EP 939 TastingRoom.com White Wine Sampling

Gary Vaynerchuk is sampling many different wines to use for a new wine club venture and he grabs a hodgepodge of interesting white wines.

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Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Goosecross Carneros Chardonnay play
2007 Fess Parker “Ashley’s” Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay play
2008 Amista Morningsong Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay play
2009 Peterson Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc play
2009 Jacuzzi Family Vineyards “Gilia’s” Carneros Vernaccia play
2009 Whitehall Lane Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc play

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luca bercelli


Awesome format. Love the glance to camera at 8.30. Typical GV

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  • Anonymous

    Cool idea! I like splits. I do not understand why they need to be so much more expensive than 750mls though. I understand the bottle, closure and label cost something, but it is usually not just a token buck or 2. (Nor do I at all understand why magnums are more expensive generally than 2 750ml bottles. In that case you are saving on the closure and label!)

  • Anonymous

    You’re forgiven. This time. 😉

  • Anonymous

    At first I though these were all of your accumulated bottles from hotel mini bars and airline flights.

  • Len F

    Interesting concept with the Tasting Room. Great opportunity to try some wines without investing in full sized bottles. Clearly would allow someone to explore a certain varietal or wines from a particular region with the added benefit of leveraging Tasting Room’s knowledge of the wines. Hopefully they will expand their ship to’s.

    QOTD – Yes I agree splits will gain momentum in the general market for the reason you cited.

  • AlienRelic

    Great show.
    QOTD: I have not tried many half bottles, but that is largely because I have not found many of wines that I would want to drink. I think it is a great idea though. My wife does not drink wine as often as I do, but I don’t want to pound back a whole bottle on a regular basis, either. I try to reseal it and drink it the next day, but that doesn’t always work out. Half bottles could be a solution to this problem.
    I did have one concern about the show. I see that “Jets Win” is gone from the blackboard. That could be a BIG mistake. Hope not. Just saying….

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I like the idea of a taste along. I honestly don’t see myself ordering these tasting packs though. Maybe as a gift. I’m happy to see that there are some nice wines in the mix though. I kind of expected a bunch of housewife grocery store wine.

  • Anonymous

    Love the pot-luck approach and Tasting Room’s concept. Wish Cali could ship to Vermont. I’d like to have the chance to taste all the California wines I avoid by the 750ml bottle because I always suspect they’re overpriced…
    QOTD1: Very cool idea! And yes, let’s not forget our Thanksgiving pack!
    QOTD2: My take is that I would buy many more half-bottles if only more (variety & quality) were available locally. I think I would cook with wine more often if I didn’t have to justify opening a whole bottle.

  • Anonymous

    half bottles: Rarely. I have bought them at restaurants though because I like being able to have different wines during a meal and not being restricted to the per glass list.

  • Anonymous

    QotD – Half bottles almost rule! They’re great for several situations, w/ a couple of caveats: There MAY BE a SLIGHT quality variance w/ half bottles (particularly whites (maybe), as they , in their smaller total mass, are much more susceptible to light , heat, and other negative factors. They age a bit quicker, as a result. Think of them as a bit more ‘perishable’. (Excluding cheap, mass produced/ factory brands). While they are ideal for mid/next level up drinking,(Kamen, Calera, Seghesio, Dunham, spring to mind, as 1/2 I’d loved, (and I’d always displayed all the variety of quality wines I could offer), I would hesitate to ‘invest’ in world class prestige – DRC, 1st growth, etc. for any term aging, but rather have a few in dependable, delicious price range on hand for short term access, w/ the full intent on turning them over (at home), during a movie, or dinner for one, etc.) A half at restaurant pricing could almost never be anything but too expensive AND too little wine! lose/lose, there!

  • K is for Kate

    I like the idea of a live streaming tasting of a pack of tiny little bottles along with you, Gary! I have some tiny little bottles on their way to me right now, but I went with a single winery because none of the variety packs quite struck my fancy. I would definitely be curious to taste a pack you picked out, though.

    As for half-bottles, I have bought a few lately and in theory they would be great for me for weeknights since I live alone or also can be a nice way to get to sample something more expensive. The only challenge they seem to present now that I’ve accumulated a few is how to store them. I know they age more quickly than 750’s, but I still don’t want to have to consume them immediately.

  • Mariobnskn

    I would be much more likely to buy two or three half bottles than six fifty mLs, because I usually drink with my girlfriend and this would be about a glass each instead of twenty-five mLs each.

  • Anonymous

    Magnums cost more because wineries make a limited supply and they are more collectible. Because of the smaller air to wine ratio (between the cork and the wine) in larger bottles, they will age significantly longer, which makes them more desirable to collectors. As is logical, the air to wine ratio of smaller bottles (splits, piccolos, etc.) is greater, which makes them less ageable and therefore less desirable to collectors. I’ve heard that splits can actually have less than half the life of a 750. That’s also why when wineries taste a bottle from the 1700-1800’s it’s usually in a very large format.

