EP 948 Lopez de Heredia Tasting with Maria Jose Lopez Part 2

Gary and Maria Jose from Lopez de Heredia finish their tasting with the 1981 Bosconia and more discussion about the wine world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

1981 Viña Bosconia Gran Reserva

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luca bercelli


Everyone will love this episode

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  • flavasauce

    Love it!! Maria is even more adorable than you Gary 🙂 I was so psyched to see that she was a guest as i recently bought my first Lopez D H wine (2000 Gravonia white) and am dying ot try it!

    Balance, uniqueness of expression, value, history, food friendliness.

  • Rickredekop

    Guests like Maria are an invaluable resource and engaging. Please keep on having them on whenever you can get them on the show.

    Little oak as possible, clean pure fruit, low alcohol

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: authenticity.

    Maria Jose is an AMAZING GUEST!

  • Brad from canada

    Maria’s a sweet heart! What a lovely guest.

  • Joel from Canada

    Gary I have not even been lurking, checked out for awhile, but just took a peak on your site and man am I glad I did. I had just finished reading Alice Feiring’s book “The Battle for Wine and Love or How I Saved the World from Parkerization” and who do I find but one of Alice’s heroins, Maria Jose. I had just tried the1989 Tondonia white, an extremely interesting wine, that definitely tastes of place and was changing by the second in the glass. Thank goodness for winemakers like her and her family that refuse to sell out for points, they are a dying breed. She was very diplomatic, but Rioja has mostly sold out. It would have been interesting to ask her what she thinks of Parker and his influence, but that would be a bit risky wouldn’t it. Even I am confused about exactly what I think about Parker. I think he gained respect in the early 80’s because he was unbiased and uncorrupted, unlike many other critics at that time. I don’t think he is intentionally trying to globalize the wine world, but his influence is so huge it may be bigger than the man. He may as stated by a French winemaker in Feiring’s book, just not have a curious palate. Gary, would you please consider having Alice Feiring, Jonathan Nossiter(the filmaker who made Mondovino and wrote Liquid Memory), or Neal Rosenthal on as guests on your show, Alice and Neal live in NYC I think. These books and films are a must for any wine enthusiast. Thanks for such an awesome show. Joel

  • Mariobnskn

    What an amazing lady. So soulful, humble, knowledgeable and alive. It always amazes me when I see people like this, who embody the romanticism that attracts many of us to wine in the first place. I mean she uses phrases like, “the favorite is the enemy of the good” in casual conversation! Unbelievable! Thank you Maria, for fighting the good fight, and thank you Gary for bringing amazing people to all of us.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent guest – lots of interesting information in there and great to see wines that are a bit different.

    I was told Gran Reservas are released when the winemaker believes they are best to drink and that they shouldn’t be cellared for long times – is this true?

    QOTD – quality and value

  • Valentin

    QOD: Balance and the wine must be worth to remember. Ok, that’s also a price issue, I know. Let’s get to the everyday economical wine: It must be truthful, no masking with oak, no overextraction, no skyrocketing alcohol level, it should just express the terroir and the climate without too much manipulation.

  • mrpat56

    If I knew Maria, I would marry her—–

    QOTD- I am looking for great complexity, at least 4-6 separate and distinct flavors, balance and a long finish.It needs the “delicious factor”,so the flavors need to mesh nicely. I dont always expect that but I think thats what makes a great wine. Price doesn’t matter as far as what I am looking for– maybe, though, as to whether I would buy it!

  • Jess

    Such a big fan of Lopez de Heredia. You can’t try and be that cool or ‘recreate’ it in a quick 2-year marketing ploy. They’re the real deal, and Maria was amazing. Thanks Gary for bringing her on, and get some more of their wines in so I don’t have to buy elsewhere!

  • Jess

    Probably more accurate to say that when they’re ready to drink. I hold on to lots of gran reservas for years and years, and they’re almost always just as good. When stored properly they can hold steady for awhile. Salud!

  • TommyB

    I’m sorry – but I fancy her too (I’m sure other men have said the same in previous comments).
    QOTD: a truly great question: but very difficult to answer. A wine that stirs emotion and has a story.

  • Flecko

    Great show! Very nice person. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    GV – you are well over the “5 more guests this year” threshold, but Maria was terrific

    QOTD – I look for a wine that matches the time and place… especially if it is delicious!

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing guest. The guest episodes can at time be a bit long but she made me watch both episodes back to back.

  • JeJeMari

    Just a quick note about sherry – a lot is actually either bone dry/dry. Try a Fino, Manzanilla (type of Fino), Amontillado, Oloroso or Palo Cortado. Enjoy!

  • JeJeMari

    Bravo. Excellent episode. Thanks Gary for highlighting this wonderful and passionate winery and the people behind it. You successfully emphasized how important they are in preserving tradition (and quality) in wine. Maria is so real and truly symbolizes the character of Lopez de Heredia. Thanks!

  • Mike in C-town

    Lucky for us you were able to have Marie Jose as a guest! I may have missed something, but I think the nose of all three was discussed, but never the tasting. Curious.

    QOTD: a balanced wine with a sense of place. Best for my palate are a mix of fruit and earth notes.

  • What an amazing woman. I had visited them and loved the winery, and always wanted to do a vintage with them. Now I’m doing vintage in Rioja (in another winery), and after this show I want to work with them even more!
    Gracias Maria y Gary.

  • Ralph B

    One of the greatest guest on WLTV. Spanish wines are appreciated as they should be, people really have to expand their pallates. I highly recommend everyone to watch the wine documentary “Blood into Wine” by Tool’s band member Maynard James Keenan.

    Qotd: Full bodied, bouquet of aromas, acidity, good tannins, lots of fruit, low heat and no oak monster.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You, thank you, thank you.
    The best show so far. (Maria is just lovely, I think I’m in love. ;-))
    I will seek out for her wines to try them.

    qotd: inspiration

  • Nick

    amazing end of the show. Gary didn’t dig hard in to the wines though.

  • luca bercelli


    Everyone will love this episode


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