EP 939 TastingRoom.com White Wine Sampling

Gary Vaynerchuk is sampling many different wines to use for a new wine club venture and he grabs a hodgepodge of interesting white wines.

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Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Goosecross Carneros Chardonnay play
2007 Fess Parker “Ashley’s” Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay play
2008 Amista Morningsong Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay play
2009 Peterson Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc play
2009 Jacuzzi Family Vineyards “Gilia’s” Carneros Vernaccia play
2009 Whitehall Lane Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc play

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luca bercelli


Awesome format. Love the glance to camera at 8.30. Typical GV

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  • there is two glasses to a half bottle

  • Anonymous

    I abalootly like the “TasteBot” idea. I will acquire some soon for our own. That makes it simple for people. No more buying a bottle that you wished you didn’t.

  • taking a bottle, making 13, hmm does that disturb the wine, oxidation?
    great zoom by Mott and yes Mott got the 750 ml bottel price.
    I can se my self tasting wine like this, but the wine must be ready for drinking.
    QOTD: tastealong sure, but do Tastingroom ship to Sweden?
    QOTD: half bottles are good for wine that can be drunk now. I like buying differnt ones and just taste. But if this is coming “1/13 bottels” 🙂 it would be easier to switch to that.

  • QOTD: Not in the half bottle play.

  • Sam

    I thought this was going to be a demonstration of palate fatigue.
    Brilliant idea. I’m always trying to get my friends and family to try new things, and try them myself, for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. Other than an interesting corporate gift, or if you are into the “business” of tasting, it just doesn’t add up. Upper $20’s for what amounts to less than half a bottle…..wait, scratch that….just checked the site and the shipping is $10…so now we are at $40! you can get two quality bottles for $40and enjoy the wine. Go to a good wine bar and sample by the glass for that…and full glasses to boot. Interesting idea that doesn’t make the dollars and cents work.
    QOTD: Don’t like the 375ml bottles for the same reason…no value. If you are only drinking half a bottle, then open a full bottle and let the other half sit ’till tomorrow…it is often better the second day anyway.
    Here’s my QOTD: How many people are in favor of going to a 1125ml bottle?

  • Anonymous

    Exceptional concept – I want to know more about the process of getting the winery to put their juice in the 50 ml… I looked on the website and saw a winery interest form but I want to know how they actually bottle the minis. Must be post bottling for the wineries no way they could time that with their bottling schedule… definitely a why didn’t I think of that idea.

    QOTD: Ustream tasting would be epic. I would like to enjoy splits more but I am too young to be fulfilled by such a miniature purchase with poor price to value ratios.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t there one big problem with this concept? Aren’t ehy rebottling all the sines? Which means oxidation and contamination??

  • QOTD; Port

  • Globex

    great show Gary. I watch WineLibraryTV because I’m introduced to wines that I’ve never tried before while being entertained and educated. My wife & I have a guest flying in for the weekend who likes white wine and as a result of this episode I’m excited to pick up a couple of bottles of the Fess Parker and of the Whitehall Lane.

    QOTD: I married an Italian who holds 3 citizenships so of course we have wine everday! But if I ever brought a bottle into the house that’s smaller than 750ml I’m afraid her father would put a price out for my head. LOL!!

  • M-J.Flinck


  • M-J.Flinck

    doh.. I meant 650

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I wish I could find more of them here. Or even smaller, especially if the price per ml was the same (or similar).

  • Actually Gary said that the company divided a bottle 750 ml to 13 small ones. That is 750/13= 57.7 ml or 5.57 cl per small bottle

  • why a 1125 ml? 1000 maybe. 1500 alredy exist. But the reson it is 750 standard is that is the amount a french man could drink at dinner without being too drunk in the 1800’s

  • Anonymous

    Fun episode, and I’m looking forward to today’s installment.

    SQOTD: I’d enjoy the taste-alongs. Archive them, though. I have a busy schedule, so the live thing may not work so well.

