EP 926 Spain and South America Tasting with Michael Schlow

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Great! Spain is a great place for wine tasting. Also, you should try Portuguese wines too. If you have a chance, you should definitely visit Lisbon and taste them.

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  • Great show guys!

    And my favorite NYC pizza would have to be from Joe?s on Bleecker.

  • Hey Guys

    Great show thanks. I really appreciate the fact that Micheal went for a couple of value based, ‘normal’ wines. Also like the comments about the conservative nature of the US food and wine scene – as an outsider I really notice it.


  • Great guest – bring him back whenever he’s in NYC

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: It was some random little restaurant on the side in Florence, Italy. Really stunning pizza.

  • Zino

    QOTD: I’ll be visiting New York in November, so will be noting the NY recommendations. The best Pizza I ever had was from a street vendor in Rome. It was many years ago and to this day I’ve still not had a more memorable one; it was served folded and eaten on the move and was so fresh and deliciuos.

  • Very enjoyable episode, made one feel as if sitting at the table with you guys.

  • Very enjoyable episode, made one feel as if sitting at the table with you guys.

  • fine art qpr? what is fine art? what is a good wine?
    QOTD: My girlfriends homemade if I get to choose the filling

  • If Mott would have gone for a nap, you guys would be still talking :D. Great episode! Nice funky website btw Michael Schlow.

    QOTD: best pizza at La Mamma II in Visé, Belgium.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not very keen on guests but Michael is a nice guy and I also look forward to seeing the boss of Catena. Michael obviously loves 86-90-point wines in the 10-20 dollars price range. So do I! 🙂

  • Great answer AndersN! And that filling would be?

  • Wow! Your cultured, like a pearl while I’m cultured……..like yogurt. 😛

    Haven’t been to Spain…only England and France.

  • Geoalb

    Good episode, I really enjoyed it. To start Temperature is VITAL to tasting ANY wine. I love value wines and all of these sound very nice.

    QOTD: Without a doubt Lombardi’s in NYC…HANDS DOWN!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary, Wine Library TV is not national, it’s worldwide. Therefore the best pizza in the world is in Rome.

  • Allan

    Very watchable episode, and for no bones whatsoever it’s filed under great QPR.! 😛

    Qotd: Pizza = Italy.

    Looking forward to that Catena episode you happend to mention, i think that will rock the boat. :O)

  • Anonymous

    Very good show, Gary. I have really enjoyed the last 10 or so episodes for some reason after having taken a short hiatus from WLTV (for unknown reasons).

    Enjoyed seeing real, everyday wines tasted.

    Good guest, also very real. I will say, though, that man sure gets around and east very well El Bulli, three times, wow! Quite the life, he has a lot to be thankful for!

    QTD1 & 2 – Not applicable to me, as I have not been to Boston or NYC.
    QTD3 – I won’t give a choice because I fully realize my choice would clearly be surpassed if I visted NYC, Italy or Pizza Bianco (which I have heard amazing things about). As far as me, it was an Italian lady that was making pizza while I was delivering her paper as a kid. It was fantastic … just dough, sauce and cheese. A place in my memory.

  • Nice show… Michael is a great guest…

    QOTD: Can’t remember the name, but it was a small outdoor restaurant in St. Emilion… AWESOME pie…

  • Alex Igelsais

    Michael & Gary, you have to come to Buenos Aires (argentina) to taste pizza! will be surprised!

  • WB and great show Michael! Good performance from this trio. Love me some Albarino, as I drank mostly that on my honeymoon in Spain, which we scheduled around a once-in-a-lifetime trip to El Bulli as well. El Celler de Can Roca was another awesome place I went…if you haven’t, go next time.

    Side QOTD: Haven’t been up to the Boston area recently…been actually getting a lot of flack from my college peeps about it. Will definitely go after school’s done in May.

    QOTD: Grimaldi’s, Joe’s, and Lombardi’s were already mentioned. I still miss my Madison, NJ pizzerias, as I practically lived off of their food every Monday night.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Loumalnati’s in Chicago! Gotta rep the deep dish!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely Lou’s for the deep dish, but Piece is the best in the city

  • Anonymous

    QOTD- Iron Hill Brewery in Newark Delaware.

  • Anonymous

    Yia Yia’s in Lincoln, Nebraska is the best around here. Chicago deep dish if I have to pick. Geno’s, Lou’s etc.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip Lisa.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: The best pizza place out there is a small place in Sesto Fiorentino in Tuscany called Funiculì. I had a pizza with artichoke hearts and a fried egg in the middle of it. Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: The pizza joint in my college town, Padrones, remains my favorite to this day, and I wish I could make the 3-hour drive to get it more often!

  • Michael Franco

    Love the show. I’ve been watching on hulu, but now I can comment by watching here. Great show!
    Ive been working in restaurants and with wine for 12 years, and no one have been able to capture the audience that you do. Keep doin it!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Franco

    The pest pizza right now is Franny’s. in Brooklyn on Flatbush! They also have an awsome cheese shop across the street called Brooklyn Lauder.

