenberg. No question the D’arenberg is richer with more structure and will last much longer and my fav. but my guest who brought the C.R. was drinking his wine quicker. So trust your palate!
    Not into the NFL as of now… wait and see who rises to the top.
    B.B shows are very G.V. concise and direct and not too much blabbin. You go GV!

  • Hansenjoanie

    hmmm Huskers aren’t playing this weekend. hahaha,

    and I am tasting a bottle of cheap ( I mean 3.99 ) wine from Bay Bridge Merlot (California wins again)

  • Anonymous

    Grenache is always one of my favorites. Way underrated wines. No football predictions.

  • stanthewineman

    Very nice job in the last two episodes. Some good insights on the wines in the bag!
    My prediction is Colts 35, Jags 14.
    I am drinking one of my favorite new varietals… A Bonarda from Argentina. I am really hooked on these wines. It is like a syrah from the deep south and I mean deeeep. I will give you a Jets victory this weekend, and I hope the fish squish the Pats… It would make my weekend. Cheers!

  • very interesting show gary we harvested yesterday a gorgeous grenache a dynamite here in the languedoc will it be stylistically correct ? 🙂 thank u again i’m a great fan of this varietal QOTD : every kind of wines cause we will celebrate the end of the crop here with the 2010 team…

  • JimChem

    Barbaresco from Trader Joe’s. Love the brown bags.

  • Anonymous

    oregon demolishes whoever is in there way, and the 49ers drop to 0-4, drank kunde 06 reserve cab tonight and who knows what manana brings

  • Anonymous

    ?I don?t even know who you are slut wine.?

  • QOTD1: Michigan 49 Indiana 34
    QOTD2: Garage Portuguese
    Confused by your comments on the UNTI: you read 80/10/10 blend off the label, immediately followed by “100% Grenache”

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I’m going to predict the Michigan-Indiana game tomorrow to be 35-21 Michigan. As far as what I’m drinking this weekend, I’m trying to get my hands on some tannat or carignano.

  • Raiders will beat the Texans 21 to 13 and I will taste Nappa Wines with YOU in South Lake Tahoe. Mark My Words. The Daily Crushers will be in effect!

  • Alex T

    CKC, recent Michigan grad, have to agree with vanguy and MDSmitty that the Michigan-Indiana will be relatively high-scoring. I’m going to split the difference and go 42-27, Michigan. Denard Robinson has 1,396 all-purpose yards.

    #1b- Also, having grown up in PA a die-hard Eagles fan, I have to include this weekend’s game, Donovan’s return and all. Eagles beat the Redskins 27-16, and rookie FS Nate Allen, who was selected with the Eagles 2nd round pick from the McNabb trade, picks off McNabb late in the 2nd quarter. Vick has a good, not great game, but good enough to convince people to stop talking about the Eagles’ QB situation.

    QOTD #2
    (Craft) beer with football, Dieu du Ciel, fantastic brewery in Montreal. I did just finish a chardonnay, Albert Bichot Bourgogne 2007, which was a really nice surprise at $15.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1: NE Pats 27, Miami Dolphins 20 (Mon, 10/4)
    QOTD 2: My local Ralphs (So. Cal. grocery chain) had two carts full of 2001 Gloria Ferrer Royal Cuvee (93 Spectator AND Enthusiast, retail $23-$32) ON MANAGER’S SPECIAL CLEARANCE FOR $12.50!!) so, obviously, I bought 4 bottles, and I will be drinking at least 1 this weekend and possibly giving a couple away as gifts for the holidays, if the juice shows well. Gotta love the supermarket clearance when they don’t know the caliber of what they’re giving away…

  • philoxera

    The one thing that bothers me about French wines in particular is the reliance on AC name as an indicator of quality. Good call on the CdP Bozo! Call it as you find it.

  • QOTD2: Langenloiser Grüner Veltliner 2009 from Willi Bründlmayer.