    QOTD: I buy a lot of splits for dessert wines, but otherwise not so much. A split is roughly a glass each for my wife and I, and we’re often feeling for a touch more than that. 550ml would probably be about the ideal size for us, but nobody sells that so we open a 750 and clean up the leftovers on subsequent nights.

  • Anonymous

    it was a joke

    Bob Miller
    7616 Center Street
    Falls Church, VA 22043
    mobile: 571-425-9946

    email: bobbyxmiller@yahoo.com


  • Anonymous

    They have an oxygen-free transfer system they have developed, so oxygen is not an issue. I’m not affliated with them, I just read their site.

  • M-J.Flinck

    According to Tasting Room, they are 50ml wine bottles.

  • passion4wine

    we try and find half bottles a lot.. they are hard to come across. Typically we like a glass of white with appies then go to red for main dish… nice to have the half bottles for this so we don’t end up over doing it !

  • Thank you. I have always wondered about the pouring method but at the same time failed to look it up because the large format bottles are not really in my price range and also I would not have the proper storage area to house a bottle that big.
    The next pertinent question: How many friends are needed to take down (drink) the largest of the large format bottles?

    Thanks again!

  • Anonymous

    audiofan – in many professional situations, i.e., tasting meetings, or weekly rep. visits, any number of wines often must be covered in an absolute minimum of time, as it’s already impinging on quality (retail floor) time, as well as multiple duties in the job description. I’d regularly seen monthly meetings, where we’d have to cover 20 wines, as well as numerous other timely topics to the business, each wine beigh afforded as much as 1 minute to be passed around the table, poured, analysed, notes taken, comments, and move on. It can be trying, but an attentive wine buyer knows when he ‘doesn’t get’, or misses something, and will occasionally back track, afterwards, a moment of time, permitting.

  • Anonymous

    Give it to her! Aside from feeling good on your benevolent generosity, it’s the least you could do, after all the trouble you’ve caused her! You know I kid, but it is, of course, wise to have such a nominal investment in the peace of mind of being regarded well.

  • castello

    She took the bottle!

  • QOTD: Splits are not for me… I wish I could say I liked them, but I just don’t.

  • hey…looks like GV has been cleaning out the mini bar in every hotel he’s been in for the last couple of months.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed these packs somewhere else and I’m glad you’re tasting through some of them.
    What an excellent holiday gift idea!

    I see most 375 ml in dessert wines and a few regular splits. A lot of my customers are looking for bubbly splits which I can’t get. It’d be nice to have more options that are delicious and reasonable priced.

  • Heck, at that rate you could have gone through all of them and let us ride with you…but that might take the surprise out of the GV 6 pack.

    Checked out TastingRoom.com concept a while ago, and it’s a cool idea, but folks should know that you do essentially pay a premium for the convenience of having the multiple choice effect, and unfortunately 50ml is hard to share and still enjoy.
    That said it’s a great gift idea, and yes, I’m sure it will do well with the corporate crowd.

    QOTD: Splits are great for dessert wine at a restaurant, when just one glass is enough, but we don’t have much utility for them on a regular basis otherwise. Full bottle whites keep nicely in the fridge after opening, reds do well under vacuum seal, and neither lasts that long after opening anyways. Also point of note that splits have a higher head space to wine ratio than their larger siblings.

    However, I am extremely glad to have access to the size, because it is often the best way to share a small barrel sample of wines we have in process.

  • Missatiejacket

    I LOVE half bottles of good wine. I buy them regularly despite the fact that I don’t usually have access to a very good selection. The 50mL taster packs are interesting, but I suspect that it would be more marketable to sell 100mL taster packs so that 2 people could taste from each bottle. 50mL is obviously barely enough for 1 person (I prefer to pour more like 100mL for a taste just for me) and I think many people, like myself, would have trouble justifying spending money on a personal wine tasting that others couldn’t take part in. I guess one could always order 2 of the same taster pack, but I think 100mL is the way to go. I realize that the company making these 50mL bottles has been pushing them hard and I’m not sure if 100mL bottles and the equipment to fill them are as available.


