EP 926 Spain and South America Tasting with Michael Schlow

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Great! Spain is a great place for wine tasting. Also, you should try Portuguese wines too. If you have a chance, you should definitely visit Lisbon and taste them.

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  • italianwinelovr

    Outstanding episode! Love the food & wine convo! Sipping on a 08 Nieto Malbec in my glass as I watched!

    QOTD1: No
    QOTD2: Giordano’s in Chicago!! No comparison ANYWHERE in the world!! Love it stuffed!!

  • Awesome guest and show.

    QOTD 1: no
    QOTD 2: Black and White Pizza at Coco Bolo’s, Manhattan, Kansas, The Little Apple!

  • Chris Cortez

    pura vida, to my ticos!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I gotta support a near-home-town spot for my choice: Al Forno in Providence, RI. They invented the style of grilled pizza here, and the combination of charred outer crust with still moist center while not being overly thick or cracker-like thin is amazing. They are rustic in appearance, yet refined in conception. Go there. Try one.

  • Eirikpm

    Believe it or not, the best pizza is in Oslo, Norway, at a Italian restuarant called Villa Paradiso 😉 Or actually, my own homemade is the best!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT SHOW!!!!!! You guys really made me laugh. I had seen the Catena just a couple days ago and almost picked it up but bought that Oyster Bay Pinot which I told you was great. I’ll definately have to go back and get that Catena now.

    QOTD: There is a franchise here in the Chicago area called Beggar’s Pizza, Very Good.

    I will be out in the Phoenix area the middle of November, may have to check Out Pizzeria Bianco.

  • badabingmike

    FYI: Sauve Strawberry shampoo.

    QOTD: Never been to Radius but have to try it out when traveling to Boston
    QOTD2: Best pizza I ever had was actually a rural town outside of Caserta (Naples) Italy which was basically a hole in the wall run by an elderly couple. Ordered many times and each time they gave us a bottle of homemade wine. I love brick oven.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have to try it! Any specific pizza?

  • rwino

    Great episodes and guest, one of my favorites. QOTD: depends on what it is and were it’s from. Example a 12% Cali cab is going to be light and un-interesting, yet a 12% Bordeaux might be perfect. I don’t like over-ripe in reds, so 15%+ zins are out for the most part, however I do like 18% ports. Depends also on the vintage/weather. No hard and fast rules, just general observations.

  • Anonymous

    OK there it is. I had to clcik on past episodes to see this. Must be in my browser. I’ll have to check into it.

    Great show Homey. I have to try some of those.

    QOTD: I like big ones……100%

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I was in NYC in June and we went to my nephew’s favorite pizza place but I can’t remember the name. Between 81 and 82? Maybe? upper east side, Totano’s? I don’t have a favorite. I love pizza and many places meet my expectations. No big chains, bleh.

    ah hah I googled it: Totanno’s
    1544 Second Avenue
    (Between 80th – 81st)
    New York, NY 10028

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: I’m commenting on the Wine and Spirits episode. Also had to click on past episodes to see this?? Anyway, I like high and low levels of alcohol in my wines depending of course whether I’m pairing it with particular foods or drinking it alone. Definitely prefer the lighter wines 80% 20% for the Big Boys

  • VanF

    GV and Mott: Thanks so much for these Wine and Spirits shows. Luv ‘um. Great guest and amazing diversity of wines to explore! Kudos guys. Do this every year!!!
    QOTD: I’m seasonal. It’s fall… the leaves are turning… a nip in the air… so find myself drinking a Napa Cab. My taste went from light to heavy with the temperature drop. So, 70/30 light in summer and 70/30 heavy in the cold.

  • B.J.

    I think Im more of a 80/20 light to heavy even though the majority of the wines I drink are in the 14% range but thats only because I usually drink NAPA wines. Whenever possible I do drink some French and Spanish wines along with a few Italian wines which tend to be lighter than NAPA and Australia. Even though I drink a lot of NAPA wines I’d really like it if they cooled down the alcohol content so that I could enjoy the wines without passing out, always have to drink at home so I dont have to drive but I will continue supporting American wines because so many people down them. I think their style is different but affordable. $400.00 for a Chardonnay, man look, I need a raise and a winning lotto ticket!

  • Great energy on this show! Michael comes across as a down to earth, genuine guy that I’d love to know:)

    It’s was all about Spanish wines for me this summer!

    Sidenote-I really love the tidbit on food & wine pairing being a fairly new thing in the U.S. I blog about food & Wine pairings such as burgers and pizza, as mentioned on the show. Americans need to be able to relate to the food before they start thinking about what wine to pair with it…and that’s exactly what I aim to do!

    QOTD: Enzo’s- order it fresh! (Inside the Venetian-Las Vegas)

  • Allan

    Whatever happend to the comments section??? 😛

  • Cybercellar

    Sounds amazing, should have a South African wine in there tho 🙂

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Yeah, I don?t know what the hell is going on. We can?t comment or see comments for 928 or 927 and we can?t watch/rewatch 927. It?s been messed up for two days and few people seem to be complaining.