  • Anonymous

    GV, are you coming to Cleveland for the Jets-Browns game? If so we should do a Cleveland get-together as well, but if not I’ll definitely try to head to Pittsburgh!

    QOTD: I like them, though I wish a half-bottle was half-price as well. Usually a half-bottle is more than half the price and a magnum is more than double the price. I understand the economics as to why, though I still wish it weren’t the case. I like the fact that for your wine budget you get to try more with half bottles, or try higher-end wines at a lower buy-in price overall, and of course they’re great at restaurants.

  • Fun way to mix it up! Love the concept…this would be a great gift for the wine lovr on your list!

    QOTD1: YES-Would love to see you streamin’ live regarding the rest!

    QOTD2: The split bottles would be interesting if they were value driven…unfortunately they aren’t that way and I would rather get more bang for my buck, so I’d stick to the 750ml They would be great in restaurants while pairing with different courses but again the price would dictate greatly.

  • Ben

    I like half bottles. You should do a show on half bottles.

  • Anonymous

    Great Show. Looking forward to the reds. I think this is a really cool idea. I haven’t checked out the web site yet, but are all the wines from California? I would personally be far more interested if they included wines from everywhere. It would be a great way to get people to try wines they have never had. It would also be a great tool for students of wine(like myself). I need to be able to blind taste wines from all over the world. To get 5 for the price of one would be a no brainer….QOTD – I love half bottles. I used to crush half bottles of Ken Wright PN when I lived by myself. I love that I can try high end wines without the price tags. Had a half bottle of Hourglass Blueline Cab Franc the other day that I think you would really enjoy GV.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome show, GV!
    QOTD 2: I like them in restaurants – Every now and then I’ll get a much better half-bottle for a little less or about the same as a very sub-par regular bottle. I know I’m over-paying in general, but at least I don’t have to pay nearly as much to have the better wine.

  • Jasonbcarey

    1/2s are fine if you price them the same as full, but they are always more.. and Frankly I can drink a full betewwn me and my gal pal over 2 days.

  • Anonymous

    Side QOTD: I would totally do those mini tasting things, its a cool idea. I think the 6-pack tasting thing should come with a way to rinse in between wines rather than just using water from the tap or what you did Gary.QOTD: I see half-bottles with ice wine(of course) all the time. Thats usually when I am drinking a half-bottle. But I would like to see more higher quality whites and reds with higher price points put out half bottles so consumers like me can have that same wine for 3/5 the price.I look forward to the red tasting.

  • castello

    I love the splits! I had a cute half bottle of Duckhorn Merloww the other day and was showing it off to my ex. She thought I’d given it to her. I guess I did. 🙁

  • castello

    K is for?? are you kidding me? I could drink a 12 pack before dinner! We don’t need to store these stinking little bottles!

  • castello

    I like ex housewives!

  • castello

    Then you wouldn’t have to rinse! Slump Dog!

  • hollisd

    yeah half bottles are good. often the wife and I can’t finish a whole bottle, so it becomes cooking wine.

    i also think that the sampling bottles would be cool at 80ml or 100ml. then two people could have a glass of the same wine and drink together. not so solo orientated then.

  • King of “Pape”

    QOTD: Half Bottles are great especially if you are drinking alone or if you are eating a tasting menu at a restaurant. (especially sparkling wine) My problem with half bottles is that they never bottle the super premium wines in the smaller format. I.E. Goldeneye has Migration in the half bottle but not The Narrows.
    I realize I am splitting hairs but…
    …buyer beware.

  • King of “Pape”

    I just realized you may have seeded my Goldeneye reference. Good call, I know they do the Paraduxx in the Half bottles aswell

  • King of “Pape”

    “I feel like a boozer.”
    Best quote yet.
    I would feel shady too, drinking from “airplane” bottles hidden all over my apartment. HA!
    I find it hard buying only 1 bottle of a wine. At least one to drink and one to lay down
    Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

  • Anonymous

    Half bottles are good for wines that are meant do be enjoyed young, and of course for sparkling wine. If there is already some years of bottle age for a half bottle i’m really hesitant to buy it. For example 2006 Montecillo Crianza 375ml tasted very different than the same stuff in full bottle.

  • Varanids

    Big fan of half bottles, lets a smaller group enjoy a more full tasting, also great for traveling, that being said I hate paying a premium for them.

  • SniffySmith

    QOTD: I like the concept of half bottles, but the selection is often very limited. If I’m looking to try something new, chances are it wont be in a split, so I have to buy a full bottle instead.

    Cool concept on the TastingRoom wines, esp for people who can’t get to these wineries without hopping on a plane. Some of the wines in these flight packs can get a little pricey, so I would recommend you check to see what the actual bottle prices are before you make your selections. It’s no fun to fall in love with a wine only to find out you can’t afford it.

  • Eirikpm

    QOTD: I`m not a big fan of half bottles, and that`s because the selection here in Norway is very very limited. And also, I like too drink wine togheter with other people, like my girlfriend, friends or my parents, and than it`s not a problem to drink a full bottle.