  • Anonymous

    Same thing goes in the US though. Even more so sometimes, since there aren’t as many laws regarding blend and yields. I know of a winery in Oregon that crops pinot 7+ tons to the acre (they probably wouldn’t admit it though) in a vineyard that isn’t very densely planted. Yet they sell their entry level for $20+. Same thing can happen almost anywhere in the world though, owners just assume they’re wines should carry the same price as nearby locations even if they have a vastly inferior vineyard and vineyard practices.

    Good producers in good vineyards in good areas make good wines, not just good areas. I once heard someone say that a DOCG label meant the wines would be better than ones that don’t have one, and then pointed to some cheap Chianti as an example of a good wine. So it happens everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1: Ravens 17 Steelers 10
    QOTD 2: Hmmm probably a lot of beer for football all weekend. Then I think I’m going to drink some ’07 Pallieres Diable tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I guessed that the 1st wine was a Chateneuf du Pape from the pattern on the bottle sticking out of the bag (obviously I could’ve been completely wrong with that guess, but turns out I got lucky).

    1) Houston 30 – Oakland 20
    2) Marimar Estate 2005 Don Miguel Vineyard Pinot Noir: This is my first ever Pinot Noir. I should really experiment some more.

  • Petecs

    2003 Barolo & 2007 Lirac

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    I was stoked that this was a Grenache show. Solid shows all weekend with the brown bags.

    QOTD: New England 23 Miami 27 – That’s right….an upset
    QOTD2: Heading to the store now for a CdP of some sorts, but I have Petite Petit 2008 breathing as we speak.

    MY QOTD: Is anyone smoking a good cigar this weekend? What is it?

  • QOTD #1 Bears 21, Giants 16, This is a great wine! Your right soooo good with food. Ok… you are amazing! You nailed it!

    QOTD #2 Commission Man Red, a wonderful pepper and soft tannin finish Ardon Creek Vineyard and Winery http://www.ardoncreek.com

  • JRobRRV

    Big fan of Unti here, been there many times. Great to see a show on Grenache and great also to see so many blind tastings. The varietal-specific shows are superb and save us the time! I’d like a Syrah show w/ Cote Rotie, Cal, etc, etc. Timeless concept.

    2007 Rochioli Pinot Noir with some pork or lamb. Not sure yet.

  • Globex

    my resident state Cali winning the Grenache! Very nice!! Will have to buy some for sure.

    QOTD1: LSU 27 – Tennessee 17
    QOTD2: 2003 Harry’s Cuvee (Fralich Vineyard & Winery – Paso Robles, old man Harry Fralich creates this bottle of absolute deliciousness)

  • QOTD; Elk Cove La Sirene

  • Theoakmonster

    Good point about the yield per acre. Champagne AC have been permitting their yields to rise because of pre recession increase in demand. They even extended the AC. In my oppinion, non vintage Champagne is not as good as it was when yields were lower. Cava for instance is much better value/quality at the non-vintage/cheaper end.

  • Globex

    regarding Wine#3… how could I forget to comment on that one. But then again… sometimes I didn’t want to know. 😉

  • Watched 923 and 924 back to back as I was busy on Thursday yet again. One of these days I will catch the radio show. Love the bags. Just love the bags!! Will have to give Unti a try.

    QOTD: Niners 3 Falcons 21
    QOTD2: Had Altamura Sangiovese last night which surprised me. Quite good. On the pricey side but fit the occasion and I think delivered.

  • Nice, just saw a case of La Sirene in a wine cellar last night. Please post how you like!

  • Yum!

  • Anonymous

    Grenache is one of my favorite varietals, too.

    I had the neighborhood ladies over last night for our monthly bunco game. Lots of beer and hard lemonades consumed by them! Tonight I think a grenache might be in order- I have a Tres Picos in the cellar that sounds good to me, perhaps with pizza.

