EP 926 Spain and South America Tasting with Michael Schlow

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘with a lot of these wines, if they can pronounce it, they’ll order it.’ and possibly the best line of all time – ‘Mott, are we keeping you up?’

I checked out the earlier episode when this guy appeared and saw that I’d scored it a 95, one of my highest scores ever. Really like the guy although wanted to hear a bit more from him, the episode was great but too short.

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  • NY Pete

    hey hey

  • Anonymous

    top ?

  • Anonymous

    Micheal Schlow!!!!!!


  • Anonymous


    I so love Spain…and enjoyed listening to Michael’s descriptions.. And pretty sure I could hangout with him there! LOL He is by far my (second) favorite guest of ALL time. (Glens my favorite…what can I say.. LOL) And I adore his restaurants in Boston…

    QOTD: Johns Pizza, NYC (Lived in AZ, back in NY and I searched for good Pizza, never found it! Now you tell me!)

    QOTD: YES..been to Radius ..LOVED IT..also loved Via Matta!
    Michael, youre awesome..!

    Great show!!
    TY Gary, Love u! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Ah, a fantastic show. Big ups to Boston (although I have not been to Radius, will hopefully go to Boston in December and check it out)

    GV, you need to stay focussed and stop looking out into the hallway!

  • Bob W.

    From Connecticut and haven’t eaten at your restaurants in Boston yet but I have checked out the websites for a visit this fall. Pepe’s pizza in New Haven. Can’t beat it…..anywhere.

    Spent a week in the Barcelona area in the spring and fell in love with the wine of Catalunya.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I went to a hole in the wall pizzeria in Rome on a little side street which was completely out of this world. Italy rules!

    I need to try some Mexican wine btw…

  • NY Pete

    GV stay focused? ROTFLMAO.

  • Anonymous

    Phoenix! You cannot be serious!

  • What a great show. I really loved this guest… really likable dude. I loved the ending of this show!

    SQOTD: I do not apply however the fact that he won for best burger in America is extra appealing. I have to plan a wider trip to the east coast.

    QOTD: Thanks Gary for allowing me to answer. I have heard of/ read about Bianco’s pizza in AZ but my favorites are:

    Gondola Pizza (for the homey, not fancy stuff)

    Diavola Pizzeria in Geyserville (for the fancy stuff!)

  • Mark Fitzpatrick

    Exactly NY Pete….

    Staying focused and “I want to club Lizzie, kill a moose, and eat with this wine,” just dont go together. Eh?

  • Anonymous

    Hey I know that guy……..

    QOTD: Di Fara

  • Ee Glenn

    Great, entertaining episode!
    QOTD: Bono Pizza, in Columbus Ohio (Yes, really, it is AWESOME!)

  • Anonymous

    QOTD — Still looking for a pizza that beats one of the places near my home town — Mangialardo’s Sayre, PA

  • Excited to try an Albarino now.

    SQOTD: Radius. Maybe, after the lottery win
    QOTD: Sal’s Pizzaria in Sayville, Long Island

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: OMG, there’s this place here in Fremont, Ca called Little Caesar’s that is……. 😉

  • Anonymous

    You gotta go to Napoli for the greatest pizza. No question hands down.

  • Tom T.

    No never been to Radius but it (and The Burger) both look awesome. Best pizza is alocal place called Cafe LeMore who makes brick oven pies.

  • Vincentscudder

    Best pizza is at “King Slice Pizza” in Toronto.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Good show, GV!

    I was glad to see you went back to the Catena. Looking forward to Laura Catena being on as Catena is one of my favorite wines out right now. The Cab is really good, but the Alta Malbec and Chard are out of this world!

    QOTD: I love pizza in general. I really don’t know of any hole-in-the-wall places. Chicho’s in VA Beach is great pizza!

    God Bless Schlow for being a quiet Cowboys fan. I’m one as well. Let’s hope we can turn it around in Ten.

  • Great Guest !

    QOTD: I am active duty military and have been all over the world. Oddly enough the best pizza I have had is at Italian Bistro in Summerville, SC just outside Charleston. Its owned and operated by an Italian family and the pizza is crazy good. I am no longer stationed there and crave it. I compare all other pizzas to this one. Other than the taste the best part, a large cheese pie, $11.50. Talking bout a VALUE PLAY ! Awesome!!!!!!!

  • WOW, major East coast bias! No I haven’t been to Radius and no I don’t have a favorite NY pizza place.

