EP 925 2004 and 2007 Cote Rotie Tasting

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘This is not wimp city’

Love it when GV either raves about or hates a wine, and here he absolutely goes nuts over one of them. Very watchable

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  • NY Pete

    overheard a vayner prediction … and I quote … Jets 24 Vikings 13

  • Gowlis01

    I never knew Joseph Bastianich owned a winery in Italy. Does he own http://www.TheWineClubDirectory.com as well?

  • I also saw Toy Story 3 in 3d… those are well done films. Inception.. did you read A.O Scott’s review of that film in the NY Times? That guy can write and his remarks were poignant.

  • Everyone SHOULD like this. The soundtrack/ score to that film is beyond AWESOME. “Ecstasy of Gold,” need I say more? Ok, Ennio Moriconne! Well done Marcus!

  • what was your answer to the qotd… I am expecting something great!

  • Anonymous

    Nice wine ,if you can get it.

  • hkwied

    Being back in school made me forget how obsessed I am with WLTV. Also, I think living alone made it very hard to consume wine on a regular basis, and now I live with two roommates who don’t share my passion and appreciation for the juice. Now, that I am about to graduate in Dec and get some free time on my hands, I am going to try to watch regularly again, and my roomie in NOLA loves wine, so I’ll hopefully be able to get my hands on some of the good stuff again.

  • LurkerKing

    Pete, the Devils still got Marty the dinosaur in net?

  • NY Pete

    that’s like asking where does the bear sh*it … 🙂

  • LurkerKing

    Bout time to shelf that fossil.

  • Anonymous

    YES! I am cheering in my seat as you enjoy the last wine!

    Didn’t see any new movies this summer but watched 7 pounds a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it!

  • Rob in Vancouver

    QOTD: Best movie I saw was This Is It starring the king of pop!

    I’ll make my own question of the day: What has been the best WLTV of the year to date?

    Episode #820 Celebrating with a Shiraz ? WLTV Turns 4! Starring Sasha!

  • Anonymous

    qotd: hmm saw the release of Avatar, I enjoyed that

  • Good show Gary, would love to taste some cote rotie, never had the $$ to :(((
    QOTD – MACHETE that was a brilliant movie

  • John__J

    qotd: Blood into Wine was the most recent one I liked.

  • Anonymous

    Love you nerding it up with the CdR! Will keep my eye out for them when I start having kids, b/c this will definitely be a celebration/special occasion wine.

    QOTD: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. What a fantastic movie for people who love sensory experiences (smelling, tasting, touching, etc). Loved it.

    QOTD2 (made up my own: worst movie I saw this summer): Iron Man 2. What a letdown!

    Oh, also loved Bottle Shock (had to throw in a wine movie 😉 )

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – The Kids are All Right – it wasn’t the best movie ever, but I didn’t see that many over the summer

  • Anonymous

    I bought the DVD several months ago… I’ll do anything I can to support an independent production like that, especially when the topic is as good as it is!

  • Anonymous

    Great show – interesting to see your scores reflecting the ferosity of the DOC and the price range –> correlation? A change from the much liked brown bag series. Keep up the freshNasty!

    QOTD: Inception – but also enjoyed the Girl with Dragon Tattoo series

  • Rimarfish

    QOTD: The Kids are All Right. Excellent movie.

  • Anonymous

    The best wine I have ever had was a 2005 Cote-Rotie (95pts, 45 fishbones). I think a wine over 50 bucks can’t be a good QPR wine. (Of course, this judgement also depends on your financial situation.)

  • Anonymous

    Inception. Loved the reviews and have had one bottle of the Villard Brocard wine but putting it away for 15-25 years is not a great option at my age. Will have to find an older bottle already cellared.

  • Nice wine there at the end. I havent had much cotie, usually the sticker shock wont work for me. Would be a nice wine to put away for baby #2 due at the end of this month.

    QOTD: I saw maybe 1-2 movies this year tops. SO few I cant remember what I saw. I think they were both movies my wife wanted to see. Not even action movies interested me.
    I did rent The book of Eli and enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    Exciting stuff. More nerdy comment please. I never got into the difference between the ‘Blanc’ and ‘Brune’ slopes I think it is. That might have been interresting to get into, but a great show anyway.