    Yes, Gary, I’d love to order your variety pack and drink it as you review it. I LOVE that concept and hope you try it out and turn it into a regular episode. My wife isn’t your biggest fan, like I am, but I think if she engaged with you through a shared sample she’d come to love you like I do. 🙂

    Congrats on the tasting room! Great concept and well done.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not absolutely sure but I think that 30-litre bottles are about the
    largest produced. That would be the equivalent of 40 750ml bottles. So,
    probably 80 friends.

    Here’s a chart from Wikipedia on bottle sizes:

    Volume (litres) Ratio Name Notes Champagne Bordeaux Burgundy
    0.1875 0.25 Piccolo “Small” in Italian. Also known as a quarter
    bottle, pony, snipe or split. Y
    0.25 0.33 Chopine Traditional French unit of volume Y
    0.375 0.5 Demi “Half” in French. Also known as a half bottle or split.
    Y Y Y
    0.378 0.505 Tenth One-tenth of a U.S. gallon*
    0.5 0.67 Jennie “White Spirit” in Welsh. Also known as a 50 cl bottle.
    Used for Tokaj, Sauternes, Jerez, as well as several other types of sweet
    0.620 0.83 Clavelin Primarily used for vin jaune.
    0.750 1 Standard Y Y Y
    0.757 1.01 Fifth One-fifth of a U.S. gallon*
    1.5 2 Magnum Y Y Y
    2.25 3 Marie Jeanne Also known as a Tregnum or Tappit Hen in the port
    wine trade. Y
    3.0 4 Jeroboam (a.k.a. Double Magnum) Biblical, First king of Northern
    Kingdom. “Jeroboam” has different meanings for different regions in
    France.[5] Y Y
    4.5 6 Y
    4.5 6 Rehoboam Biblical, First king of separate Judea Y Y
    5.0 6.67 Franzia The Wine Group
    6.0 8 Imperial Y
    6.0 8 Methuselah Biblical, Oldest Man Y Y
    9.0 12 Mordechai Biblical, Jewish uncle of Esther Queen of Persia Y Y
    9.0 12 Salmanazar Biblical, Assyrian King Y Y
    12.0 16 Balthazar Early Christian folklore, one of the Wise Men Y Y Y
    15.0 20 Nebuchadnezzar Biblical, King of Babylon Y Y Y
    18.0 24 Melchior Early Christian folklore, one of the Wise Men Y Y Y
    20.0 26.66 Solomon Biblical, King of Israel, Son of David Y
    25.0 33.33 Sovereign Y
    27.0 36 Primat Y
    30.0 40 Melchizedek Biblical and other Middle East religions Y

  • Jsuarez6

    Great concept. Some wineries sell a six-pack of wine where each bottle is 125mL (125mL x 6 = 750mL). I would prefer the 125mL bottles so I could not only taste but thoroughly enjoy the wine.

  • Anonymous


    QOTD: I love the 1/2 bottles… If Im drinking alone, the whole bottle can (sometimes..lol) be too much…

  • I am really excited about what Tasting Room is doing! I have already bought 3 of the tasters myself. Looking forward to seeing the selection expand and really excited about the Vaynerchuk picks happening too!

    QOTD#1: Yes yes yessssss!!! Please let’s do taste-alongs on Ustream. What a fun and affordable way to taste along with you and get to know a lot of different wines and wineries! Do it!

    QOTD#2: I’m a big fan of half bottles especially for premium wines for the simple fact that its less of a commitment. I can try new wines without dropping the full bottle price which is the exact same reason I’m loving the Tasting Room stuff! I want to try the maximum number of wines in my lifetime and both half bottles and 50mL tastes are helping me do that!

  • Anonymous

    These were great episodes. I love the spontaneity and sincerity of the episode. Well done.

    SQOTD: The little tasters are interesting. I see an up- and a down-side. The up-side is being able to taste many different wines without going “all-in” on a bottle. The down-side is that the value per drink is a little off. Also, 50ml is a pretty small taste. I would like a little more vino for each taste.