    Out here on the left coast Delfina Pizzaria, Pizzetta 211, and A16 are decent but they don’t seem to come close to Friday night family and pizza night here at home! (Reservations required!)

  • Anonymous

    Great show, nice to see some value come through.

    qotd; road pizza

  • scottEJ

    Nice show guys. Will be sure to to look up a Schlow restaurant when in the New Enland area.

    QOTD: Spaca Napoli in Chicago. Fresher then fresh ingredients and wonderful oils.

  • WineWoman

    Chef Michael moved the show along very nicely–lots of good points brought up. Last time he was on there was too much distracting noise in the backround. This time very enjoyable.

    Don’t live in the Boston area, but if I visit I will try to get to Radius. The only time I had Pizza in NY was at John’s in the Theatre district about 10 years ago. It was excellent.
    One of the best Pizza’s I’ve had was at a Tavern in Avenel, NJ I don’t remember the name of it and it doesn’t matter because it’s not there anymore. Great sausage pizza. A more recent choice would be Tarantella’s in Clark–nice thin crust. Nunzio’s in Scotch Plains does a good job also.

  • Jay

    Awesome episode! You guys have great show chemistry! Fantastic. Probably a top 25 Episode.

  • Ed R

    Depsite being from New York, I must admit the best pizza I’ve had was in New Haven and its a tie between Frank Pepe’s and Sally’s Apizza although Sally’s may also be the dirtiest I’ve ever eaten in too.

  • LarBear

    I was thinking the same thing. These are two peas from the same pod.

  • QOTD The best I’ve found in NYC is Angelo’s Pizza on 57th street. I’m not from NYC but visit often so I’m interested to see the other replies.

  • Anonymous

    I love value plays anywhere I can find them. I have had “great” expensive pizza, but a great inexpensive pizza is even better. That is the reason I watch WLTV, to show my snob friends that great values are out there.

  • Anonymous

    Second time unprepared for the QOTD…borderline unacceptable! 🙂
    QOTD: The late (1988) New York style ‘Sal’s Pizza’ in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Have yet to find a replacement.

  • QOTD: Best pizza out there can’t be found in a restaurant, but my friend’s kitchen in West LA. hmmmm….. Mandy’s Pizza! Plus, it always comes with a new red wine i’ve never had …. who can beat that!?

  • Anonymous

    Is that the little guy dressed like caesar that says “pizza-pizza” It was the best pizza when I was 12. (43 yrs ago). I was cheap and chessy and I loved it. Very funny

  • Grill Factor

    grew up outside of Boston, lived in town for 7 years and have never been to Radius. Living in Sydney now so it will have to wait until the next time i’m home. this dude seems real.

  • QOTD – go to italy

  • d frey

    hey gary. nice shirt. is it from saks? i have the same one.

    also, good ep. good guest.

  • John__J

    qotd: don’t know about pizza, but Pioneer Pit Beef off Rolling rd. in Baltimore is the best Pit Beef on Earth.

  • Rambler289

    Via Tribunali in Seattle, Wa. Not expensive and an awesome vibe. I would love to eat in this guy’s restaurants.

  • angelo

    Grimaldi’s (right under the Brooklyn Bridge)

  • Anonymous

    a homemade pizza at my aunts house in napoli…the woman can cook. besides, there is nothing like sitting out on the balcony looking at vesuvio with pizza made with love

  • Anonymous

    i love barca!!!

  • Jrr64

    Great show and good interaction between you and chef Michael. The value wines are becoming bigger and bigger but the quality is an issue. Will try to find the Catena.

    Qotd: I remember one when I was in Lowell, Ma. that was great but can’t recall the place as it was many years ago. The combination of cheeses and tomato sauce was perfectly balance and the spices enhanced not overwhelming it.

  • Anonymous

    Great show GV!

    QOTD: Nucci’s – San Luis Obispo

  • Hi Michael and Gary,
    Great show!! I love Radius!!! In 2000, I had just moved to Boston (from northern CA) and had a fabulous meal at Radius. I had to refrain from licking the plate. Yes, it was that good. Have not been there since (moved back to SF Bay Area in ’02) but hope to visit soon.

    Looking forward to trying the Catena and malbec! Thx!

  • Ha! Funny. Applewood’s Pizza in Menlo Park is a short trip across the Dumbarton bridge and worth it!

  • ben from boston

    Dude! Gary! not doing well? 3-1 is not doing well? I have two words for you buddy… DANNY WOODHEAD.

  • ben from boston

    P.S. have not been to radius yet 🙁

  • ben from boston

    P.P.S Schlow is the man


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