  • QOTD: For the year I lived in Boston, I did not make it to Radius.

    QOTD: I look forward to dinner and having Michael Schlow serve me a pizza.

    That is how a show should play out with a guest, one of the best guest shows.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t live anywhere near New England so have not eaten at any of his restaurants. I agree with the Pizza Bianco recommendation. I have had their pizzas 3 times and was never once disappointed. I can’t warm up to Catena wines as there is a finishing taste I don’t like.

  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly Il Pizzaiolo in Madrid, Spain. I had much better pizza in Spain than I had traveling all over Italy. There was a small little pizza place in Seville, Spain also but can’ t remember it’s name. But hands down, Il Pizzaiolo was the best. My favorite go to pizza is Home Slice on South Congress Street in Austin, TX.

  • Anonymous

    Greatest concentration of good pizza joints is in Naples, Italy.

  • Tomats and basil reduction as base. Dutch Gouda at least 18 months old cheese. Chorizo, yellow paprika, red onion and olives. Salty stuff but gooood

  • Globex

    great show, great guest, made me hungry & thirsty to watch. The Malbec & Cab appear to be a decent value, thanks for introducing them. During my trip last month to Central America I drank alot of malbec and enjoyed most of them. I think it was Herbal Essence that had the strawberry thing going on, but would LOVE to have your mom comment about her son using up the entire hot water tank because he liked the Head & Shoulders. LOL!

    QOTD: Vito & Nick’s in Chicago has the best pizza that I’ve ever had. Think & crispy, cut in squares, and loaded with flavor & deliciousness.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck ever getting a seat at Il Pizzaiolo; it’s almost impossible due to it being extremely crowded all day.

  • tiptopper

    Guido’s on 8th ave just up the street from the port authority was the best I’ve ever had….1979

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Outside of the obvious Original Gino’s East there is a small franchise around my hometown of Valparaiso called JJ’s Pizza Shack that has a kitchen sink pizza that can’t be beat.

  • Anonymous

    Hi GV! Great show, It?s always fun to have a guest on the show, you should not have to promise otherwise. I look forward to the Laura Catena show, her father is South America?s Robert Mondavi. The Catena Alta Malbec is one of my all-time favorite Malbec. Delicious!!

    QOTD: Believe it or not, one of the best Pizza places on the planet is here in Brazil!! We have a huge Italian descendent population, and Massarella (www.massarella.com.br), from the Sicilian family Marzullo established the place 30 years ago in the city of Maceio, capital of the Estate of Alagoas, is fantastic!!

  • *drooool* ok now I’m hungry. Hey, I am with you on salty. I’m boring. I like caramelized onions and anchovy filets.

  • Allan

    Sounds delish! 😛

  • I hope you can do a Mexican Wines show soon, it would be great if you could include wines from all the wine producing regions (i.e. not limited to Baja California) as there are many with excellent examples of vinification like Queretaro, Parras, Zacatecas, etc. (remember that the first vineyard in the whole American continent was founded at Valle de Parras in 1597, coincidentally the only D.O. officially recognized as of today.)

    -side QOTD: I haven’t been to Radius.

    -QOTD: best pizza.- L’Anfora in Santiago.

  • Allan

    I don’t have a drinkin’ problem, only when i can’t get a drink….

  • Allan

    here’s one for you————–

    Who is you favourite Vayniac???

  • Anonymous

    Again a killer show. You guys are nuts! Get on more chefs! Would be great to hear more opinions on where chefs see the wine and food scene going. Would love to see someone like René Redzepi on your show (from restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen). There are many simmilarities between you two.

    QOTD: Not had a pizza experience yet that blew me away and changed my life. Looking forward to it. In the mean time I will continue to make them myself. Just plain with Parma ham, slices of fresh mozarella and topped off with leaves of basil when it comes out of the oven.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: L & B Spumoni Pizza in Brooklyn!

  • QOTD: I’m not lucky to get to go too many places out of my home state, but if I were going to pick a place here it would be Big Ed’s Pizza Oak Ridge, TN family owned and run place.

    And I would love to see a Mexican wines show. I don’t think I’ve seen any wines from mexico here probably another one I’d have to go out of state to get.

  • johnfasc

    as a boston transplant, radius is absolutely a must go…schlow is a genius with his foods. great wines too.

  • DaveAll

    good guest, again. good line wine up – Albarino – yummy. Argentine Malbec – yum. Cab – of course.
    Albarino in US – Dancing Coyote is bargain priced and widely available. yum.

    pizza – the Oven in Youngstown Ohio. (er, well, in the 70’s… still water up when I think of that pizza) Wish I had good wine back then. dang. Best way to eat any pizza is the next morning with a fried egg on top. Breakfast of hangovers!
    good show. (oh, I type too much)

  • Love y’all.

    QOTD: Beuax Jo’s in Fort Collins, CO

  • Good show.
    Side QOTD: Never been to Radius but will check it out on my next visit for sure..
    QOTD: Di Fara’s in Brooklyn NY


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