  • Damien23

    Pequods pan pizza in Chicago

  • Allan

    I’m a regular….. 😛


    Probably disQust brewing up a storm…..

  • Teco

    Gary, it’s been very long since the last time you showcased Chilean wines. I think you are missing some great carmeneres and syrahs.

  • Anonymous

    Nice show – would like to see you guys carrying around your man-bags.

    QOTD – I like Frank Pepe’s in New Haven…

  • Anonymous

    Melba! Of course youre cultured!! Besides, we’re all in the process of being cultured everyday…. 😉
    Go to Spain if you ever have the opportunity…. so beautiful!
    And England and France are awesome too!!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Anonymous

    GV, how many murses do you own?

    Btw, you outed yourself twice in this episide – clearly taped on Monday. As of Tuesday, the Pats have the same record as the Jets, so probably not struggling AND I doubt Mott would still be tired on Tuesday from watching the Giants game on Sun night! Ba-zing!

    QOTD: best pie in NYC: Como: tiny joint owned by an elderly Italian couple WAAYY uptown in Washington Heights (170th and Broadway) – they must put crack in the cheeze. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been there, so make sure it’s still there before taking a long trip on the A.

    best pie in US: Pi in Saint Louis. San Fran style (corn meal crust), only about 2-3 yrs old now. Obama flew the owners to the White House shortly after taking office to cook pies for him and 150 peeps. They exploded overnight!

  • Eirikpm

    Yeah, try “Parma”! It`s expensive, but it`s worth it! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I like most pizza as it seems to be the perfect food. I tend to like mine simple like they do in much of Italy. In Atlanta Antico is one of the latest pizza sensations. They make pizzas with excellent ingredients in a traditional way.

  • Teco goof point, I am on it!

  • Anonymous

    Great Show. Maybe you should do a wine and Mexican food pairing show.

    QOTD: Chicago Style Deep Dish it has to be Giordano’s. If I am feeling thin crust then this local place called Geo’s or Old World Pizza. Great pizza!

  • Tflangan

    QOTD: Star Tavern Pizza, Orange, NJ

  • Suzanne

    No clue for QOTD but the handbag conversation was hilarious! Great show

  • Anonymous

    I know this is a bit late but I just wanted to say great show and I have to give Mike props on the shampoo reference lol.Qotd: The best pizza ever can be found at Antonio’s pizza in College Station, TX. And whats even better is that they don’t close until 3 am on the weekends; which means you can get drunk at the bars which are mostly located on that exact street, then walk to the pizza place to get a slice. The only draw back is that they are so good that almost everyone stops for pizza, but if you have the time to wait 30 to 40 minutes to get through the line it is totally worth it.

  • Anonymous

    GV – Great guest and great episode!

    QOTD: I have not been to Radius, but can’t wait to go!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what I’m missing with Malbec.. I’ve never had one that really grabbed me – generally I find them too hot from the alcohol.

    QOTD – Franco Manca in London, UK (Brixton)

  • Myoussef35

    Maison Thomas in Egypt. Gourmet pizza unlike any other.

  • Flecko

    I had the 2008 Do Ferreiro Albarino two weeks ago and just can say, you nailed it with your score. It is disappointing boring and short. Costing 18?, it got beaten up by a 5,50? 2009 Grauburgunder Kabinett Dry (Germany, Pfalz) which I compared it to. So…GERMANY, GERMANY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good episode and good guest.

    Q’sOTD – Have never been in your area but would love to visit your place.

    Not a pizza expert by a long shot. Not so many other than the chainstores down here.

  • Samer Ibrahim

    This little pizza place on 1st Ave called Five Roses. But you have to have it there… no take away or ordering….

  • Fatherthechair

    Great guest, Michael’s got a great, likeable personality. I’ve gotten the sheep butt thing in Cahors too. Purses. That will take some time to live down. Anyway, Marlboro Pizza in Marlboro NJ. Plain or pepperoni.

  • Anonymous

    Nice show and Michael is a very good guest. It’s always interesting to get a chef’s perspective on food & wine.

    QOTD: I live in Ohio so I’ve never been to Radius but if I get up to Boston again, I’ll have to check it out. As for the pizza, I would have no clue about NY. Actually, I live in Cleveland and other than some small places in Little Italy here like Momma Santa’s, I don’t know of any really good pizza joints.

  • Anonymous

    great guest!!

    QOTD: grimaldis

  • Nick

    Great guest. Need to bring him on another time.

    QOTD: no good pizza places here. Had great pizza in San Remo Italy tho

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘with a lot of these wines, if they can pronounce it, they’ll order it.’ and possibly the best line of all time – ‘Mott, are we keeping you up?’

    I checked out the earlier episode when this guy appeared and saw that I’d scored it a 95, one of my highest scores ever. Really like the guy although wanted to hear a bit more from him, the episode was great but too short.

  • Gary

    Great! Spain is a great place for wine tasting. Also, you should try Portuguese wines too. If you have a chance, you should definitely visit Lisbon and taste them.


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