    QOTD: I also have not caught many movies the last five years since I had kids….the usual story. Last time to movies was Avatar just to see the 3D (the story stinks in my opinion), so highlight of 2010 was The Hangover viewed on 12″ netbook. I that says everything…and to think I used to go to the movies twice a month! What happened to me? Will I ever get my “life” back?! 😉

  • I like guests !!! They, actualy, are the spice of this show ;P, Garry. And some of them are educative to.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I must say, I visited Francois Villard’s winery when I toured the Northern Rhone in 2008 and I was absolutely blown away by the overall quality of his wines. I especially loved his Condrieu and the Cote Rotie (I had the Gallet Blanc on that visit). The Brocarde sounds incredible. If you ever get a chance, try Yves Gangloff’s Cote Roties – superb as well, but very difficult to find.

    QOTD: Toy Story 3

  • captainjack913

    QOTD, little late but Scott Pilgrim vs the World was awesome

  • Stephan

    Want to try this 07 Villard Brocarde Côte Rôtie! Thank you for all the amazing shows and work you are doing for us and for the wine world… I really like your palate, the way you describe the stuff, I can feel it and it is always fun to watch you! Keep doing it!!!
    Favorite film: I am love / Io Sono L’Amore with Tilda Swinton..

  • Anonymous

    GV – Good show…got serious up in here!

    QOTD: 500 Days of Summer

  • Alexandre-CF

    woww, nice wines and huge scores.
    yeah dude, u r actually liking the wines …Lol:P
    great show gary

    QOTD : Inception

  • Anonymous

    But the 100 wines are also 98-100 pointers, so they are probably actually one of the best values in the world for a wine of that caliber. How much do you think 98-100 pt Bordeaux would cost?

  • Anonymous

    Great show. Great to see the Cote Rotie play. For all the thunder you talked, why not step up and go 98 pts on that bad boy!!! Seemed like a pretty good wine – I’m just sayin’

    How about an ’07 CDP brown bags day … on the couch!

    QOTD: just saw The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus last night. Weird as movie, but very good (I think). Seemed like one of those movies where you’re not supposed to know exactly what happened at the end. Visually stunning though. Heath Ledger’s last film, which really is too bad b/c that guy could act.

  • I want THAT!!!!

    QOTD: Inception

  • Anonymous

    You wake up, hit the alarm clock….face it, you’re already nerdy! <l;-}

  • Anonymous


  • Rluc1313

    For those of us not on an expense account (or close friends with those who are) $100 is a “bit” hard to do, though I agree things that are exquisite are worth it and the wine sounds exquisite.
    A tie and both films are foreign” “The Secret in Their Eyes” (Spain)) and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Sweden) and not for the obvious reasons but because of the way they present foreign cultures- like the class structure in Spain and the (to me) bizarre social mix in Sweden. The “Girl with Dragon” series of books also reveal the social issues better than the movies.
    And, once more thank you very much for your bringing us into the wine world!

  • RonDarling

    Nice show, just catching up on these. Question, do you keep your wallet in your front pocket?

    QOTD: Dont know if it counts as summer, but I did like The Town.

  • flojo

    late but “would you like some pepper on your crushed rock salad” – great stuff.

  • flojo

    late but “would you like some pepper on your crushed rock salad” – great stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Good episode. Am really becoming a fan of Syrah/Shiraz. Have been exploring the Aussie versions, will expand to include these as well.

  • Anonymous

    I always like pepper on my salad. Crushed rock, or otherwise. I love Syrah. I’ve only had rather inexpensive (under $20) Cote Rotie, but the few I’ve had were good for the money. Maybe one day I’ll have the money to buy a case of Villard Brocarde Cote Rotie to cellar. Hopefully I’ll have a cellar by then, too.

    QOTD: Let the Right One In (the actual Swedish film) is fantastic. I may have seen that last year…this year? Maybe Inception.

  • Fatherthechair

    Nice to see you taste a wine to go crazy over! QOTD, I have not watched a single movie all summer.

  • Valentin

    QOTD: I don’t remember the title but the main actor was Amber Lynn and the movie was so 80s.

  • Valentin

    You don’t mean “The village”?

  • Valentin

    Living alone doesn’t exclude drinking wine. It remains even more for you alone!

  • With a 3 year old, 1 year old & newborn, no movies for me!

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘This is not wimp city’

    Love it when GV either raves about or hates a wine, and here he absolutely goes nuts over one of them. Very watchable


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