    The Vikings have a bye this weekend and the Gophers suck. My alma mater (St. Olaf) is playing a homecoming game today- let’s hope they pull an upset over Bethel.

  • scottEJ

    My guess is that CdP needs a crazy amount of air time to show it’s stuff. Nice call on the Unti.

    QOTD: Bears 20; G-Men 17.

    QOTD II: I’m traveling to Paso Robles soon, so, we’re doing a mixed bag of syrah tonight. Had a really good Brewer-Clifton Pinot last night w/my Wife’s B-Day dinner.

  • NY Pete

    hey oxera … how’s it hanging … 🙂

  • Paul Sheridan

    QOTD1: Giants 10 – Bears 24 (and that breaks my heart, but I think I’m going to have a heartbreaking season.

    QOTD2: One month old baby, whole family’s here visiting, so I’m busting out some better bottles. Tried the Alta Maria Pinot GV recommended (very nice), think I’m going to bust out my OS Dineen Syrah 05/06 vertical I’ve been hanging onto later on.

  • Smahlatz

    QOTD1 : Oooh – NRL GRand FInal – Dragons v Roosters umm – 16-12 Dragons

    QOTD2: 2002 Chateau Musar – hmm first experience with this famous lebanese wine. Lies somwhere stylewise between bordeaux and rioja for me. Nice.

  • DaveAll

    good show……

    1. football? ghez.
    2. drinking Veranda, Starrlight mead, and other local NC wines.

  • So fun when you nail one blind. Good work.

    QOTD1: Steelers 20 Ravens 17
    QOTD2: Sweetwater Brews

  • QOTD: Eagles 27 Redskins 17

  • QOTD1: Pats 31 – Phins 28 (b. marshall scores all 4 tds)
    QOTD2: Victory: V-12 Belgian Ale

  • Anonymous

    Football – Jets do beat the Bills, but can’t go with the G-men to win.

    Wine – I’m pouring for Ventimiglia at the NJ Winegrowers Festival this weekend so likely some of their Merlot (great stuff from NY fruit).

  • predicting the jets will win 14-6

  • LurkerKing

    Brown Paper Bags are overwhelmingly dominate. In other words BPB episodes of WLTV are the tits.

  • LurkerKing

    The lurker challenge continues.
    -El Presidente

  • philoxera

    Yer askin a man with a beer belly “how’s it hanging”? ;-)….oh you didn’t mean literally…right! Fine Pete!…Sunday morning, suns out, no hangover, goin for a walk on the beach with “she who must be obeyed”, very good in fact…hope all is well in across the pond…..

  • Anonymous

    So far this weekend I have had 2 very different wines – a rose from Navarro (Anderson Valley) and the Scooter Merlot from Molly Dooker. Both were good in their own way. And I was able to enjoy with a friend and some food.

  • Anonymous

    Jets 35 Bills 7
    Eagles 21 Skins 20
    Giants 28 Bears 24

    Had Merryvale Profile 1999 on Friday night, drinking awesome right now, secondary flavors of fig, orange rind and molasses came out swinging with all that Napa fruit. Tannins melted with about an hour of decanting, highly recommended.

  • A_S

    Jets 28 – Bills 17
    Panthers 10 – Saints 24

    Artezin Zinfandel 2006. Disappointed:(

  • A_S

    First time trying Ch. Musar is quite special. It’s a “different” wine.

  • jerseyjohn

    “I dont know who you are you little slut wine!”

    Vacqueyras this weekend

  • Allan

    Grenache ROCKS! 😛

  • Anonymous

    Interesting show. So GV admits that it was a classic CDP, yet he pans it. Hmm. I get it though.

    QOTD1: Ravens 20 Steelers 16

    QOTD2: On the plan coming over to Europe I had a semi-decent Medoc Bordeaux. Tonight is pizza so I will probably go with a Montepulciano d’Abruzzi or perhaps a Nero d’Avola.


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