  • Brian Jensen

    First off, great work zooming in on those little bottles Mott!

    I love the TastingRoom concept. As I am trying to expand and educate my palate, this as a great way for me to taste multiple wines side-by-side without committing to full bottles.

    QOTD: I love splits and now that I think about it, I’m a little miffed that the wine shops I frequent don’t offer more half bottles. You think the 50ml samplers will ever hit storefronts?

  • Workaholica

    Qotd: I like half bottles.

    And good concept.

  • Anonymous

    Invest in a can of Cellar Saver (or any brand of inert gas); it will protect your leftover bottles of wine from spoilage better than those vacuum devices. A can costs about $10 and will give you 20-25 uses, and I have kept some bottles for 4-5 days without “re-gassing” them with no problems.

  • Rimarfish

    QOTD: I love half bottles, because I’m single and I usually I drink half bottle! I would like to see more and more of this format. The only problem why I’m not currently buying them is because of the price. Usually half bottles price tag are not exactly at half of full price tag, so that factor keeps me away of buying them…if they were exactly at half price as 750ml, then I would buy more…
    Also, like one of the previous comment said, is fun for tasting, because you can have more tasting in a small group without sacrificing wine…cheers!

  • Anonymous

    I see that most respondents seem to like the idea of half-bottles. Thats probably because they haven’t actually had to drink their wines from them that often. With the exception of dessert wines, I have no use for .375ml. They age MUCH faster, get warm (or cold) much faster, etc.
    Gary, a question for you (if you still read all these)…you go to great pains to rinse your glass between wines when you taste, but what about your taste buds/palate? Surely all these concentrated, full-bodied wines don’t just ‘evaporate’ off your tongue in 30-60 seconds, do they? Just wondering…

  • laurensNL

    This is awesome! Very economical way to taste a large selection of wines…

  • Anonymous

    Great camera work, Mott!! The zoomy-zoom was in full effect today.

    As for the tasting bottles pack, I do like the concept, and although I wouldn’t drop the cash on that small selection, I think it is a great idea for those just getting into wine that like to taste and experiment without having to commit to full bottles.

    QOTD: Splits are great, especially for higher-end producers or regions (top-tier Burgundy for example) that allow me to taste legendary wines without dropping the cash for a 750. I’ll opt for this at a boutique wine shop once in a great while if the price is right and the educational gain is worth while.

  • philoxera

    Great learning tool for anybody doing wine exams. The whiskey industry has something similar but this is a first for wine…Good one Bozo

    QOTD: Splits tend to be cheap and nasty stuff over here. Half bottles are much better. You are having a meal and one person can have 1/2 red and the other person can have 1/2 white.

    Who gets to drink all those bottles that you didn’t taste Eh?

  • Seems like a lot of fun to have to taste so many samples. nice.

    QOTD1: I believe it’s a good idea to have a live tasting on ustream, it would be very entertaining.

    QOTD2: I like half bottles a lot, regularly buy them when available.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    When I saw so many bottles, I was expecting that you?d be interrupted and reminded that you needed to run off to a wedding.

  • I totally flipped as well when I saw the video image appear. I’m like…”he’s not going to taste ALL of that in one show.” That being said, awesome show. Loved the pace of the tasting.

    Side QOTD: Live Ustream tasting sounds like a blast. Hope I’m not in class.
    QOTD: I love splits on restaurant menus. Last night at my birthday dinner with my wife, I ordered a rare full bottle for the meal. I usually get too boozed up if I have a cocktails, additional glasses with other courses, or even dessert wines. I can try and pair more with the meal with splits. I would also buy more splits for home, provided the selections fit either my palette or my wife’s.

  • Anonymous

    Gary from a forest of wine. Would love to do the monthly “taste with Gary” pak via U-stream. Not much for splits. During the week, I’d rather try a full bottle one night, then see how its openned up by the next.

  • Amsterdam

    I like the idea of half bottles very much as we often don’t finish a bottle (especially on week days), but they aren’t that much available.

    And they are a must when buying desert wines, mostly because of the price and you don’t drink a hole bottle of that with two persons (at least, I don’t).

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh U are good!

  • i agree, I always take that into affect and have done it long enough to factor it in, or I hope!

  • awesome idea with these little tasters

  • Zack

    this is an incredible idea. For years i have wondered why more wineries do not offer a “sample” bottle, or flight of their wines that people can try before paying $40-100 for a bottle they’ve never tasted from a winery that could potentially be across the globe. I have a feeling this idea will take off quite nicely.

  • Anonymous

    I think if you do this again, you need separate glasses!

    QOTD — Since I drink at home alone, I wish I could get more splits!

  • Oakmon’s BF

    As a fan of surrealism I really love the initial image. It plays havoc with ones sense of perspective. One thinks of wine bottles as being fairly standard size, so maybe it?s a really big table. And maybe Gary got a dose of radiation and became the amazing colossal Gary. Or perhaps Mott is doing some sort of interesting photography effect.


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