    QOTD: I am interested in splits, but like many others have noted, I don’t like the fact that you pay more for them. B/c I usually drink wine with my wife, we almost never have a problem finishing a whole bottle. Actually, we have recently started purposefully holding back the last glass from the bottle, so that we can taste it the next to day to see how it has evolved (thanks for the idea btw). I am actually more interested in 1.5’s. I love the “wow” factor of breaking one of these out.

  • Love this format Gary. I would enjoy a monthly ustream tasting of 50ml’s.

    QOTD – I like 1/2 bottles. The Ms. isn’t a wine drinker so I usually polish off the bottles of wine unless we have company over during the week. I wish there were more options of 375s readily available on the market.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: If you can ship those packs to Michigan, I’m all over it! I always feel left out when you guys do the shows that require a special pack that you sent out. On the subject of half bottles: I like them because I can try more expensive wines and not have to commit to an entire bottle if I end up not liking it. I obviously try to find more recent vintages with half bottles seeing as the juice inside ages a little bit quicker.

  • Hey Gary

    Good show and interesting concept.

    QOTD: I love half bottles – I buy them when ever I can (thought more for drinking rather than cellaring). The only issue is that the price needs to be half that of a 750ml to really make it worth it.


  • Phaser

    Great show!
    I’m with MDSmitty2488, if it can ship the Michigan I’m all for it. 20 bucks for a pack, these tasting could go on for ever and I would have to get 4 or 5 at a time because the wine nuts you have created here in my home!

  • Phaser

    What a fun and affordable way to taste
    Jaca you are right on the nose here. I can afford it!

  • sayle

    QOTD: I have never been a buyer of half bottles though I understand why more people are leaning toward them (just like more people are buying “by the glass” in restaurants). It goes back to our desire (in hard economic times) to get more value (variety). Same with food and a movement toward tapas bars. To that point, The Tasting Room is brilliant! I heard Tim interviewed on (Goosecross) Napa Valley Wine Radio’s podcast just a few days ago! Awesome. Thrilled you are involved in this GV. Talk about a great holiday gift!

  • From their website (http://www.tastingroom.com/articles/TASTE) it seems they take care of those issues.

  • QOTD: Splits: bring ’em on! great for restaurants and moderation: As Mark Twain said: “Everything in moderation … including moderation!”

    Great episode

  • John__J

    A live show would be cool.
    I think half bottles are great in restaurants, but I have no use for them at home. If you don’t finish a standard bottle there’s plenty of ways to keep it fresh for the next couple days and also see how it has evolved after opening. Standard size bottles will also age longer than the half bottle of course, so buying half bottles to put away in your cellar for a few years seems kind of silly to me.

  • Kfrost29

    half bottles??? Keeps you sober but always wanting a little more.

  • Tom

    I like half bottles, but I only tend to buy them for dessert wines.

  • misc617

    QOTD Splits are fine and even awesome when not overpriced, which very often they are.

  • Anonymous

    Nice little, crisp show. I kind of liked it. You rated 6 wines in under 20 minutes. Cool. Sort of offsets those 1-2 bottle shows a bit.

    Side QOTD: Sure! Why not?
    QOTD: The half bottles are great at restaurants when I am on business trips. I wish that more restaurants would carry a larger selection of these. They are great when I am eating by myself or with others who aren’t interested in sharing a bottle of wine I would like. They are also great with a small group (two couples) so that you can try 3-4 wines at dinner. For home use, I don’t need them. The wife and I regularly consume a bottle of wine at dinner and if I am away on business, the Vineyard Fresh comes out and my wife drinks the bottle over 2-3 evenings – no worries.

  • Neat concept, thanks for this. Gonna watch the red edition right now!

    Side QOTD: A live taste-a-long via ustream would be AWESOME!

    QOTD: Halfsies are a wonderful thing, gotta trek out to NJ at some point for a better variety.

  • Larry

    We are drinking more splits if they are wines not meant for long aging. The whole concept here is interesting.


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