EP 939 TastingRoom.com White Wine Sampling

Gary Vaynerchuk is sampling many different wines to use for a new wine club venture and he grabs a hodgepodge of interesting white wines.

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Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Goosecross Carneros Chardonnay play
2007 Fess Parker “Ashley’s” Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay play
2008 Amista Morningsong Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay play
2009 Peterson Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc play
2009 Jacuzzi Family Vineyards “Gilia’s” Carneros Vernaccia play
2009 Whitehall Lane Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc play

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luca bercelli


Awesome format. Love the glance to camera at 8.30. Typical GV

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  • Wyld

    QOTD-1: Dont do the box ur selling, do the initial tasting each month, i love the randomness and the look of all them bottles on the table. Plus i never new who picked the wines u drink each month(or with a guest i know), its nice to see u just randomly grab and rate. I really enjoyed it.

    QOTD-2: Never, due to the economy and a baby i drink boxed wine. =(

  • Yo Yo. You know my STEELERS are going to expose the JETS.

    QOTD: Never done the split.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – I like half bottles, though the selection is low and prices are too high most often.

  • radio-dann

    Like the 50 ml idea. Selection is low but I’m sure that will grow as the idea gains air. East NC is a split wasteland.

  • Anonymous

    Hope you can make it to Pittsburgh. I will be at your tasting. Just let us know where and when!

    Live Stream Tasting would be great. As you know we have a problem with getting wine delivered to PA, so that may limit our selection.

  • Sushiman18

    LOVE the idea of 50ml tasting bottles. Very cool show idea. I’m rebuilding a restaurant wine list right now and would love for vendors to drop off a few dozen wines like this to taste. Great stuff….first time comment!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD #1: Think the idea of tasting together on these small bottles is a great one!
    QOTD #2: Have never considered buying a half bottle of wine. Priced too high for what you get.
    May as well buy a full bottle.

  • I love the small bottle pack. I don’t often drink wine at home because I live alone and can’t finish a whole bottle before it goes bad. I would love to have more half bottle and small bottle options.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: Dont buy half bottles really except for maybe desert wines. If I open a wine and not going to finish ill see what im doing tomorrow and then just drink it over two days as I like to see it evole/or devolve

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of tasting the GV small bottle pack on a live show. I don’t often drink half bottles because I don’t see them at the store very often. I have had them when I am on the road and eating by myself because a half bottle of something good is often better than 2 glasses of open wine.

  • Watch by podcast but felt compelled to comment. Loved the idea of tasting packs of small bottles ever since I bought a couple brixr packs earlier this year. But don’t see myself buying more at 20-25$ plus shipping. 10-15, free or cheap shipping though and I’d buy a ton. Especially considering you were tasting many wines that retail 12-15 full bottle. One other idea that could entice buyers like me is if you make the bottles 100-150 ml. I’d gladly buy a six pack if 150ml bottles for 30$.

    I love half bottles and always ask for them when I’m in a tasting room. Wife doesn’t drink much so half bottles are a great go to for me on a Wednesday night.

    Great shows lately. Don’t be afraid to RT me one time and make us famous 🙂
    http://www.wineweirdos.com (now with a podcast)

  • Dcaragher

    GV – Pretty interesting spectable on that table of yours! Very interesting concept, seems a bit like a novelty, but I see where the benefit lies! I suppose I just think you need more time with a wine and a little more! I really like the 1/2 bottle!

    QOTD: Love the 1/2 bottle!

  • Anonymous

    Great episode and great concept.

    QOTD #1 – So far it really seems to be productive.

    QOTD #2 – Do not see so many half bottles but is really a good idea in my situation as I am the only one that drinks the wines.

  • joet626

    Steelers-Jets December 19th. Would love to come to a tasting here.

    Never received a reply to my e-mail on Napa/Sonoma trip. Leaving Friday—expect to have a great time.

  • Anonymous

    Dear gary: I am always bummed with the quick 1 or 2 wine episodes and I like to see you do more wines and longer episodes even though you are very busy. THANKS!!

    QOTD: I think there should be more half bottles that aren’t market up to a premium price.

  • Anonymous

    I love half bottles, especially when you only want a glass or two.

  • Anonymous

    Gray, cool show.
    you should do this picking out small bottles show all week. Love to hear what you have to said on all of hem. you look like a giant.
    I really like Whitehall Lane. people who work there are very friendly and confident that they make good wine.
    QOTD: Like the split. you see them more and more these days.
    I thought a full bottle can keep the wine and hold the wine taste better then 1/2 bottle. is that true?

  • PSPatrick

    QOTD; I love half-bottles. I am having a glass of wine every night, but naturally don’t like opening a full bottle the night before leaving for a business trip or weekend trip. I also very recently fell in love with Auslese Rieslings, which we prefer in half-bottles. The wine store around the corner carries a nice selection of half-bottles, many of the aged. Hence, I am popping a lot of half-bottles.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – almost never get half bottles, unless it’s dessert wine. I’ve probably only bought 2 or 3 in my life… it’s never something that I look out for.

  • DCinDC

    QOTD: Always thought half bottles were a good business idea because most people don’t know about/take advantage of vacuum seal systems but I strangely have never purchased one myself…

    That first display gift pack was from Yorkville Cellars–I love those guys. Their PV is dynamite and their Sauvignon Blanc has great minerality. Hope they find their way into one of your shows in a review.

  • ikraus

    I really like tasting room concept. Nice gift for people. Never really buy half bottles b/c I feel like a lot of the half bottles available are of wines that I have already tasted. I wish smaller wineries would do half bottles. might get more people to take the plunge on a new wine that might be a little more expensive.

    Have a good one.

  • Geoalb

    I love this concept, but is it worth the price?

    QOTD: Only Premium dessert wines.

  • Mattmusi64l

    Are the 6 packs only 50 ml bottles? I thought you’d mentioned they would be half bottles and most bottles (325 ml?) are 750 ml. That would be more appealing than little miniature bottles like you are tasting in the vid because they are only a swallow-ful.

    BTW, I believe you have one of the greatest palates in the universe! Ever done a Single Malt Scotch tasting?

  • luca bercelli


    Awesome format. Love the glance to camera at 8.30. Typical GV


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